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held in Durham Castle on Tuesday, March 7th, 1899, the 

It was ordered that a third volume of Wills and Inventories 
be edited by Mr. J. C. HODGSON. 




OF the ever increasing number of volumes issued by the 
Surtees Society, perhaps none have possessed more general 
interest and popularity than the two volumes of Wills and 
Inventories selected from the Registry at Durham, and edited 
respectively by the Rev. James Raine and the Rev. William 
Greeiiwell. Although the choicest of the wills of the spacious 
Tudor period were taken for the second volume of the series, 
published forty-seven years ago, there remains a very large 
number belonging to the smaller gentry, clergy, yeomen and 
merchants. Some of them were indeed transcribed or abstracted 
for, but were crowded out of, that volume. These have been 
handed over to the present editor by Mr. Greenwell and form 
the nucleus of the following selection. 

The union of the two Crowns, in 1608, in the person of 
James I., ushered in a period of peaceful development and 
extended to the country parishes of Northumberland and 
Durham the security which previously had been enjoyed only 
by the inhabitants of the walled towns, and, to some extent, by 
the owners of the greater castles. Wills of a later period, 
therefore, lose a considerable part of their historical interest 
and for that reason it is considered desirable not to extend the 
present collection beyond the reign of Elizabeth. 

Specimens of nuncupative wills are given on pp. 35, 97, 
100, 114, 157, 164 and 165. The will of ' the lady of Kenton ' 
(p. 10) and the will of Gawen Hoppen (p. 66) supply 
additional details to the pedigrees of Bennet and Hoppen. 
Bertram Anderson (p. 60) gives to his sister, Marion Chapman, 
three ' tennes of coals ' ; Simon Wellbury (p. 87) gives lega- 
cies to his ' cosins,' the children of his son ; Margaret 
Middleton (p. 122) bequeathes a ' garnyshe,' that is, a set of 12 
platters, 12 dishes, 12 saucers, and 12 porringers, of pewter; 


and on pp. 99, 123, are preserved some of the names 
which the farmers and breeders of the day gave to their cattle. 
An innkeeper's will may be found on p. 52, while the inventory 
(p. 178) of the goods of Sir William Hilton affords particulars 
of the disposition of the rooms and of their contents at Hilton 
Castle in 1600. 

The Editor desires to acknowledge with gratitude the help 
he has received from the Rev. William Greenwell, D.C.L., 
F.B.S., who, as noticed above, gave his transcripts of a great 
number of wills ; to Mr. J. J. Howe, for collating proofs with 
the original documents in the Registry ; to Mr. Richard 
Welford, M.A., for reading the proofs ; and to Mr. Herbert M. 
Wood, B.A., for proving the burial of several of the testators 
by extracts from parish registers. 



Dec. 14, 15... Edwarde Surteis of Newcastell, draper. 1 To be 
buried in the churche of Sainct Ny[cholas] on the southe syde of the 
queyr over against .... doore. I give for my laierstall, 6s. 8d. 
To the vicar of the towne for my forgotton tyethes. 3s. d. To 
Andrewe Surteis, my soonne, my howes in the Close upon- condicion 
that he and his heirs shall case yereyle sowlle masse and dirige to 
be song within the churche of Sainct Nicholas for the sowlles of me, 
Isabell, my wyffe, and all Christian sowlles for ever. To Isabell, my 
wyffe, my howes in the Syde in which I [dwell], my fyve tenements 
in the .... gate nigh unto the dissolved ho[ouse] .... my 
daughter Jane : residue to . Isabell, my wyffe. Witnesses, Robert 
Wood, my curatt, Andrew Surteis. [Pr. 1543.] 


Feb. 20, 1543/4. Robert Bedyke of Duresme, tanner. To be 
buryed in the chapell of Sa-ynt Margarett ny unto my wyiffe laytly 
buryed. To the hy alter for my forgotton tithes, I2d. To 30 
preasts the daye of my buryall for masse and dirige to every one of 
them, Gd. To the clarks and chyldren the said daye, 3s. id. In 
almesse to poure folks in breid aill, 5s. I wolle that my executors 
the daye of my buryall maike on denar to my nebours. To Mawld, 
my wyffe, in gowld and sylver, 20/. To Robert Bedyke, my elder 
soon, in gowld and sylver, 237. 6s. Sd. To William Bedyke, my 

' A member of the wide-spreading Derwentside family of Surtees and a 
draper in the Side, then one of the chief streets of Newcastle. Many members 
of this family are buried in St. Nicholas's church. 

On April 13, 1517, the mayor and community of Newcastle granted to 
Edward Surtees, bowmaker, a tenement in the Side, extending from the 
highway on the east to the castle moat on the west, he paying a free rent of 
16*. to the use of the Tyne bridge. Welford, Newcastle and Gateahead, vol. ii. 
p. 51. 


younger soon, 20/. and my emptie barke fatts in parte of payment, 
and if they will nott soo fare extend I wolle he have my barke to 
arraise the rest upon. To Sir John Foster, preast, 1 for the inany- 
ft'old kyndnes that I have found in hym bothe toward my selffe and 
my soon Robert, trustyng that he wolle continewe them, one ryall 
in owld for a token. 


Feb. 24, 1544/5. I, George Smythe of Nonstaynton, in the 
countie of Duresme, esq., being hole of mynd and perfite reuiem- 
braunce, dothe order and make thys my last will and testament in 
nianer and forme following : That is to say, first, I bequethe my 
soule to Almighty God and to the most blissid Virgin, his mother 
our Lady Saint Marye, and to all the blissid companye of hevin, 
besicheyng thame all to pray for me ; and my body to be beried 
where it shall please God to call me to his mercye. Also I will that 
Anne, my wyffe, after my dethe imediatly enter into all my bowses 
and two parts of all my grounde in Nonstaynton, that is to say these 
parcells following : First the East-feylde, two Est-closes, Bradniier, 
the Crokehills, Haverclose, Freermedow, th'orchard, the Dovecoyte- 
close, Robinson-close, Goldisburgh, Darlyng, the Cowper-carre, 
Jonkett-carre, Close-carre, Horse-carre, Cow-carre, Scurton-carre, 
Milne-carre, and 24 Acre-carre, the Corne-croks, which, as I think, is 
skarce the two parts, and if the law will not suffer, that she may 
have thes grounds whiche I have appointed for terme of her lyffe, 
and after hir deathe to the right hirs of me, the said George Smythe. 
And if my son Cuthbert, 2 when he conies to the full age of 21 years, 
make hir assurance that he will not trobill hir duryng hir lyffe of 
the howse and two parts of the foresaid grounds, then I will that my 
said wyffe shall geve hym on hundrethe marks towards his levying 
or ells nott. 


May 6, 1544. I, Barthe Paige of Aislebie, within the parishe of 
Egglisclife, within the countie of Duresme, syke in my bodie but 
of perfecte remembrance, maketh this my last will and testament as 

1 The Mr. Foster whose kindly offices are so gratefully acknowledged by the 
testator does not appear in the list of curates of St. Margaret's as given in 
Surtees, Durham, vol. iv. p. 131. 

* From the Ing. p.m. held at Durham Jan. 15, 37 Hen. VIII., it appears 
that the testator died Sept. 5, 36 Hen. VIII., leaving Cuthbert Smyth, his 
son, 16 years and 40 weeks old. 

The Smiths of Esh were tenants of Nun Stainton under the nuns of 
Monketon, and after the dissolution of religious houses they acquired the fee 
simple. Cf. Surtees, Durham, vol. iii. p. 335, note q. 

followeth. First, I bequyth my sowll to Almightie God and my 
bodie to be buried within the church-yarde of Egglisclife aforesaid. 
I gyve to the blissed Sacrament l'2d. I gyve to Martayn Paige 
my iron bounde wayne, the hedyocke and the oxen cleare .... 
of parten. I gyve to my six doughters, unto every one of them 
one ewe and a lambe owt of parte. To everye childe of Roland 
Burdon's a pecke of wheat. To my syster, Esabell Burdon, one 
bushell of wheat. To my syster Elsabith one bushell of wheat. 
To my bretherene, Richard Paige and Jamys Paige, two bushels of 
wheat. The rest of my goods, boith moveable and unmoveable, I 
give to my wife and seven children, whom I make all jointlie together 
my holl executors, and thay to pay my debts and funerall expences. 
Records, John Semer and Richerde Bell, and Sir William Burdon my 

INVENTORY. 4 oxen, 53s. 4d. 3 kyne, 30s. 5 horses and mears, 
535. 4d. 2 foils, 6s. 20 sheep, 20.?. 4 lamis, 2*. 4 young beasts, 15s. 
1 swyne, 2s. 4 swarmes, 10s. 1 bounde wayne, 26s. 8d. A woyne 
wayine, a cowpe pleighe with certayne teames and yocks, 24s. 8d. 
8 acres of corne, 53s. -id. 1 cowell and one ambrie, 4s. A table, a 
chair with stoles, l'2d. 4 potts, a caidrene, a ketle, 2 panis, 10s. 
10 pecis of pewder, 4s. 4d. Tubbes, skeils, bowils and 3 dishes, 2s. 
Tongs, rackencrooke and pott and kytles, 8d. 3 coverletts, 2 
blanketts, 4 pair of sheitts and 2 skeils, 16s. id. Total, 171. 4s. 8d. 


May 31, 1544. Thomas Bartram, late sone of William Bartram, 
marchaunte, of Newcastell. To be bured in Alhalloes chyrche besyd 
iny mother. To my uncle, Georg Bartram, the tenement that lyes in 
the hed of the Syde. To my brother, Christofer Wylkeson, the best 
of my 3 sylver peces and a dosen silver spones. The resydew to my 
brethren, Robert and Christofer Wylkeson, they executors. 


Aug. 7, 1545. Robert Shaldeforthe of Newcastle, baker. To 
be buryed within the churche yarde of All Sancts. To Thomas 
Shaldeforthe l of Newcastle, maryner, my two tenements in the 
Keysyde, paying to my pouer mother 10s. yerlye during hir lyfe. 
To Peter, son of John Chator, marchaunte, all my tenement in 
Pilgrime-strete in the teanor of Edwarde Davynson, mynstrell ; re- 
mainder to Thomas Shaldeforthe, he executor. 

1 Amongst ' the namys off the maryners that promysyd to provyde them 
harnez .... alle goode men, and able to do the kynge servyce,' is that of 
Thomas Schawdfforth, Newcastle. Muster Roll, 1539 ; Welford, Newcastle 
and Gateshead, vol. ii. p. 192. He was one of the elder brethren of the Trinity 
House in 1541, 1547, etc. Ibid. pp. 208, 251, etc. 


Sept. 26, 1545. John Swynborne of Newcastle, tayllor. To be 
buryed within my paryche churche off Alhallowis so nye the fonte 
and my brother as may be. I wyll that ther shalbe celebrat for my 
sowlle the day of my buryall sallmes and derge after the most 
laudable custom. To John Raw of Hawkwell, for a tokene, an angell 
noble. To the reparacions of Stannerdell churche, os. To the tow 
pore womene in the Masyngdew, l'2d. To my brother Robert's sone 
in the sowthe parts, \1d. To every servante of George Swynborne, 
\1d. to pray for me. Residue to my sone Patryke Swynborne and 
my cossing George Swynborne. [Pr. 1549.] 


Oct. 18, 1545. Johne Hedley, carischman, of Newcastell. 1 To be 
buryit in Saunt Andro churche. To Esabeth, my wyffe, my seate- 
housse duryng hir lyffe, then to my dogther Alysone Gray and hir 
ears, then to my doghter Annes Dunne. To my doghters the silver 
beads that was their mother's. My house in Sedgaytte to Annes 
Dunne. To my sister, Elsebell WTietston, 10s. To Rychard 
Musgrave, my greyne jakkett. To Robert Colynwood, my jak. To 
Robert Colynwod sone. my bowe and schayfts. To William 
Dekesone, my best bonet with the Georee. 


Oct. 20, 1545. Nycoles Carr, tanner, of the parish of Sainct 
John's, Newcastle. To lie buryed in my pariche churche yarde nie 
my wyffe. To my sone Robert Carr all my howses and landes to him 
and his heirs, then to my two daughters Alison and Jane Carr. To 
Wylliam Carr wyffe, marchand in the Syde, 6$. Sd. To George Carr 
wyffe, sadlere, in the Syde, 6s. Sd. To Cuthbert Elyson, taylyor, 6s. Sd. 
To Esabell Carr, my brother's daughter, 6s. Sd. The rest to my 
three children. Maister Galpinge and Roger Carre, my sonne, 
supervysors. I wyll that Maister Gelpinge have thre angels in gold 
and the gryssinge of 3 oxinge yerelye in my close so longe as it is 
unlawfude [sic]. My son Roger Rawe and Elizabeth, his wife, and his 
five children ; to my daughter Mauglen Camber, 20*. To my syster 
Isabell Taylor, in Belsawe, 6s. Sd. Witnesses, William Salkeld, 
clarke, Roger Rawe, William Carr, merchant, etc. 

1 ' Jhon Hedley,' furnished with ' a jak-stell bonnett, a bowe and a schayff 
of arrays,' appeared at the Newcastle muster of 1539. Welford, Newcastle and 
Gateshead, vol ii. p. 190. 


Nov. 2, 1545. Edward Gray. To be buryed in Lowyk churche 
yarde. To Sir George Archer and Sir Lawrens Myll, 3s. id. to pray 
for me and my wyff. My brother William Gray exsector, and levys 
to him my doughter Elsapeth and all my goods. 


Nov. 20, 1545. Thomas Surttes (parish of Ovingham). My 
wyfe and Wyllm Surttes, my son, executors ; Agnes Surttees ; the 
children of my son John Surttees. Supervisors, Rauffe Surttees, my 
cosynge, and John Surttees, my son. Witnesses, William Norton, 
vicar, etc. 


Dec. 3, 1545. Cuthberte Rogerlie of Westow, yoman. To be 
buried within the chapell of Sanct Hilde at Sheles. To the hight 
alter, one alter clothe and one towell, and to our Ladie alter, one 
towell. For my layrston, .'is. id. To my curat, Sir Edward Yonger, 1 
3s. id., to pray for me. To my sone, George Rogerlie, my velvett 
dublett, one stele bonnett with a cott of olepye. I will that a bowle 
of wheit be bakett in brede and dalt for my soule to pore folks at 


Jhesus, Mari. Oct., 1547. John Watson of Holy Hand, yoman. 2 
To be burred in the churche garthe of Holy Ilande with soull messes 
and dirge. Remainder to Agnes, my wyffe, and my childer, Thomas, 
Robert and Rauffe Watson. 

Debts. To Agnes Neylson for to com to me and my wyff when we 
war infect, 1C).---, for clensynge my hous and beryng of my husband, 
my father and three childer, 13s. id. For costes in tyme of my 
vysytacione, 3/. To Herre Ogle for farme, 2*. 


1548. 13 capps, 13s. id. 17 yards wurstett, 17s. On quarter 
and halfe of welwet, 3s. 7 yerds whitt fustyon, 6s. 14 yards of 
lynnynge clothe, 11s. 4 reide nightt capps, IQd. 18 yards syndall, 6s. 

' Edward Younger's will is printed in Will* and Inventories, vol. i. p. 141. 

" This will of a member of the family of Watson, for many generations 
settled at Holy Island, has a pathetic interest from the list of debts exhibited 
by the widow, from "which it would appear that she lost her husband, her father 
and three of her children struck down one after the other by some epidemic. 

7 dosen yerds brode sylke, 14s. 6 rouride sylke gyrdlls, 2s. A grose 
and a halfe sylk pontts, 3s. Bobbyng sylke, 3s. 13 semys, 4s. On 
quartrone of lasing sylke, 3s. 4f7. On quartroue of suyng sylke, 
3s. 3 dosen layse, 12s. 3 dosen perchmentt lase, 2s. Lasing 
croolls, 3s. Ponde blake thrid, 16(7. Skeine threide, I6d. 3 ponde 
whit ynkle, 3s. id. 6 purssas, Sd. Layse, 2s. Pynns, 16^7. On 
foxe skyne and a fowmeartt, 6d. Daker shethes, Sd. 4 dosen 
kny fifes, 3s. 2 ponde pouder, 16*7. On dosen sark colers, ISd. 8 
payre playing cards, IQd. Playte and whissylls, I2d. Safrone, 12s. 
Spycys, 13s. id. Bottons, 2s. 3 dosen stryngs, Qd. 5 quare paper, 
Wd. Daker chaypps, Sd. 5 bronsts(2) id. On almery. one chimnay, 
on borde, 6s. A dosen graytts, halfe a ferkyng sope, 3* id. On 
niayre, 8s. Sewger candy, 20(7. All his rayment with a woode 
knyffe, 31s. Sd. Sunnna total is, 111. 20rf. 


April 15, 1549. William Rede of Newcastle, draper. To be 
buried within the chyrche of Saynt Nicolas. My lannds and 
tenements in Newcastle to George Rede, my sone, and his heirs, 
then to Richard Rede, Johan and Ann Rede my children, then to 
Water and John Rede my brothers. To Richard Rede, my sone, 
my lease of the parsonages and tyethes cornes of Emylton and Ponte 
Ilond of the demission and graunte of the Maister and Fellowes of 
Marton College in Oxforde, providet that Margaret, my wyf, have the 
glebe lound and the tyeth cornes of Pontiland and Johannet Rede my 
daughter, the half of the tyethe corne of Kyrkley, and Anne Rede, 
my daughter, half the tiethes cornes of Highe Calleton. To 
Anthonye Mytford, my brother-in-law, my gown fased with womes of 
foxes, one sleiveles jacket of silke camlet and one velvet dublet. 
To Jasper Mytford my gown fased with coney. The rest to uiy wife 
and children ; my brother in law, Anthony Mytford, and my wife 
to. bring them up. 


June 30, 1549. Gerard Selby of Pauston, gentleman. 1 To be 
buried in the church of Norham. To John Selby, 37. 6.--. 8d. To 
Gawen Ourd and Margaret Selby, 67. 13*. id. To .... s Selbie's 
children, 6/. 13s. 4d. To Leonard Selbie's children, 67. 13s. id. 
To Katerine Selbie, 37. 6s. 8d. To my godsonne Gerard Selbie, 
67. 13s. id. My daughter to have 40 marks. William my sonne ; 
Fortune my daughter ; William my brother ; Robert Selby, clerke, 

1 The testator had purchased the township of Pawston and built the tower 
there, 'without a barmekyn,' which was not quite finished when Sir Robert 
Bowes made his survey of the Marches in 1541. Bates, Border Holds, p. 31. 

vicar of Norham l (my brother) my executors, and my said two 
brothers to be guardians of my two children. Supervisors, George 
my brother and .... of Twicell and Gilberte Swynnho. 

INVENTORY. In the handes of Sir Francise Leake, knight, to be 
paid for goodes of Sir Richard Maners, knight, taken, 49/. 10s. 
Mony owid of Newcastell, 287. Sir Robert Selby, vicar of Norham. 
oweth GO/. 


Aug. 31, 1549. Marion Eryngton of Littylle Whetton, 2 wedo. 
To be bured in the quere of Corbryge besyde my husband. I geve 
my place to Cuthbert ;ind Jarard Eryngton my sons. My sons 
Georire and Geaspar. To Margaret Eryngton one dune brokytt 
wye. Cuthbert-'s chylder. Randell Fennyk's chylder, 3 yowe.s. 
To Robert Eryngtons daughter and Marion Carnaby, a yo\v and a 
lamb. My sons, George and Jerard, executors. Witnesses, Harther 
and Robert Eryngton, Rundall Fennyke and Odnall Carnabye. 

INVENTORY, ll/. 13s. 


Jan. 23, 1549/50. Henry Sanderson of Newcastell, mar- 
chaunte. 3 My hooll ramente that longed to my bodye to be canted 
and solde, and of the money to be given to 13 poore naked children, 13 
white cotes and 13 shertes and the reste shalbe putt in one pourse 
severall and my wif to have the custodeye of it, and at all tymes 
when as she shall chanshe for to see any indecente or naked bretheren 
or baubes, otherwise called poure naked folkes, men, women or 
children, that then shee shall releyve the sayd mesterfull and neadye 
with coote, sherte, hoos, dublett or shone, so longe as any of the 
money is remanente to the sayde use. To my vykker for my forgotte 
tethe, 3*. To three old men to praye for my soull, 3s. To Peter 
Sanderson, my sone, this house I dwell in in the Syde (the white 
rent payed) to paye for his bringinge upe to he bee 18, and a payre 
of gylte sautes dowble with a covei', and a standinge persell gilte 
pese with a cover, and a dosson spunes gylte with lyones, and 300 
marks. To Essabell Sanderson, my doughter, the house in the 
Clothe Market for her brenginge upe and 200 markes. To Jayne 
Sanderson, my dowghter, a house in the Syde, to bring her up, unto 

1 Robert Selby was vicar of Norham from 1537 to 1565 ; and also vicar of 
Berwick from 1541 to 1565. 

" Probably Little Whittington, in the parish of Corbridge. 

:< Probably a member of the family of Sanderson of Brancepeth and 
Hedleyhope, whose pedigree was entered at the Heralds' Visitations of Durham 
in 16 15 and 1666. 


God proyde a oneste marige for her, and 200 markes. To my 
brother Nycholas Baxter. 1 To eache of my four sisters one angell'for 
a token. To Ellynor Sanderson my wyf all my laundes, etc., and 
she to make a sure and sufficyent stayt of on house in the Clothe 
Market, or of the lease of Heghton to be taken to Essabell Sanderson, 
my dowghter. To my unkle, Roberte Lewen, 3 angells : the same to 
William Dente, they supervisors. My wife, executrix. 


July 7, 1550. I, Thomas Cra[m]lington of Newishame, 2 maikes 
this my laste will and testamete in this mannor t'ollowinge : Firste 
I geve my sowle to God and our Ladie Saincte Marie et cetera. Also 
I geve my wif, Agnes Cramlington, the thriddes of all my landes 
and howses in Newishame. Also I geve unto my sonn, Lancelot 
Cramlyngton, my farmolde in Slekeburne and 26*. 3d. of rente out 
of Blythesnooke, for terme of his lif. Also I geve unto my sonn, 
Lamwell Cramlyngton, all my towne of Blythesnooke, landes. and 
pastures, and all other commodities thereto belohgeinge, and he to 
pay his brother Lancelotte 26s. Sd. Also I geve unto my said 
sonne Lamwell all my fysheinges and coblegates in Blythesenooke 
together with the northe ende of my lynke frome F ullage apon the 
sowthe to Blythesenooke apon the northe, and frome the dyke on the 
west unto the see apon the este, for terme of his lyf. Also I geve 
unto my twoo sonnes Lancelotte and Lamwell a coblegate and fowre 
howses in Blythesenooke duringe thare lyves. Also I geve my sonn 
Lamwell my best horsse. And to my dowghter Elizabeth 20 kyee, 
40 yeowes and lames, and 40 fleeses of woolle. Also I geve unto 
Ales Balif 40*\ and twoo kyee. The reste of my goodes I geve unto 
my wyf and my twoo sonnes whoo I make my executores et cetera. 3 


Nov. 16, 1551. William Bewyke of Newcastell, merchant. 4 
To be buriede within Sainte Nicholas churche before Saynte Katheren 
alter as nigh my mother's grave as maye be convenientle. I make 
Cuthbert and William Bewyke my executors and I bequeth them my 
take or lease belonginge to the house of Carlyle, paying everye yeare 

1 The will of Nicholas Baxter of Newcastle, merchant, is printed in Wills 
and Inventories, vol. i. p. 298. 

- An account of the family of Cramlington of Newsham, with a pedigree, 
is given in Arch. Ad. 2nd series, vol. xix. p. 1, and a revised account may be 
found in the new History of Northumberland, vol. viii. 

3 This will is obtained from P.R.O. Chancery inq. p.m. vol. 142, No. 95. 

4 A collateral ancestor of the family of Bewick of Close-house, who seems 
to have been admitted free of the Merchant Adventurers' Company circa, 1520. 
Dendy, Merchant Adventurers, vol. ii. p. 194. 

111. to the deanery of Carlyle ; my house, barne and foure leises in 
Sydegate and thre free tenaments in Felton. To Percyvall, sone 
to Peires Bewyke, my brother, my house in the Meal-market to him 
and his heirs male ; then to Cuthbert Bewyke and his heirs male (it 
never to be sold nor wedsett) ; then to Thomas Bewyke, sone to my 
brother John Bewyke, and his heirs male. To every brother's child 
and syster's child, 6*. 8d. To every one of Bartrame Bewyke's 
children, 3. id. To Thomas Bewyk, my brother's sone, my best 
furyd gowne. To Robert Scott, smith, my next best furred gowne. 
To my brother Thomas Bewyke's chylde which 1113^ syster is with, 
when God sends it, the furryd gowne wich my brother Thomas did 
give me. To Peter, my brother Peares Bewyke's sone, my velvett 
dublet. To Percyvall, my brother Peter Bewyke's sone, my best 
chamlott jackott garded with velvet. To Thomas Johnson my 
damaske dublet and to every one of his children, 3s. 4d. To Henry 
Dallayhay my bright tauny gowne and my best clock and 3/. 6s. #d., 
and I chardge my executors to put him to a good crafte. To John 
Mowell my gowne lyned with black lambs skine and to his daughter, 
Agnes Mowell, 3/. G.y. 8d. To Richard Benson, for a token, my 
velvett hatt and syx years of worsete. To my brother Thomas's 
wyf my best gold rynge and to Janet hir daughter a pair of crokes, 
also I will that my syster, Thomas Bewyk's wyf, has the quarter of 
Kynton and the quarter of Fenham tythes during hir wedowehead. 
To Cuthbert Bewike's wyf my second gold rynge. To Sir George 
Connyngham, my son, for a token, my third gold rynge. To my syster, 
Pyers Bewyke's wyf, a gown lyned with black shanks. To Leonard 
Whit, my hart lether dublet and my elder clocke. To my executors 
a sylver salt parcell gylt with a cover, and syx sylver spones with 
the madenheads of other syx sylver spones. The rest to Cuthbert 
and John Bewyk and they to dispone for my soule and all christen 
soules as theie think best to the honer of the Holy Trynity and the 
well of my soull. Amen. Witnesses, Symond Braccenbe, etc. 
I will to John Mowl the half tythe corne of West Bronton. 


Jesus. December 15. 1551. Helyng Muschaunce, 1 To be 
berryd in the chappell of Beforthe. My chylderyng, executors ; my 
sonne in law Th . . . . : my dowghter Elsabethe. I gyffe to Sir 
Harry a sckyp. Witnesses, Francis Armorer, 2 George Carr, etc. 

INVENTORY. To me .... Armorer for poste money .... 
James Bednell, 6.s. Sd. Wyliam Beadnell, 10*. Post mony awyng to 
me in the kyng's hands, G/. I gyft % to Roger Armorer, '?/. To Agnes 
Horsley if schey mane with frends, 3/. I awe to my sonn John 
Carr .... To Maystrys Bednell .... 

1 Apparently the postmistress, or the widow of the postmaster, of Bclford. 
- Francis Armorer's will is printed in Will* and Inventories, vol. i. p. 404. 



Dec. 7, 1552. Agnes Cramer, widowe, lat wyft'e of Robert Cramer 
of Newcastle, merchaunte. To he burede within the churche of All 
Sayntes. To Cuthbert Rukebye, 20/., a sylver goblett and thre 
sylver spones. To Robert Rukebye, 20/., a sylver goblett and thre 
sylver spones. To John and James Rukebye, the same. To my sone, 
John Taylor of Londone, an olde angell of golde and to his sone, 
George Taylor, an olde angell of golde. To my sone-iu-lawe. Laurence 
Rukbye one olde angell and one sylver salte with the cooverynge. To 
his wyft'e, a sylver potte. To Laurence Rukebye and Robert Ellysone, 
either of them, an olde ryall of gold, whome I make my supervisors. 
The rest to Cuthbert, Robert, John and James Rukeby, chyldren of 
my sone-in-lawe, Laurence Rukeby, falinge them to Laurence Rukeby, 
my sone-in-law and Elsabethe, his wyff. Witnesses, John Collyng- 
wode, cordyner, Andro Surties, merchaunte, etc. 



.... 1553. I, Isabell Benett, 1 wedow, hole off mynde and 
will although I be sycke in my bodye maketh my last will and 
testament in manner and forme followinge. Firste, I bequieth my 
soule to Almightie God, to our blessed Ladye and to all the sancts 
in heavon and my bodye to be buried in the churche of Gosforth 
within the quere besydes my husband. I gyve to John Heron of 
Symoborne 10 yowes and 10 lambs, 2 oxen that I bought at Mydsomar, 
one redd and another blaklmwked and one graye meire. I gyve to 
my brother John's dowghter, Belli, one pott, 3 dublers and 3 dishes, 
10 yowes and 10 lambes. I gyve to Agnes Eden one cowe, and also to 
Besse Gack, one other 'cowe. I gyve to my fyve servants 5 yowes. I 
gyve to Antonye Erington, my brother Georg somie, 10*. and one cowe 
that he haith here within, and one oxe and one qwye. I will that Sir 
Hewgh Erington shall have one fetherbed off the best that ther as, one 
pair of sheitts, 2 pillowes and one coverlett off the best. I gyve to little 
Rauff Erington one whye. The reste off my goods moveable and un- 
moveable I gyve to Robert Fenwick, Lamwell Marche and Rauff 
Walles, whome I make rnyne executors all as one to dispose my 
goodds for the weill off my soule, and also I make Robert Wythrington 
and John Wythrington supervisors off this my will to se itt fulfylled 
in all poynts and degreis. Thes wyttnes, John Fenwick, Thomas 
Erington, Jarret Erington, Sir Hewgh Herington, Robrt Tompson, 
Robert Welche. 

1 Michaelmas Term, 29 Hen. VIII. (1537). Hugh Heryngton, chaplain, 
plaintiff, and William Benett of Keynton and Isabella, his wife, deforciants. 
Twelve messuages in Keynton, Heddon-super-murum, West Hedwyn and 
Cowpen, and one messuage in Keynton in the tenure of Robert Thompson, of 
the yearly value of 20s-., to hold to the said William and Isabella for their 
lives, and after their decease to remain wholly to Isabella and Margaret 
Benett and their heirs for ever. Feet of Fine*. Northumberland. 



April 1, 1551. Martine Turping of Langley. 1 To be buried in 
the parishe churche of Hadenbrighe. To uiy moither, Margaret 
Turpyng, the farmhold of Howghton and uiy elder whytt horsse. 
To my brother, a gray gellott, etc. To Elizabeth Turping, iny 
dowghter, all the yong notte I have at Morpeth. To my unkell. 
Arthure Fenwyk, a bay horsse wiche was Percevell Pawston, and all 
raknings betwene hym and me, and a yong cowe for remembrans. 
To Georg Fenwik, my servand, a lod off otts and ten lames. To 
my servand, Gilbert Crage, all raknings betwene hym and me and 
2O. in corne to by hym a nag. To my .son, John Turping, inye 
cheyne of goold, with the implements of Witchester howsse, who I 
mak my hayre and he to be ordret by my Lord Uacre, who he is 
ward unto during his noneage. To my yong master. Sir Thomas 
Dacre, a payre of gloves of maille. To Mr. Henry Percye, my 
sword. To Mr. Lanard Dacre, my bow and my quyver. To Robert 
Erington, my servand, all raknyngs betwene hym and me. I give 
mv best whvt horsse unto my brother, Mr. Parson Dacre. To mv 

*/ */ / *' 

curat, John Oliver, prest, '20*. To Janet Shaiftoo of Stanfurham, 
a yong cowe. I will that such leces, etc., as I had with my wyft', 
Agnes Turping, to returne to her seyltt' agane. To George Turping, 
my son, all such raknyngs as is betwene my Ladye Elsabeth Dacre 
and me, beseching her ladyship to implowe the same to his usse and 
prefarment and to be good ladye unto him. The rest to Agnes, my 
wyft', George, Thomas, Elsabeth and Agnes Turping, my children, 
they executors. The right worshipfull Mr. John Dacre, parson of 
Morpath, Georg Fenwik of Brenkburne. John Shaiftoo of Bevington, 
esquires, and my son, John Turping, supervisors. Witnesses, Mr. 
John Dacre, etc. 


April 28, 1555. Rauffe Hardynge of Nowcastell, maryner, hoole 
of mynde, etc. To be buryed in the church of All Hallowes. To 
Edward Johnson suche goods as I left in the house which he now 
dwelleth in. To Thomas Shawdfurthe, a damaske dublet. To 
Christopher Shawdfurthe, my silver qwystle and my chyne. To Nicholas 
Tomson, on courslet jaket gardyd, and a clothe jakit, and a blew 
worslet doublet. To Jane Smorquet, two brasse potts and six pece 
pewder wissell. To my servant, Lawrence Mylborne, all my see clothes. 
My wife, Elizabeth Hardynge, executrix. Witnesses, William Wylkyn- 
sone, George Swynborne, Edward Tynmothe, Robert . . . . , 
Edmunde Fyeffe, Robert Harle, curat, with others more. 

' Martin Turpyn headed the Whitchester muster roll in 1538, and in 1552 
he was an Enclosures Commissioner. The family owned Houghton in the 
parish of Heddon during the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, 
and after that estate passed by marriage to Thomas Read of the Close, a cadet 
line continued to hold Whitchester. Cf. Arch. Aet. vol. xi. p. 256. 


INVENTORY. 7 brasse potts and a posnet, 14.?. id. 14 pore 
pewder vessell, 5 pottyndgers and 5 sawsers, 20s. 14 pewder potts, 
small and grey[t] on bassynge and 2 . . . . , 12s. 9 candylstyks, 7 
bassynges, a morter, a pestyll and one fyshe spone, 10s. 5 lavers, 3 
candylstyks, 3 borsyngs, 10s. 4 chysts, '20s. 4 centers, 10s. 12 
cussyngs, 8s. 3 federbeds, 3/. 5 coverynge for bedds, 10s. 5 cover- 
letts, 7 blanketts, 20s. 11 payre sheytts with other nappery wayre, 
30s. 2 paynted clothes. 5s. 1 copper ketyll, 10s. On lancettle, 2s. 
On riall and on old ancell nobill, on payr say courtyngs, 10s. 
217. 6s. -id. [sic]. 


Aug. 4, 1555. I, Ambrose Midelton of .... Cumberlande, 
esquier. My wretched and sinful bodye to be buried in the parishe 
churche of Kyrkland l if I dj*e within twenty myles thereof ; and if I 
dye nere to Barnard-castle, then to be buryed in the churche or 
chapell there, einonge my poore auncestors, or ellis in Christian 
buriall, where it shall happen the bodye to dye, with the oblacons and 
mortuaryes there due, and such divine service to be songe or said 
in the daye of my buriall as shall appertain to the order and 
custome of the churche and Christian buriall, and the ministers 
thereof to be rewarded for there paynes by the discretion of my 
executors. Also I will there be distributed in the parishe or 
congregacon of the said churche or chappell of Barnard-castle and 
in the parishe of Kyrklancle, in either of the same places, within 
twenty dayes next after my buriall, 40s. and at the yere's ende. in 
the weke byfore Easter so moche, and so yerly duringe thre yeres 
next after my decease, 'to be distributed and paid by my executors, 
after the rate, to the [poore] aged, erased or impotente peqple. \d. 
or Gd. the pece. And to poore erased or impot[ent] children, 'Id. 
or Id. the pece, by the advise and discrection of the curate and 
church-wardons of either of the same parishes. Also I geve and 
bequithe to the amending of [the] highewaye or tram frome the 
west ende of Bridgegait in Barnard-castle [afore]said .... brydge- 
ende there, 20s. To the amendinge of the cawsy. . . . chair, 6s. Sd. 
And to the amendinge of the rofe of the .... next to the quere 
ende, 20*. And to the churche work .... 8d., to be paid by 
my said executors, the one halfe thereof .... end entered unto 
the same wor .... the other halfe .... Also I geve .... to 
everye of my said sons, 20 .... con of my goods and cattalles 
and to be .... them by myne executors after they shall come 
to there severall ages of 21 yeres .... 3d. by yere or more for 
there preferment by there discrectione if they will . . . . e the 

1 The parish of Kirklancl is situated on the river Eden and is about nine 
miles east of Penrith. 


same in full recompence and satissfaction of the younger childes parte. 
or porcon of my goods .... unto them or any of them after rny 
decease. Also I will geve and bequithe to Cycill [my] enterly wel- 
beloved wife th . . [full] half of .... my holl launds and tenements 
charged as is .... said at hir own election, to have duringe hir 
lyfe in full recompence and satisfaction of all hir wynter and dower 
to hir belonginge of all my holl laundes and tenements. Also I 
w r ill that Thomas, my son and heyre apparante, shall have the 
other half of my said laundes and tenements, with the revertion of 
the other half after the decease of my said wife, his mother, to hym 
and his heyres mayle of his bodye lawfully bigotten, and in defaulte 
of suche issue to the heyres inailes of my bodye lawfully bigotten, 
and in defaulte of suche issue to remayn to my right heyres for 
ever. And all other my goodes, catalles and leases not byfore gevn 
or bequithed, I geve and bequithe to my said enterly welbeloved 
wife, and son Thomas, whome I make and ordeyne executors of this 
my presente testamente and last will, therewith to paye my debts 
and legacies, and to perforate this my will, and to bring up my said 
son Rycherd unto the complete age of 21 yeres. Requiringe my 
said son, Thomas, of my blessinge to be good, naturall and favor- 
able to his said mother and bretheren as apperteanithe. And also 
I make and ordeyn my most trustie and welbeloved frendes, Thomas 
Sanclefurthe of Ascoyn, esquier, and Anthonye Middleton of Kepyer, 
gentleman, to be supervisors of the same and do bequithe to either 
of them for there paynes to be sustened in this byhalf, 40s. In 
witnes wherof I, the said Ambrose, to this presente wrytinge have 
set to my seale and subscribed my name the daye and yere above- 
said, per me Ambrosium Middelton. Mure witness hereof: Thomas 
Sandfurthe, esquire, Anthony Middleton and Thomas Myddleton, 
gentlemen, with others. 


April 10, 1557. Robert Lasse of Alne\vicke, yeoman. To be 
buried in the churche yard of Sanct Myhell. To my nephew, Edniond, 
sonne of Rynyone Maxsone of Shipley, my house on Alnewicke, 
one the northe side of Bailigait. To my nephew, John, sonne of 
Thomas Atkinsone of Lerchild, 4*. of rent of my house in 
Alnewicke on the north syd of Bongait, and Sd. rent of my house- 
in the tenure of Henry Herone, one the northe sid of the Market- 
plaice. My daughter, Jenatt Stampfurthe. To Rawfe Collingwood 
of Titlington, gent., and Thomas Lygthone of Alnewick, yeoman, my 
house in Alnewicke that Cuthbert Strother dwelleth in. 


May 19, 1557. Thomas Craster of Allnwick. I geve my sowle 
to Allmyghtie God and to all the holly company, leaving my body 
to l)e buryed in my parishe churche of Sainte Mychaell th'archangell 


of Allnewik with my mortuary accustomed by the lawe. I geve my 
howse unto Margret Craster, my wyff, during hir lyff naturall and 
after hyr to my sonne, William Craster. The residewe of all my 
goodes I geve unto my wyff and my childer to be distributyd 
amonge them equally, whome I make my solle executors conjoyntly, 
etc., to pay my detts, as they shall think to be to the honor of 
God, and to the well of my solle. Witnesses, Edward Thompson of 
Allnick, the elder, James Yong and Robert Tailyer of the same. 


Dec. 8, 1557. John Gucyne of .... to be buried in the 
church-yard of Darnton, nighe the corps of .... To William 
Eobynson, my daughter's sonne, thre sylver spones, etc. To 
Barberie Robynson,' his syster, fower sylver spones, my wyfe's best 
sylver girdle, one paire of .... my best sylver tache. To my 
brother, Foreman, my foxe-furde gowne, one cote of plaite, one 
sallet, one paire of .... stafe and to his wyfe, my sister, 6s. Sd., 
and to aither of his sonnes, 5s. For my brother, Somersyde, my 
sister, his wife, and his children, etc. ; my brother, George Robynson, 
his wyfe and children, etc. To Lyones Claxton, halfe of my workinge 
instruments or tooles and fyve noble of money. My sonne in lawe 
Richard Johnson. I give my lease of Hawghton mylne to William 
and Barberie Robynson and Cecilie Robynson, their mother, and 
they to fyne my house at the next court for my good lord and 
master my lorde of Durham. William Robynson to be kept at 
schoole for eight years. Mr. Rauffe Dalton, supervisor. 


July 3, 1558. Raff Surtes of Duresme, marchaunte. To Janet, 
my wyfe, and to John Surtes, my son, the lease of the Bishop mylnes 
and the Myln close that I bought of the kynge and the lease of the 
Collfelde close I have of Mr. Myddleton. To Raff Surtes, my son, 
my house in Geligate duringe his lyfe and then to John Surtes, 
my son. To William and Christopher Surtes, my sons, the Shawe 
close. To Phillis, my doughter, 3s. 4d. of a close called the Well- 
bancke for lyfe. To Elisabethe, my doughter, 3s. id. of the little 
house in Fleshergayt duringe hir lyfe. To Jayn, my doughter, 
3s. 4d. furthe of the chapell of the bridge. To Janet, my wyfe, the 
lease of my house I dwell in, and then to William Surtes, my son. 
To my wyfe a goblet of silver parcell gilt. To John Surtes, my son, 
a silver pece weyng eight unces. To Raffe Surtes, my son, a salt 
of silver with a coveringe weinge eight unces. To William, my son, 
a maser of silver and gylt and two silver spones. To Christopher, my 
son, six silver spoones. To Phillis, my doughter, and Elesabeth 
and Janet, my daughters, two silver spoones each. To Isabell 


Marche, my suster's doughter, 2O. To Myles, my brother, 5*. To 
Jayn, my suster, 5*. The rest to my wyfe and children and they 
executors. Witnesses, Christopher Chaytor, Christopher Surtes, etc. 


Nov. 5, 1558. Peter Kiddell of Newcastle, merchant. To be 
buried in the church of Saint Nicholas where my father doth lye, 
with sowle masse and dirge. Alsoe I give unto the vicar of the 
said churche the some of 10*. in recompance of forgotten tythes. 
Also I will that there be given to the poore peoplle twentye pounds in 
monie soe shortly after my deceasing as it reasonable can, that is 
to saie, eight poundes of that to be bestowed in victualling the 
priseners in the high castle and in the Newe-gaite (?) soe much until 
the said eight pounds be runn out, the other twelfe pounds to be 
given to poore householders and other poore people as my super- 
visors shall see right, meit and neid. To my sonne, William Kiddell, 
and his heires males, my house with all the implements thereto 
belonging nowe in the tenor of John Ellison, merchaunt, and 2 
sellers in the Broad Garth with the lofts and little house att the 
head of the same garth, and he to pay yerely out of the said house 
26-s. 8d. to the wardes of almes house or to any other poore people 
he pleaseth. To my sonne, Peter Riddell and his heires males, my 
house in the Cloth Markitt nowe in the tenore of Umfrye Parker, 
merchaunt, provided alwaies that God of his grace call my 
sonne, Thomas Kiddell, to the office of preisthood .... then 
I will that my sonne, William Riddell and his heires mayles, shall 
have all my landes unbequeathed .... painge yearely out of the 
said lands to my said sonne, Thomas Riddell, dureing his life the 
soumme of 137. 6s. 8d. towardes his exhibicon. To Peter Riddell, my 
sonne .... paing out of the said lands yearely to my said sonne, 
Thomas Riddell, during his life 137. 6s. 8d. provided alwayes that if 
my said sonne, Thomas, be a preist, soe that the house wherein I 
dwell and all other my lands come to my sonne, William, as afore- 
said, then I will that my sonn, Peter and his heires, shall have the 
said house and implements in which John Ellison dwelleth, with 
two sellers, etc., arid my foz-mer bequest to my sons, William and 
Peter in that counte concerning my house aforesaid be void. To 
my daughter, Elizabeth Riddell, 100/. for her childes portion and 
the same some to my daughters, Elinor, Mary and Katheriue 
Riddell, if they follow the advice of my supervisors. To John 
Ellison, marchaunt, my violet gowne and 5^., and to every one of 
his children one angell. To George Bee, 6s. 8d. To my cosine, 
Edward Anderson, 20s., and to every one of my sister Shaftoe 
children one angell. To my servant, William, my horse, and 3s. id. 
To Agnes Paker, nowe wife to Umfray Parker, merchaunt, 3Z. 6s. 8d. 
To Janet Swynborne widdowe, 20s., by yeare, for life out of my 


house in the tennor of John Whitfeild, smith. To her eldest 
daughter, 20*. All the rest of my goods to my sonns, Thomas, 
William and Peter Riddell, whome I make my executors, provided 
they shall be ordered during their minority by my trustie frends, 
Sir Robert Brandelinge, knight, William Claxton of Wynyerde, and 
Richard Hodgson, merchaunte, whome I make supervisors of this 
my will. Wittnesses, Edward Shaftoe, merchant, John Ellison, 
merchaunt, and Edward Anderson, merchaunt, Richard Hodgson, 
marchaunt, alderman. l 


Jhesus. Nov. 29, 1558. Roger Eryngton of Wallyke, gent. 
To be buryed within the parysche churche of Warden. I gyve all 
my fyrmynges and landes purchased in Wallyk or ellyswhere to my 
suster's soon, John Carr ; my wyff, Margaret Eryngton, to enjoye the 
same duryng hyr wydowhead. My nephew, John Carr, my heyr. 
My wife and my sister Jane Carr executors. Lyonell Fenyk of 
Blakden, Randell Fenyke of Kirkharll, Rauf Eryngton of Hexame and 
Alexander Basnett of Heddon, supervisors. To Isabell, my dowghter. 
6 nott and 20 shep. To Kateryne Eryngton, my brother's doghter, 
2 nott. To Wardon churche. 6*. 8<f. Witnesses, John Olyver, vyccar 
of Wardon, etc. 


Dec. 8, 1558. Raphe Hewton of Walworthe, co. Durham, gent., 
being visit with sicknes but off hole mynde and perfect remembrane 
doo contitut and make this my last will. 2 Firste, I gyve and 
beqiiieth my soule to Almightie God my Creator and Redemer, to 
our blessed ladye, St. Marye and all the hollye compenye of Heavon, 
my bodye to be buried within the parish churche off Heighington 
with my mortuaryes dewe and accustomed according to the lawes 
of this realme. Also I gyve and bequieth to every one off my thre 
doughters fortye marks off my goodes over and besydes their childes' 
porcons, also whereas I have thre rings of golde, not off equal valew, 
I will that my eldest doughter shalhave the best, my second 
doughter the next best and my youngest doughter the third. I will 

1 Jan. 10, 1618/9. William Riddell of Newcastle, merchant, appeared in 
person in the Durham Consistory Court and begged that the original of the 
will printed above should be given to him. It was delivered to him the 
same day on an oath for its safe restoration being made by Lancelot S[h]afto 
and Thomas Swan. 

The testator was ancestor of the family of Riddell of Swinburn castle and 
Felton park, whose pedigree is printed in the new History of Northumber- 
land, vol. iv. p. 284. 

- The inventory of the testator's goods is printed in Wills and Inventories, 
vol. i. p. 209. 


that my thre doughters aforesaid shalhave equally divided amongst 
theim all such apparell and rayment as dyd belonge to ther mother. 
I will that my sonne, Georg, shalhave one sylver salt, eight sylver 
spoones and one sylver peic. I bequieth to my servant, Raph 
Coltman, 40s., and to my servant, Margaret Bainbrig, 10*. If my 
sonne, Robert, when he shall accomplish the full aidg of 21 yeres shall 
pay or cause to be payd to my said three doughters yff they lyve 
so long, or to such of them as shalbe lyving at the same tyine, the 
somme of 20/. of good and lawfull money of England upon reason- 
able request to hyrn maid for the same, then I will and bequieth 
that my said sonne, Robert, shall have all my burgags landes in 
Darlington and Bushop-awkland for terme of his lift' naturall, and 
yff my said sonne, Robert, hapen to decease bifore he accomplish 
the said aidg, or refuse at the said aidg off 21 yeres to pay the said 
somme off 20/., then 1 will my sonne Georg, shalle have the said 
burgaig lands if he wyll pay the said somme of 20/. to my thre 
dowghters in manor and forme aforsaid, and yf neither off my said 
sonnes will pay the said somme of 20/. to my doughters as ys 
aforesaid, then I will that the said burgag launds in Darlington and 
Bushop-awkland shalbe solde by the supervisors off this my will 
and testament, or so many off theim as shalbe then lyving, and the 
money theroff to be equallye devyded amongest my thre doughters 
aforesaid. And in the mean tyme during the none aidg off my said 
sonne, Robert, I will that the profetts yerely procednig and comying 
of and upon the said lands to be equallye devided bitwixt my said 
two sonns, George and Robert. The resydewe off all my goods and 
cattals, over and besydes this my will performed, to be equallye 
devided bitwixt my said two sonns. And I make Robert Hewton, 
my younger sonne, my sole executor off this my last will and testa- 
ment. Moreover I constitut and make my welbeloved cosyns and 
freinds, Robert Tempest, of Holmesyd, John Hewton of Hunwick, 
William Smithe off Esh, Edward Parkinson off Bemount-hill, 
Francs Parkinson, the younger, and Nicholas Young of Heighington, 
the supervisors of this my last will and testament, and they to have 
the hole order off all my childrein, ther launds, goods and cattails 
during ther none aidg. Provided alwaye that yf any off my said 
dowghters [die] before mariadg and bifore she accomplish th' aidg 
off 21 yeres, then I will that hir or ther porcons, soo deceasing, shall 
remane to thother dowghters or dowghter then lyving. I gyve to 
my landlord, Sir Francs Askew, knight, and to rny ladye, his wiffe, 
and to Mr. William Askew, her eldest sonne, to every off theim, 
one olde riall for a token to the intent to be good to my childrein. 
In wytness hereoff, etc. 1 

' The following is the will of a clergyman of the same surname : June 1, 
1561 : William Huton, clerke : To be buried in the church yard of our Lady 
at Chester. To John Huton, my brother, 6/. 13s. 4rf., with my wages. To 
the five childer of my m[aste]r, to every of them 5s. To Christopher 
Huton, my brother's son, 20*. To my m[aste]r and my ladye and every 
one of them one old riall. Rest to Richard Harbottle, etc. 




Feb. 23, 1558-9. Lanclott Hodschon of the parish of Lan- 
chester. To be buried in the peasche churche of Lanchester. To 
the reparasyons for all forgottyn tythes, 20*. To the mendyng off 
the ornaments, etc., 37. 6s. 8d. To my kurett, the preiste, to pray 
for me, 6s. 8d. To the mendyng off thee bryggs, Lanchester greyn, 
and the kawsey, the gayt from my howse to the churche, 67. 13.*. id. 
To the poore of the peaschyng of Lanchester, Esche and Medomsley, 
6Z. 13s. \d. To Mr. Sayr, Mr. Crathorne, Mr. Tempest and my brother 
Rycherde Hodshon, every on of theme a ryall, and I make them 
supervysors. To my lord of Westmorland on old sovarayn of gold. 
To every on off my wyff's chylder a ryall. To my wyff's two brether 
off Durham, ether off them a ryall. To my brother Robertt Hodschon 
and his wyff, and to my brother Rychard Hodshon's wyffe, a ryall 
each. To my cosyng, Thomas .... To my syster, Issabell 
Hodgson, 107. To my cosyn, Wylliam Wylle, 40s. To my cosyng, 
Nycolas .... 37. 6s. 8d. To my cosyng, Issabell Tempest, a new 
calffed cowe. To my suster (?) Dorrathy Wylley, 87. 13s. id. To 
my cosyng, Rawff Wylley, all my apperrell, savyng my best gowne, 
which I gyve to my brother, William Hodshon. To my cosyng, 
Jhon Wylley, 61. 13s. id. To my cosyngs, Elsabythe. Anne, 
Katheryn, and Margery Wylley, every on off theme, 37. 6s. Sd. 
To Lanclot Hodschon, my brother Rychard's son, whom I crystyned, 
37. 6s. 8d. ; and to the rest of his bretther and sisters, 20s. To my 
brother, Robertt Hodshon chylder, 20s. To every on off my syster, 
Oggell's chylder .... To my servantt, Umpay Mayre, 40s. and 
my lyttyll bawsen meyre. To Nycoles Tempest, Thomas Tempest's 
eldest son, 40s. to by hym a nagge. To my brother, William 
Hodschon all my leesys of Hedlehope and a closse called the Wall 
and my partt of the lees of the churche off Lanchester. To my wyffe, 
Annes, all my leesys off Edmondsley and the tythe of the prebend 
of Newbygyne duryng hyr life, and then to William Hodschon my 
brother. As I have a silver salte and halffe a dossyng sylver spoyns, 
the wich, Deane Claxton, my master, gave me, I wyll that my 
wyffe have the same durynge hyr lyffe, and then to William 
Hodschon. To my brother, Robert Hodschon, 307. in just 
recompenssyn off my fyne called the Meralees, the which I meyn 
to gyve to Rychard Hodschon my brother. My wyfe and brother, 
William, executors. Witnesses, Robert Tempest and William 
Hodshon. 1 


March 23, 1558/9. Isabell Wilkeson, widowe. To be buryed in 
Alhallows church [Newcastle] beside my husband, William 
Wilkinson. To my sonne, Christopher, and to my daughter, his 

1 This will makes additions to the pedigrees of Hodgson printed in 
Surtees, Durham, vol. ii. pp. 77, 319. 


wift'e, a ryall a pece. To my sonne, John Chaitor, and his wiffe, 
eyther of them, a ryall. To my daughter, Jane Kirkehouse, a riall, 
a silver peice, my best beids and a reade belt. To Andrew Wilkin- 
son, a riall. To Margaret Hicson, my second beids, my least morter, 
a windoe-cloth and the sacks. To Jane Bait-man, my best gowne 
and my cowe. To John Baitman, a black bone'tt. To Margaret 
Chaitor, a chamlett kirtle. To Alison Burrell, a paire of currell 
beids. To Agnes Chaitor, my gowne lyned with worsett. To 
Elizabeth Chaitor, daughter to my sonne John, two silver spones 
and my best brasse pott. To Janett Sharpe, a paire of silver croks 
and ten furre sparras ( ?). To my sister .... To my servant, Janett 
Gray, her hole waigs and fower yerds of my best white .... 
a little almerye and a little counter. To John Wilkinson of Herte, 
a feder bed. To John Wilkinson's daughter, my best cappe. To his 
sonne, a dagger. The rest to my sonne, Christopher Chaitor, 
accordinge to my husband's will. 


March '25, 1559. George Eringtoun of Denton, gentleman. To 
be buryede in Sancte Myghel's churche in Nuberen so nye my father 
as cane be. To my wyff Barberaye Eringtonn the proffet of the 
collpett. To my son, Robarte Eringtonn, the farmolde in Butter- 
laye, savinge onlye the haye on Edward Eringtonn's felde. The 
rest to my wyf, Robert, Nycholas, Martyn and Lanslet Eringtonn, 
my sonnes ; Jan, Anne, Kusteris [sic] and Belteres Eringtonn, my 
doughters ; they executors. My welbilovede brother, Gylbert 
Eringtonn, Cuthbert Musgrave and Lanslett Erington suppervisers. 
Witnesses, Roger Eringtonn, William Nycholson, clarke. 


Nov. 18, 1559. Cuthbert Blownt of Newcastle, merchant. To 
my uncle, Morlande, the tuisshion of my sonne, Edward Blunt, and 
his goods. To my awnt of Gateside, callid Agnes Lawson, dwelling 
at Saint Edmonds in Gaytesid, the tuishon of my daughter. Anne 
Blownt and her goods. To my brother Henry Lawsorj. the 
tuishon of my son, Mark Blownt, and his goods, and I give him a 
bay yong gelding for a token. To my brother, Mr. Hodshon, the 
tuishon of my sons, Jaymes and Robert Blownt, and their goods. 
To my wife, Barbare Blount, the rule of my yongest son, William 
Blownt, and his goods. I gyve to Sir James Croft, knight, for 

1 The testator, George Errington, was the second son of Roger Errington 
of Denton by his wife Catherine, daughter of Robert Cresswell of Cresswell. 
His wife Barbara was a Shafto of Bavington. The will makes additions to 
the pedigree of Errington of Denton printed by Foster in Visitation Pedigrees 
of Northumberland, p. 46. 


a token [blank]. To my Ladye Croft .... for a token .... To Mr. 
Doctor .... for a token. To my forenamed aunt of Gatisid for 
a token, a hope of gold. To my welbelloved mother for a token 
[blank]. To my aunt, Morland, for a token [blank]. To my sister, 
Kawe, for a token [blank]. To my sister, Wilkinson, for a token 
[blank]. To my brother, Hodshon, for a token my best gowne 
faced with velvett. To my brother, Georg Lawson, for a token, 
a newe furyd coot and a cloke. To John Butter, a cassock 
of mockarde furrid, for a token. To Christofer Blunt, a black 
satten doblett. To William Coockeson, my best spanyshe jerkin 
and a newe worsett cassok furrid. To my man, John Sclater, 47. 
To my man, Thomas Broune, 20s. To every woman servant at 
my howse at home 6*;. Sd. a pece. To every servant in Doctor 
MacFyne's (?) howse, os. a pece. The rest to my wife and children, 
James, Robert, Anne, Edward, Mark and William Blount. Super- 
visors, Christopher Morland, Henry Lawson, Georg Lawsou and my 
father, Brymley. [Pr. 16 Oct., 1569.] 


Nov. 28, 1559. Humphrey Carr of Newcastle, yeoman. To be 
buried at Saincte Andrewes besides the bones of my father and 
mother. My wyfe, Margerie, to have her parte of my goods. To 
Cuthbert Carr, late sonne of John Carre, deceasid, begotten of my 
dawghter Isabell, late also deceased, all my leases in Newcastle 
and in the rectorie or parsonage of Mychell Benton, with the lettinge, 
settynge and ' manured ' of the same, to him and his heirs, and then 
to Margerie Wilkinson, sister to the said Cuthbert, and wyfe to John 
Wilkenson of Newcastle, marchaunt. Whereas John Carr, father 
unto the said Cuthbert, did leve to me for his use two tenements in 
Benwell, he to enter upon them. My sister, Alleson Stampe, late 
wife to Robert Stampe, deceeased, to have the halfe of the tynde 
of come in Northe Weteslond, paying 23s. id. to the said Cuthbert 
per annum. My sister, Ely oner, now wife to John Ollevar, to have 
the other moytie. To Margerie Carr, dowghter to my brother, 
William Carr, 40s. To Christopher Carr, her brother, 20s. To my 
brother, Robert Carr, my best gowne. To Margerie Carr, my wyfe, 
my second gowne. To Alleson Stampe, my sister, my foxefurred 
gowne. To John Ollever, my blake gowne furred with lambe. To 
John Wilkinson, one duble ducket of gowlde, and to Margerie, his 
wyf, one owlde angell of gowlde. The rest to Cuthbert Carr, he 
my executor, and I make Mr. Cuthbert Elleson of Newcastle and alder- 
man and my brother, Robert Carr, supervisors. Witnesses, Robert 
Anderson, sherif of Newcastle, Cuthbert Elleson, clarke, etc. 1 

1 Cf. Welford, Newcastle and Gateshead, vol. ii. p. 349. 



March 6, 1559/60. John Rackett of the parish of Sayiit Oswaldes 
in Duresme, etc. To be buried in Sanct Oswoldes churche l as nighe 
my mother and wiffe as may be. To my sonne, William Kackett, 
over and besides his filiall porcon of my goodes, a geldinge and a 
soin .... nag suche as myne executors with th' advise of my. 
supervisors shall seeme good att ther discretions. To my 
doughter's sonne, Thomas Forster, 107. To Robert Rackett, 10/. I 
gyve to Anthonye Barton, my doughter's sone, 31. 6-s. Sd. I 
gyve to my sonne, Cuthbert, my house here in Elvett which I 
dwell in, with thre leands, the great iron chymney, two racks and 
tonges, one ambre, the morter stone, the house in Framwellgait 
and all my tytle and lease of yeres in Quarrington. I bequiethe to 
my sone George, the 20-s. by yere in Awckland, to hym and to his 
heres for ever, yf the law will so suffer, yff not I doo requier my 
sonne, Cuthbert, as I ame good to hyme, for my blissinge to lett hym 
fyue for the same. To Ambrose Pele, Christofor Pele and to their 
two systers, my nephewes and neices, to every of them 26.*. a peic. 
Also I had of my nephew, Anthony Rackett childer parcel ( ?) off goodes 
so moche as came to 24/. or ther about, whereoff I have paid him 20/. 
I gyve to every of my servants, as well women as men, a lambe. 
I bequieth to my sonne, Cuthbert, my litle goblett and a dosen 
sylver spones. I woll have the day of my buriall thre yerds of brode 
blake [cloth] bought to be laid above my corps ; and when it is 
buried, the clothe to be solde and the money gyevon to my god- 
children whome I have christened. I gyve to my baisgotten sonne, 
[William] 40*. I gyve to my sone Cuthbert's two sonnes 20s. a peic, 
and to his daughter, Elizabeth, 40*. I gyve to my sonne William's 
basterd doughter, 40s\ The resydewe off all my goodes I 
bequieth to my two sonnes, Cuthbert and George Rackett, 
whome I make my executors off this my last will and testament to 
dispose the same to the pleasor of God and for my soule's health. 
And I make supervisors hereof? to se this, my last will accomplished 
and fullfylled my worshipfull cosyn and trustye friend, Mr. John 
Sayer and my gossope, Christopher Chaitor, and I gyve to Mr. 
Sayer for his paynes, two olde rialls and to my gossopp, Chaytor, 
other two olde rialls. And moreover I will that yff any off my said 
childeren will not be rewilled as my supervisors shall think good that 
they and ther children shalhave no such legacies as I have gyven to 
them. But thir legacies shalbe continued to suche of my children 
as my supervisors thinke most meit. Also I gyve to my cosyn, 
Thomas Sayer, for a token, one olde angell of good. Moreover I 
gyve to Christopher Barton, 40*. Witnesses, John Taylffer, 
Christofor Chaitor, notarye, Heugh Teddcastell and Hewe Freind. 

1 1562, Dec. 11. John Rawkket buried. Beg. St. OxuvUd's, Durham. 



June 13, 1560. Edmund Hodgeson of Derlingtone, merchaunt. 
To be buried in the parishe churche of Darlington so nighe the 
corps of my wyffe as may be. I bequiethe to George Claxton, 
Elizabeth Claxton, Margaret Claxton, Jane Claxton, Margerye 
Claxton and John Claxton, childrein of John Claxton of Hur- 
worth, my sonne in lawe, to every one of them 20/., and yf yt 
happen enye of the foresaid six childrein to decease before they 
receyve this my bequest I will then that his or hir part of theim 
so deceased be gyvon to the survivors. I gyve to Edwarde Hodgeson, 
my brother's sonne, my servant, all my interest and lease off Denams 
howses and lands lyinge and being within the towne and feildes of 
the foresaid towne of Darlington, and I will that he shall paye furthe 
yerelye of the same unto my doughter Elizabeth Claxton during hir 
naturall lyffe, 40*. But yf yt happen the said Edwarde to decease 
furthe of this worlde bifore the yeres of the said lease be expired, 
having no children or childe of his owne to whome he may assigne 
and gyve the said lease, then I will that the said lease shall remaine 
and be to John Claxton aforesaid. I bequieth to Elynor Hodegson, 
my dowghter in lawe, 40*. and to Gabriell Hodgeson, hir sone, 40-*., 
and to George Hodgeson, hir sone, 40*., and to Barberye Hodgeson, 
hir doughter, 40s. And yf yt happen eny of the foresaid thre 
children to decease before they come to lawfull yeres of age then 
I will that his or hir part so deceasing be delyvered unto the other 
of them survyving. I bequieth to the foresaid Edwarde Hodgeson, 
his heires and assignes for ever, two burgaigies called the Lampflat 
and two other burgaiges lying in Marthergarthes, and the other 
of my burgageis lying in the same place I gyve to my kinsman 
John Nesam and his heires. I gyve to Janet, his wife, my syster's 
doughter, 6/. I bequieth to the right worshipfull Mr. Sergiant 
Menell, my speciall good freind. one olde ryall. I bequiethe to 
William Thewe and his children, 20*. I bequieth to Michaell 
Hodgeson and his children, 20*. I bequieth to Gyeles Hodgeson, 
brother to the foresaid Edwarde Hodgeson, 5/. I bequieth to 
Isabell Wilberforth, lait doughter of Robert Wilberfurthe, 
3/. 6*. 8d. I gyve to ytche off my god-childrein, 6d. I 
bequieth to Sir John Clapam, vicar of Derlington, 26-5. 8d. And to 
Robert Hall, scholemaster, I bequieth 13*. d. And to Isabell 
Toller, 6s. 8d. I bequiethe to the reparacons of the heigh-waies of 
this towne, 4/. And to the poore people that shalbe at my buriall, 
fower marke. I bequieth to Christopher Hodgeson of Yerme, 6s. 8d., 
and to every one of his sisters being alyve, 6*. 8d. I forgyve my 
kynswoman, Thomas Warde s wyff, all suche debts as she owith unto 
me to thintend she shall the better bring up hir childrein. I bequieth 
to every one of Marinaduke Fairbarne's children, which is in number 
nine, thate he haith nowe with this (.</>) wyff, He\ve Macame's 
doughter, 6*. 8d. I bequieth to my sonne, John Claxton. halff of all 

my debts as they shalbe receyved. I bequieth to Edmunde Thewe, the 
sonne of Thomas Thewe, 20*. The rest of all my goodes, my debts 
paid and my funerall expensis discharged, I gyve unto Edwarde 
Hodireson aforesaid, my .... brother's sonne, whome I make myne 
wholl executor. And the supervisiors of this my [last will] I 
make Mr. Sergaant Menell, Mr. Francis Wicklif, Nycholas Yonge and 
Marmaduke Fairrebairne to each of them I bequeth 40-s. 


Oct. .'3, 1560. Robert Dalton l of West-awkland in the couutie of 
Duresrue, gentleman. I bequithe my sowle into the hands of 
Almightie God emongst the holie companye of heaven and my bodie 
to be beryed where it shall please my executors, .and I geve and 
bequithe unto my uncle, Sir Robert Dalton, all the tymber tres 
beinge upone the greyne in West-awkland and myne interest and 
lease of the tithe Saynt [Helen] Auckland and my interest of the 
tythe corne of West-awkland with my reversion and my lease of 
Gordym and all my interest and terme thereon and also my leace of 
Saltmas and Cowpland and my lease and interest of Lymesyke. 
Also I geve and bequith unto my uncle, Mr. George Readman, the 
moyte, or one full half, of my two partes of all my leases interest 

1 Robert Dalton, only surviving son and heir of Ralph Dalton of West 
Auckland, surveyor of works to Bishop Tunstall, by his second marriage with 
. . . Redman, married Dorothy, daughter of William Hilton of Biddic, 
and died *./>. Feb. 10, 15678. His widow remarried Michael Constable. 
Robert Dalton, B.D., prebendary of the seventh stall, was found by Inq. p.m., 
July 27. 10 Eliz., to be uncle, and heir of the whole blood, of the testator. He 
died July 10, 12 Eliz., and by Inq. p.m. taken Oct. 13, 14 Eliz., his coheirs 
were found to be Margaret, wife of Christopher Athy of Aldernage ; Jane, 
wife of Robert Eden of West Auckland ; Margary, wife of Matthew Crathorne 
of West Auckland ; Elizabeth, wife of George Tocketts of Tocketts ; Constance, 
wife of John Thomson of Newcastle, and Anne, wife of ... Cragges, being 
the six daughters of Elizabeth, wife of John Hoton of Hunwyke, sister of the 
half-blood of Robert Dalton the testator, and daughter and, in her issue, sole 
heiress of Ralph Dalton of West Auckland, by his first wife, . . . Strangeways. 

The following is an abstract of the will of the above-mentioned Elizabeth 
Hooton, widow : 

1566. To be buried in the hollowed grounde (of St. Andrew Auckland). 
My late husbande, Johne Hooton, esquier, deceised (whose sowle God pardon), 
dyd bequieth all his land, etc., in Hunweake, Whitehall and Mansforth, etc., 
to me for thirty yeres for the payment of his debts and the preferment of his 
children, I give the order of the saide lands to my derely beloved uncle, Mr. 
Robert Dalton, my son-in-lawe Christopher Aththe and my dowghter Margaret, 
his wyfe. To my verie good ladie Ewerie, a golde ring, besechin hir to be good 
ladie unto Margerie, hir maid and servaunte. To my sister Tunstall, 10*. for 
a token. To my dowghter Margreate Aththe, of my portion of my husbande 
goods, 66/. 13s. 4d. I will that Johne Stephenson shall have to hym and to 
his wyfe, my yongest childe's nurce, for nursing my said childe, the remander 
of the leise of the fermeholde in Hunweake which my late husbande had of 
the Deane and Chapiter of Durham. The rest to my six dowghters, Margaret 
Athtlie, Jane, Margerie, Elyzabeth, Custance and Anne Hooton, whom I 
make my executors. 


and term of yeres that, I have in and of Holm, and of all the tythe 
come of Billingham, upon condicione that he shall neither demand 
nor clam one houndrethe marks that I owe him. Also I gyve and 
bequithe unto Dorothe, my wif, the other moyte of the said my two 
pertes of such leases, and the other moyte or one half of all my 
estaite, interest, and terme of yeres, that I have in the said tythe 
corne of Billingham and Holm, upon condiciori that after my deathe 
she shall not demande nor claime any parte of my lands and tene- 
ments for hir wedowe righte, savings onlye 20/. by yere, provided 
alway that if my said wif do dye duringe the yeres, and before the 
yeres be endid and expired, then I will that hir moyte shall hollye 
cum and remayne unto my said uncle, Sir Robert Daltone, or to any 
suche as he shall nayme and apointe ; and whereas my father-in- 
lawe, Mr. William Hiltone, haithe covenaynted to paye me or my 
assignes, in parte of paymente of my marige money, 20s. yerly, 
till 407. be paid, I will and bequithe unto my servant, John Thir- 
keld, the said 40/. to be yerlie receyved at the hands of the said 
William Hiltone, his executors or assignes, and all the resydewe of 
my goodes and cattails, my debts payd arid will performed, I geve 
unto my wif Dorothe, myue uncle, Sir Robert Daltone, and my uncle, 
George Readman, whom I make the executors of this my last will 
and testament. In witnes wherof, etc. 

Jesus, 1560. A sedell to be sett to Mr. Robert Dalton his will. 

Imprimis: I geve unto my syster, Frauncis Daltone. 401. I 
geve unto my cosen, Marmaduke Lamptone, 40/. I geve five of my 
systere Holton's chylderen, 66/. 13s. id. I geve unto my aunte, Allys 
Allanson, 40s. I geve unto my aunte, Custance Grenebank, 40s. 
I geve unto my servant, John Thirkelt, a graj^e horse that he rode 
.... to Cambrige and fower marks, 53s. \d. I geve unto Thomas 

Thirkeld fower marks besyds the anuete of 26s. 8d father 

did wyll unto him, 53s. 4d. [erased]. I geve unto [ ]er Charltone, 
40s. I geve unto [ ]d Dalton, 40s. I geve unto [ ] Hodgeson 
a lease that I promised hym, 4-0-s\ I geve unto [ ] 4 kye-gayte in 
Copland duringe his lif, 40s. I geve unto [ ]dly, 40s. I geve 
unto [ ] the 20s. I geve unto [ ] kynsman and kynswomen 
that shall fortune .... shall have one blake gowne, and my .... 
theyre founralls blacke cootts .... my executors with that thaye 
se theme .... well as if thaye were wretten .... th .... wyll 
aunswere. I sieve unto .... an .... John Thirkelle. Richard 
. . . . 177. 


Nov. 26, 1562. Robert Lewen l of the towne of Newcastell upon 
Tyne, esquire. First, I will that my wiffe Jeahne shall have all those 

1 A shorter abstract of this will is printed in the first volume of this 
series, p. 210. The testator, the son of William Lewen by his wife Alice, 
daughter of Lancelot Heslerigg of Swarland, was apprenticed in 1519 to 


lands in Hetton in the Holl, as well off ancient eneritanc as of thos 
which I have purchased, during her liff naturall, paying unto Georg 
Lewen, my sonne and aire, and to his aires during her naturall liffe, 
2/. 6s. 8d. yerelie, which was the onlie rent before I dyd 
pui'chas these other lands. And I will the foresaid Georg 
Lewen immediatlye after my deathe shall have, to him and his aires, 
owte of the manor of Sylksworth, yerelye, for ever 6/. 13*. -if/, and 
all other rights and heriditaments which I have in Sylksworth, 
Grindon-more and the feildes of Tunstail, and all my lands, rents and 
tenements in the citie of Durhm and suburbes of the same. To 
Robert Lewen, my youngest sonne, all my lands, rents and heredita- 
ments in Newcastle in Pillgram streit, parcell of the lait Gray F rears, 
which amounteth yerelye 8/. 13*. 4f/. : the medowe of the Castle-feild, 
which is 20*. yerelye ; the out-rent paid and two tenements of the 
Over Dene Brige, whereof one in the tenor of Georg Twissill. the 
other of wedoo Swadill, the rent is 21*. yerelye; and 3/. of yerelye 
rent goyng owte of the leat White Frears in the tenor of Henrye 
Whycliff, gentleman ; and a lytle close without Panden-yeat in the 
tenor of Thomas Scott, the rent is 3*. id. yerely, to have to him 
and his ha ires ; then to Christopher Lewen ; then to Edward Lewen ; 
then to my right aires for ever. And also I will that all the proffitts 
of my lease of the deanrye of Chester and parsonaig of the same, 
the prebens of Chester, Lumlye, Urpith, Tainfild, Lamsley, IJurtley 
and Peltone, shalbe yerelye re.saived by Christofor Mitfourthe of 
Newcastle, marchaunt, William Sherewood of the same towne, gentle- 
man, and John Hagthropp of Chester-in-the-Streat, gentleman, 
according to certon indenturs maid betwene me, the said Robert 
Lewen of the one part and the said John Haggthropp of the other 
parte, except the tieth corne of Ravinsworthe, which proffetts, over 
and above the rents and reprises, is cleare to me communibvz f inn is 
above 40*., which sommes of monie I will shall remayne in the hands 
of the said Christofer, William and John, to suche use and uses as 
in a sedoull hereunto annexed shalbe specified, etc. Allso I will 
that all the profetts growing and rysing of suche colles as shalbe wone 
or gotten for me, my executors or assynes, in thre cole pitts whereof 

Gilbert Middleton of Newcastle, merchant adventurer, whose daughter 
Margaret he subsequently married, and was admitted free of the Merchants' 
Company circa 1525. He became sheriff of Newcastle in 1541 and mayor in 
1544 and 1552 ; he was elected to represent the borough in parliament in 
1553, 1558 and 1559. His second wife was Jane, daughter of Christopher 
Brigham of Newcastle, and'her will is printed in the first volume of this 
series, p. 305. A pedigree of Lewen may be found in the new History of 
Northumberland, vol. vi. p. 148. 

The arms upon the testator's ring were : argent, a bend brete$s6 gule*, oner 
all a portcullis in chief azure. 

In the ' cassocks ' of damask and worsted, given by the testator to his 
sons George and Edward, is an interesting example of the word used as a long 
loose coat or gown, a sense in which it replaced the original meaning of a 
soldier's or horseman's coat. 


two is of the Crose-mor and on neare Fugfild, after, the rents, wurk- 
manshipp and caryaig, etc., be expendyd, be deducted, the residew to 
reinayne in the custodie of the said three men to suche use and uses as 
in the sedill is assigned, which some, over the reprise, haithe bein 
affore this abowt on hundreth pound yerelye. And I will that 
Nicholas Byerley, my trustie servant, shall have the oversight of my 
said coles and to have for his paines 8/. yerelye, so long as there is no 
default proved against him in the use of that office. And I will that 
the said three, yerelye, when they shall take the adyt of the same coles 
and deanrye, etc., shall alowe to every one of themselves 10*. I will 
that suche moitie as ys coined to my hand, as aperithe by indenturs 
betwene Mr. William Dent and me, wherein is declared how muche 
remayneth in his hand and howe muche in myne, be well, thankfullie, 
and favorablye paid to Henrye Sanderson's children according to 
there father's will, and the monie that remaynethe in other mennes 
hands be called for by order of lawe, for assuranc whereoff I have 
oblicracons remayning in my hands. To my son Edward and his 
heires, my sellers and loft.s in Plumer chare. I give to my wiffe a 
standing cupp with a cover gilt, a dosen spoynes, a payre of gilt saltes, 
and the teand corne of Ravinswourthe duryng my yeres. I give to my 
sonne, George Lewen, iff he be lyving, a gowne furred with black 
taunye, a cassack of dammaske, a velvett bonnett. I give to 
Christofor Lewen, my sonne, what gowne he lykith best, a jackett of 
velvitt, a dublett of satton, my sworde and dagger. I give to 
Edward Lewen, my sonne, another gowne, jackett or cassack of 
worsted and my best gowne, my shoutinge bowes and shafts. I give 
to Robert Lewen, my sonne, the resydewe of my apperell at my wiff's 
discretion. I "five my ring with the seall of mv armes to Geonr 

, . / o */ 

Lewen, and, iff he be departed, then I give the same ring to my sonne, 
Christofor Lewen. I give to Robert Bell and his wife aither ten 
shillings. I give to Richard Boys and his wiffe aither ten shillings. 
I give to my cosen, Mr. John Hagthropp of Chester-in-the-Street, my 
dagg with the caise and all things thereto belonging ; and to my 
cosyng, his wiffe, my gray staige. I give to Christofor Maire 
of Durham, one old ryall for a token. I give to my cosing, 
Christofor Mytfourthe, my best paire of marturs [sic\. I will that 
Christofor Mytfourthe, William Sherewood and John Hagthorpe 
shall yerelye resaive 6/. 13.*. 4rf. rent-charge goinge owte of a howss 
wherein Umfraye Brigham dwellithe for terme of the lyffe of Nicholas 
Baxter, to suche use as in the said sedall is declared. The resydew 
of all my goods not legated, commonlye -called the dead's porcon, 
I will to the use of the said three, as declared in the sedall. Executor, 
my youngest son, Robert Lewen. Supervisors, the above three. 
Witnesses, Christofor Midfourth, William Salkeld, William Sherwood. 
[Pr. 1563.] 

A further declaration of my last will in this sedall, A.D. 1562. 

I will that iff Christofor Lewen do followe the advise of my 
trustye freinds Christofor Mitforth, William Sherwood and John 


Hagthropp, that they shall paye for thre years to finde him at 
tuicons, in three score pounde, and more towai'd the finding of his 
wiffe during thos thre yeres, 5/. yearelye. Allso I will of all suche 
iiionye as shalbe come into there hands they shall paye thre 
hundrethe marks, or more at there discretion, toward the purchaes of 
some office to the same Christofor Lewen yff the Master of the Roules, 
Sir William Cordall 1 be a helpe in the same. And I will that the 
rest of suche monye as shall come to the hands of Christofor Mitt- 
fourthe, William Sherwood and John Hagthrope shalbe disposed by 
theme even so by there discrecian, to be bestowe monye of theme 
ur for there preferment. And I wyll that Nicholas Byerlaye shall 
come upp with my ostes to my wiffe, as the custome is, to taike there 
meat and drink at there incoming and payment of there monie, and 
she to have of everie chalder of coles Id. of evrye shype that is loden. 
Further, I will that allthoffe my sonne, Gilbert Lewen, be preferred 
by my meane to the Hospitall of the Marie Madlens, which is worthe 
tenn pownde on the yere, besyde a great deall of other chargs which 
I have l)estowed oi' him, yet that not withstanding iff the same- 
Gilbert do obedientlye observe, etc., my last will and maike suche 
releases and estaits, as my said three freinds shall devise, that the said 
Gilbert shall maik no further claime to anye goods or lands as his 
childes porcion, then I will he shalbe maid sure of 4/. in the yere 
during his liffe. My will is that Jeahne, my wiffe, shall have all 
suche intereste, etc., as I have, or aught to have, by leasse made unto 
me by Gilbert Lewen, my sonne, master of the Hospitall of the 
Ma rye Maglens withowte the towne of Newcastle, bering dait '2 Feb., 
3 and -t Phillip and Mary. And I will that yff Sir Robert Brandling, 
knight, doo suffer my said wiffe to enjoye quitlye the tyeth of 
Jesmonte, in suche marier as before this tyme I have doyne, that then 
and so longe he shall quietlye have and occupye the abovesaid Marye 
Maglens with suche proffetts as is thereto belonging. And all such 
goods, etc., as come to the hands of the said three shall be paid to the 
use of my children before the expiracion of eight yeres next after 
the dait of the said will. 

Witnesses, Christofor Metfford, William Sherwood, William 
Salkeld, John Haggthroppe, Peter Fairbarne, Mathewe Armestrong, 
Nicholas Bverlaye, Robert Bell, Richard Bois, Peter Dawton, William 


Jan. 17, 1562 '.'5. Cuthbert Burrell of Headlam, in the parishe 
of Gaynfourthe. I commende my soule unto Almightie God 
and my bodie to be buried within the churche of Gaynforthe. 
I bequieth to Gainforth churche for forgotten tiethes, 3*. Ad. 
I eive to the same churche workes, 3*. Ad. 1 give to the 

1 Sir William Cordell was Master of the Rolls, 1557-1581. 


j'oore man's boxe, l'2d. I bequiethe to John Burrell, my eldest sonne, 
an yrone bounde wayne with a turne teame and a waine head shakle. 
I bequiethe to the said John Burrell, my eldest sonne, one fether- 
bedde with all that belougeth unto it, which fetherbedde I will that 
Margaret, my wife, have it duringe hir wedowe head and if she marie 
againe then the said fetherbedd to remaine to John Burrell with all 
that belongethe it. I will that my sonne, John Burrell, have all my 
harnes to serve the queue for defence of the realme, that is to save, 
a jacke, a stelecappe, a stuffed cote, a sworde, a buckeler, a bowe 
and a quiver. I bequieth to the said John Burrell one maskinge tube 
with a worte stone, one of the best chaires, the best paire of tonges 
with a scumer. I bequieth to my two sonnes, John Burrell and 
Percivell Burrell, all my apparell, that is to saye, my jackats, dublets, 
jirkins, hoise and cappes. I bequieth to my wife duringe hir wedowe 
head and my two sones, John Burrell and Percivell Burrell, all my 
leases within Diarice. I will that my wife and my children shall 
nether lett nor sell no parte nor parcell of the said leases or grounde 
of Diance but one to an other in paine of forfitinge 20/. one to 
another. I give to my sonne, John Burrell, my good will of my 
fermehoulde in Headlame, with the licence of the queines grace and 
the officers, with all other fermolds ; and in defaulte of my sonne John 
Burrell, I will that all the said fermehoulds or anye thinge or thin^es 
bequested to the said John shall remayne unto Percivell. I bequieth 
to Anthonie Morton and his wife eyther of them, 10*. I bequieth 
to George Dode and his wife, eyther of them, 10*. I bequieth to 
Henrie Carter, Marmaduke Carter and to George Carter, everye one 
of them, one ewe. The rest of all my goods boethe moveable and 
unmoveable, my debts beinge paid and legaces fulfilled, I give unto 
my wife and my two sonnes, John Burrell and Percivell Burrell, 
whome I make my full exectitors of this my last will and testament, 
and therefore to give and dispounde to the honer of God. Also I 
bequieth to my brother, John Burrell, one cowe, or els 20*. in monye, 
and I give to George Carter and his wife, 10*. Recordes of this my 
last will and testament, Anthonye Rutter, Christofer Burrell, William 
Clerke, Christofer Rutter, Christofer Robinson, clerke, William Kinge. 
Sent unto Mr. Dode, my sonne in lawe, twenty nobles by Rowland 
Herrisone ; sent by John Richardson, 87. 16*. id. ; and now in full con- 
sideracione of hir dowrie and porcion I give the some of 3/. 6.9. Sd. 
Witnesses heareof nowe at his departure, Ambrose Lancaster, Richard 
Garthe, Richarde Crawforthe. [Pr. Jan. 14, 1580.] l 


Aug. 21, 1564. John Allen of Bernard-castell. To be buryed in 
the chappell or churche of our Ladye of Barnard-castell aforsayde, 
with the dewties of holy churche nowe accustomed by the lawes. 

1 This will is noticed in a footnote to the will of his son, John Burrell of 
Headlam, printed in IViff* and Tnrenforie*, vol. ii. p. 110. 


I will that my funerall expenses be maid at the dyscrecon of my 
executors within named. I geve to Peter Allen, my son, my burgage 
in Newgate lying upon the south syde of the strete with all th' 
appurtenances to ytt belonging, after my deth, to remayue to hym 
and hys heires for ever. I geve to my son, Thomas Allen, my 
burgage upon Barkeman-dike with 5 roodes of londe lieng in the 
feilcles of Barnard-castell, with the appurtenances therto belonging, 
and also all my lands lately purchased called the Byrketre chauntrye, 
to remayne to hym and his heires for ever, saving that I geve and 
bequiethe to my sayd son Peter all my londs in Barnard-castell lately 
purchased, to have and to hold to hym and hys assignes for the terme 
of fyve yeres next folowing after my death upon thys condicion : 
that my sayd son Peter and his assignes shall discharg and pay the 
sum of 9/. 6.s. 8^7. in maner and forme folowing, that js to saye : To 
Thomas Allen, my son, 40*., to Elyzabeth Allen, my dowghter, 
3/. 6-s\ Sd. ; and 4/. for the dyscharing for my debts which my goods 
will not extend unto, provyded alwayes that if my sayd son, Thomas 
Allen, can fynd the meanes to pay and discharg the sayd sum of 
97. 6*. Sd. at any tyme after my sayd death, within the said fyve 
yeres, that then he the sayd Thomas to have and to enjoye the sayd 
londes in Barnard-castell not otherwyse geven and bequiethed to 
hym and to his heires for ever. I will that my son, Peter Allen, 
shall have my fermeholde belonging to the chauntry of the Apostles. 
I will, that if the sayd Peter and Thomas have no yshew of ther 
bodies lawfully begotten that neyther of them shall sell or morgage 
from other, but all the sayd burgags, londs and tenements clere to 
discend to the other and to his heires for ever, and if thei both dye 
without yshewe of chyldren, then I will that the sayd burgags and 
londs dyscend to the next heyres. The resydewe of all my goods 
and cattails above not bequithed, my debtes paid and my expenses 
funerall discharged, I geve to my son, Peter Allen, whom I maike 
and ordeine sole executor of this my sayd will, to dispose as he shall 
thinke best to the plesor of God and profett of my soull ; also I 
ordeine and maik James Philloppe and Thomas Kolandson super- 
visors of this my laste will and testament to se that it be executed 
and fulfilled as my trust is in them. Thes being records : Marke 
Bedall, John Dennyson, Thomas Rolandsone, yonger, with others. 


Jan. 3, 1564/5. Michell Spence of Derlinton. To be buryed in 
the churche of Derlinton aforsaid with my mortuarye dewe and 
accustomed. I bequithe to my son Rowlande all myn intereste, lease 
and terme of yeares that I have in Raker. I bequithe to my son, 
Lawrence Spence, all my intereste, lease and teanne of yeres that 
I have in Stapleton, as well of Sir Thomas Metham as of James 
Belmbye [? Bellamye] ; and my son in lawe, Roberte Jeffrason, to have 
the guyding and governmente of the saide Lawrence, and his porcion 


and his bequests, untill he be of lawfull yeres of discretion to occupie 
the same hymselfe, puttyng in suirtyes to thordinarye. I geve and 
bequithe to my doughters, Isabell, Barbara, Jayn and Cecill Spence 
and to every of them, 40 shepe, that is to saye, 20 ewes and hoggs. 
I geve to Alyce Pacoke one hawket whye wiche I bought of my brother 
William at Bedall, and one ewe. I geve and bequithe to my sons, 
George and John Spence jointlye, my intereste, lease and terme of 
yeres that I have in Hereh'm tiethe. I geve and bequithe to Rauffe 
Spence, my eldest son, one burgage in Richemonde that Thomas 
Ubancke nowe dwellithe in, to hym and hys heyres for ever. The 
residue of all my goods unbequithed, my debtes paide and my 
funerale expensis discharged, I geve to my sonns, Rowlande, George 
and John Spence, whome I maike my executors, and will desyre Mr. 
Myghall Wandisforde and Mr. Bryane Palmes to be supervisors of this 
my last will. In -witnesse hereof, John Hogerde, Robert Jeffrason, 
Rowland Semer and Rauffe Spence. 


March 23, 1565/6. William Egleston of Haswell Grainge, parish 
of Easington, yeoman. To be buried in Esington church. To my 
brother, Christofer Egleston of Hunstanworth, a fermhold held by 
Steven Egleston, his brother, and the gifte of the parsonage of 
Hunstanworth. 1 To Steven Egleston and Thomas Egleston, my 
brother Christofer's son, after the death of Margaret, my wife, a 
peace of ground called Sleyde-medows. To my brother Steven, the 
farmhold of Knewkton, occupied by Nycholas Dyxon. To Phillippe 
Genninge, the lease of a fermhold lying in the sayd Knewkton, now 
in his owne occupation. To my brother's son, William Egleston, 
the ferm which the said William has now in his own occupation. To 
Steven Egleston, my brother, the fermehold now held by George 
Dunne, and I will that his brother Christofer shall help him to make 
a new stone hows. To Rychard Egleston, my brother, a peace of 
grasse ground called Towne-grene and a house he lyveth in. To the 
poore of Esington parish, 20s. To the poore of Hunstanworth parish, 
20s. To the poore of Pyttington parish, 5-s. Supervisor, my wel- 
beloved frend, Mr. Doctor Bennet. Witnesses, Rowland Shaftoo, 
John Swalwell, Phillippe Parkinson, etc. 

INVENTORY. April 3, 1567. 


INVENTORY. May 2, 1565. Richard Bayne of Gatisheid, tanner. 2 
Praised by Thomas Potts, Richard Rand, William Wilkinson and 
Robert Readshawe. 

1 There is a pedigree of Eggleston of Hunstanworth in Surtees, Durham, 
vol. ii. p. 367. The grave-covers of two members of this family still exist in 
Blanchland Abbey-church. Cf. new History of Northumberland, vol. vi. p. 337. 

- Buried at Gateshead, May 1, 1565. An abstract of his will is printed in 
Welford, Newcastle and Gateshead, vol. ii. p. 398. 


Imprimis : 2 dacres and a half of sooles, 1 47. A daker of 
ou'lethers, 3 roulues and a stike lether, 4/. ; all the barke to go with 
the lether. 10 fatts, 3 tubbs, 2 soes, 4 byves, with all other geare 
that perteyns to the tanne howse, 4/. 4s. One yron chymney with a 
rekkin croke. 2 rost yrons, a paire of tonges, a speite, 13s. Id. One 
almerie, 14s. A table, 3s. A counter, 2s. A Danske chist, 8s. 
Formes, 6d. 6 dublers, 8s. 6 puder disshes, 2 saucers, and 2 plaits, 
6s. A pottle pott, a gyle pott, 2 salts, 4s. A bason, a laver, 3 candle- 
sticks, and a latten salt, 3s. 2 potts and a pann, 7s. Another 
kettle panne, 8d. 2 bucketts, one skeile, 2 tubs, IGd. A cann, a pire 
of qucarns, a douson trenchers, a chaffen dishe, 6d. A table clothe 
and 4 quisshens, 2 aulings and other 2 old aulings, os. 6d. 2 cover- 
letts, a happing, a old mattresse, 2 bedstocks, 9s. 21 yeards strakins, 
8s. 8d. 24 yerds lynn clothe, 12s. 3 strakin sheits, a bordclothe 
of strakins, 4 towells of lynn, 6s. A cowe, 26s. 8d. 


June 20, 1565. John Wall of the cytye of Dureham, th' elder, 
marchaunt and draper. To be buryed in the churche of Saynt 
Nycholas l in the northe side, nere my sonne Edward. To the poure 
folkes the day of my buryall, 40s. To John Wall, my son, a burgage 
in Flesshergate now in his tenure, a close in Gelygate nowe in the 
tenure of Thomas Layton, esquier, and a close nere Magdelyn-close. 
To my sons, John and Robert Wall, my burgage in the Market-place. 
To Robert, my son, a burgage in Flesshergate and two closes in 
Gelygate. To Elynor Wall, my daughter, 8 leases or riggys in the 
brod close on Gelygate and a close in the said stret. To Jennat, my 
doughter, nowe wyffe of George Cuthbert, my messuage or ferme- 
holde in Kybblesworthe and a rent of 4s. 8d. per annum out of 
Porter-close : an annual rent of 20s. out of a house nowe in the tenure 
of Christopher Adthe, and a yerelye rent of id. out of a house in the 
tenure of Christopher Morland. To Elizabeth Wall, my daughter, 
my burgage in Sylverstrete. To Katherine Wall, my daughter, 
the burgage I dwell in. To Dorothy Wall, my daughter, one acre of 
ground on Gelygate and 2 rygges of medowe. To William Wall, 
sone of William Wall, layt of Barwycke, marchant, deceased, 
61. 13s. 4d. To Elizabeth and Katherine, my daughters, the right 
of my fermeholde called Whytes-close, and my goods at lie and 
Myddleham. To Elynor and Dorothy Wall, my rent of 30/. 11s. by 
yere out of the towne chamber in Newcastle whiche I have of the 
grant of Henry, layt erle of Westmerland. To Agnes Emerson and 
hir syster Mgarett Emerson each a goune. To William Clerke, my 
servant, 6s. 8d. To Agnes Wall, one kowe. To Robert Emerson, 5s. 
To every one of my doughters, one gyrdle with a head and pendessa 

1 1565, Dec. 12. John Wall, the elder, buried. Reg. St. Nicholas', Durham. 


of sylver and &l. 13*. id. The rest to John and Robert Wall, my sons,, 
they executors. Supervisors, Christopher Chaytor and Antony 
Myddleton, esquires. John Crosbye, gent., Thomas Knyghton and 
Edward Huddispethe, yeomen. [Pr., 1568.] 


June 25, 1565. Margerye Ogle. 1 To be buried in Bedlington 
queere. I gyve all my children to Dame Dorethy Fenwicke, and Johan 
Fenwicke my mother, in Brenkburn. The thirde parte of my lease 
to my 2 dowghters, whyles eyther of them have 40Z. to there 
mariagge, and then yt to come to Cuthbert, Robert and Thomas Ogle. 
To Robert Hull, 40*. To Isabella Hull one loid of rye. I will, 
yf Johan Fenwicke dye, my brother, Thomas Ogle, have the 
charge she had. To Thomas Oggle, the bastarde, the halfe t-eithe 
corne of Benley when yt comes to my hands. To myne eldeste 
sonne, Cuthbert Ogle, my horse that George Heron haithe in hands. 
My children, Cuthbert, Robert and Thomas Oggle, executors. My 
two brethren, my lord Oogle and Thomas Oggle, supervisors. Wit- 
nesses, Cuthbert Watson, clerke, Lyonell and Thomas Ogle, Mar- 
meduke Fenwycke and Thomas Harle. [Pr., May 22, 1566.] 


[Sept. 6, 1565.] Sir Robert Ellikar of Hulle parke, knight. ^ 
To be buried in the church of Alnwick. To [my son], William Elliker, 
the house of Hulne, and I beseach the right honorable [Henry] erle 
of Northumberland to receyve [him] into his service and goverment. 
To my sonne, William Elliker, my lease of the tithe cornes and 
shaves of .... Lilburne and Eworth and Nesbet as doth appare 
by the lease in the custody of Sir Rauff Graye's executors, and certain 
landes in Felkington. To my sonne, Robert Elliker, my interest 
to the land in Ryveley, .... Chillingham and the Newtowne, 
To .... Thomas Elliker, my horse called Gray Perci. To John 
Elliker, my servaund .... yong blak stage of 3 yeres old by past, 
wich I gave hym three dayes befor the making hereof. To my servant, 
Robert Stanlay, a whet strake, or shearyng, growing on the ground. 
Robert and John Selby .... To my neveue, Edward Ellikar, one 
horse, etc. Residue to William and Robert Elliker, my sons. Robert 
Horsley of Acklington park and Rauff Collinwood of Wittingham, 

1 Margery, widow of Gregory Ogle of Choppington *nd daughter of Robert, 
fifth Lord Ogle. Cf. Sir Henry Ogle, Ogle and Botha!, p. 182. 

2 Sir Robert Ellerker enjoyed Huln priory by a lease granted Feb. 16, 
1539/40. Cal. Letters and Papers Foreign and Domestic, Hen. VIII. vol. xv. 
p. 564. 


Debts owing to testator: John Shafto of Bavington, 78s. Sd. 
Wedowe Shat'to of Bavington, his mother, 15*. Id. The Quenes 
Majesty for my half-year's annuity, 20/. Robert Horsley of Ackling- 
ton parke, 57. 13s. d. 

Debt-* owing by the testator : To Thomas Gray of Alnewyk, 
13*. 4:d. To my prest, Sir George, 5*. Gd. To a woman that 
company's with me, 2s. 8d. To my Lord Warden, 20s., etc. 


Nov. 18, 1565. Ranolde Forster of Captheton, gent. 1 Whereas 
Dorothye Ladye Carnabye, wedowe, my sister, hath 'a graunte from 
me of all the tyth comes of Hexham, Fallofeelde, Fowrestones, the 
Newborough and Keepyck, she to have it during my yeres by vertue 
of the graunte to me made from Sir Rafe Sadler, knight, and yf 
she dye, then it to come to my children, Margaret and Dorothye 
Forster. To Clare, nowe my wife, my tyth comes of Chollerton, 
Gunrierton, Colwell and Allerweshe during my yeres, and if she dye, 
to my said children. To my said two daughters, my tythe cornes 
of the barrenrye of Langlie. Whereas at the request of my brother 
in lawe, Cuthbert Carnabye, I have graunted 40 bowles of otes, 40 
bowles of beare and 20 bowles of wheate and rye of the said tyth 
cornes to John Carnaby it to remain to my two daughters. To 
my nevewe, John Forster, sonne of my brother Thomas Forster, my 
terme of yeres in my lands, etc., in Burton, Northumberland, which I 
had of Sir Reginolde Carnabye, knight, deceased. To my sister 
Dorothye, Ladye Carnabye, my terme of yeres in Harwood Sheele in 
the libertie of Hexham duringe her life. I will that the covenants of 
maryage made for the uniteinge in maryage of my sonne in lawe, 
Thomas Swynborn, and Margaret, daughter of my said brother, 
Thomas Forster, remayne in effect, and the mariage allredye begun 
betwene William Lawson, sonne to Robert Lawson late of Rock, esq., 
and my owne daughter remain in effect. To William Lawson of 
Wesshynton, gent., my terme of yeres in my tythe cornes in Anewyck 
in the liberties of Hexham, in the tenure of Roland Lawson, gent. The 
rest to my wife and two, daughters : they executors. My lovinge 
bretheren, Sir John Forster, knt., Thomas Forster of Ederston, 
esquier, Roland Forster of Warke, gent., George Heron or Chypchace, 
esquire, and the said William Lawson of Wesshyngton, gent., super- 
visors. Witnesses, John and Rowland Forster, George Heron, 
William and Rowland Lawson, etc. 

INVENTORY. Jan. 18, 1565/6. 

1 The name of the testator's first wife is unknown, but she may have been 
the mother of his two daughters. His second wife was Clare, widow of 
[William] Swinburne of Capheaton ; her will is dated July 21, 1579. 



July 13, 1566. George Conyers of Harpeley, in the countie of 
Durham, knight. 1 To be buried where it shall please him [God]. 
I geve and bequithe to the vicare of Morton for forgotten, 20s. 
I geve and bequithe to my sonne, Robert Conyers, my lands in 
Carleton in Lyncolneshire as followithe, viz., one close there called 
the oxe pasture in the holdinge of James Hutcheson, of the yerely 
valewe of 67., and lands called Greate Cracowe in the holdinge of 
Thomas Blantcharde, and other lands in his holdinge, value 
-17. 18s. Sd., and one tenement there lait in the holding of Humfrey 
Collingwoode, yerlye value 47s. id., and 8d. of fre rent to be paid by 
Sir Henry Baston for one acre of grounde in the west fennes. To 
William, my son, all these my lands in Carleton in Lyncolnshier 
one close next the southe bancke in the holdinge of James Hutcheson, 
yerlye value 37., and one other close there, held by the said James, 
lienge next the Northe Bancke, yerlye value 37., and one tenement 
there held by Christofor White, yerlye value 13s. 6d., and also my 
lands in Wellom in the countie of Yorke, yerlye value, 67. 13s. 2d. 
to be paid him yerlye out of my launds in Sutton nere adjoninge upon 
the said Wellom. To Thomas, my son, my lands in Ayton, in Piker- 
inge lithe, which I purchesed of Edwarde Ellecar, esquier, yerly 
value 57. 13s., and one tenement there held by Roger Leasley, 
yerly value, 36s., and one tenement there held by John .... emoke, 
yerly value 36s., and one tenement held by John Harwode, yerly 
value 36s., and on tenement held by Henry Harwode, yerly value 
36s., and one cottage held by John Applegarthe, yerly value 3s. IQd., 
and one cotage held of Sir Thomas Bradeley, clarcke, yerly value 
3s. IQd., and 2s. of fre rent to be paid to him out of the lands of 
[blank] Hodshon lienge in Ayton of the easte syde of the rever 
Darwin. To Roger, my son, these my landes in Hooton Busshell, in 
Pickeringe lithe, first, one tenement held of William Nicolls, yerly 
value 30s. \d., one tenement held of Robert Keathe, yerly value 
8s. Sd., one tenement held of John Kethe, yerly value, 33s. ld., 
one tenement held of Roger Lighten, yerly value 30s., one tenement 
held of Water Undrell, yerly value 30s. $d., one tenement held of 
Richarde Keathe, yerly value 27s., one tenement held of Hearye 
Pacocke, yerly value 16s., one tenement held of Thomas Claxtone 
called the wode howse, yerly value 20s., 'and also 37. lls. ^d. to be 
paid him in rent yerelye out of my lands in Malton and Halton. 
I will that Robert Aske of Aughton, John Dawney of Seassey, and 
John Saier of Worsall, esquiers, shall restreyne and take the fines 
and profyts of my lands and tenements in Girsbey, Dinsdell, Hornebey, 

1 Sir George Conyers of Sock burn and Harperley married Anne, daughter 
of Sir John Dawney of Sessay, by whom he had a numerous family, and dying 
Oct. 15, 1567, was buried at Witton-le'-Wear.- The inventory of his goods 
and chattels at Harperley, taken on Oct. 22, 1567, is printed in TfW.s 1 find 
Inventories, vol. i p. 266. 

and Worsall, yerly value 197 11*. 4</., and lands in Bishopton, 
yerly value 267. 4*. bd., and my lands in Wintringham, co. Yorke, 
yerly value 217. '22d., and my lands in Newbigginge and Litle 
Stainton, yerly value 18/. 19s. d. My lands in Sockbourne, verly 
value 87. 17x. Wd., and my lands in Harperley and Blacke Hall, 
yerely value 47. is. 5d., to have the said lands till they receyve from 
them fyve hundrethe markes to th'use of Elinor Conyers, my doughter, 
for hir preferment in mariage, or when she reaches twenty-one : and 
the same sum to Mary Conyers, my doughter. I will that all my 
manors, etc., be, discend and come to John Conyers, my sonne and 
heire apparent, and I give to him all my leaces and teithes that 
I have. To Francis, my doughter, 207. Supervisors, John Dawney 
and John Sayer, the elder, esquires. Executors, John Conyers, my 
son, John Sayer, my sonne in lawe, and my uncle, Bryan Palmes. 
Witnesses, Anthony Martindall, William Robinson, etc. 


Robert Conyers of Cotom. To be buried in the parish church 
of Longnewton. 1 To my sonne, Rauffe Conyers, my maner and lord- 
shippe of Cotome. The profits of the third parte of Cotom to be 
reserved to the use of my daughters, Anne, Cicell and Margat, untill 
suche tyme as ther be, fore everye one of them, 1007. a peice raysed 
towards ther dowre. To James, George and Richard, my sons, the 
rent of my land in Elton of the valew of 67. IGd. between them. 
To Edward and John, my sons, the profites of my lands in Longnewton 
towne and feilds and they to pay yerely to iny unckle, Edward 
Conyers, during his life 13 nobles, 20d. To my son, William, 
407. My daughters to have 20 nobles yerely for their porcons 
out of Cotome. To my son James, who is base begotten, all my 
leases in Hartlepoole. To my mother, 4 markes yerelye for life. 
407. worthe of stock to John Conyers, my brother. The guyding, 
etc., of my children to John and Edward Conyers, my brethren. 
Witnesses, Edward Conyers th' elder, gent., George Conyers, gent., 
Richard Morey, Edward Bankes. [Pr. circa, 1566.] 


Oct. 21, 1566. John Woldhave of Elswicke. To be buried in St. 
John's church-yard, Newcastle, as nigh as my father and wife as 
may be. To Edward Woldhave, my son, my burgage in Westgaitt, 
Newcastle. To Christofer Woldhave, my son, 37. 6s. Sd. which 
Edward, my son, shall pay him. To Edward Woldhave, all the lyme 
and stonnes within the said tenement in Newcastle, with certain wood 

1 1566, April 13. Mr. Robert Conyers, buried. Longnewton Register. A 
shorter abstract of this will is printed in the first volume of this series, p. 261. 


that lyes without the falde gate of my farmold in Elswicke. To 
George, my son, my gardeyne that lyeth in Newcastle in Sainct 
John's church chare which lyeth in morgage to me of the some of 
40s., and 101. for his child's portion. I will my son Edward shall 
take George, my son, to be his apprentyce to the tanner craft seven 
yeares and he to have 51. for it, and after the seven yeres to give 
51. to the said George. To my son, Bartram Woldhave, for his portion, 
131. 6s. 8d., and I desire Cuthbert Carre to take him as apprentice 
to the trayde and art of merchandrie. To Jenet, my daughter, 121. 
and one counter. To Alice, my daughter, the same. To my brother, 
William Woldhave of Gatsyde, one read whye that goith at Walker 
and the said William to make a chist to bury me in. To Richard 
Woldhave, my brother's son, one black rigged whye that goith 
at Walker. To Agnes Dalton and Agnes Baites one quye each. To 
John Woldhave, maryner, one gimmer. To my syster, Elizabeth Wold- 
have, two yowes. To Mr. Lanclote Erington of Denton, gent,, 10s., to 
be good master to my children. To George Delavell, Oswald Delavell, 
Henry Woldhave, James Woldhave and Thomas Rey, a yowe lambe 
each. To William, my son, my farme at Elswicke ; my son John 
to remayne on it with him. Supervisors, John Dalton of Elswicke, 
William Rey of Horton Grainge, yeoman. Witnesses, Henry Eden, 
smyth, Edward Woldhave, tanner, Christofer Woldhave, surgeon, and 
George Walles. 


Nov. 13, 1566. Richard Norman of Chester. To be buried in 
the church of Chester. To< Sir William Whowler [sic], 3s. id. To Sir 
Raufe Crawe, my best bonnett. To Thomas Mathew, my best 
sarcenett tippet, a book of the New Testament boith in Latine and 
Englishe ; a booke named Postolans, to Francis Trolopp ; one booke 
named Tresdem Sermones, one other Joh[an]es vider [sic], and one 
booke of Ambros, in pa-rts, to Mr. Chayter. To Sir William Hardwik, 
my worsted jackett. To Sir Roland Blenkinshop, my best worset 
jacket. To Sir William Blenkenshope, one new fosyen dublett. To 
the church of Chester, 2 Englishe salters. To John Marshall, one 
Testament in Latine. To the poore, 10s. The pencion of Yorke, 
due to be payd att Martinmas last past, 4s. My hole pencion for 
Chester, 51. To John Becke, 1 silver tache. To George Midleton, 
1 silver ringe. To the children of Richard Rand equallye, 3s. id. 
To Agnes Clarke, 1 brod clothe jackett with a cape. To Christopher 
Norman, 1 new mattrass. To George Browne, 1 girkin. To Richard 
Wales, 2Gd. To Richard Smith, surgeon, 20s. To Leonard Sands, 
10?. To Robert Lester, 2s. To Thomas Wedeston, 10s. To Thomas 
Davison, 10s. Residue to Allison Sands, Leonard Sands, Christopher 
Norman and make them my executors. 



Feb. 2, 1566/7. Anthony Trollope. First I geve and bequith my 
soull to Almightie God, my Creator and Redemer, trusting in his 
grace and mercye to be one of his elect childring. Also I geve and 
bequieth to Esable Jackson one yewe with one lame. I geve and 
bequieth to Elysabeth, my wyf, to Mychell Troulope, Georg 
Troullope, Andrew Trowlope, Roger Troulope, Thomas Troullope 
and Margrett Troullope, Elling Troulope and Anne Troulope, 
my childring, all my goods that I have, with my detts and legaces 
paid, whome I mak to be my trew and lawfull executors. Super- 
visors of this my last will and testament, Mr. Robert Tempest, Mr. 
John Troullope, Mr. Mychell Tempest, Mr. Mychell Fetterstonehought. 
Witness of this my last will and testament, Mr. Michell Fetter- 
stonehought, and one of them to have 10*. for panes, Georg 
Chappman, Lanclott Chappman, Richard Morgaine, Rowland Woller, 
and Thomas Benson, the curat of Stannhope in Wardell, with 
others. [Pr., Aug. 4, 1567.] 

INVENTORY. Summa bonoruin, 53/. 18*. He owes : To Mr. William 
Brick, the parson of Stannop in Wardell, 26*. 8d. To Oswold 
Care of the Newcastell, 14*. id. To Mr. Bartram Anderson, 10*. 
To Sir Thomas Benson, 6*. &d. To Mr. John Trowlope, 5*. To 
Jaine Hayslaybe, 3s. id. To Clemett Ogyll of the Newcastell, 
3*. id. To Thomas Tempest, 3*. id. To Mr. Robert Tempast, 
11*. Gd. To Mr. Thomas Tempest, 10*. To Mistress Hall, the wyf of 
Christofer Hall of Wendgat Grayng, 7*. To Raufe Wall, 8s. To 
Thomas Whytfeld, 8*. To Robert Garthwatt, 1*. 8d. To James 
Raye, 6*. 8d. To Thomas Wilson, 3*. To George Chapman, is. To 
Rauf Mason, 11*. To Christofer Whytiield, llx. To John Chapman, 
2*. id. To Ricard Mowbray, lid. To John Crook, Is. 6d. To 
Thomas Wall, lOd. To Thomas Thompson, 5*. 


July 2, 1567. Edward Parkinson of Beamont-hill, 1 in the countie 
of Durham, gentilma.n, etc. To be buryed within the parishe churche 
of Howghton yff I shall forton to dye within the same parishe, or 
suche other place nere there unto as my bodye maye be convenientlye 
caried thither. And I will and bequithe 67. 13s. id. to be givven 

1 Edward Parkinson of Beaumont-hill, co. Durham, son of Richard Parkin- 
son of the same place, married first a daughter of Crathorn of Crathorn, 
co. York, who died *./>., and second, Anne, daughter of Sir Ralph Hed worth 
of Harraton, knight, daughter of Sir William Hilton, baron of Hilton, by 
whom he had a numerous issue. This will makes many additions to the 
pedigree of Parkinson of Beaumont-hill entered at Flower's Visitation of 
Durham in 1575 by the testator's grand-nephew, Francis Parkinson of Whessey. 

The inventory of testator's goods is printed in Wills and Inrentorie-v, vol. i. 
p. 271. 


and distributed amonge the most poore and nedie people within the 
parishe of Howghton, the parishes of Heighinton, Ayclife and 
Berlin gtori in the said countie of Burham, imediatlye and so sone 
after my deathe as convenientlye it maie be done. Also I geve and 
bequithe to the churche works of Howghton churche aforsaid, 13s. 4d. 
Also I will, etc., that Anne, now my wyffe, shall have the occupacion 
of one tenement and farmhould in Sadburye, now in the tenor of 
Richerd Allen, of all my lands and tenements in Whessoe and 
Bringefeld during her widowheade, and if she fortune to marye or 
dye. the said lands, etc., to come to my sonne, Henrye Parkinson, 
for the remainder of the yeres. Also I geve and bequithe to my 
doughter Esabell one anuitie or aunuall rent of 207. , issuing from 
all the lands, tenements, meadowes and pasturs in Nesbett, which 
I have in lease of 'the gra-unt of one, Edward Walgrauve, and Jane 
his wife, for terme of nyne yers yett induringe. I will that my wife 
shall have the occupacion of my said fermhould in Nesbett for the 
8 yeres, payinge the said some of 207. to my doughter Esabell, 
and if my wife marie, then it to come to the hands of my supervisors, 
etc. The resydewe of my interest, etc., in the same farme of Nesbett 
to my said sonne Henrye. Also I geve and bequithe unto my 
dowghter Elinor all that annuitie or annuall rent of 10/. issuinge 
forthe of all the lands, etc., in Hurdishouse, near Burhain, and of 
all the lands, etc., of one Christofor Maire of Burham, or ells wher 
in the countye of Burham (with clause of distresse) which one, James 
Lasinbye, had of the graunte of the said Christopher Maire for the 
terme of 27 yeres yett enduringe as by a deade therof maid between 
the said two, bearinge daitt 12 Nov., 3rd of Phillip and Mary. And 
I will that Anne, my wyfe, shall receave the said rent of 10/. yerlye 
during the said 17 yeres for the use of the said Elinor. Also I 
geve and bequiethe to my sonne, Cuthbert Parkinson and his 
assignes, all thes my messuags, lands, tenements and hereditaments, 
etc., liinge in Blacwell for the terme of his lyfe. And Anne, my 
wife, to have the order of my said son Cuthbert and his lands till 
he come to lawfull aige. And if she dye, then I will that Bryan 
Palmes of Morton, gentilman, shall have the order of him and his 
part of goods and also the occupacion of the said lands in Blackwell 
to th' use of my said sonne. Also I geve and bequithe to Henry 
Parkinson, my son, my best silver salte and 13 silver spones whiche 
haithe the image of Christ and the 12 appostels upon them, and a 
gilted goblett with the coveringe upon it, and my best maire. Also 
I geve to my said sonne Heurye two brewe leads and one coolinge 
leade whiche stands in the new backhouse at Beamonte-hill withe a 
trough ston, and they to remayue and be as aireloomes unto the said 
house withe all suche things as my mother did geve as airelomes. 
And further I geve also to my said sonne Henrye one pair of bed- 
stocks that is turned, standinge in the chamber over the kitchen, 
and another paire of bedstocks standing in the chamber over the 
hall, withe a portall in the said chamber, to be as airelomes in the 


said house at Beamont-hill. Also I will that Anne, my wyt'e, shall 
have the occupation of my silver peac whiche is punsed, with a dosen 
silver spones, so longe as she levithe, and after hir decease I geve and 
bequithe the said peace and spones unto my sorme, Cuthbert Park- 
inson ; (and if he die before 21, to Henry Parkinson). Also I will 
that my suster Killinghall shall have 20/. of my goods and she to 
bestowe it at her discretion amongst my brother Killinghall children 
and hers. Also I geve to Henrye Killinghall, 6/. I geve to my suster 
Killinghall for a token of remembrance, my silver beeds. Also 
I will that Dorithe Hodgeson shall have 10/. of my goods if she 
follow the advise of my wyt'e and my supervisors in hir mariadge. 
I geve to everye one of my suster Mallett's children, 6*. 8d. 
I geve to my cosinge, William Morden, one blacke cloke and my 
blacke satten jerkin. I geve to niy onkell, James Parkinson, 20*.. 
and to everye one of his sones, 6s. 8d. I geve to Edward Wren, my 
godson, my gresald maire, and to everye one of his brether, 6*. Sd. 
I geve to my aunt Salvin an angell, and to every one of hir children 
6-s. 8d. I geve to Francis Parkinson the yonger, an angell. I geve 
to my cosinge, William Wiclife of Wiclife, an old aungell. I geve to 
Robert Tempest of Holmsyd, an angell. I geve to William Wren 
the yonger, an angell. I geve to William Kendell an angell. 
I geve to Sir Robert Richeson an angell. I geve to my suster 
Hedworthe an angell. I geve to my brother Tomlinson an angell. 
I geve to my suster Tomlinson an angell. I geve to my godsonne, 
Edward Tomlinson. an angell. I geve to my suster Lawson an 
angell. I geve to my brother Mydfurthe an angell and to my 
sister, his wyfe, another angell. I geve to my cosinge, William 
Jennyngson, an angell. I geve to William Strangwishe an 
angell. I geve to Sir George Conyers, 5*. I geve to Sir George 
Vayne, 3*. I geve to Sir John Sotheron, 5*. I geve to Sir Robert 
Barber, 6s. 8d. I geve to Raufe Cowtman, 10s. I geve to John 
Aykrigg, 20*. I geve to Thomas Tulby, 6*. 8d. I geve to 
Nycholas Yong and his wife, 37. 6s. 8d., which Raufe Huton, lait of 
Walworthe, deceased, gentilman, was indetted to me, which some of 
37. 6s. 8d. is in the hands of William Smythe of Eshe, esquier. 
I geve to Anthony Appelbye one annual or yearely rent of 20*. yerly 
issuing furthe of all my lands, etc., in Cottom Mundvell, nowe in 
the teanore of Bartilmew Addye. Also I will 20s. yerely to Richard 
Akrigg, my servant, out of the said lands. I geve to Robert Browen, 
5-v. I geve to every of my houshould servants, beinge men servants 
havinge nothinge before bequest, 2s., and to every of my women 
servants, 12d. I give to Mr. Robert Dalton an angell. Also I geve 
to my brother, John Hedworthe, 40*., and to my uncle, Jarerd 
Salvin, o/., to my brother, John Killinghall, 40*., and to Brian 
Palmes of Morton, gentilman, 40s., to be supervisors of this my will. 
I geve to Francis Parkinson, th' elder, 10*. I geve to Robert Thorpe, 
6s. 8d. I geve to Robert Younge, 5s. I geve to Jeffraye Trotter, 
3s. 4c7. The rest to my wife. Witnesses, Jarrerd Salvin, th' elder 
John Killinghall and Richard Akrigge. 



Dec. 10, 1567. Christopher Hall of Wyngait Graung, gentylman. 
To be buryed in the quere of Kellowe nighe unto my mother. To 
my wyffe, all my right, title, etc., upon my farmehold of Wingayt 
Grange where now I dwell, which I have by the force of two severall 
leases, th'one frome the Quein's majestie and th'other by the layt 
Prior and Convent of the laite monasterie of Durham, for her life ; 
then to Philope, my sonn. To Philope Hall, 307. To Cuthbert Hall, 
his sonne, 67. 13s. d. To Margret Hall, 37. 6s. 8d. To Margere 
Warde, 137. 6s. 8d. To James Ward, 37. 6s. 8d. I forgyve Rycherd 
Ward, his father, 37. 6s. 8d. he was owinge to me. To Cecile Trotter, 
107., and to the said Cecile, in consyderacon that she had not to her 
marige so much as her syster Margery had, 107. To Thomas Trotter, 
37. 6s. 8d. I desire my wife to have the guyde goverment of the 
said Thomas (?) atschole and in learing during his nonag. To Rauffe, 
Walter and Helen Trotter, 37. 6s. 8d. each. To Edmond Grene, 
1 qwye and 2 ewes. To Godfrey Bailey, one Frenche crowne of 
gold. To William Benet, doctor, 6s. 8d. To Jane Eislybe, one yowe 
and one lame. To William Thomson, my curat, 5s. To Thomas 
Lytlefayre, the clerke, 2s. Gd. Supervisors, Mr. John Troloppe of 
Thornlye and Mr. Francis Bainbrigg of Wheatley-hyll, esquire. To 
each of them for their paines, a ryall of gold of 15s. The rest to 
Betresse Hall, my wife. Witness, William Tompson, curat. Edmond 
Grene, Thomas Shawe, Brian Trotter, John Trollop, Fransis Bain- 
brige, supervisors. 


Jan. 25, 1567/8. Richard Weddefeld of Fyshburne. To be 
buried in Shedfeld church yard. To Esable Weddefeld, my wyf, 
1 read cowe, one acre and a half of land in hav'rfeld during her 
lyf ; in the west feld, 4 riggs one the poyll lands ; in the south feld, 
one acre one the baring lands besyde the baring bawpe ( ?) healf, 
1 acre one the alt lands ; in the est feld one the warrell flatt, 2 
riggs, one acre and 2 buts ; 1 half acre one the same flatt and all 
the hay in the gyells raks, and one howse to sett in, etc. To Richard 
and William Weddefeld, my sons, my wayne gere, etc., etc. T'6 
Richard Weddefeld, my son, my leses of my farmold. To Essabell 
Weddefeld, the daughter of Roland Weddefeld, 40s. To Thomas 
Weddefeld, Roland Weddefeld's son, one wedder. Alyson Johnson, 
.... my daughter Elisbeth Weddefeld. 1 

1 The following is the will of another member of the same family, perhaps 
a son of the testator : 

Nov. 20, 1568. William Widdefeld of Ferry-hill. To be buried in the 
churchyard of Merinton. To the poore man's boxe, 12d. To Robert Widde- 
feld, my son, the right, etc., of my farmhold, my mother to govern him. 
Katherine, my daughter. My wife, Issabell Widdefeld. 

Inventory exhibited Jan. 20, 1568/9, by Robert Darneton, Christopher 



April 12, 1568. Sampson Wyvell of Walworth l in the parishe 
of Heighinton. I frelye committ and give my soul to God Allmightye 
and his onlye sonne, my Saviour and Kedemer, Jesus Christ, and my 
bodye to be buryed within the parishe churche of Heighinton afor- 
sayd, or else yf itt do please God to call me to his mercye att any 
other place then Walworthe, my bodye to be buryed wheras my 
frends shall thinke most convenient. I give to the mainteining of 
the stocke of my parishe church of Heighinton, 10*. I give to 
Christofor Wivell, my eldest sonne, in full consideration of his child's 
porcion, to be payd furthe of my farmhold at Walworth yearlye 
duringe all the holl terme of my lease which I have of the sayd 
ferminge, the some of of. of good and lawfull currant Englishe monye. 
Also I give to my sayd sonne, Christofor Wivall, furth -of the rectorye 
of Lanfurth within the countye of Notingham, duringe all the terme 
which I have in the sayd rectorye, the some of 47. I give unto 
Thomas Wivell, my younger sonne, in full consideration of his child's 
porcion, furth of my sayd fermold att Walworth yerlye duringe the 
terme of my sayd lease, the some of .'}/. And I give unto my sayd 
sonne, Thomas Wivall, in consideration aforsayd furth of the rectorye 
of Lanforth duringe the terme of my sayd lease which I have of the 
sayd rectorye, the sum of 3/. I give unto Margarett Wivell. my 
daughter, the third parte of all my goods, moveable and unmoveable. 
all my leases excepted, in full consideracion of hir child's porcion. and 
yf that itt please God that Fayth Wivell, my witi'e, have an other 
sonne or dowghter, then I will that the sayd sonne or doughter, 
wheather itt shall please God to send, shall have in full consideration 
of ther child's porcion, furth of my sayd fermold of Walworth 
yerlye duringe all the hole terme of my lease which I have in the 
sayd fermold, the some of 3/. Yf itt please God to take unto his 
mercye anye of these, my children, during the tyme of ther younge 
age, that is to say, Christopher Wivell, Thomas Wivell or the other 
child which my wiffe is with, then I will that the same annuytye 
or annuytyes which I have, by vertue of this presente will, geven unto 
my sayd childe or children shall remaine to the use of my children 
which is then livinge and be equallye devided amongst them, and 
yf itt shall please God to take to his mercye my doughter, Margaret 
Wyvell, duringe the terme of hir noneage, then I will that the 
thirde parte of all my goods which I have by this present will geven 
unto the sayd Margarete, shall be equallye devided and given unto 
my other children which ys then livinge. Whereas I have covenaunted 
and graunted by indenture beringe date 24 Feb., 1560/1, my hole 

' Sampson Wyvill, a younger son of Sir Marmaduke Wyvill of Burton 
Constable, married Faith, daughter of Nicholas Girlington of Hackforth. 
Testator s widow remarried George Pudsay of Stapleton-on-Tees. A short 
pedigree of the family may be found in Surtees, Durham, vol. iii. p. 263. Cf. 
Surtees, Durham, vol. i. p. 105. 


right and title that I have in the moytye and one halfe of the rectorye 
of Sadbar, Garsdaylle and Dente, with all and singuler commodites 
and pro tit ts thereto belonginge, to the use and profitt of Fayth Wivell, 
my wift'e, duringe the terme of thirtye yeares then next after follow- 
inge, etc., my will is that my wife shall enjoye the sayd yeres and 
occuuye the same quietlye duringe the same terme. And all the 
residue of yeres which I have in the moytye of the sayd rectorye of 
Garsdayle, Sadbar and Dente (except, thos that I have before graunted 
and covenanted unto my sayd wiffe), I give unto my eldest sonne, 
Christofor Wivell, so that he the sayd Christofor pay yerlye unto my 
sonne, Thomas Wivell, his brother, 3/., furth of the sayd moytye of 
the rectorye of Sedbar, yerlye duringe all the yeres that he shall 
have in the moytye of the rectorye of Sedbar. And yf it please God 
that my wiffe have an other sonne, the said Christofor Wivell shall 
pay yerlye all the' sayd yeres that he shall have in the moytye of 
the sayd rectorye of Sedbar unto him 3/., furth of the sayd moytye 
of the sayd rectorye of Sedbar. And yf itt shall please God that my 
sayd wift'e have a doughter, then the sayd Christofor Wivel shall pay 
unto hir and my dowghter, Margaret Wivell, 3/., furth of the moietye 
of the sayd rectorye of Sedbar, duringe all the yeares that he shall 
have in the same, as is aforsayd. And yf it please God to take my 
sonne. Christofor, to his mercye before that he entre in the nayd 
yeres in revercion of the moietye of the rectorye of Garsdayll and 
Sedbar, then I give all rny right of the sayd revercion of the sayd 
moietye of the rectorye of Sedbar, unto my sonne, Thomas Wivell, 
during all those yeres that I have in the same, to begin after the 
expiration of those yeres that I have graunted to my wiffe, so that 
he pay yerlye duringe the sayd yeres furth of the moietye of the 
sayd rectorye unto his brother, yf it please God that he have one, 
3/., and yf it please God that my wiffe have a doughter, then my 
sonne, Thomas Wivell, shall pay yerlye unto hir and my doughter, 
Margaret Wivel, hir sister, 4/., that is to say, eyther of them 40*-., 
furth of the moietye of the rectorye of Sedbar, duringe all thos years 
as he haith by vertue herof in the same. And yf it please God to 
take my sonne, Thomas Wivell, to his mercye, he havinge no ishew 
male before the entringe of the sayd yeres of the moietye of the 
rectorye of Sedbar, then I give itt to the other child my wiffe is 
with, yf itt be a sonne, so that he pay yerlye out of the same moytye 
of the rectorye to my dowghter, Margaret Wivell, 3/., and yf itt 
please God that the sayd child which my wiffe is with be a doughter, 
then yf boith my sonnes be as I have declared before (gone to the- 
mercye of God) I will that Fayth Wivell, my wiffe, shall have the 
residue of yeres in the same moietye of the rectorye of Sedbar, so 
that she pay yerly out of the same to my doughter, Margaret Wivel, 
and hir sister, 47., that is, eyther of them 40*., dureinge the terme 
of the sayd yeres. All my leasses, rents and revercions and all 
other my goods, moveable and unmoveable, my debts, rents, legacea 


and funerall expences discharged and payd, I give unto Faith 
Wivell, my witfe, whom I make my holle executrixe of this my last 
will and testament. Also I constitute and appoint supervisors of 
this my last will and testament, Christofor Wivell of Burton and 
Nicholas Girlingtori of Hackforth, esquiers, Marmaduke Wivell. 
Nicholas Girlington, younger, gent. And unto my brother, Christofor 
Wivell, I give and putt my sonne, Christofor Wivell, and his yearlye 
rent or porcion to bringe up him and his discretion. Also I would 
require my father-in-law, Nicholas Girlington of Hackforth, to 
receive all such yerlye rent and porcions as I have bequithed to 
Thomas Wivell and suche child as itt shall please God that my wift'e 
shall have that she is now with, be itt sonne or doughter, painge 
yerlye unto my sayd wift'e, Fayth Wivell, suche reasonable allowans 
during the infancye of my sayd two children for ther necessarye 
findinge as shall seme reasonable unto my sayd supervisors. And 
after my sayd children shall come to such age as they shalbe able 
to LTOO forward to the schoole, then I coinmitt rny sayd children to 
be brought upp with ther yerlye porcion of rentt att the discretion 
of my sayd father in law, and he to make accompt unto my sayd 
children when they shall accomplisshe the full age of 21 yeres, 
having reasonable allowanns for ther bringing upp, and yf my father- 
in-law refuse to take the charge upon him, then I appoint my brother, 
Nicholas Girlington, to take the mattir in hande and charge of him 
in suche ordre as I have appointed my sayd father in law to do in 
the same. I give to the poore folks of this parishinge and of Denton 
towue and Somerous, 20*. Thes being witnesses of this my last will 
Richard Bilton, Thomas Smith, Thomas Robinson and William 

INVENTORYE praysed att Walworth, Sept. 16, 1568. Hard corne 
in the barne, by estimacon, 180 threaves at 307. Oots and 
pease by estimacon, 8 threaves at 10/. Hay contayning by 
estimation, 48 lode at 12/. 80 yowes at lot. 76 hoggs, 
price 97. 10*. 17 draffe yowes, price 56*. Scl. 17 oxen, price 
307. Id. 25 stirks, price 147. 22 kye, price thereof, 267. 13*. 4<7. 
One bull and 9 calves, price 37. 6*. 8r7. 6 stotts, price .... One 
bay horse and one fillye stagge, price 97. One white stagg, price 57. 
One meare and hir fool, price 40*. One bay fillye, price 20s. One 
gray fillye, price 20*. One stoned stagge, price 40s. One old bay 
horse, price 40*. One litle blacke nagg, price 20*. One bull at 
Awkland, price 20*. 2 meares and one nagge, price 37. 27 swine, 
the price 50*. Wheat and malte in the garners, price 47. Waines, 
plewes, with yoks, temes and all other geare thereto belonging, with 
culter, socke and shakell, price thereof, 53$. id. 2 sestrons, one 
brewlead with potts, pannes, spets, rost yron, yron toings, and all 
implements of the kitchin, 87. The butterye with the stuffe 
therein, 47. Fedder bedds and bedstocks, takells, buffett stoolls, 
forms, chists and other implements in the parler, price 87. 2 bedds 


in the mayds chamber, 20*. The furniture of the hall, price 13s. kd. 
One windoclothe, with sexes and pooks, 7*. Gese and hennes, price 
6*. In woll, 207. 

Debts owing by the testator : 

Imprimis: To my brother Frances, 127. To my father-in-law, 
Nicholas Girlington, 10/. In servants' wages, 40*. In rents of Wai- 
worth and Sedbar, 257. To the smith for a stone of yron, lid. To 
my brother Francis, for malt, l'2d. In funerall expences, 77. 


INVENTORY of the goods of Maystres Anne Hebborne l of Shot-ton, 
ridua, layt disceased. [1568.] 

Imprimis: 44 kye and 3 calves, at 537. 3s. 4d. 35 oxen, at 857. 
16 stotts, at 247. 21 stotts and whies, att 167. 16s. 2 bulles. at 
46*. 8d. 21 stirks, at 127. 21 calves, at 57. 10s. 27 horses, meares 
and colts, at 427. 13s. 4d. 22 swine, at 47. 6s. 9 score and 6 
wedders, at 347. 4*. Sd. 12 score and 12 yowes, at 427. 35 tuppes, 
at 47. 17*. Id. 5 score and 12 hoggs, at 117. 4s. Corne in the 
staggarth and in the barne, 587. Upon the earth, at 207. Hai, at 297. 
Pleughe-gere and wane-gere, at 57. Houshold-stuf, apparell, playt 
and all such things as doyth belonge to the house, at 417. 11s. The 
leace of Swaynston, at 107. Malt in the gardner at Hardwicke, 20*. 
Colles and behives. at 40*. In mony, 157. 13*. Sum-ma of the goods 
praised is 5207. Qd. 

Detts owing to the .said Mysteres An Hebborne vidua as 
following : 

Rychard Cottesworthe, 57. 6*. Sd. William Skaythlocke, 37. 10*. 
Jhone Ferrey, 46s. Sd. Jhone Thomson, 6s. Sd. Croisbei. 37. 
2 men of Morden, 15s. Tod of Sedgefeld, 23s. 4d. Rychard Gregs^tn, 
10s. Rouland Hicson, 14*. Thomas Dinsdall, 40s. Thomas Stellin, 
0*. George Medcalf, 40*. Ingram Tayler, 6s. 8d. William Pine, 
67. Umphrey Blaxton, 67. 13s. 4d. Umphrey Blaxton [sic], 30*. 
Uswolde Mydforthe, .... Edmond Parkinson, 187. 6s. 8^7. Mayster 
Anthony Hebborne, 20*. Summ of the detts awing is 567. 8*. 
Sum-ma total/, is 5797. 19*. 6d. Whereof detts awing to the testator 
as followithe : 

Imprimis : To hir doughter, Ellinor Hebborne, 407. To William 
Heghington, 40s. To Johne Cay, 127. To Johne Dent, 20s. The 
farme of Swaneston, 57. 13s. 4(7. To Mr. Gray, 57. To Robert 
Hebborne for a horse, 57. 6s. Sd. To Rychard Eland, 567. 6s. 4<7. To 
Ellenor Hebborne for a stott, 40*. To Anne Allan, 6s. To the webster, 
3s. To Umphrey Blaxton, 57. 8s. To William Hebborne, 4s. For 

1 The lady, the inventory of whose goods is now printed, was Anne, sister 
of Sir Christopher Metcalf, knight, and widow of Richard Hebburn of Hard- 
wick, by whom she had issue four sons and five daughters. 


the sesment of Shotton, 22d. Jhone Bellerbe, clerke, 4/. 14*. To 
William Hebborne for his child's portion of his father's goods, 20/. 
To Robert Hebborne for his child's portion of his father's goods, 20/. 
To William Hebborne, 3/. 13s. id. For servant wage, 1. 6*. 3d. 
To the smythe, 2s. 2d. For funerall chargs, 5/. 18s. 8d. Suiiim of 
the detts owing is 140/. 14s. od. 


May 27, 1569. John Hawton of Newcastle, master niaryner. 
etc. To be buried in the church yarde of All Saincts. To my eldest 
son, John Hawton, my seatte house that I no we dwell in and to his 
heires, then to Roger Hawton, my son, then to my daughters, Agnes 
and Elizabeth Hawton. I will that John, my sou, shall pay yerely 
to each of my daughters 105*. during the tearme of 20 years. To 
John, rny son, my best silver whissell and chayne and one quarter of 
my shippe called the ''Mary Galland, " and my thre houses and a, 
certau waist in Gatished uowe in the teanor of Robert Anderson, 
yeoman, John Hollis, mariner, and Agnes Bell, wedowe. To Roger, 
my son, my house in Sandgatt now in the tenor of John Hall, 
blacksmith, and my four tenements therunto adjoininge with a 
key nowe in the tenor of John Story, maryner, Andrewe Loggan, 
yeoman, Thomas Blaikden, maryner, and Elizabeth Lighten, wedowe, 
and one quarter of the abovesaid ship and my second silver whissell 
and cheyne, and he to paye yerly for 5 yeres to my sonne-in-lawe. 
William Moore, shipwright, 40s. To my said son Roger the rent 
of 7s. by yere from a shoppe on the bridg now in the tenor of Rauphe 
Craggs, merchaunte, and the yerely rent of eight shillings from a 
tenement now in the teanor of John Jackson of Newcastle, merchant. 
To Agnes, my daughter, one tenement in Sandgate, now in the tenor 
of Reynold Soppet, cordiner, and a tenement in Sandgate now in the 
tenor of Thomas Anderson, maryner, and one haulfe quarter of my 
said shippe, and one haulf of my close in Gatished now in the tenore 
of John Pressick and Nicholas Hedley, merchant, and one halfe of 
my tenement in the Syd now in the tenor of George Farnaby, 
marchant. To Elizabeth, my daughter, my 3 tenements, waist and 
gardinge on the Burne-bancke and the other half of my tenement 
in the Syd in the tenor of George Farnaby, marchaunt, and one half 
quarter of my ship, and the other half of my close in Gatished now 
in the tenor of John Pressick and Nicholas Hedley of Newcastle, 
marchaunte. To each of my said daughters, sex silver sponnes. To 
John Redheade, shipwright, a new russet gowne. To William 
More, my sonne-in-law, one hole sea rayment. To everyone of my 
lait sister's, Jennet Readhead, children, one bowle of wheat. To 
my servant, Jenet Swaine, 10s. To my servant, Margaret Dixon, 10s. 
To George Cooke, clarke of the Trinitye-housse, 5s. To my wife, Agnes 
Hawton, my seathouse for life. Overseers, Maister Richard Hodshon, 


merchant, and George Pearson, to each 10*. Witnesses, Angues Fife, 
Roger Raw, baker, George Pearson, tailor, both of Newcastle. 
Jennet Wilkinson, Elizabeth and George Cooke of the Trinite-house 
with others. 


June 26, 1569. Elloner Cook of Newcastle, widowe, lait wife of 
Christofer Cooke of Newcastle, marchant, etc. To be buried in the 
churche of Alhollowes as nighe unto my husband as may be. I give 
to my trustie frend, William Selbey, of Newcastle, marchaunt. for 
the use of my daughter, Elizabeth Bewick, 20/. ; and if she overlive 
her husband or dye before him, the said sum to be divided amongst 
her five childring, Christofer, Robert, Elleonr, Agues and Gillian 
Bewicke, also I geve to each of them more towards ther prefarment 
in mariag, 40*. ' I geve and bequiethe to my very trustie frends, 
Richard Hodshon of Newcastle, alderman and marchaunt, and to 
Isabell, his wyfe, 207. for the use of my daughter, Margerie Dickinson, 
wife to> William Dickinson, if she outlive her husband, and if she die 
before him to be divided among her children. And I gyve them more 
for ther prefarment in mariag, 40*. a pece. I gyve to my trusty 
frends, Richard Hodshon and William Selby of Newcastle, marchant, 
for the use of my daughter, Agnes Brigham, wyfe to Humfrey 
Brigham, 207. if she overlive her husband, and if she dye before 
him to be devided among her children : to each of them 40*. a pece. 
I give unto my said two friends for the use of my daughter, Jellyan 
Girdler, wyfe unto William Girdler, 107. if she overlive her husband, 
and if she dye before him the said sum to be divided among her 
children ; 40s. a pece to each of them. To Christopher Cooke, my 
son, 307. out of my'keyles, and a lyghtner. To my son, John Cooke, 
107. in money. To Christopher Elmer, merchant, 607. and my best 
keyle and my best lightner. To Elizabeth Langton, five marks. To 
my kelemen, 30-?. To Oswald Jackson, five marks. To his daughter, 
Marion Jackson, 20*. To Isabell, wife of Richard Hodshon. fouer 
old ryalls. To Mistris Scryvener, one olde ryall. To Mistris Selby, 
wife to William Selbe, one old riall. To Clement Ogle and his wife, 
an old angell each. To Mrs. Roxbey, now wife to Lawrance 
Rokesbye, one old angell. To Elizabeth Goundrie, one old angell. 
To Mawde Wilkinson of Winlinton, 5s. To my sister, Hilton, 10.?. 
To my sonne in lawe, Humfraye Brigham, a goblet of sylver. To 
William Girdler, a playne pece of silver. To William Dixkinson, 
halfe a dossen silver spownes. To Andrew Bewick, halfe a dossen 
of sylver spownes. To my daughters, Elizabeth Bewick, Margere 
Dixkinson, Anne \sic\ Brigham and Gillian Gyrdler, one chist of lynning 
napperie, to be devided amongst them. To my daughter, Elizabeth 
Bewick, one brasen inorter and one pestell, one gown lyned with 
unwattered chamlet and a kyrttell of the same, belonginge to the 
same gowne, and my next best beltt and a paire of silver crooks 


belonging to the same, for life, then to Ellon, her daughter. To my 
daughter, Anne Brigham, my best gowne and kyrttell and my best 
beltt. To Margere Dykkinson, my worsted gowne and kyrtell. To 
William Cookson's wife, one old angell. To Mr. Richard Hodshon, 
fower old ryalls, and to Mr. Selbe, one old riall. To the poore 
colyers of Winlington, 3/. among them. To John Hedley, .").*. To 
the poore howsholders within the towne of Newcastle, 4-Ox. To Mr. 
John Killinghall, an old angell, and the same to his wife. To 
William Cocks of Newcastle, an old angell. To Christofer Elmer, 
one payre of fyne lynen sheets, etc. To my brother's sonne. 
Thomas Elmer, 10/. I will that rny foresaid 2 friends shall sell the 
house in which I dwell within one year after my death for the use 
of my daughters and I make them my executors. Supervisors, 
William Selbe and Climent Ogle. Witnesses, William Selbe, 
William Brown, clarke, John Home. 

CODICIL. Whereas it haithe pleased Almightie God to call unto 
his mercie before my death my sonne, John Cook, therfore I will 
that suche legacye as is gyven unto my said sonne, John Cooke, shall 
be gyven to John Cooke, his bastard sonne, which he had by Isabell 
Robson, and I also gyve to him all suche proffetts as he shall receyve 
by the administracon of the goods and cattals of my said son John, 
save onelye the lease of the Sowthefeld which I give to my sonne, 
Christofor Cooke. And whereas it haith pleased Almightie God to 
call my dowghter, Jellyan Gyrdler, to his mercie, I will that all 
suche legacie as is gyven to her in my said will, be distributed 
equallye among her 3 daughters. I gyve to Sir William Browne, 
clerke, one old angell. I gyve to John Home, servant to Mr. Richard 
Hodshon, one olde angell besydes the reward of rny trustie frends 
for writ-ting of my said will. I gyve to my two madens nowe being 
my servants, 20.?. a pece. I gyve unto Richard Brakenby, 10s. I 
gyve to my daughter, Elizabeth Bewick, one mylke kowe. I gyve 
to Elioner Dixkynson, daughter to William Dixkinson, one demey 
bellt that I bowght last which cost 16s. Witnesses, William Browne, 
William Selbe, John Home. 


Aug. 14, 1569. Michell Fetherstonhaugh of Stanop, esquyer, 
etc. To be buried within the quyere of the parishe church of 
Stanhop. To my wyfe, Isabell Fetherstonhaughe, the thirde part of 
all my goods. To my dowghter, Johan Fetherstonhaugh, on hundredth 
pounds to mary her withall and she to be ordered by my son, John 
Fetherstonhaugh. To my son, Lancelot Fetherstonhaugh, one 
annuitye of 4Z., and in defalt of such payment he to enter on the 
tenement called the Hole. I gyve to him 20L for his portion. To 
my sonne, John Fetherstonehaugh, eightene oxen going at Stanhope 
and twelve kye with ther calves and foure score youes, one hundreth 


wethers, and one sylver salt double gylt, one sylver pece and a doson 
sylver spoynes, left unto me as heyrelumes perteyning unto the house. 
And I give him my hole lease of Stanhope mylle for the better 
mayntenanc of his house. I owe unto Henry Welden, 207., and 
to Christofer Welden, 67. 13s. id., to be paid unto them in full con- 
tentaeion and satissfaction of ther child's porcions and of the 
arreragies of these. 


Aug. 22, 1569. INVENTORY. Thomas Tempest of Stanley, gent. 
26 draught oxen, 557. 599 wethers, 1327. The halffe of one shipe, 
with hir furnyture, in comen with Mr. Robert Tempest, 607. The 
hall, etc. The buttery e, etc. The kitchyng, etc. The chamber over 
the buttrie, etc. Courtings of read and greane say with a valence and 
frenge of the same bed, 12s. The chamber over the larder, etc. The 
wric/ht'x chamber over the milke-house, etc. The chamber over the 
xtable, etc. The chamber over the parler, etc. The chamber over the 
maids chamber, etc. One flanders chist, 3s. id. Mr. Marlee* 
chamber, etc. The loft over the kitching, etc. Plate. Imprimis : 
One standing pece, weing 14 ounce, dobel-gilt, 37. 10s. One other 
standing pece with a cover doble-gilt, weing 16 ounce, 47. A nest of 
goblitts and a cover doble-gilt, weing 30 ounces, 77. 10s. 2 saltes 
with one cover doble-gilt, weing 15 ounces, 37. 15s. One drinkin pott 
with a cover doble-gilt, weing 14 ounces, 37. 10s. 2 dosen spoones 
white, weing 26 ounces, 57. 12s. Sd. One salt with a cover white, 
4 ounces, 17s. Sd. His apparrell in all, 137. 6s. 8d. The leace of 
Kealaws, 267. 13s. id. In Manchester, 67. 13s. id. The leace of the 
Lady-landes, etc. Clement Ogle of Newcastell owes him 387. Mr. 
Jhone Billingham, for arrerages of rent, 77. 10s. The leace of Kiolaws 
geven to Mrs. Agnes Hodshon, his mother. Plate geven to Nicholas 
Tempest, etc. Declaro 5937. 3s. id. 


Dec. 8, 1569. Robert Best of Gaynforth. To be buried in Gayn- 
ford churche yerde. 1 To the poure men's boxe, 12d. To Marty n 
Best, my youngest sonne, one hawked whye, one youe and a lambe, 
and to everyone of my childreing a yowe and a lambe. The residewe 
to Margaret my wife and my five children, whom I make my executors. 
Witnesses, Thomas Hode, Anthony Blaxton, George Carter, Christofor 
Robynson, curatt, William Kyng, Nicholas Car. 

Debts owing by this testator: To my brother Thomas Best of his 
child's portion, 47. 4s. To my brother Peter Best, 87. 3s. id. To my 
sister Margaret Best, 87. 10s., and to my sister Allison Best, 16s. 

The inventory of testator's goods, exhibited Jan. 24, 1569/70, 
amounted to 487. 19s. id. 

1 According to the Gainford Register, the testator was buried Dec. 7 (sic), 1569. 



INVENTORY of Roger Blaixton of Gybsyde, 1 gent., proved by 
Nicholas Porter of Bekley, gent,, etc., Feb. 4, 1569/70. 

The hall. Half a dosen silver spoines, 18s. The parler, etc. 
One flanders chiste, 2s. One dosen sylver spones, 48s. Fyve broken 
spones, 10s. The chamber above the hall, etc. One flanders chist, 
2s. Sd. The mayden chamber, etc. The chamber next the mayden 
chamber, etc. The chamber above the parler, etc. The servants' 
chamber above the old buttrie, etc. The chamber above the kytchen, 
etc. The fid buttrie, etc. The kytching, etc. The brewing house, etc. 
The lairder hou'se, etc. The utter milke-howse, etc. The ynner milke- 
howse, etc. The stable, etc. The kill, etc. The barne, etc. The 
stake yeard, etc. Cattell, etc., at Gybside, Marley Hill, and Thorpe. 
To Anthony Barras for my teithe, 40s. 


March 8, 1569/70. Margaret Harteborne, wedowe, lait wyff to 
Richard Harteborn of Newcastle, yeoman, deceased. To be buried 
in the churche of All Saincts, Newcastle, nye to my husband. To 
my husbonde's daughter, Mai'gerye Morland, one sylver salt, withe 
a cover. To hir two sonnes, halfe a dosen sylver sponnes betwixt 
them. To Richard Harrigaite, one olde riall and the goblet of 
sylver that ray husbonde boughte, and to his wyffe one angell. To 
John Lyme one angell and a goblet of sylver which lyeth in pawnde 
to me of 37. 12s. To John Gibson, merchaunt, one angell, and to his 
wyffe, one doble duckat. To Thomas Johnson, my husbonde gold 
ringe and one old riall. To Roger Morley, one coppe of masor edged 
with silver and one olde ryall and 37. To Janet Horssley, one angell, 
and to her daughter, one halfe crowne. To Thomas Stewart, halfe a 
duckatt. And for the two sylver sponnes which James Garnett's wyff 
layed in paunde to me, I will that she have the one spone delyvered 
and she shall gyve to hir daughter that I christened two shillings. 
To Margaret Hutcheson, 3 bushells of malte. To Henryei Brewester, 
5s., and my sister Cicilie husband one Fransh crowne and to hir my 
best silver croks and my brode reade kyrtle, provided that at her 
deathe she give them to one of my sister's children. To Anne 
Haswell, 5s. And wheras Mastris Brigham owes me 20s., I will that 
upon payment of the money she have hir pawnd delivered. To my 
sister, Isbell Marwoode, all the malt, wheat and rye within my house 
and all the beaffe (except one load of malt which I give to Margerye 
Morlaye). I also give to my sister Isabell Marwoode, in money, 
107. To Elisabeth Marwodd, 37. 6.v. 8^7. and as much brodde 
clothe as will make her a gown and worse tt to lyn it with. To 

1 Roger Blakiston, son of William Blakiston of Coxhoe, married one of the 
daughters and coheirs of <A . . Marley of Gibside. 



Jayne Marwodd, 37. 6s. Sd. and my better brod reade kyrtle. To 
Margerye Marwodd, 37. 6s. Sd. To Edmunde Marwodd, 37. 6s. Sd. 
To Thomas Marwodd .... My husband's 2 brothers. To Robert 
Bettlestonne's wife, halfe a crowne. The iron chymney in the hall 
to remayne allways in the house, provided Roger Morley give to 
my sister, Isbell Marwoode, one of his chymneys for it. To Anne 
and Margaret Harrigaite, halfe a crowne each in money. To Margaret 
Marwodd, the iron chymney in the lofte. To Rauff Collinge wyffe, 
half a crowne. To Richard Tompson, 5s. To Margerye Morley and 
Elisabeth Marwodd, all my brewinge vessell. To my sister, Isabell 
Marwod, my best gowne. To Beil Marwodd, wife to 'Archbould 
Marwodd, my worsted kirtle. To Richard Marwoodd, the chiste 
which I bought upon Hobkirk. To my maid, Elisabeth Atkinson, 
10s. beside her wages. The rest of my houshold stuff e to Isabe.ll 
Marwodd, my sister, for her daughters, except the cubbord in the hall, 
which I gyve to Margaret Marwood, and I give her to Richard Mar- 
wood till she be 21. I will my sister Isbell shall pay to my sister 
Cecilie, 20s. Supervisors, Richard Harrogait, 1 master and maryner, 
Thomas Johnson, yoman, John Gibson, merchaunt. 


March 18, 1569/70. Henry Kirkbye of Northe Awkland. To the 
poore people, to be distributed at the discretion of my executors and 
supervisors, 207., of whiche to the poore folkes of Kendall, 107., to 
the poore folkes of the parish of Sancte Andro Awkland, fyve marks, 
and to the poore people of Kirkbye Irelaith neir the crosses, 
67. 13s. 4e7. To Elisabethe Tompson my suster daughter, 107., one 
gowne clothe of Flanders dye, sex dishes, 4 platters and 4 causors, 
beinge London vessell, etc. To my suster, Elisabethe Craycall and 
her children, 107. To my sister Margaret, wife of John Tompson, 
and her children, 107. To Jennat Todd of Kendall, wedo, 47. To every 
one of my godchildrin, I2d. a peace. To the churche where yt shall 
please Almightie God that I shall be buryed in, 3s. 4:d. To one 
Ranold Dawson and his childrin, 67. 13s. id. To Thomas Tomlyn- 
son and his wyffe, aither of them, 10s. To Roger Nicolson, Gawan 
Watson, Lyonell Kaylame and Thomas Herryson of Weste Slikborne, 
40s., that is to every one of them, 10s. To William Mudye, 12s. 
To the poore people of Bedlington, 40s. To every one of my uncle's 
childrin that is not named herein, 6s. 8d. To my uncle, Rauff 
Herryson and his childrin, 40s. To my brother, Thomas Kirkbye 
wiffe and her children, 37. 6s. Sd. To William Kirkbye, my cosing 
and uncle sone, 20s. and to John Kirkby, his brother, 6s. 8d., and 

1 Richard Harrigaite was the owner of premises on the Quayside, Newcastle, 
now represented by the Three Indian Kings. Cf. Welford, Newcastle and 
Gateshead, vol. ii. pp. 367, 452. 


I forgyve hym what he owithe me. To Allen Kirkbye, one sylver 
spone and I forgyve hym 13s. id. he owithe me. To Mr. Lancelote 
Pickeringe, one of the best sylver spones and one tyn pott. To 
Edward Hubberstee, 2s. in Spanyshe money, and to everye child that 
was Robert Hubberstee, one olde grote. To John Kirkbye of Durham, 
6s. Sd. To Henry Brasse, 10s. To Henry Baills, 10s. To William 
Johnson the yonger, 6s. Sd. and I forgyve hym all he owes me in my 
debt booke. To Symond Johnson, 6s. 8d., and I forgyve hym 
all he owith me in my debt booke. To William Johnson the elder 
and his wyffe, -10s. To Anthony Dawson and his children, 51., and 
I forgyve him what he oweth me. I gyve ten old angells of gold, 
that is in a brasselett, to be bestowed of Stramagatt bridge in Kendall 
at the oversight of Anthony Duckett and Nicholas Hodgson. To 
the wyffe of Rychard Barrell, a paire of hoose with yalloo tashes for 
a token. To Nicholas Maddison, 10s. and I forgive him what he 
owith me. To Thomas Tunstall, 20s., and to his sister Twissilton 
the rest of the money he oweth me. To Percivall Tesll, 6s. Sd. To 
my brother, Peter Kirkbye, 6/. 13s. ^d. To my brother Edmund, 
fyve marks. To Agnes Tompson and Richard Tompson, her brother, 
4:1. each, and to the said Agnes one cupbord that stands in my 
house at Awckland and sex platters, sex dishes, and sex sawcers 
beinge all London vessell. To Edmund Ridall, 10s. in gold. To 
Christopher Kirkbye, the one halfe of my lease of the water mylls in 
Beddlington, and the other half I bequieth to my executors for the 
performance of this my last will. I forgyve Henry Lockye 26s. Sd. 
of the some he owes me. To Roger Kirkbye of the crosses, a sylver 
spone. To Henrye Dobinson, son of William Dobinson, 5s. 
Whereas my brother, Robert Dawson, owes me for two packs of wool 
I forgive him the price of one of them. The residew to my brother, 
Edmund Kirkbye, and Robert Dawson, and my two sisters, Elisabeth 
Crawkall and Margaret Tompson, whome I make my executors. 
Supervisors, Anthony Dixon, John Brasse, William Johnson th' elder, 
Rychard Barrell, Anthony Duckett son of Roger Duckett, and 
Nicholes Hodgson, and I give to each of them 10s. Witnesses, Rauffe 
Baills, Symon Johnson, John Payckock and others. 
Inventory exhibited Sept. 30, 1570. 


March 20, 1569/70. The inventaire of the goods perteyning to 
William Wren, laitelie departed to the mercie of Allmightie God, 
praised by Thomas Robinson, Anthony Cassope, Leonard Rypley, 
Thomas Compton and Ralf Cowton. 

Fyrst, one cowe, price 20s. One almerie, one cawell with brasse 
geare, the price 8s. One acre and a half of herd corne, the price 20s. 
Hay, strawe and baitings, 4s., etc. Summa total. 31. 


Debts. Fyrst ; owing to Robert Mayson 47. 14s. Owing to 
Lancelett Chapman, 30s. Owing to Henrie Kirkbye, 22s. Owing to 
John Sigeswike, 48s. Owing to Edward Crawe, 33s. d. Owing the 
wyff of Thomas Nichell, 2s. 8d. Owing to John Craw, 30s. Owing 
to Rail Genison, 30s. Owing to Ralf Wren, 11s. Owing to Thomas 
Robinson, 5s. Owing to Robert Yong, 4s. Owing to John Robin- 
son, 12s. Owing to Robert Pawson, 13s. Owing to Agnes Kay, 10s. 


April 15, 1570. Andrewe Surtys l of Newcastle, merchaunt, 
To be berryed in the church of Sant Nicollas at the laue westerne 
doore. To Geayne, my wyff, thys howsse I dwell in at the Calle 
Crosse for her life and my two howsses in the Brood Chayre, and after 
her deathe to my tenne chyldren, Tomas, Ouswoll, John, Jhams, 
Robart, Rauffe, Ellyn, Ayealls, Annas and Margerie Surtees. To Ayealls 
Surtys, the housse whare Nane Fostar dwells on the Castell moot, 
for her life. To Ellyn Surtys, the housse on the Moot that Dame 
Browne is in nowe tenand for hyr lyffe naturrall. To An Surtys, 
my daughter, the housse on the Moot that Genat Surtys dwells in, 
for her life. To Margere Surtys, my daughter, the housse on the 
Moot that John Golle dwells in, for hyr lyffe. To Rauffe Surtys, 
my yongast soone, the house on the Mootte that Beelle Wylleson 
dwelling in, to him and his ayears maylls. After the dysseasse of 
my daughters, I wyll that their housses shall come to Edward Surtys 
and his ayears maylls and his ayears, then to Tomas Surtys, then 
to Ouswolld Surtys, then to John Surtys, then to Jhams Surtys, then 
to Robert Surtys, then to Rauff Surtys. To Edward Surtys, my 
sonne, and his ayres maylls my hoouse that he dwell in nowe, in the 
Cloose, then to Tomas Surtys, etc. I wyll my wyff shallff a thryd, my 
ten chyldryn a thryd, and the othar thryd partt for my fyunerrrals 
and leggesses. To Rauff Surtys and Jhayne, hys wyffe, two angells 
nobels. To Maryan Surttys, my dowghter-in-lawe, one angell. The 
rest to my wife. Suprayvyssors, Master Herre Branlleng and John 


An inventorie taken the 19 daye of Aprill in the yere of our Lord 
God 1570 of the goods and cattails off Cristopher Day 11, lait 
disseasied, of the parisshe off Darlington in the countie of Durham, 

1 Andrew Surtees was apprenticed Oct. 18, 1529, to Robert Hely of New- 
castle, merchant adventurer, and his name appears in the admission books 
belonging to the Company of Merchant Adventurers until Nov. 11, 1564. His 
will is signed with the wavering hand of an old and sick man. 


inholder, prased by Cuthbert Storie, John Appelbie, Cristofor Dobson 
and Anthonie Ogell, with others. 

In the Hall. Two silver peces weing 16 unces, at 4s. id. the 
ounce, 3/. 9s. id. 8 silver spoinnes, 32s. 12 pair of lyn sheits, 4 
paire off harden sheits, 12 codwares, 40s. 2 cubbords, a long table, a 
counter, 2 formes, a longe-settell, 3 old chares, 16s. 6 puter platters, 
3 latten bassons, a little puter basyng, 6 latton candellsticks and 10 
old puter potts, 13s. id. An iron chymnaye, a pair of tongs, a por 
[s*e] and a fyre shovell, 10s. Summa, 9^. 8d. 

The Parlor above the Hall. One long table, one forme, one 
chare, one litle round table, a litle open cubard, 6s. 8d. Two stand- 
yng beddes, a trindell bed, furnished with bed and bolster, 40s. 
A litle iron chymnay, a bason and ane ewer, 2 putter candelsticks, 
3 quysshons, 7s. 

The Chamber over the Hall. Two standyng beddes, furnisshed 
with fether-bedd and bolster and other furniture therto belonging, 
two litle counters, one forme, 40s. 

The Newe Chamber. 3 standing bedes furnished, one trindell 
bed furnished, a litle table, a carpet, 26s. 8d. 

The Littell Chamber. 2 beddes, furnished for men servants, 
ane old chaire, a litle table, 10s. 

The Loft benethe the doores. Two beddes furnyshed for women 
servants, 10s. 

The Buttrie. One presse, 2 chists, one bord, a bread grate, 
10s. 20 peces of puter, 10 sawcers, 12 puter plates, a litle brasen 
inorter, 26s. 8d. 

The Kychen. A capon cawell, 2 bords, 2Qd. Pott hookes, a 
pair of cob yrons, two dripping pannes, 3 speets, 6s. 8d. 2 cawdrons, 
6 brasse potts, 4 pannes, 40s. 4 tobes, a brewing lead, a masfat, a 
troughe stone, a latin laver, 26s. 8d. 

The Stable. Haie, one lode, 6s. 8d. 6 oxen, 2 kie, one horsse, 
11. Corne in the feild, 10/. One iron bound wayn, on long wayne, 
4 yokes, 2 teames, one plowe and the plowe gere belongynge, 40s. 

8umma bonorum, iOl. 19s. id. 

Debts owyng to the said Cristopher Daill : Cuthbert for a horsse, 
26s. 8^7. One Eland of Rippon, 46/. Cuthbert Nycholson, 14s. 

Summa bonorum et debitorum quae debentur defuncto, 89/. 


April 20, 1570. Richard Farroo, parson of Winston. 1 First 
and principallie I comytt my sowll unto Almightie God my Maker, 
Redemer and Saviour, my bodie to be buried wythin the chaunsell 
of Winstone aforesaid. I will and command that James Farroo. my 
brother's son, shall have in goods 24/. 8s., which I resaved for his 

1 Richard Farrowe was rector of Winston from 1559 to 1570. 


barne partt by the deathe of his father. I will that the 
foresaid sum of 247. 8s. shalbe taken furthe off my goods 
presentlye after my deathe ; and that Embrie Farroo, my brother, 
have the foresaid somme of 21L Ss. till that James Farroo, 
my brother's son, shall com unto his lawfull ayge. I gyve and 
hequithe unto Jane Frend, my kynsswoman, a litle coffer. I gyve and 
bequiethe unto Jane Hyghley, my servaunt, a litle pott. I gyve and 
bequiethe unto William Atkanson, clerk, my best gowne. The resydew 
of my goods, quick and dead, not bequested, my debts and legaces 
paid and funerall expenses discharged, I gyve unto Embrie Farrow, 
my brother, and Jannett Farroo, my doughter, whom I maike my 
wholle executors to be jointlie togyther. I mayke and ordaine the 
supervisors of this my last will and testament, Mr. Ralffe Sighwicke 
and John Dowghtwhett : desyryng them, as my trust is in them, to 
se it performed ill all points and things, and towards ther paines for 
a memorie I gyve unto Mr. Ralff Sighwicke the lesser of the Flanders 
chists and to John Doughtwhett the great Flanders chist, Witnesse 
hereoff, Mr. Ralff Sighwick, Jhon Doughtwhet, Peter Alwand, 
William Allandson, Henrie Robinson, Hewghe Rampshawe. 

The Inveutarie of all the goods moveable and unmoveable of 
Rychard Farroo, layt parson of Winston, praised May 25, 1570 : 

8 oxen, 111. 6s. Sd. 6 kyne, 11. One stirke, 6s. Sd. 10 dipt 
wethers, 32s. 45 wethers and a tupe, 8/. 13s. id. 11 yowes with 
ther lambes and 2 yowes without lambes, 44*. One horsse and a 
mare, 37. 6s. Sd. 2 swyne and a bore, 24s. Geesse and hennes, 5s. 
Summa, 35/. 18s. id. Corne in the barne, 37. 6s. Sd. Haye, 
13s. id. Corne in the housse, that is, malt, wheat and rie, 40s. 
Summa, 51. 13s. id. One long wain, with plow and plow gear, 20s. 
A cart, 10s. A systren, 13s. id. Lyme, 26s. Sd. Summa, 31. 10s. 
The implements in the house. 2 caldrons, 14s. 10 pece of puder, 
is. id. i pots, 8s. A brasell morter and a pest-ell, 2s. 3 pannes, 
1 drissing kniffe, 2s. 2 candelsticks, 6d. 2 reckyngcrooks, I6d. 
Tubbes, skeels and bowells, 4s. Summa, 36s. '2d. Implements in 
the hall. A counter, 2 tables, with two formes, 6s. Sd. All the 
bedding belonging to the housse with be[d]stocks, 47s. id. A cubbord 
with all in the buttrie, 33s. id. Flesshe, 6s. Summa, il. 13s. id. 

Debts owing unto Rychard Farroo, parson off Winston, Anno 
Domini, 1570. Of Thomas Wilson of Baraard-castell, 11s. Rychard 
Edward, lls. Robert Couler of Gainfurthe, 3s. John Bell of Conescliffe, 
8s. Thomas Allanson, 3s. Sd. John Glynton of Barnard-castell, 12s. 
Mr. Thomas Menvell, 20s. John Frend, 4s. Robert Brumell, 2s. Sd. 
Thomas Home, IQd. Edwarde Willie, 4s. Wedow Clayton, 3s. 6d. 
Thomas Dixson, 4s. 6d. Thomas Turner, 4s. A graie maire to 
Robert Doughwet, 20s. A bay maire to John Menvell, 26s. Sd. 
Summa, 11. 17s. 11^. Summa totalis, 59/. 13s. All the come of the 
earthe, wheat, rie and haver, 61. 6s. Sd. All the dough, 6s. Sd. 
Two chists, 10s. Summa, 11. 3s. id. Summa totalis, 661. is. 5d. 



July 10, 1570. Rycherd Gregge, clark. 12 oxen and 4 stotts, 
197, 6 kie, 11. 2 maires and two fooles, 31 13s. id. 2 staggs, 22s. 
The hole cropp in the feild belonging to Richard Gregg, the glebe as 
well as others, 237. [Sum. 707. is. 2d.] 

Debts. To William Hardyng, vicare of Hart, 317. 19s. Id. For 
his lambe, wooll with other tends and reparacons, 40s. Paid to 
Mistres Lawson in borowed money of hyr, 20s. To Mr. Lawson for a 
closse farme, 20s. For drinke at certain tymes, 2s. To Richard 
Gregg, his son, 3/. 6s. Sd. To Sir Thomas Dawson, 26s. 8d. To 
Sir Thomas Bowes, 2s. 

To him. William Atkinson of Barwick, 107. Markendaill wiffe, 
Richard Porrett and Peter Gregge 47. 10s. 


INVENTORY of Alexander Fetherston, lait of Wardell forest, 
deceased the 24th of Aug., 1570, praised by John Fetherston of the 
Hedrycloughe, Lionell Fetherston of Horsley, etc. : 

5 kien and 3 calves, 57. One old cruked horsse, 13s. id. 5 whies, 
37. 6s. Sd. In housshold stuffe, 10s. 3 oxen, at 18s. a pece, 54s. 
2 styrks, 10s. 3 yowes, 7s. George Leighe of Alstone-more owes 
him 6s. 8d. 

He owes. To Hughe Whitfeld of Durham, 19s. To Rowland 
Nattresse of Wearshead, 13s. To Edward Sheill of Allandell, 4s. 3d. 
To Thomas Lighlye, 3s. id. To George Cotesforthe, 20d. To Peter 
Robinson of Allandell, 4s. To Nycholas Bowman, Sd. To George 
Hawdon, Sd. To Sir Mychael Horne, 12d. To George Hurde, 2s. 
To Margrett Yonger, 2s. To Jane Coltard, 20d. To Lionell 
Fetherstone, 20s. To Arthure Emerson, 3s. id. 


Sept. 27, 1570. Richard Jackson, husbandman in Denton, being 
off wholle mynd and perfect remebranc, praise be unto Almighti 
God, makethe and ordainethe this my present testament, conteining 
herein my last will, in maner and forme following, that is, first I 
commend my soull unto Almighti God, my Maker and Redemer, and 
my bodie to be buried in the churcheyard of Denton. I gyve and 
bequiethe unto my wiffe, Annesse Jackson, Robert Jackson, William 
Jackson and Thomas Jackson, my three sonnes, the leasse of the 
Thornie closse whiche I bought of Mr. Girlington, but yf the foresaid 
Agnes doo marie, then wholie gyve it to my thre sonnes. I gyve 
unto Robert Jackson, my eldest son, the best ox at his judgment. 

' Curate of Hart. 


I gyve unto William Jackson, my son, one black stott, and also I gyve 
unto the said William, yff he will applie his books, fower yowes and 
fouer lambes. I gyve unto Thomas Jackson, my son, one colt fole. 
I gyve unto Janett Jackson, my doughter, one black calff. I gyve 
unto Eilinor Jackson, my yongest doughter, fyve nobles of money. 
The rest of all my goods and cattells I gyve and bequiethe wholie 
unto my wiffe, Annas Jackson, and to my sonnes and my doughters, 
which jointlie I maik myne executors, except onelie that I gyve unto 
my doughter, Annes Jackson, one branded cowe and 5s. in money. 
I gyve unto my doughter, Margarett Jackson, 5s. of money, and I 
gyve unto my doughter Janett 5s. of money which my mother dyd 
gyve and bequiethe unto them. In witnesse wherof Rychard 
Glover of Darneton, William Carter, Anthonye Garthe, Alexander 
Tued ( ?), Jeaking Thompson. 

INVENTORY. Sum. 397. 4s. 4^7. 


Dec. 29, 1570. Jenet Daill of Archdeacon Newton, parish of 
Darlington, wedowe. To be buried in the parish church-yard of 
Darlington. I geve unto Anthony Dale, my sonne, the hole lease of 
my fermhold wherein I nowe dwell, and to have, occupy and enjoy 
the same during the terme of the yeres yet to come. I geve unto 
the said Anthony Dale 8 oxen and 2 stottes, with waines and waine- 
gear and ploughes and plough-gear and thinges belonging unto them. 
I geve unto the said Anthony Dale two of my best horses. Also 
I geve him a ledeall, my bruing vessell, a brasen mortar, a stone 
trough, a drawen table, the best chist that I have, a fether bedd and 
all thinges belonging unto it. I geve unto James Dale, his sonne, 
a fole, and to either of his daughters an ewe. I geve unto Margaret 
Dale a cawell, an ambry, the one half of all my houshold stuffe, a 
cowe, 3 shepe, a little cawdron and in mony 2Qd. I geve unto Alleson 
Stainsby the other half of all my houshold stuff, the best bed that 
I have but one, a pair of lynnen sheats, and a pair of harden, 2 
blankets, 2 coverletts and my best gowne ; also I give her a cowe and 
five shepe, and in mony 5 markes. I geve unto Christofor Stainsby 
five nobles that he doth owe me for a horse that I sold him. I geve 
unto his wife a cowe, and to every of his children an ewe. I geve 
unto Thomas Simpson's wife a cowe, a presser, the best chist that I 
have but one, and to Sissely, her daughter, a gret broad panne, and 
to every of her children besid, an ewe. I geve unto Margaret Dale 
a chist. I geve unto Agnes Dobson, my sister, a paire of 
sheats, a kerchif, a raill, one of my cotes and in mony 20d. I geve 
unto John Dobson os. in mony and to his wife two busshels of 
whete and to his yongest sonne an ewe. I geve unto Michaell Helcot 
one ox stirke of a yere old, to his brother and to every of his sisters 
an ewe. I geve unto Elizabeth Hackforth a kerchif, a raill, a smock, 


an apron and all my workday rayment and in mony 3s. id. I geve 
unto Jenet Dobson a kerchif of my best lyne. I geve to Edmund 
Blackman's wife two busshels of malt. I geve to Richard Dobson 
2 busshels of wheat, and to Robert Robson of Blackwell one busshell 
of wheat. I geve to every of my godchildren, id. I geve to the 
poure people of Darlington 2(k/., and to my curate for his paines, 2.?., 
and to the clarke, I2d. All the residue of my goods, my debts 
being payed and my funerall expenses discharged, I will that they 
remaine unto the use of Anthony Dale my sonne, Agnes Stainsby, 
Isabell Helcot and Margaret Simpson, whom I do make jointly and 
severally executors of this my last will and testament, and also Mr. 
Frankling overseer of the same, if plese him. These being wittness, 
James Thornton, clerk, John Dobson. Marmaduke Farbarne, with 


Jan. 24, 1570/1. Will of Nycholas Blithman of the parish of All 
Saints, Newcastle, bucher. Visited with the hand of Almightie God. 
To be buried in my parish church nigh my father. To the poor of 
the parish, I2d. My house I live in to John, my son. To Elizabeth 
Blithman, my daughter, 10/. To Annes, my wife, 20 marks. To my 
mother, for a token, an old angell. Supervisors, my cosing, William 
Blithman, and my brother, John Blithman. 1 


Feb. 11, 1570/1. Robert Birkehead of West-brandon. 2 I gyve to my 
doughter Dorytye 20 marks for her child's porcon, and to my daughter 

1 1566,7, Feb. 17. Edward Blythman, buried. Gateshead Register. Cf. 
Welford, Newcastle and Gateshead, vol. ii. pp. 412, 444. 

Will of Edward Blythman. Feb. 14, 1566/7. Edward Blythman of 
Gatisshed, butcher. To be buried in Gateshead churche. To the poore men's 
box, 6s. Sd. For the repayringe of the churche, 6s. 8d. To Joane, my wife, 
26/. To William, my son, my goods and 8 silver spones. To Edward Blyth- 
man, my son William's son, the third part of a division of a close called lower 
Cole-close which I and my partners have .... of Thomas Gasqwen, 
gent., and two of the foresaid spoones. To my sonne William, his two 
daughters, Elizabeth and Jane, each two of the said spoones. George Blyth- 
man, my son William's bastard boy, the other two spoones. To my son in 
law, George Martyne, and Jane, his wife, 4/. To each of Rauf Wealand's 
six children, 8s>. 

Inventory exhibited 26 Feb., 1566 7. 

- Robert Birkhead of West Brandon married Isabella, daughter of Gerard 
Salvin of Croxdale, and, as is recited in the will, enjoyed a beneficial lease of 
Sherburn house from his wife's brother, Anthony Salvin, master of University 
College, Oxon., who held the mastership of Sherburn Hospital with other 
ecclesiastical preferments in the diocese of Durham. 


Margarett, other 20 marks, in the custody of their mother and ther 
uncle, Jarrard Salving, and ther brother Lampton till they be readye 
to be maryed. To my wife, the leases of my farrnehold at West 
Brandon to bring upp my children, and if she die before they come of 
age, I will that my son Jerrard shall have them. To my wife, my lease 
of Sherborne-house which my brother-in-lawe, Sir Anthonye Salvine, 
dyd gyve unto my wyfe and me. To my wife and yongest sonnes, 
George, William, Anthonye and John, together with Jarrard, my 
sonne, my lease of Thrislington for my yeares. To my doughter, 
Katheron Lampton, 1 a mite gilt with 11 peaces of golde of fyve 
shilling a peace, and to every one of hir children, 3s. id. To James 
Barbone and Thomas Wilfoot, 3s. id. each. To Anne Claxton, 
6s. 8^. To Isabell Farrowe and Margerye Bracke, either of them, 
a gymer hogg. To Dorytie Corker and Janett Bracke, ayther of 
them, 12f7. To Thomas Wilfoote wyfe a.nd hir doughter, I2d. a 
peace. To Edward Patterson, I2d. To my sonne Jerrard, a yong 
graye colt. To George, my son, a yonge dune meare. To my 
brother-in-lawe, Jerred Salvinge of Croxdyall, esquire, 5L, for the 
which he haithe in paune 8 old ryalls of 15s. a peace which my 
mynd ys to have againe, paing unto him the said ol. 

Debts owing to me: 107. lent to Mr. Anthonye Salvaine, clarke, 
which was payd to Mr. Readman of London for a part of payment of 
his annuitye out of Sherborne-house. Uswyne Ogle of Branspethe, 
gent., for a gray horse, i/. Uswyne Ogle of Branspethe, gent., for 
otts which ys ordered by the curte, 32s. 6d. Anne Claxton, 56s., and 
a angell. Thomas Blacket, 20s. George Simson for a cowe, 23s. id. 
Supervisors, my brother, Jarrard Salvaine of Croxda.yle, esquier, and 
my sonne-in-lawe, Thomas Lampton of Malton, gent,, gyving to ayther 
of them a ryell for a token. Wittnesses hereof, William Claxton, 
Robert Conyers and Rawfe Emerson. 


March 8, 15YO/1. Bertram Anderson of Newcastell upon Tyne, 
alderman and merchaunte. To be buried within the churche of 
St. Nicholas in Newcastell aforesaide as nighe unto my wyffe as 
convenyentlye maye be. I bequithe to my dowghter, Barbary 
Anderson, for her full child's porcion of my goods, 400 markes, and 
hallfe hir mother's rayment, with the one halfe of hir beltes and 
bedes, and theis to be geven hir at the day of hir maryage or elles 

1 Thomas Lambton of 'Malton in Rydal,' third son of John Lambton of 
Lambton, married Catherine, daughter of the testator. Flower's Visitation 
of Durham, 1575. 

- A biography of Bertram Anderson, some time mayor of Newcastle, may 
be found in Mr. Richard Welford's Men of Mark 'ticixt Tyne and Tweed, 
vol. i. p. 47. The inventory of his goods is printed in Wills and Inventories, 
vol. i. p. 335. 


when she, the same Barbarye Anderson, shall come unto the full 
age of eightene yeares, at suche reasonable tymes and dayes as shall 
be thought mete by the supervisors of this my testament and laste 
will. And I will by theis presents that she, the same Barbarye, be 
in the custodie of my aunt, Maistres Barbray Thomlingson. I gyve 
to my dowghter, Alyson Anderson, for hir full childe's porcyon of my 
goodes, 400 markes [ut supra in omnibus]. And I will that she, the 
said Allyson Anderson, be in the custody, care and government of 
my father-in-lawe, Mr. John Franckleyne, and my mother, his wife 
I gyve to my sone, Bertram Anderson, for his full childe's porcion 
of my goodes, 400 markes. I gyve unto my sone, Bartram Anderson 
aforesaid, his heirs, etc., my great howse and messuage, with the 
appurtenances in the strete called the Close in the said towne of 
Newcastell upon Tyne, sometyme in the tenure and occupacon of 
George Davell, alderman of Newcastle aforesaid, deceased, which 
howse with the appurtanances I bowght and purchased of Anthonye 
Bird. I bequithe to my said sone, Bertram Anderson, all my howses 
"with the appurtenances whatsoever in the towne and feildes of 
Morpethe in the countye of Northumberland. I give unto my said 
sone, Bartrame Anderson, all my howses with the appurtenances, as- 
well in the borowgh of Gateshed, as in the citye of Durham, and also 
my close lyeinge in the tarritorye feilds of Gateshed. I will that all 
the mesne profetts arysinge yerelye of the said landes and tenements 
before bequithed to my said sonne, Bartram Anderson, shal be, 
remayne and come unto the use of my eldest sone, Harye Anderson, 
unto such tyme the same my sonne, Bartram Anderson, shall fullye 
have accomplished the age of one and twentye years, for the intent and 
purpose that he, the saide Henrye Anderson, durynge all the saide 
tyme shall sufficientlye fynde unto the said Bartrame Anderson, my 
sonne, meat, drinke, clothynge and convenyent lernynge at scoolles. 
And further I will, by theis presents, that if it forton any of my 
said thre children, Barbraye Anderson, Allyson Anderson and Bertram 
Anderson, to depart from this lyfe before the accomplyshrnent of the 
yeres before lymyted, that the childe's porcion of my goodes, before to 
that child (so called to the mercye of God) bequested, shal be equallye 
divided to the other two then lyvinge and even so from one of them 
thre to the longest lyver of them. And I will that if it shall happen 
my said sone, Bartram Anderson, to be called to the marcye of 
God before the accomplyshment of the aige of one and twenty yeares, 
that then the landes and tenementes with the appurtenances, before 
to hym bequested, shall remayne and come unto my right heires. 
I give to my dowghter, Eesabell Calverlaye, for a token, and also in 
full satisfaction of hir childe's porcion of my goodes, 100 markes ; 
over and besides that I do owe unto hir husband for lent monye 
and for my tythes of Haswell and Haswell Grandge, amountynge 
together to the some of 251. 6s. 8cl. I gyve by theis presentes unto 
Barbraye Calverlaye, dowghter unto my said dowghter, Eesabell 
Calverlaye, to be paid when she, the said Barbraye, shall accomplyshe 


th' aidge of fourteene yeares, for a token, the some of 207. ; and to 
John Calverlaye, sonne of my foresaid dowghter, Eesabell Calverlaye, 
the some of 101. to by him bookes when the said John shall 
accomplysh th age of fivetene yeres. I gyve to my said mother-in- 
lawe, Mrs. Isabell Francklyne, for a token of my assured good-will 
toward hir, one goulde ringe and my best tablett of goulde. I gyve 
my lovinge aunt, Mrs. Barbraye Thomlingson, for a token, 
one gould ringe and wilst she, the same Mrs. Barbraye Thom- 
lingson levethe, I will that she have so many coles to be taken 
from my staythes in Dai-wen and Stubble Wood as she shall burne 
for hir own fyer or fyers within hir owne house. I gyve to my 
brother, Clement Anderson, all those numbers (?) of colles whatsoever 
which Antb.onye Thomlingson, presentlye baliffe of Gatished afore- 
said, father-in-lawe of the said Clement, doth owe unto me. To my 
brother, Harye Anderson, for a token, one angell-noble. To my sister, 
Jane Metford, for a token, a dubble duckitt in goulde. I gyve unto 
my sister Maryon Chapman, widowe, for a token, thre tennes of 
colles to be taken of my stayth of Silverwood in Northumberland to 
be taken within thre yeres, that is to saye, everye yere a tenne of 
colles. To Humfrey Taylor, for a token, 13s. d. ; and to everye 
brother of my layte wife, Allis Anderson, for a token, 10s. ; and to 
Christopher Morpethe, for a token, 10s. ; and to my sister-in-lawe, 
Elizabeths Anderson, layte wife to my brother, Frauncis Anderson, 
deceased, 10s. ; and to Agnes Orde, my maydene, the some of 3/. ; 
and to Jennet Heryson, late wife to Androwe Heryson, 20s. ; and to 
Allis Heryson, hir doughter, 10s. I gyve unto Maryon Fenwick, 
my sister's dowghter, over and beside suche portion as is given unto 
hir, as well by hir owne father as allso by my father, so that she 
wilbe ruled by my said sone, Harye Anderson, with whome I will 
she, the same Maryon Fenwick, shall remayne, 57., and he, the same 
my sonne Harye, to finde hir, the sayde Maryon Fenwick, con- 
venyente meate, drinke, and clothes and other necessaryes, without 
rebateinge any thinge of hir porcion therfore duringe all such tyme 
as she and her porcyon doth remayne with him, the said Harye. 
I give to my said father-in-lawe, Mr. John Francklyn, for a token, 
my best gowne and 37. 6s. 8d., and to my brother-in-law, William 
Jenyson, for a token, my gowne nexte the beste and the some of 
67. 13s. Id. To my servaunt, Sir (sic) Thomas Keye, for a token, 10s. ; 
and to my servante, Harrye Ayton, for a token, 10s. ; and to John 
Robinson, my servante, for a token, 10s. ; and to Marke Birde, my 
servante, for a token, 10s. ; and to Sanders Stote, my servante, for 
a token, 10s. ; and to my servante, Thomas Richardson, 10s. And 
also I forgive unto my servante, Cristofer Baxter, the remaynder of 
the Frenche reckonynge for the which my ship, called the ' John,' was 
stayed for at the towne of Newhaven in Fraunce ; and to my cossynge, 
Harye Wyckylffe, for a token, 10s. I wyll that there be geven to 
the poore people of the towne of Hambrowgh eighte tennes of my 
colles, to be taken on my stathes on the northe side of the river of 


Tyne, and they to paye bothe for the fitchinge of them from the 
staythes and custome with all other charges. I gyve unto my ser- 
vaunte, Thomas Cleborne, (over and above a lease I will to be maid 
by my heire, unto hym, the said Thomas Clebborne, for the terme 
of 21 yeares of my farmhold in Seaton in the county of Durham,) 
for a token, 6Z. 13s. kd. And all the residewe of my goodes and 
chattells, moveable and immoveable whatsoever, I gyve to my said 
sonne, Harye Anderson, whom I ordeyne and make my soole and 
full executor, and he to be advised and to followe the good advise 
and councell of the supervisours of this my will, and especiallye, of 
my blessynge, by the advice of said father-in-lawe, Mr. John 
Francklyn, and of my said brother, Mr. William Jenyson, who do 
knowe most of my doynge and trades. I make my sonne-in-lawe, Mr. 
Thomas Calverlaye, and my brother-in-law, Mr. Christofer Metfordd, 
one of the aldermen of Newcastell, and my father-in-law, Mr. John 
Francklyn, and Mr. Christofer Morland of Pettington in the countye 
of Durham, gent., and my brother-in-lawe, Mr. William Jenyson, 
supervisours, and I gyve unto my said sonne, Mr. Calverlaye, for a 
token, one angell-noble ; to my said brother, Mr. Christofer 
Mitford, one angell-noble ; and to the said Mr. Christofer Morland, 
for a token, one angell-noble. Witnesses, Mr. Christofer Metford, 
Mr. John Francklyn, Mr. William Carr, Mr. William Jenyson, Harye 
Metford, Benet Chertesye, Robert Metforde, James Care, William 
Browne, John Stowte. [Pr. 12 June, 1571.] 


Aug. 29., 1571. Symonde Elrington l of Hespershealls, parish 
of Bywell Peter. To Robert Boothe, 2 two olde angells. To my 
cossing, Thomas Boothe, two olde angells. To my cossing, Richard 
Booth, the same. To John Swyneborne of Wylome, and to his wyfe, 
two olde angells. To William Bayley, an olde angell. To Anthonye 
Hall of Durham, and to his wyffe, two olde angells. To Edwarde 
Hall, an olde angell. To Thomas Hall, an old angell. To John 
Wattson's wife, an olde angell. To Maistres Boothe, sex old angells, 
which she haithe in hir custodie, with the reste of all the angells 
the which I have gyven here before. To Mr. Davie Carnabie two 
old angells. To Mr. Anthonye Carnabie, one Franche crowne. To 
John Wattson within Newcastle, two old angells. To his wife, 
one old angell. To the said John Wattson, one golde ringe. To 
John Wattson, the foresaid John's father, one golde ringe. To the 
foresaid old John Wattson, all the reste of the olde angells that is 

1 Some account of the family of Elrington of Espershields may be found in 
the new History of Northumberland, vol. vi. pp. 209-211. 

1 Robert Booth of Old Durham entered his pedigree at Flower's Visitation 
of Durham in 1 575. 


in my chiste at Olde Durham. To all my servants and hyndes, 
one quarters wages, over ther wages due, and two yowes each. To 
my servant, Thomas Robinson, one yonge whye. To his wife, two 
yowes. To my servant, Symond Browne, a yonge whye. To Richard 
Teasdalill of Colpotts, all the debts, etc., he oweth me. To Henry 
Teasdalill, his son, my beste horse or rneare and all the riding geare 
and all the rament that I did ride withall, that is to saye, dublett, 
hoose, jackett, and jerkine, one hatt, with one brooche sworde and 
dagger. To Symond Teisdaill, my yonge maire. To Jennet 

Teisdaill, thre kyne and 3 calves To Alise Teasdaill, two 

yowes. To my syster Elizabeth, thre kine .... and 20 yowes. 
To Alice Browne, wedow, two yowes. To Dorithy, her doughter, 2 
yowes. To John Smyth, my mylner, 2 yowes. To John Maughan's 
wife, 2 yowes. To Richard Whitfeilde, 6s. 8d. To William Carre of 
Colpotts, 2 yowes.' I will that Lancelott Carre, my servant, shall 
have 21 yeres of his father's fermehold which is my land in Unthanke, 
after my deathe. To my syster, John Smyth's wife, a kowe. To 
my sister, Thomas Redeshawe's wife, one kowe. I will that Edward 
Hall of Durham shall pay to Richard Teasdaill of Colpotts 26s. 8d. 
he oweth me for one horse. To Thomas Benson, clarke, parson of 
Edmondbiers, 6s. 8d. for his panes. To Anthony, Edward and 
Thomas Hall, my woole. To Richard Coltman of Consyde, 20 sheep. 
To Christofor Hall, 20s. To Christofor Fenny, two Franche crown es. 
To Edward Hall's wife, 5s. To Richard White, 5s. The rest to my 
uncle, Roger Boothe, and my cossing, John Wattson of Durham, 
whom I make my executors. Supervisors, Mr. Anthony Ratlyffe and 
Mr. Cuthbert Ratliffe, his sonne, to aither of them, one angell. 
Witnesses, Maister Anthonye Ratliffe, Mr. Cuthbert Ratliffe, Mr. 
Anthonye Carnabie, Richard Whitfeild and Thomas Benson, clarke, 
parson of Edmondbiers. 


Sept. 30, 1571. Roland Blenkynshop, preiste, one of the petti- 
canons of the cathedrall churche off Durham. I bequithe my sowlle 
to Almightie God, Father, Sonne and the Hollie Gooste, and Jesus 
Christe, by whoise meritts I trust to be the childe of Salvacion. 
My bodie to be buried at the Nyne Alters besyde Sir John 
Byndley. I gyve and bequithe unto the poore people the daye of 
my buriall, 6s. 8d. I gyve unto every one of my fellowes the 
petticanons, I2d. I gyve unto every one of the singing men, 8d. 
I gyve unto every one of the queresters, d. I gyve and bequithe 
unto the two virgers, to aither of theym, 8d. I gyve and bequithe 
to the two bell ringers, to aither of them, 8d. I gyve and bequithe 
unto my brother, Sir William Blenkinsop, two olde ryalls. I gyve 
unto my singuler good frynde, Mr. Christofer Chayter, one olde 
angell. I gyve unto my hoostes Baker one old angle. I gyve 


and bequithe unto my syster Katheryn, and Esabell, hir doughter, 
4:1., that is, to aither of theyme, 40s. I gyve unto my syster 
Kateryn my syde gowne furred with whyte lambe and faced 
blacke lambe. I gyve unto Essabell, hir doughter, one shorte gowne 
furred with blacke lambe. I gyve and bequithe unto Anthon Tayler, 
my nephew, 40s. I gyve unto my saide nephew, Anthon Tayler, one 
sleveles jackett. I gyve unto Agnes Neile, 5s. The resydew of all 
my goodes moveable and unmoveable, nott bequithed, my debts 
paid, legacies fulfilled, and my funerall expenses deduct, I gyve and 
bequithe unto my brother, Christofor Millit, and to my syster, Alice 
Millit, his wyft'e, whome I maike, name and ordaine myne 
executors of this my present will and testament, desyreing my wel- 
beloved brother, Sir William Blynkinshopp, to be supervisor of this 
my laste will and testament. And I will that this my present 
testament, with all things herein written, shall stande and abide 
for my very laste will and testament, ande none other nor other 
wise. In witness whereof, I, Rolaride Blenkinshop, to this my testa- 
ment haithe subscribed. Wittnessis, William Blenkinshop, William 
Wattson. [Pr. Oct. 13, 1571.] 


Nov. 23, 1571. Christopher Moiser 1 of Newcastle on Tyne, 
glover. To be buried in St. Nicholas church besyde my wyfe 
Elizabeth. To my neighbours, poore honest householders, 20s. I 
gyve to my syster, or servaunte, Florance Moyser, 20/., with all my 
househowld stuffe playte, and Jewells onely excepted and my lease 
of the halfe teythes of Killingworth which I have of Mr. John Wilkin- 
son and Cuthbert Carr, esquier ; remainder to my sone, Cuthberte. 
To my brother George 5/., my best russite gowne, a chamlete jackete ; 
and 6s. Sd. To my brother, Lawrence Moyser, 6.?. Sd., my beste 
gowne and broide clothe jacket. To my brothers Lawrance and 
George's wyffs 5s. Sd. To Elisabeth Moyser, doughter to my said 
brother Lawrence, 37. 5s. 8d. . To Thomas Sawer, 5s. Sd. To Thomas 
Hall, 5s. Sd. and to Anthonye Hall, 12d. To Thomas Morpeth all 
the moneye he owes me for two bucks skynnes for furre to his 
weddinge gloves. To Mrs. Hallyman, 10s. To Christopher Morpeth, 
107. To Margaret Grene, one Frenche crowne. To Richard Reid, 10s. 
To Martyn Hallyman, one Frenche crowne. To Robert, son to George 
Carr, sadler, 31. 5s. 8^7. To Christopher Morpeth, my lease which I 
have of Cuthbert Carr. To Rebecca Carr, my wyffe's wedding gowne 
lyned with chamlete, cramseye coler. I give the residue to my sone, 

1 The testator, Christopher Moiser of Newcastle, glover, was fifty years of 
age when, Oct. 26, 1.568, he was witness in a cause at Durham respecting the 
will of Thomas Wilkinson, with whom he had served his apprenticeship. Of. 
Welford, Newcastle and Gateshead, vol. ii. p. 423. 


Cuthbert Moyser, and appoint him sole executor. I will that 
Christopher Morpeth and my sister Flowrance shall have the tuition 
of my sonne Cuthbert duringe his nonage ; and in case of the death of 
my said sone the whole of my estate to come to my sister Flowrance 
and my bretherne Lawrance and George. Supervisors : Robert 
Hallyman and Humphreye Tayllor. Mr. Cuthbert Musgrave oweth 
me 5s. Witnesses : Humphray Tayllor, Valentyne Baker, John Lade- 
castell, Henry Tayllor and William Tayllor. [Pr. 1572.] 


Jan. 13, 1571/2. Cuthbert Galloway, clerke, of Northe War- 
mothe. To be buried within the churche of Northe Warmeothe 
aforesaid. I bequithe to Issabell Hadrike 4 yeards of whyte wollen 
clothe. I bequithe to Allice Whetley 4 yeards of white wollen 
clothe. To Jennet Hebburne, 4 yeards of meld russett. I bequithe 
to Annes Thomson and to Annes Tayler and to aither of them, 3s. 
in money. I bequithe to William Hutchenson and to his wiffe the 
occupacion of all my goods for there liffe naturall to the use of there 
children. I bequithe to Janet Hutchenson, the yonger, 2 yowes and 
2 lambes. To Agnes Pyg, one yowe and one lambe. I bequithe to 
the said William Hutchenson 32 shepe to his owne use. The reste 
of all my goods not bequethied nor geven, my debts and legasies 
faithfullie content and paid, I bequithe to Richerd Hutchenson, John 
Hutchenson, William Hutchenson and Janet Hutchenson, whome I 
maike my full executors, they to dispoise to the pleasure of God and 
the healthe of my sowle. Witnesses, Edmonde Stapleton, curet, 
Thomas Atkinson, Robert Newton, Rauffe Pyg, with others moo. 
[Pr. May 19, 1572.] 


Feb. 14, 1571/2. Roland Clarke, parsone of Dinsdaile. 1 Being 
of perfect remembrance, thanks be unto God, yett fearinge the houer 
of deathe and trusting to be saved by the merits of Christe, I maike 
and ordayne my will ande testament as folowithe. Firste, I freelye 
committ and gyve my sowle unto Almightie God ande to his onlye 
sonne Jesus Christe my Saviour and Redeamer and my bodie to be 
buried wher yt shall please Almightie God to call me unto his mercye. 
I gyve unto the poore man's box of Dinsdaill, 2s. I gyve unto my 
syster, Jannett Robinson of Byers-greyne, one crowne of golde for 
a token. I gyve unto my syster, Jane Prierman of Heighington, 
one crowne of goulde for a token. I gyve unto my syster, Margerye 
W r elfoott of Redworthe, one crowne of golde for a token. I gyve 
unto Roger Clarke, my brother sonne, 20-?. I gyve unto Edward 

1 Roland Clark was rector of Dinsdale from 1561 to 1571. 


Robinson, my suster sonne, 10s. I gyve unto Edward Welfoot, 10s. 
I gyve to Nycholas Welfoott, 10s. I gyve unto Rauffe Welfoott, 10s. 
I gyve unto Percyvell Welfoot, 10s., and all my rament belonging 
unto me, so that he learne and applye his books, or ells to have 
nothing, but to retourne unto myne executors. I gyve unto Richerd 
Johnson of Mydleton one crowne of goulde, and to his wyffe, a 
crowne of goulde in remembrance. I gyve unto Jeane Prierman, 
my suster doughter, '20s. I gyve to Essabell Prierman, 20*. I gyve 
to Sisseley Prierman, 20s. I gyve unto Margery Robinson, 20s. 
I gyve unto Essabell Welfoott, 20s. The resydewe of all my goodes, 
moveable ande umnoveable, my debts, legacies and funeralls paid 
and discharged, I gyve and bequithe unto Thomas Robinson, my 
suster sonne of Byers-greyne, and Jeanne Prierman, my suster, of 
Heighington, whome I maike bothe joyntlie togyther executors, ande 
thus to committ my sowlle to Almightie God, both nowe and ever 
more., Amen. The daye and yere above written. I gyve to my 
suster doughter, Sisselly Prierman, two coverletts, thre puther dishes, 
twoo harden sheytts, two blancketts, with an amerye, and I requeste 
my speciall frinde, Mr. Robert Place, to be supervisor of this my last 
will and testament. [Pr. Oct. 20. 1571.] 


April 7, 1572. John Simpson of Houghton in the parishe of 
Denton. I gyve my sowle to Almightie God my Saviour and 
Redeamer, by whose meritts and passion I triste to be saved, and to 
all the celestiall companye of heaven, my bodye to be buried in 
churche, or churche-yearde of Denton, what tyme yt shall please 
God to call me unto his mercye. I gyve to Roger Sympson my sonne 
one browne kowe. I gyve to John Sympson one cowe. I gyve to 
Roland Sympson one spangit whye. Also I gyve to Annes Sympson, 
my doughter, sex gymmer hoggs and two ewes, and two lambes. 

1 gyve to Elsabith Sympson two why calfes, that is, yere-olds, and 
eight gymmer hoggs. I gyve to Roger Sympson, my sonne, plewghe- 
geare and wayi\e-geare after my wiffes deathe. I gyve to John 
Sympson, my sonne, one baye foole. I gyve to Rolande, my sonne, 
thre ewes ande thre lambes. I gyve to my brother, George Sympson, 

2 gymmer hoggs and to his wiffe one gymmer and to every one of 
his children, one gymmer lambe. I gyve to Roger Sympson that 
marled my sister, one gymmer hogg. I gyve to Margaret Sympson 
one gymmer. I gyve to Henrie Sympson and his brother John two 
gymmer lambes. I gyve to Thomas Wylle, 4 ewes with there wooll. 
I gyve to Christofher Cockfeilde and John, his brother, two lambes. 
I gyve to Thomas Wyllies sex children, sex lambes. I gyve to my 
two doughters, Annes and Elizabeth marages, twentie marks a peice 
I gyve to the churche warks IQd. I gyve to William Thomson, 
clerke, 12d. I gyve to Roger Sympson my closes at Redworth. 



I gyve to John Sympson my houses in Awckland. I gyve to Roland 
Sympson my house in Yearme. The resydew of my goods, my debts 
and funeralls discharged, I gyve to my wiffe, Janet Sympson, Roger 
Sympson and John Sympson, whome I maike my full executors 
joyntlie togyther, they to dispoise yt to the honor of Almightie 
God and the healthe of my sowle. Wittnesses, William Preston, 
Roger Shawter, Roger Sympson, William Megger, William Thomson, 
curat, with others. [Pr. July 19, 1572.] 


April 11, 1572. Gawayne Hoppen of Hoppen in the parish of 
Bambrough. 1 To be buryed in my parych church of Bambrough, 
I give to my syster, Elynor Hoppen, all my manor of Hoppen and 
also the tower of Hoppine for hir life, and after her decease I geve 
and devise the same to Henrye Hoppen, son of Thomas Hoppen of 
Newcastle, merchant, and his heirs. I give the residue of my estate 
to my syster, Elynor Hoppen, and appoint her sole executrix. Mr. 
Thomas Forster of Edderstone the elder, Thomas Forster the younger, 
and Henry Swinno of Mossen, supervisors. [Pr. 1572.] 

1 An account of the township of Hoppen may be found in the new History 
of Northumberland, vol. i. pp. 243-248. The history of the old owners, who 
took their name from the place, is supplemented by Sir David Smith, purporting 
to quote the Feodary's Book, who states that Cuthbert Hoppen of Hoppen, 
vicar of Warkworth (1538-1571), had a bastard son, Thomas Hoppen of New- 
castle, merchant, who was the father of Henry Hoppen, to whom his grand- 
father (Cuthbert) and Robert, his grand uncle, conveyed the estate of Hoppen. 
That Henry Hoppen committed a murder upon Henry Ord and fled, where- 
upon Gawen Hoppen, his grand uncle (the testator), entered, but died 
without issue, whereupon Eleanor Hoppen, the great aunt, entered, and at 
her death was succeeded by the two daughters and coheiresses of her 
aunt, wife of ... Bradford of Bradford. These two sisters sold Hoppen 
to Thomas Bradford, baron of Bradford, who circa . . . conveyed it to- 
(Edward) Conyers, who had married his daughter. (The nuncupative will of 
Edward Conyers is printed in Arch. Aef. 2nd series, vol. ii. p. 197.) There 
was a fine levied at Michaelmas term, 15 Eliz. (1573), by George Clerkson, 

tent., and Robert Lamb, plaintiffs, and Elienora Hoppen, alias Hoppon, 
eforciant. Warrant against the said Elianor and her heirs for ever, to hold 
to the said Elianor for her life, and after her decease to remain wholly to 
Thomas Hoppen, alias Hoppon, and his heirs for ever. Feet of Fine* (North- 
umberland). In spite of this attempt to settle the estate, it is known that it 
did ultimately pass into the hands of Edward Conyers. 

The following is the will of a member of the family who had settled at 
Newcastle : 

March 21, 1557. Roger Hoppine (of Newcastle). To be buried within 
Alhallowes church. I give my house to my wyfe for hir lyfe, and after hir 
decease to come to my son Robert Hoppyne ; and furder I geve my said sonne 
Robert Hoppine to Robert Hoppine and my daughter Amies to his wyfe ; and 
my daughter Margaret Hoppine I do geve to Margaret Pereth ; and furder I 
geve my daughter Isabell Hoppine to Ellinor Hoppine, sister unto the said 
Robert Hoppine of Hoppine ; and furder I geve my wyfe my son Richard 
Hoppine. I am owinge to George Swineborne 20s. ; to Missress Selbye 53-s. 4r/. , 
whereof hir promyse was to me to geve me 40-s. for my goynge to Bladen for 
helpinge to make hir a shipe, whereupon remainethe to hir 13*-. 4cL I appoint 
my wife executrix. [Pr. 1559.] 



Feb. 21, 1572/3. John Marshell of the parishing of Chester. 
To be buried in the churche at Chester with oblacions there due and 
accustomed. In legasies, I bequithe to Frances Marshall, my 
doughter, all cattells which came of a kowe geven hir of Richerd 
Scott. I gyve to Marie Watter 3/. 6s. 8d., to be paid when the said 
Marie comes to full yeares or to hir mariadge. I gyve to Raufe 
Swalwell one scott [sic] of thre yeares olde. I gyve to George Franche 
one oxe stirke of a yere old. I gyve to Francis Franche one whye 
stirke of a yere old. I gyve to the churche of Chester, to rernayne, 
one Bible conteyning the Old Testament, in parchement texed. I 
gyve to Martyne Halliman one Bible prented in paper. I gyve to 
Richerd Vacye one New Testament in Englishe,. and one arball. 1 
I gyve to the poore people one boll of harde corne. I gyve to Robert 
Halliman one booke named the Golden Flese in Englishe. Also 
I gyve to the said Robert Halliman my knage stafe. I gyve to Agnes 
Marshall, my wife, my lease during hir wedoheid in the demaynes, 
and after to Frances Marshall my doughter, during my yeres. The 
residewe of my goodes, moveable and unmoveable, my debts paid, 
with the funerall expenses, I gyve to Agnes Marshall, my wife, whome 
I maike my executrix. Wittnes hereof, Leonard Sanders, Thomas 
Whelpden, with others. [Pr. June 6, 1573.] 


April 6, 1573. Edmunde Parkingson. 2 I will 12 freis gownes 
to 12 pore men to attende me to my grave. Also whearas I receaved 
of Symond Welberye for agremente for the deathe of James Hyrdson, 
150/., wherof I paid to my syster Dorathe, lait wyffe of James 
Hyrdson, 50/., I will that other 60/. be devided among his children, 
and as for the other 40/. I dyd spend in costs and chardgs abowt 
the sewet against the parties that mordered the said Hirdson. 
To my brother, John Parkinson, one meare and two kye, and two kye 
and two stotts or 47., and 40/. towards the purchissinge of his ferme- 
hold which he now dwellith upon. To my nevy, Edmund Parking- 
son, son to John Parkingson, my brother, one horse, with a cote, 
a cloke, one hat, one paire of hoese, one sword and one buckler. To 
my brother, James Parkingson, my best horse and one ring of gould 
called a signed and two ould angells. To rny systers, Dorathe and 

1 i.e., a herbal. 

Edmund Parkinson of Newcastle, in 1565, purchased the manor of 
Hulam, co. Durham, of George Claxton. His widow Alice remarried James 
Carr, and of the two daughters who were their father's coheiresses, Barbara 
became wife of Henry Mitford of Newcastle and Jane the wife of Ralph 
Lawson of Nesham, co. Durham. Cf. Welford, Newcastle and Gateshead, 
vol. ii. p. 458. 


Anne, eather of them, a mylke cowe and 12 yowes and one murninge 
gowne. To my nevye, Edmunde Ellener, sonne to my syster 
Dorthe, one cowe and 4 shipe. To everye child of my bretheringe 
and systers, lOd. To my daughter, Jane Parkynson, beside her 
porcon, 807., to the custodye of Mr. William Lawson of Thrope 
Boulmer for her use. To Barberye, my daughter, 807. Provyded 
alwaies that such moneye as is paide, or shalbe paide, by the said 
Edmunde Parkingson or any for hym, to Eaufe Lawson for 
his exebicion at the Innes of the Curte, shalbe allowed of the said 
807. To Alys, my wyffe, one dosen sylver sponnes of the best. To 
my brother, Oswold Mydfurthe, in lawe, and hys wyffe, 20s. To my 
brother-in-lawe Robert Wilson, and his wyfe, my syster, 20s. To 
my brother Byddycke and my syster Annes, hys wyfe, 20*. To my 
brother-in-lawe Thomas Greine, and his wyffe, 20s. and one mylke- 
cowe. To every poure househoulder dwelling in a streat called the 
Close, I2d. and to every poure house-houlder dwellinge in the parishe 
of Hessledone, 12^7. To Anthonye Mydfourthe, my servant, hys hoille 
yeare's waidges, being 20s. Sd. To Richard Collingson, my servant, 
26s. 8d. To Margerye, my servant, 3s. 4e7. To Thomas Turner, 
6s. 8d. Executors, my daughters Barbarye and Jane. Supervisors, 
Mr. Christofor Mydfurthe of Newcastell, alderman, and Mr. William 
Lawson of Thropp Bolmer. To each of them an old angell. Wit- 
nesses, John Parkinson, Robert Ellyner, Rychard Collyson. 


In ye name of God, Amen. I, Nicholas Clarke, servant to the 
right worshipfull Sir . John Foster, knt., and warden of Middle 
Marches, etc., doithe make this my last will and testament the 
26th of June in the loth yeare of the reigne of our soverigne laydye 
Elizabeth, quene, etc., [1573], in manner and forme following, that 
is to saye, I bequeath and fraielye geve my title and claime of the 
one halfe of the tythe woull and lambe of Emelton parish, as it is 
expressed in my lease, unto Gerard Wetherington and Thomas 
Sakeilde. Before these witnesses, Edmunde Thewe, Edwarde Woodson 
and Jane Dawson, with others. 


Aug. 17, 1573. William Cartar of Denton, within the countie 
pallentyne of Durham, husbandman. To be buried in the churche 
or churche-yearde of Denton, withe my mortuarye dewe and by the 
lawe accustomed, what tyme yt shall please God to caull me to his 
marcye. I geve to Elizabeth Howington, the yonger, 40s. I geve 
to my sonne, Peter Carter two sonnes, two gimmer lambes. I geve 
to William Whitfeilde fowre childer 4 gymmer lambes. I geve to 
Elisabeth Howington the elder, one bowle of wheate. I geve to my 


godsonne, William Thompsons, one gymmer lambe. I geve to the 
poore-menes boxe, 12d. I will that John Carter and Marmaducke 
Carter, my two sonnes, perfourme all covenants and orders agreed 
upon my parte to John Bucke and William Wormeley as touchinge 
the mariadge of my doughter Margerye. And they also to do the 
licke on there partie to Myles Bucke, as my trist is in them. The 
rest and resydew of all my goodes, moveable and unmoveable, my 
debts and legacies paid, and my funeralls dischardged, I geve to my 
two sonnes, John Carter and Marmaduke Carter, whome I maike 
my full executors joyntlie together of this my present last Avill and 
testament, they to dispoise yt to the honor of Almightie God and 
the healthe of my sowle. And I desyer theis gentlemen, Mr. John 
Witham and Mr. George Tounge, and my brothere, Sir Peter Carter, 
as my speciall trustie freindes, whome I maike the .supervisors of this 
my will, to se yt fullie perfourmed, as my truste is in them. And 
thus I committ me freelye into the handes of Almightie God, my 
Maiker and Rede am er, trustinge to be saved by the merites of Jesu 
Christ, my onelye Savyor and Redeamer. Theis wittnesses, Alexander 
Tuei-de, Anthonye Garthe, William Pigge, William Thompson, curat, 
with others. [Pr. May 22, 1574.] 


Feb. 20, 1573/4. Martyne Brakenberie of Killerbie, in the 
parishe of Heighinton, within the countie of Durham, gent. First 
and principallie, I geve and moste frelie bequeathe my soull to the 
Holie Trinitie, and to all the blessed companye of heaven, and my 
bodie to be buried in the churche or churche-yearde of Gainfourthe, 1 
with my mortuarie dewe and by the lawe accustomed, what tyme it 
shall please Almightie God to call me unto his mercie. I geve to the 
poore-man's boxe at Heighington, 2Qd., and to the poore-man's boxe 
at Gainfourthe, 2(M. And my funeralls and fourthe bringinge to be 
at the discretion of my wyfe, Margret Brakenberie. Also I will that 
my wyfe Margret shall have the occupacion and governemente of 
my farmehould to the upbringinge of my children duringe hir lyfe, 
and after hir deathe I will that the lande that I purchaised shall 
my sonnes Oliver and Thomas Brakenburie have, and after my 
wyff's deathe the said Oliver and Thomas shall geve to ther brother, 
Richarde Brakenburie, for a tokinge of remembraunce, 6s. 8d. yearle 
and not before. The residewe of all my goods, moveable and 
unmoveable, my detts dischardged, and my funeralls, I geve to my 
wyfe, Margeret Brackenberie, Oliver Brakenberie and Thomas Braken- 
berie, whome I doe make jointlie together my full executors, they to 
dispose all things to the pleasure of Almightie God and the healthe 
of my soulle. And I charge my executors to se my detts trulie paid. 

1 The testator was buried Aug. 2, 1576. Gainford Register. 


And I desire theise gentlemen, Mr. Raufe Tailbois, Mr. Anthonye 
Tailbois, Mr. George Tonge, Mr. John Witham, as my speciall truste 
is in them, for the love of Almightie God, to be good to my wife and 
small children, with youre helpes in all ther busines. Theise wit- 
nesses, Richarde Wetherelde, Robert Smythe, Raphe Barton, Thomas 
Tompson, Peter Hutcheson, Raphe Wright, William Tompson, clarke, 
with others. [Pr. Oct. 26, 1576.] 


Sept. 21, 1574. I, Cuthbert Thursebye, beinge hole of mynde 
and of perfyt memorye, do ordaine and make this my last will and 
testament, and my bodye to be buryed in the church or chappell of 
Barnard-castle under my father stone before queare, with my 
mortuary dew and by lawe accustomed. I geve arid bequeath to 
Robart Thursebye, my sonne Thomas sonne, one cupbord standing 
in the hall howse. I geve and bequeathe to my sonne, Thomas 
Thurseby, one arke, one trowe, one presser. I geve and bequeathe 
to Margerye, my doughter, all the rest of my howsehowlde stuffe 
not bequeathed. I geve and bequeathe to every one of my childers 
childringe on lamb. I geve to my doughter Margerre all my 
sheipe. I geve and bequeathe to my doughter Margerye, 6Z. 13s. kd. 
for hir chyld's porcion. I geve and bequeathe to James Loidman one 
whye stircke. I geve and bequeathe to Lancelot Alurgill a cote 
and a pair of hose. I gev and bequeathe to my sonnes, Thomas 
Thursebye, and Gabriell Thursebye, my lease of the demaynes during 
my yeares yet to come. The resedew of all my goods, my detts paid 
and funerall expences discharged, I geve unto my sonnes, Thomas 
Thursebye and Gabriell Thursebye, whome I ordeane and make my 
full executours of this my last will and testament. [Pr. March 11, 


Dec. 14, 1574. Thomas Ogle of Tritlington, gent. I give all my 
lands in Tritlington to James Ogle, my son, and his heirs, and if it 
can b proved that he cannot taike naturall witt and reason to 
govern hymselfe then to go to Martyn, my son, 1 and James to have 
sufficient yearly to keep him out of the said lands at the sight of 
my brother, James Ogle, Martyn Fenwicke, Mathewe and John Ogle, 
my brethren. I will that my wyfe shall hav my purchased lands 

1 June 21, 1575. 'James Ogle of Cawsie Parke, esquire, Mathew Ogle of 
the same place, gent., and Martin Fenwick of Este Hedwayne, gent., were 
appointed guardians of Martin Ogle, son of Thomas Ogle, late of Trittillington, 


in Tritlington according to the condicion of one obligation wherein 
my brother, James Ogle, and I stande bound to Mr. Hedworthe of 
Haraton for the performance of the same. I desire th'e Right 
Honourable, my Lord Ogle, to be good to my wyfe and children. To 
my daughters, Agnes and Juliane Ogle, 60Z. to be paid out of my 
goods and the maynes of Trittlington. To Margaret Ogle, my wife, 
and my two daughters, my lease, tytell, terme of years, graunt or 
graunts of the tythe corne of Prestewike. To iny daughters, all my 
goods and the corn and oitts on the ground, etc., of the maynes in 
Tritlington, excepting my wife's thirds. To my two sons, my lease 
and terme of years of the tythe corne of Benrighe, paying such somes 
of monye as I stand bounde to paye to Agnes arid Elizabeth Symson 
by an order maid by the counsell of York. I give to Margarett Mid- 
forth, to hir marriage, 10/. My sons executors. Supervisors, my 
brethren abovesaid and John Hedworth of Harradon, esquier. Wit- 
nesses, James Ogle, Lewes Ogle, John Ogle, Mathew Ogle, George 
Turner, Robert Wederington, John Heron, Andro Rutlodge, Thomas- 
Donne and Edward Townes. 


Dec. 16, 1574. Richerd Baylls, parson of Cockefeild. I geve to 
Nicholas Ludge and Christofer Ludge, 3/. 6s. 8d. to bye two sommer 
nages. To Jenkyne Myddleton one whye, or ells 13s. 4<7. To John 
Bell of Rumbey parishe, 3Z. 6s. 8d., if my goods will serve to dis- 
chardge all suche. To Isabell Bell, 40s. To Anthony Harrison, 40s. 
To James Temple .... To Richerd Johnson, his wife and children, 
20s. To the wife of John Tompson, one whye, or ells 16s. To Henrie 
Johnson, 20s. To Thomas Hodgson, 40s. To Anne Johnson, 40s. ; 
William Baills, 40s., and to Anne Baills, 40s. John Kiplinge, 20s. 
To the wife of Christofer Ludge, 40s. if there remayne to dischardge 
all things 4/. also one brass pott which was her father's. To Richerd 
Baills, one counter. To Elisabeth Baills, one cupborde. To 
Margaret Harrison, two ewes. The rest of my goods, unbequithed, 
I geve to John Baills of Shotton and Richerd Baills, whome I maike 
my hole executors of this my last will and testament. I will that 
Richerd Arrasmythe and James Arrasmythe, when all my legaces and 
other things is dischardged by John Baills and Richerd his sonne, then 
they to be partaykers of that which remayneth with John and Richerd 
Baills. I will that Nicholas Ludge and Christofer Ludge be super- 
visors of this my will and testament and they to have all there costs 
and charges borne when as they go to any place to the perfourmance 
of the same. Witnesses, Raphe Waitt, Symon Wait, Raphe Ludge, 
Nicholas Ludge, Michaell Arrowsmethe, Robert Browne, with others. 
[Pr. Jan. 14, 1574/5.] 



Jan. 4, 1574/5. Thomas Pentlande of the parishe of Sainct 
Gyles, in the suburbes of the citie of Durham. I most hartelie geve 
and bequithe my sowle to Almightie God, my onlie creator, and to 
his sonne, Jesus Christ, my onlie Savior and Redeamer ; my bodye 
to be buried within my said parishe churche of St. Gyles, whereas my 
freindes shall thinke most convenient. And for my goodes as here- 
after followeth : I geve and bequithe to Christabell Darlinge, wedo, 
one sylver spoone. I geve and bequithe to the poore folkes in 
Sainct Oswoldes parish, is. I geve and bequithe to the poore folkes 
in St. Gyles parish aforesaid, 5s. I geve and bequithe to Elinor 
Hawell my servaunte, 5s. I geve and bequithe to Christofer Greine, 
minister, my best gowne. I geve and bequithe to Thomas Snawball, 
my goodsone, 5s. I geve and bequithe to Richerd Bell a sylver spone. 
I geve and bequithe to the said Richerd Bell wife, 5s. I geve and 
bequithe to Roger Bell, his sonne, to be paid in two yeares next 
after the dait hereof at two payments, 20s. I geve and bequithe unto 
John Cooke, 2s. 6d. I geve and bequithe to Thomas Fawell, 5s. 
I frelie remitt and forgeve John Mawer, th' elder, 6s. Sd. which he 
oweth me. I geve, will and bequithe unto Edward Wilkinson and 
Mergerye, nowe his wife, all my hole righte, title, interest, use, 
possession and tearine of yeres which I have, might, should, or ought 
to have, of, in and to all my burgage and acre of medow in Giligate 
aforesaid : to have and to holde the said burgage, and acre of medow, 
with all and singular th' appurtenances thereto belonginge, to the said 
Edward Wilkinson and Mergerye his wife, and there sequels in jure 
according to the custome of the courte there holden. I will that 
the said Edwarde and Mergerye, and there assignes, in consideracion 
therof shall paye, or ca,use to be paid, unto John Thomson, my sister 
sonne, yerelie every yere during his life naturall, 10s. of lawfull 
Englishe money, and he to have an honest bedd-roorne frelie at all 
tyme and tymes when and as often as shall convenientlie resorte and 
come thither. The resydew of all my goodes not legated nor 
bequested, my debts paid, legacie deducted, and funerall charges 
perfourmed, I geve and bequithe to the said Edward Wilkinson and 
Mergerye his wife, whome I ordaine, constitute and rnaike my full 1 
and sole executors of this my said testament and last will. Witt- 
nesses hereof, Thomas Cornefourthe, th' elder, George Tayler, Richerd . 
Bell, John Cooke, Thomas Fawell, etc. [Pr. Jan. 15, 1574/5.] 


Jan. 25, 1574/5. Robert Elringtone of Espersheles. I commende 
and bequeth my soull unto Almightie God, my Creator and Redemor, 
trusting in his grace and mercy to be one of his elect children. 
I bequeth unto Johne Elringtone, my sonne, all my whole intereast, 
right and title in all my lands, tenements, houses, pastours, comon 
of pastours, of the towne of Elringtone ; and all my interest and 


title in all my lands, etc., at Hadenbridge, specified in one dead of 
gifte made by me to the said Johne, my sonne, to continue unto him 
and to his heyres for ever. I bequeth unto the foresaid Johne 
Elringtone tenne oxen, etc. I bequeth unto Martin Elringtone, 
my sonne, all my whole intereast of one fermeholde in Unthanke 
of the rent of 20s., with all things thereto belonging ; and 
also 6s. 8d. of one fermeholde in the said towne of Unthanke, 
now being in the tenor and custodye of Edward .... if the 
lawe will permitte the same and if it will not, I will that 
my heyre shall paye out of the foresaid two fermeholds unto the 
sayd Martyne Elringtone, my sonne, 26s. 8d. yearly induring his 
naturall lyfe. I bequeth unto George Elringtone, my sonne, one 
fermeholde of the rent of 13s. id., being now in the tenor and 
custodye of Janet' Elringtone, my step-mother, lying in the towne of 
Cronckly, after the death of the said Janet ; and one other ferme- 
holde of the rent of 13s. id. yearly, being now in the tenor and 
custodye of Robert Parker in the foresaid towne of Cronckley if 
the law will permitt the same and if it will not, I will that my 
heyre shall paye out of the foresaid two fermeholds unto the said 
George Elringtone, my sonne, 24s. 8d. yearly induring the said George 
naturall lyfe. I bequeth unto William Elringtone, my sonne, one 
close of the rent of 36s. yearly, being now in the tenor and custodye 
of Thomas Robisonne and John .... and one close called the 
mill .... of the rent of 6s. 8d. yearly, and one corn mill, the rent 
of the same when it shall fall if the lawe will permitte the same 
and if it will not, I will that my heyre shall paye out of the foresaid 
closes and mill the foresaid some of yearly rent unto my foresaid 
sonne, William Elringtone, yearly induring his naturall life. 
I bequeth unto Marrion Elringtone and Agnes Elringtone, my 
doughters, the yearly rent of 10s. out of one fermeholde in the towne 
of Unthanke, being now in the tenour and custodye of John Robisone ; 
and also 5s. rent yearly of one fermeholde in the foresaid towne 
of Unthanke being now in the tenour and custodye of Thomas Swin- 
howe yearly during their naturall lyves, or ells I will that my heyre 
shall paye unto my foresaide two doughters 20 marks, that is to 
saye, 13/. 6s. 8d. to either of them QL 13s. id. and then my heyre 
is to have the foresaid two fermeholds. I bequeth unto Johne 
Elringtone, my sonne, being base born, or bastard, i shepe to helpe 
him to ane occupatione or science. I bequeth unto the children of 
Johne Carre, my sonne in lawe, eavry one of them a shepe. I bequeth 
unto Richard Carre, sonne to the said Johne Carre, one quye stirke. 
I ordeyne and make Custance Elringtone, my wyfe, Johnne Elring- 
tone, Martyne Elringtone, George Elringtone, William Elringtone, 
my sonnes, Marrion Elringtone and Agnes Elringtone, my daughters, 
my true and lawfull executores. Supervisors, Johne Carre, my 
brother in lawe, and Hary Wallace of Knarsdale. Witnesses, Robert 
Andro, Robert Nesome, Edward Warde, Thomas Bensone, dark, 
parsone of Edmondbyer. 



Oct. 5, 1575. Christopher Fawdon, servaunte to Mr. Christopher 
Conyers of Horden. To be buried in Esington churche-yearde as 
my executors will. I geve to Mr. Christopher Conyers, my master, 
47. I geve hyme my horse arid geare. I geve hym two stotts. 
I geve to Philip Fowdon, my brother, 47. I geve hym a cowe and (his) 
sonne a calfe. I geve to Robert Fowdon, my brother, 10/. I geve 
to my two systers 20s. to be devyde equallie betwixt them. I geve 
to my felowe servauntes in house 15s. I forgeve Jhon Frinde of 
Durham 3Z. he owethe me. I geve Jhon Frinde's wyffe 26s. 8d. 
I geve to his sonne 26s. 8d. when it comes to the hands of my 
executors. I do geve to Jhon Scott's childeringe, of Hathorne, all 
my sliepe. I geve to Jhon Scotte himselfe one stotte. I geve Mr. 
Conyers, elder, 10s. in golde. I geve Mrs. Elizabeth Conyers 10s. 
in goulde. I geve to Mr. Ashe 15s. I make Mr. Christopher Conyers 
and John Hathorne my executors, to whome I geve the rest of my 
goods and debts owinge me, viz., Jhon Symson and William Beere, 
8/., of which 6^. is to be payd at St. Jhon day in Christenmes, and 
the said William to paye 4:3s. id. at Easter next coming. 
Mathewe Currye dothe owe me that ys to be paid at St. Andrewe 
day, 31. 15s. and William Richardson of Thorpe, 53s. id. Witnesses 
heareof, Jhon Joley and Christopher Jackson, with others. 


Dec. 15, 1575. Thomas Chatter of the parish of Saint Jones, 
Newcastle, wever. To be buried in St. John's near my wife. The 
lease of my house to my son, Cuthbert Chatter, and he to pay to my 
son, Oswould Chatter, 1 during the years of the lease, 20s. a year. My 
lome to Cuthbert, my sonn ; and to Oswold, my son, the lome he 
works on. To my son, Nicholas Chatter, 20s. Remainder to my two 
sons, Cuthbert and Oswyne [sic] Chatter. To George Graye, curate, 
2s. Qd. To the poor, 12d. [Pr. July 31, 1577.] 


Jan. 26, 1575/6. Hughe Whitfeild of Durham, draper. 2 To be 
buried in St. Nicholas. I give to the maintener or officer of the 

1 For some notices of Oswald Chaytor, for thirty-eight years clerk of St. 
John's, see Mr. Richard VVelford in 'Local Muniments/ Arch. Ael. vol. xxiv. 
p. 153. 

- 1575 6, Feb. 28. Emma, wife of Hughe Whitfield, buried. Keg. St, 
Nicholas', Durham. 

3 The following is the will of a member of the same family : 

Oct. 21, 1578, eight in the eavninge. Thomas Whytfelde of Durham, draper, 

in the house of my cosyng, George Whitfeilde, in Newcastle. To be buried in 

the cathedrall churche of Durham, in the east end of the sayd churche, without 

the queare, if it can be obtayned, otherwise in Saint Marye's church in the 


towne for the maynteininge of the pannte and for that use 20s. 
My daughters, Jane and Agnes Halliday. To my son, William 
Whitfeild, a silver peace, a signet of gold, 6 silver spoones, with a 
mazer cup tipte with silver and gilte. To my son, Thomas Whit- 
feild, 100/. My brother, John Whitfeild ; my sister, Magaret 
Stokoe ; her ( ?) daughter, Agnes Anderson. The wife of my brother, 
Henry Whitfeild, deceased, 20s. To my sonrie William Whitfield, my 
dwelling house in Silver Street, also my two burgages or tenements 
in Flesh-gate in the said city. To Hugh Anderson, the residue of all 
my goodes. Witnesses Sir William Headlam, curate, William Watson, 
clerke, Edward Hendspeth and Richard Walton. [Pr. Jan. 18, 1577.] 


Feb. 18, 1575/6. Janett Gibson of Wosinghame, widow. To be 
buried in Gateshead church-yard. 1 To Matthew W T hite of the Read- 
hughe/ co. Durham, gent., my house in Gatishead which was my 
father's, John Unthanke's, deceased, lyinge upon the east parte of the 
Quene's streate, betwene a tenement somtymes William Langeshow, 
and after dyde belonge to the chaplen of the chantry of the blessed 
Trinitie, in the churche of Gatished, upon the northe parte of the 
over Kirke Chaire. To my daughters Mary and Elizabeth Stobbes, 
30s. apiece. To my daughter Alice Gybson a cowe in the keepinge of 
Edward Stobbes. Residue to my four doughters Jane, Maryon, Alice, 
and Elizabeth Gybson, whom I make executors. 


Mar. 9, 1575/6. Umfraie Maire of Hedlehoppe. To be buried 
at Lanchester. I give to my son, John Maire, 26s. &d. To my son, 
Lanselot Maire, 26s. 8d. To my brother, Richard Mayre, 13s. d. 

Northe Baylye, as nighe my wyfe as may be convenientlye. To the poor of 
the parish I dwell in, 6s. 8d. by year till 20s. be spent. To the poor of New- 
castle, 20s. To my son, Robert Whytfelde, 101. To my daughter Elizabethe, 
wife of Thomas Wilson, III. 13s. 4d. To my son, Anthony Whytfelde, 
6. 13s. 4d. To my daughter, Katherine Whytfelde, 201. and as much cloth 
as will make her weddinge apparell, to the value of 51. To my son, Robert 
vVhytfelde, a belt with a head and a pendyse of sylver and gylt moreover ; 
my best gowne and my best sworde. Jennet Hutchinson, my wife's sister. 
To my daughter Jennet, the lowse sylver geare in my chyst. My son Roger 
Whytfelde's son Raynold, 6/. 13s. 4c. To my son-in-law, Thomas Hopper, a 
-dublett with damask sieves. My cosyng, George Whytfeilde, his wife, his 
mother, and his son Henry. John Whitfelde of Durham, tayler, Edward 
Whitfelde, son of Anthony Whitfelde, and his other children. Thomas 
Stokar's wife, my cosin. Roger and Anthony Whitfelde, my sons, and 
Thomas Hopper, my son-in-law, executors. Mr. Hedworth of Harraton, 
Maister Lampton of Lampton, Mr. Bellasye of Jarray, Nicholas Cokson of 
Pittington, supervisors. [Pr. Nov. 15, 1578.] 

1 1575/6, Mar. 13. Jane Gibsonne, buried. Gateshead Register. 


To my master, Mr. William Hodgshon, 10s. My son, Robert Maire- 
Mv curat, Sir Richard. My wyfe and three sons executors. 1 
[Pr. 1576.] 


Mar. 26, 1576. Cuthbert Smythe of Ketton, gent. To the poor 
house-holders in Acliffe parish on the day of my burial, 47. To the 
reparations of Acliffe church, 20s. To my sister, Margaret Grym- 
stone, after the death of her husband, Martyn Grymstone, 20/. To 
my sister, Custannce Stellinge, after the death of her husband, 
William Stellinge, 207. To my sister, Frances Layton, after the 
death of her husband, Robert Layton, 207. To my sister, Isabell 
Sotheren, after the death of her husband, Christopher Sotheran, 207. 
To each of my sister's children living when I die, 207. To my cosyng, 
William Smythe of Eshe, and his son, George Smythe, all my leases, 
etc., on the grange, manor and farm of Ketton, and of the tythe 
corn, sheves and haye of Ketton. To my said cosyng, George 
Smythe, 207. for a token. To my cosyng, Margaret Smythe, my 
cosyng William Smythe's wife, 207., to by hir a nage. To my cosyng 
and landlord, Sir William Bellasses, knight, 67. 13s. id. for a token, 
to buy him a geldinge, and to my ladye Bellasses, his wife, 37. 6s. Sd. 
Remainder to my cosyng, William Smythe of Esh and George Smythe, 
his son, a third part to my nephew, William Sotheren. Witnesses, 
John Lambton, John Swinborne, Richard Lumley, etc. [Pr. May 10, 


April, 1576. Cuthberte Hilton of Greate Useworthe, parishe 
of Washington. To be buried within my parishe churche of 
Washington with my mortuarie dewe by lawe. I geve to Elizabeth 
Hilton, my wyfe, my lease and farmehoulde in Great Osworthe 
duringe the tyme of hir wedowe-heade, excepte the inoitie or one 
halfe of 2 mylnes conteyned in the same lease, and yf yt shall fortune 
the said Elizabethe to marie or die before the said lease be expired, 
then I will that William Hilton, my sonne, have my said farmehoulde 
in Great Oswourthe, except the mylnes before excepted ; and in 
defaulte of the said William Hilton and his lawfull yssue, to Thomas 
Hilton, my sonne ; and in defaulte of the said Thomas and yssue of 

1 Thomas Mayre of Plawsworth, another member of the old Durham family 
of Maire, made his will, Jan. 26, 1583/4. To be buried in the churchyard of 
Chester. My eldest son, John Mayre ; my goddaughter, Alison Silvertop ; 
my son-in-law, John Lidell ; William and Thomas Silvertop. Residue to my 
wife Katherine and unmarried children, viz. , Christopher Mayre, John Mayre 
the younger, and my daughter, Isabel Mayre the younger. Pr. 1584. 

The very close connection of the families of Maire and Silvertop has con- 
tinued to the present day. 


hym lawfullie begotten, to come to George Hilton, my sonne, and 
his children, in maner as before said. I geve to Anne Hilton, my 
doughter, myne intereste and righte of my twoo mylnes belonginge 
to my farmhoulde in Great Oswourthe, for and duringe hir naturall 
lyfe ; and yf she die before the years of the same be expired, I will 
then that the years and righte of the same remayninge and unnrune 
cum to William Hilton, my sonne, provided allwayes that the said 
[Anne] and hir successors paye the rente yearlie, and sufficientlie 
repare the same, duringe ther tymes. I will that Elizabeth, my 
wyfe, have the custodie of my children and ther goods dureinge ther 
noneaidge to suche tyme as honeste mariges or other prefermente 
maye be provided for them by the advice of there said mother 
with there freinds, yf she kepe hir wedow, but yf she marie or 
dye before my childrene be fourthe with ther portons, I will that 
then William Hilton, my sonne, have the custodie of my [children] 
and ther goods, provided alwaye that whensoever William Hilton, 
my sonne, shall enter to .... hould .... Great Osworthe in 
maner aforesaide, my will is that within 2 yeres nexte .... the said 
William Hilton, my sonne, or his executors, administrators or 
assignes .... cause to be paid forthe of my farmehoulde afore- 
said, beinge lawfullie demanded .... of the said farme in Osworthe 
aforesaid to five of my children to ther .... administrators or 
assignes the some of 20/. in maner and fourme folowing, that is to 
.... to Thomas Hilton, 3/. 6s. 8d. To George, 3/. 6s. 8d. To 

Margaret Hilton, 61. 13* Elizabeth Hilton, 3/. 6s. 8d. And 

to Elynor Hilton, my doughter, 3/. 6s. 8d geve to my sister, 

Margret Scurfeild, one bowll of wheat .... [g]eve to Robert .... 
one boull of rye. I geve to Margaret Godsricke one pecke of wheat 
and to Cuthbert Godsricke one pecke of wheat. I geve to my god- 
doughter Katheren .... one gymmer and to my god-doughter, 
Margaret Harle, one gymmer lambe .... To Thomas Hilton, rny 
sonne, one dune nage of -i years oulde. Also I will .... right 
worshipfull Sir William Hilton of Hilton, knight, to be supervisor, 
and I geve unto his worshippe one oulde angell. The reste .... 
I geve to Elizabethe, my wyfe, whome I make full and whole 
executrix of this my last will, whome I also charge to paie all my 
proveable detts .... Witnesses, William Bainbrigge, Richarde 
Harle, Thomas Cat .... Phillip, William Sparrow, Robert Sparrowe 
and George Morden, curat, with others. [Pr. Feb. 1, 1576/7.] 


Aug. 14, 1576. Robarte Cooke of the citie of Durham, in- 
habitante and teacher of the grammer scoole there, 1 whole of minde 

1 The testator was master of the Grammar School at Durham, at which 
ancient institution John Baliol, king of Scotland, received part of his education. 
Cf. new History of Northumberland, vol. vi. p. 53. * 


and of perfite health, and remembrance, make this, my last will and 
testament. First, I commende my sowle unto Almighty God, through 
Christ only trustinge to be sayved, and my bodye to be buryed 
where my frinds shall thinke most meyte and convenient. Also 
I demise, will and bequith unto Margerie Lynge, alias Procter, 
daughter of Thomas Proctor of Loughborowe, in the countie of., 
Layster, yeoman, otherwise called Margerie Cooke, wiffe of me, the 
said Robart Cooke, all that my messuage, tenement and farme with 
th' appurtinances in Skeythbye in the countie of Yorke, and all my 
interest, title, tearme and yeares therein, for and to the goode educa- 
tion and preferment of my children, upon condicion that the said 
Margerie shall not goe about to sell, demise, surrender or alien the 
same or any part thereof, whereby the same maye not lawfullye, aftej* 
the decease of the same Margerie dyinge within and duringe the 
tearme and yeares aforesaid, come to suche children as she now 
haith or heareafter shall have by me, the said Robart. The residew 
of all my goods and chattels, my debts payed, I doe give to the said 
Margerie, and to Thomas Cooke, Elizabeth and John Cooke, the 
children hade betwixte me and hire, the said Margerie, whom I make 
the executors of this my last will and testament. In witnes wherof 
I have written this my will with mine owne hande and thirunto 
sett my hande 14th Aug.. anno domini 1576. By me, Robert Cooke ; 
George Lightfote, Cuthbart Claxton, Jerrard Salven. [Pr. Dec. 5, 


Dec. 4, 1576. Edmund Shaldforthe, parish of All Sayntes, New- 
castle, master and maryner. To be buryed within my parishe church 
or churche-yearde according to the lawdable custome of Christian 
men. To Allysone, my wife, the house in the Broad Chaire in which 
I nowe do dwell in, duringe her lyfe, and then to John Leiche, sonne 
to my syster, Elsabethe Leiche, and his heirs ; then to Belye Leiche, 
his syster, etc. ; then to my nevye, Robert Hynmers, sonne to 
Mathewe Hynmers, etc., and then to my rightus heires. To the 
foresaid John Leiche, two tenements in Pandon (when of age). To 
my syster, Elsabethe Leiche, the house she nowe dwelleth in and the 
tenement adjoyninge. To the said John Leiche, a whysell with a 
chyne of sylver with my sea gowne and all the rest of my sea close, 
and a bagge with a lock of sylver. To the foresaid Robert Hymmer, 
a whysle of sylver, and to his sonne one ould angell. To my brother, 
William Huntley, my sworde and one horine garished with sylver. 
To my father in lawe and my mother in lawe, a French crowne each. 
To my aunt Coke, 5s. The rest to my wife, she executrix. [Pr. 
June 10, 1583.] 



Oct. 13, 1577. I, Thomas Wraye, the sonne of Richerd Wraye, 
laite of Barwick upon Twede, weaver, and nowe of the aige of 32 
yeares, being of hole mynde and purfyt memorie, and having 
occacion to travile into Flannders to serve as a soldior, maikes and 
ordaynes this my last will and testament in maner and forme 
foloweng. First, I geve my soule to th'ands of Almightie God and 
my bodie to the earth where it shall please God to call me. To my 
brother, Nycholas Wraye, my house upon the Grenes nowe in the 
tenor of Raphe Wraye, my brother, without any letts or trebles. 
[Pr. 1584.] 


May 10, 1578. Robert Claxtone, clerke, master of the Hospital 
of St. Edmonde the King in Gateside. 1 To my sister Jane Wardell, 
40s. To my cosiu, Nicholas Denman, and my cosin Agnes, his wife, 
6s. 8d. each. My cusin Hall and his wife .... To Robert Hall that 
I dyde christen, 10*-. and the rest of the money that Mr. Deane dothe 
owe unto me ; I wyll that William Hall sewe for it. To Michael and 
William Hall, my syster's children, and Agnes Woormell, 40s. that 
Thomas Mallett shulde have payd for the executorshipe of his uncle, 
the Deane of Lincolne, the which he dide borowe of me when I was 
at Lincolne. I forgyve James Lasenbie 4/. that I dyd paye for him 
to Rynyane Shaftooe for wyne. To my sister, Agnes Lasenbie, 
3/. 6s. 8d. To Agnes Surtes, 10s. To Ammonde Claxtone, 13s. 4d. 
To my aunte Selbye, 5s., and to Christopher Selbie and each of his 
sisters, 5s. To Elynor Selbye, daughter of William Selbye, 
merchant, whom I christenyd, 20s. and a fyllett. To Robert Marche, 
3s. To the pore folkes in Elvett parishinge in Duresme, in their 
booke of the collectors of the pore, 20s. And I gyve in lyke maner 
unto the pore folkes in Gatesyde, 20s. To Margerye Claxstone, 40s. 
that my brother, Roger Claxstone, did give her for my part of the 
executorship, and 40s. of my owne, and one gowne that is in Duresme, 
and 2 yeards and a half of brode reade, that she dooe use hir-self 
well and honestlye and dooe please my brother, Richard Claxstone ; 
and I wyll the velvett be taiken of the gowne to another use as shall 
please my brother ; and she doo the contrarye, then my executor 
to use hir at his discretione. To my brother, John Claxstone, 13/. 
To Alexander Fetherstonehaughe, 33s. id. of my parte of executor- 
shippe. Remainder to my brother, Richard Claxstone : he executor. 
Witnesses, Thomas Thomlingesone, gent, etc. [Pr. Jan 19, 1578/9.] 

1 Robert Claxton was collated to the mastership of St. Edmund's Hospital, 
Gateshead, Aug. 15, 1552, and held the same until his death. He was buried 
Dec. 3, 157S ( Register*). Cf. Welford, Newcastle and Gateshead, 
vol. ii. pp. 286, 512. 



Aug. 17, 1578. George Burlessone of Woodhorne, yeoman. 1 To 
be buried within the church or churchyard of Woodhorn. To 
my son, George Burliesone, a swanne oxe, a hauked oxe, and sini- 
mounte oxe, a blacke stote in using, a brown and a branded in Chep- 
ingetone. I give to my son, George Burleisone, my dune horse and 
20 ewes. To my wife a third part of my goods. To> my sone, 
William Burlessone, 20 ewes. To my son's daughter Jennett Burle- 
sone, 2 quies which are at New Close with John Cloughe. To my 
sonne's sonne, Thomas Burlessone, a brown mare and 4 hogges. To 
my son's daughter, Margaret Burlessone, 4 hogs. To Elizabeth 
Burlessone, 4 hogs. To James Burrlesonne, two roughe hogs. To 
my son's son, William Burlessone, a basant foole. Witnesses 
William Graye, John Shevyll, smythe in Woodehorne, and John 


Dec. 3, 1578. John Glentone. To be buried in the chappell of 
Bernerde-castell with all devine service nowe moste godelye sett forth. 
To my cosine, Ambrose Watsone, my house lyenge betwixt my nowe 
dwellinge house and the burgage of George Simpsone during my 
wife, Genet Glentone's wedoweheade, or till she marye. To Genet, 
my wife, all my lands and leases in Bernard-castell and Strateforthe, 
as by my evidences, escripts and writings may appeare, for life if 
she be my widow, and then to my cosine, Ambrose Watsone, and 
the heires of his bodie lawefullye begotten for ever. The said 
Ambrose Watsone, and his heirs, yeldinge and payenge yearlye for 
ever unto the hands of the four and twenty of the parishe, or chap- 
pellarie, of Barnarde-castell for ever, and to the use of the pore people 
inhabitinge within the toune of Bernarde-castell 26*. 8d. at 2 severell 
tymes in the yeare. That is to saye, 13s. id. at the feaste of 
Penthecoste, and 13s. id. at the feaste of Martyne the busshope in 
Wynter yearlye, within 14 dayes after eyther of the said feasts 
and if the said yearlye rent of 26s. Sd. of currante Englishe monye, 
or any parte or parcell therof, shalbe behinde and unpayed 14 
dayes after eyther the saide feasts, that then it shalbe lawefull to and 
for the four and twenty of the parishe or chapelrie of Bernarde-castell, 
from tyme to tyme so beinge, to enter upon the said burgage in 
Bernarde-castell and lands on Stratforthe and distreyne, and the dis- 
tresses so taken with them to leade, dryve or carrie and the same to 
impounde or withholde tyll that the rente then behind and unpayed be 

' The family of Burlinson owned a small freehold estate in the township of 
Woodhorn, which, by the last of the family, Frances Byrletson, spinster, 
by will dated June 7, 1700, was given to her cousin, Byrletson Shell. Cf. 
Woodhorn MSS., Woodman Collection. 


throw elye answeryd and payed. To my cosins, Ralphe and Francis 
Saire after my wife's death, or marriage, my two other burgages in 
Bernard-castle and they to pay to the 24, yearlye, for the same 
13s. 4d., etc. My lands and edifices in Mickelton of the annual rent of 
6s. 8d. to my two godesonnes, Edwarde Hutone, sonne to my brother 
John Hutone, and Anthony Hutone, sonne to my brother in lawe 
George Hutone, and their heirs. To my especyall frend and cosine, 
William Applebie of the Gyll-feilde, a velvett nighte cappe for a 
simple token. To my cosen, Nicholas Applebye, my beste tafeta 
doublett if it wyll please him to weare it. To my cosen, Anthony 
Applebie, 10s. To my cosine, Ambrose Watsone, 107. To James 
Midletone, his bill of 57., one suite of my apparell and my swearde. 
My cosen, Elizabeth Persevell. To my brother, George Hutone, an 
olde ryall and my better cote of plaite. To my sister Elyner, his 
wife, an angell. Her daughter, Cecill Hutone, and my brother, George 
Hutone's other children. My brother, Ambrose Huttone. To Robert 
Huttone, son of Alixander, a younge colte of twoo yeares olde, brede 
under the soare meare that was George Taylor's. To Jane Hutone, 
his sister, 26s. 8d., which her mother owes me. Ther brother, 
Frances Hutone. My sister, Cycile Hutone. My brother in law, 
John Hutone ; my sister, his wife ; his son John and his two daughters. 
My olde frend John Watson of the Sheils. To the right worshipfull 
Mr. Christofer Chaytor, an angell for a simple token. To Mr. Henrye 
Middletone, 10s. which he owes me, and to his daughter, Elizabeth 
Middeltone, my gode-doughter, a whie. To my cosine, Ambrose Masone, 
my best'cloithe gown and a grogrome jackett and my dagger ; and to 
his son, Frauncis Masone, my gode sonne, a stole and all the bookes that 
were my brother's. To my cosinge, Thomas Hutone, 30s. towards 
the buyinge of a nage. To my cosine, John Tweddell of Londone, 
haberdasher, 40s., and to his brother, Jeffraye Tweddall, 20s. To my 
cosine, Ralphe Saire, my soare meare and hir fole, and my bowe and 
quyver. To my cosine, Frances Saire, 31. 6s. 8d. and the sweard, 
etc., that was my brother's. To my cosyne, Issabell Saire, their 
mother, 20s. she owes me and 46s. 8d. besides, and a gowne of 
huswiefe's clothe lyned with lambe and faced with conye. To my 
cosyne, Marmaduke Simpsone, 40s., and I forgive him what he owes 
me. To my cosyne, Henry Simpsone, his brother, 40s., and to 
Anthony Simpsone, his brother, 37. 6s. 8d. To their sister which is 
married, 53s. 4c7. ; and to ther sister married to George Applebie, 
one angell. To Edward Simpsone, sone to John, 40s. To his sister, 
Grace Simpsone, 40s. To John Hiltone, 10s., and his sister, towards 
hir maryaidge, 40s. To my cosin, John Parkine's wife of Larting- 
ton, 30s. To my cosin, William Wharton's wife of Eglestone, those 
of the feather-beddes which came from Darneton. My cosin, John 
Jackeson's wife of Baudersdale, 10s. To Mr. Oswyne Mettfourthe of 
Newcastell, 37., which his father-in-law, Mr. Hunter, owes me, and 
46s. 8d. more. To Matthew Coperwhate, clarke, curate of Whorlton, 
2 olde angells. To Thomas Reade, 37. 6s. 8d. And I wyll that an 



angell which my brother, Sir Gefferaye Glentone, 1 dyde gyve and 
bequeathe unto Sir Arthore Shaftowe, be gyven unto him (with) 
th'one of my blacke clokes that were my brother's. To Ralphe 
Barnes, 10s. To my cosin, John Hill, his wife, 10s. To Dorothy 
Whitfelde's son, 10s. To Grace Mill, wife of Robert Miller of the 
Horse Markett, in Richmond, 10s. To Thomas Thursbie's son, which 
is my godesonne, 20s. To Christopher Andersone of Richmond, 
butcher, 3s. id. To Ambrose Glentone, 10s. To the mendinge of 
the heywayes about Stratfoorthe, 40s. To the pore of Bernard- 
castell, 121. To the mending of the heywayes and streates within 
the precincts of Bernard-castell, 6/. I gyve, as my brother appointed 
me, 20s. to mend the heywayes on and aboute Heddone and Eatche- 
wicke, and 20s. to twentie of the porest householders in Heddone. 
My wife executrix. Sir George Bowes, knt., and Mr. John Clopton 
supervisors. [Pr. Jan. 28, 1578.] 


Jan. 12, 1578/9. Robert Harbotell, gent., parish of Tainefeld. 
To be buried in the church-yard of Tainefeld. To my brother's 
daughter, Mabell Bell, 40s. To Ralphe Harbotell, son of my cosin, 

Robert Harbottle of Beamishe To my brother in lawe, 

William Shafto, an ould angell. To my son, Thomas Harbotell, my 
best graye horse, and he to be sold, and six silver spones, etc. To my 
daughter, Elinor Harbotell, six selver spoones. Remainder to my 
wife, Barbaric Harbotell, and my two children, Thomas and Elynor 
Harbotell. To my wife, my two farmholds in Tanfield for her life. 
Witnesses, Roland Shafto, Robert Harbotell. (The children minors). 
[Pr. Feb. 28, 1578/9.] 


July 26, 1579. Batholmew Craster of Stobes-wood, parish of 
Morpeth. My bodye to be buried Avithin the parish church of 
Vulgham paying my accustomed duties, etc. To my youngest 
brother, Lewes Crastor, one lin loome and one pott. To my doughter, 
Jane Craster, one cow with calfe, and I will that John Craster, 
William Craster and Christofer Craster shall have the ofspring and 
proufe of the sayd cow to the use of Jane, my doughter, until she 
come of lawfull age. I give to the sayd Jane, my doughter, one 
presser, a[l]mire and one cawell. I gyve the rest of all my goods, 
moveable and immoveable, to Margret Craster, my wyfe, and Jane 
Craster, my doughter. Witnesses, Thomas Tayler, Robert Coward, 
Wylliam Craster, Thomas Wray, curate, with others. [Pr. April 7, 

1 Galf. Glenton was vicar of Heddon-on the- Wall, 1547-1577. Arthur 
Shafto was vicar of Stamfordham at the same period. 



Oct. 14, 1579. William Maddeson of Aldergill, parish of Stan- 
hopp in Wardill, gent. To my wife, Dorothy, my gray horse, and my 
best gray meare and two goulden ringes. To Stephen Maddeson, 
my sonne, my yonge graye meare, or els 47. , a yonge gray horse, 
a cubbourd, fower silver sponnes, a gilted dagger, my lute, my best 
hose and three coots, one of tuft'ed taffitye, two of blacke brode 
clothe, the one laced with lace, and a yocke of yonge oxen. My 
daughters Anne, Frances, Elianer and Ursuly. To my daughter 
Ursuly, a silver sponne being dubbel gilted. My son, Roland 
Maddeson, 40.9. Supervisors, Mr. John Feddersonhaughe, esquier, 
Lyonell Maddeson, of the Newcastle, gentleman, and Lancelote 
Maddeson, my son. I give to Mr. John Featherston, a crose bowe. 
To Lionell Featherston and Alexander Featherston, a peacer called 
a curreare and 5s. of monye. [Pr. 12 March, 1579/80, administra- 
tion-being granted to Dorothy Maddeson the widow, tutrix of Stephen 
Maddeson and the daughters, minors.] 


Dec. 27, 1579. William Surtes, of the parish of Ovingham. To 
my wife, Elizabeth Surtes and unto Thomas Surtes, my sonne, all my 
farmoulde and the lease of Hughes Close. John, Christopher, Roger, 
Ralph, and Agnes Newton, my daughter's children. Christopher 
Surtes, my brother's son. My daughters Dorothie, Grace and Katherine 
Surtes. John Surtes, son of William Surtes, my son. My wife, 
Elizabeth Surtes, and my son, Thomas Surtes. Thomas and Richard 
Surtes, my sons. Grace, Katherine and Dorothy Surtes, my daughters. 
Witnesses, Thomas Roderforth, gent., Rowland Surtes,, etc. [Pr. 
March 22, 1579/80 and administration granted to Elizabeth and Grace 
Surtes Thomas, Richard, Katherine and Dorothy Surtes, beingr 


April 19, 1580. John Mowrton of Unthank, within the countie 
palentyne of Norham, gentelman. To be buried in the parish 
church of Twedmouth. To my sonnes, Anthonie and George Morton, 
whom I do maik my full executors, my landes, etc. To Custance, 
my wyfe, my water corne myll in Spyttell and my houses and 
tenements there, for her lyfe. To my doughters, Jane and Phillis 
Morton, 61. 13s. id. each. My loving frend, Thomas Graye of Wark, 
gentelman, and my cossyn, Robert Morton of Barwick, burges, 
supervisors. Witnesses, Robert Morton, Hurnfray Duglas, Thomas 
Revely. [Pr. 1581.] 



April 22, 1580. Robert Bowes of Barwicke, in the diocesse of 
Durham, gentleman. I bequeath my soule to Almightie God, my 
Maker and Redemer, and my bodye to the earth. My will is that 
my house-stead in Barwicke shalbe sould by myne executors toward 
the payment of my debts. I also will that 30?. which is dew unto 
me for my pencon at Barwicke goe also towards the payment of 
my debts. I give to my nephie, Raphe Bowes, my gold chine. I give 
to John Pecocke 101. I will and give by these presentes my house 
in Giligate to my brother Anderson and his heires and they to pay 
the rent of the same unto the poore people in Pittington parishe in 
the countye of Durham. I will and give unto Thomas Appelbye, 
servant unto Mr. Treasuerer, a blacke meare goinge at Nunstanton. 
All the residewe of my goods and chattels, my debts, legaces and 
funerall expences discharged, I give to my said brother, Henrye 
Anderson, esquier, whom I make my sole executor. I give by this 
my will to Mr. Treasurer of Barwicke my beste horse. Witnesses, 
Raphe Bowes, Thomas Appelbye, George Shepperson, George Swin- 
borne, James Gascoigne, John Pecocke and William Kellome. 
[Pr. Aug. 22, 1580.] 


May 23, 1580. John Collingwood of Newcastle, weaver. To be 
buried in the church of St. Andrews, my parishe churche. To my 
daughter, Margerie Graye, wiffe to Umphrey Graye, taillore, 24s. 
per annum out of my houses and lands, and I charge my brother, 
Thomas Collingwoode, as he will aunsweare att the dreadful daye of 
Judgment, to pay this. Agnes, James and Roberte Graye, sonnes to 
the said Umphrey <iraye, to either of them, a pottle potte. To my 
brother, Thomas Collingwoode, all my workhouse geare as yt 
standyth belonging to the science of weavers. My sister, Jennet 
Dodes. Margaret Collingwoode. My wyfe, Ellenor Collingwoode. 
Iszabell, daughter of Umphrey Graye. To my brother, Thomas 
Collingwoode, all my houses and lands for his life and then to his 
heirs ; failing them, to my daughter, Margerie Gray and her heirs. 
Residue to Thomas Collingwoode and Umphrey Graye, they executors. 


June 24, 1580. Johne Watsonne of Durham. To be buried in 
the parishe churche of St. Oswoolds, in the place where my wyffe 
was buryed. 1 To Elizabethe, my wyffe, my leace of my two ferme- 

1 1580, June 29. Mayster John Watson of th'age Ixxx yeres, for wysdom, 
gravyte, honeste, sobryete, and other godly vertews, worthe to prased, was 
buried the xxix day of June, beinge the feast day of Peter th'apostle. 
Registers of St. Oswald's, Durham. 


holds in Synclyffe duringe here lyfe, etc. To my sonne, William 
Watsonn, for his fyliall portione, Wl. To my sonne, Mr. Christofer 
Watsone, for his chyld's portione, 101. To my sonne, Anthony 
Watsonne, for his chyld's portione, 10? . To my sonne, Roger 
Watsone, my lease of the tythe corn and shayvesi of Pyttingtone. 
To my sonne, Johne Watsone of Newcastell, my lands cauled the 
Kyddinge, with all the evydences therto belonginge. To my sonne 
Jhone's wyffe, my gretesse sylver spoune. To my sonne Johne 
doughter Margrett, 40s. To his yongest doughter, Agnes Watsone, 
20s. To my sonne, Roger Watson, on yonge coult goinge at Newtone 
Hansworthe. To Elinor Mydford, wyffe to Robert Mydfourde, for a 
tokene, on ould angell. To my sonne John's sonne, Robert Watson, 
sexe wedder sheepe, and to his other thre sonnes, Roger, John and 
Cuthbert Watson, to everye of theme 6s. 8d. To my doughter, 
Elizabeth Thorpe, on sylver spone. To my doughter, Margrett 
Thorpe, on sylver spoune. To my doughter, Elinore Cartere, on 
sylver spoune. To my sonne Johne's sonne Robert., on syvler spoone. 
To Jane Watsonne of Richemont, 26s. 8d. To my cosinge, 
Myles Whyte, one dubbell duckett. My sonne Johne was executor to 
my brother, Doctor Watsone, dysseaced. Mr. Christofer Chaytor, 
esquier, supervisor, and he shall have one ould angell for a tokene. 
My sons John and Christofer executors. To my sonne Roger, for his 
full portione, 10/. To the poore of Elvet, 40s. 


Aug. 12, 1580. William Cowley, one of the gunners belongeng 
to the Queue's Majestie's great ordinance in Barwick upon Twede. 
My daughter, Margaret Cowley. Mr. William Larkyn, the master 
gunner of Barwick, and my loving cosyn, William Preston, pencioner. 
To Alice Johnson, my brod mowthed pott, etc. To John Browne, 
the cowper, my yealowe britches. To Grace Jackeson, my maiden 
servant, hir whole wages till Martinmes. To Ann, George Pawlin's 
wife's daughter, 10s. To Thomas Raye, my table. To John Frost, 
my biggest brass pot. To Malle Frost, my biggest brass pan. To 
Jerrerd Martin, 5s. To Robert Potter, the jerken and britches, I do 
weare everie daye. My will and request is that ther be 10s. in 
money, or bread, bestowed upon the poore upon the daye of my 
burial. Also I will that there be bestowed in a banket upon my 
fellowes and frendes the daye of my buryall, 6s. Sd. [Pr. March 31, 


Feb. 15, 1580/1. INVENTORY. Christofer Foster of Darlingtone. 1 
The Hall: 7 silver spoons, 25s., 6/. 13s. kd. The Greate Chamber: 
A led mal, a staff e and a jacke, 3s. The Litle chamber, etc. The 

1 Christopher Forster's will is dated Jan. 18, 1580,1. 


Inner chamber : All his apparell, 30s. A broade stall of 3 bords for 
sellings of fleshe, 20d. The parlour beneth the hall, etc. The 
Butt-rye, etc. The Kitchin : One bedstede, 2 linsey wolsey sheets, a 
brake, a tub, a swingling and a siff, 6s. A wrist stone, a tub, a 
maskfat, a chiese presse, a gimlet and a litle siffe, os. All the 
shopgere, 6s. 8d. 

He owes : To his eldfather, Georg Fenny, 47. To Georg Dods- 
worth of Jolby, 50s. To my sister Maw and her children, 4:1. John 
Clesby of Clesby owes him 9s. Qd. Widow Burnet of Brekhouse, 
26s. John Burnet, 6s. 8d. Marmaduke Batmansone, 10,. lOd. 
John Crathorn of Darlington, 2s. 8d. Francis Parkinsone of 
Whessey, 14s. 6d. Widow Vavisour of Denton, 6s. 

Summa bonorum, 347. 10s. 8d. Debitorutn, 167. 7s. 2d. 


April 23, 1581. Rauphe Catricke of Wolvestone, yeoman. To 
be buryed within the parishe churche of Billingham. To Rauphe 
Catricke, 1 my elldeste sone, and his heires my messuages, cotages, 
lands, etc., in Wolvestone (except the messuage and lands I boughte 
of Mr. Claxton and by me gevene to my sone William Catricke), 
two goldedd stottes, etc. To my sone, William Catricke, two branded 
stotts, one brocked stotte, two kye called Goldelockes and 
Prymerose, and one graie meare which I boughte of John Alynne of 
Foxden. To my sone, Nicolas Catricke, one kowe I boughte of 
Thomas Laton and one goolded oxe. To my sone in lawe, George 
Davisone, one kowe called Shevells. My sone in lawe, William 
Laken. To John Manwel, curate of Billingham, 12d. To Thomas 
Watson, parishe clarke, id. I will the soile or donge aboute my 
house that my sone Rauphe have that in the fawde garthe and at 
my coate howses. To my son William, a paire of syles. The plowe 
heades, stillts and plowe beames aboute my house to be dividid. My 
son William sole executor. [Pr. March 6, 1581/2.] 

1 The testator's son, Ralph Catrick of Wolveston, made his will April 26, 
1591. ' To be buried in Billingham church. I give to my wife, Alison 
Catrick, all my lands, etc., which came to me by inheritunce in Wolvestone. 
To my sonne and heire, John Catrick, all my lands and hereditaments (except 
before excepted) in Wolveston. My daughter, Margaret Catrick, etc. I 

S'.ve to the chappell in Wolveston on gimmer lambe. To the reparinge of 
illingham brigg, 2s. I give to every child whome I helped to christen 12eL , 
and to the poore of Wolveston, 2s. To Richard Catrick, my brother's sonne, 
etc. To John Watsonn, my brother-in-lawe, lO.s. To Agnes Lackine, a whie 
calfe. To my sister, Jane Lackinge, a whie. To every of my sister's three 
sonnes, I2d. To my curate, John Mandell, 5s. Overseers, George Thorpe 
and Robert Watsonn. 




July 9, 1581. Thomas Smith of Old Angarton, yeoman. I give 
my farmhold in Angarton, and my office of baylywick there, unto 
my eldest sonne, Cuthbert Smith, with the favourable consent and 
good will of the right honorable the earle of Arundell and the Lorde 
William Haward, my lande-lordes and good maisters. I bequeathe 
my sonne Cuthbert unto the said right honorable William, Lord 
Haward, humbly beseching his honour to be good lord and maister 
unto my said sonne ; and failing issue of the said Cuthbert, to my 
son, John Smith, and, in default, to my third son, Roger Smith. 
I give to my base begotten sonne, Ralph Smith, two younge quies. 
I will that Richard Smith, my brother, shall have the tuicon of the 
said Ralph and his portion. My wife, Isabell, to have her hole third 
part. I give the residue to my five children, Cuthbert, John, Roger, 
Margaret and Agnes Smith. Cuthbert Pie of the Abbay-milne, 
Martin Fenwick, and my brother, James Smith, supervisors. [Pr. 
March 13, 1581/2.] 

[INVENTORY exhibited Sept. 29, 1581.] 


Aug. 13, 1581. Symon Welberye of Castle-Eden, gentleman. 
To l)e buried in my parish church of Castle-Eden. To the poore 
people of Castle-Eden, 10s. To the poore people of Monke Hesselden, 
6s. 8d. To the poore of Shotton, 5s. To Ralphe Hedworthe and 
Christofer, his sonne ; my daughter, Margaret Bone, and hir sonne 
John ; William Todd ; John Welberie, sonne of my sonne Philipp 
Welberie ; Symond Welberie, sonne to my sonne John Welberie ; l 
and my sister, Margaret Trolopp, to every of theym one oulde riall. 
To Mrs. Conyares, wife to Mr. Richard Conyars, and to Symond 
Welberie, sonne to Phillip, to eyther of theyme one ould ryall. To 
my cosens [stc] Mergery, Isabell, Elizabeth, Barbara and Elliner 
Welberie, daughters to my sonne, Anthony Welberie, everie one of 
them twentie markes. To my cosen, Robert Welebrie, sonne to my 
sonne, Anthonie Welberie, my title, etc., to the tithe of garbe and 
grayne in Harte and North Harte as I have the same of the demise 

1 June 8, 1585. Will of John Welbery of St. Ellin Aukland. To be 
buryed in the porehe of St. Ellin's, wher my wife sittethe. To my sister 
Bone, one dowsan of silver spones. Whereas I mayde a lease to my neavye 
Toode of certayne tenements in St. Ellin Aukland for the tryall of the title 
therof , and a lease of two parts of the demayne, I will he shall resigne the 
same to my wife. Also, I borrowed of a gentlewoman fyve marks, and I lent 
hir husband as muche. I will, therfore, that th'one shall acquite th'other. I 
will that my wife's children shall have ther portions payd whiche is dewe unto 
them by ther owen father's will and everye of them 20?. I promysed them ; of 
the which I have payd alredye 10/. to William Williamson, my wife's eldest 
sonne, and he to have the rest when 21. The rest to Symonde and Tymothy 
Welbery, my two children, and Dorothy, my wife, they executors. My 
brothers Anthony and Phillippe Welbery and my neavye William Todde, 

and graunt of Mr. Thomas Cotton, esquire. To my sonnes, Phillipp 
and John Welberie, 40/. apiece, i.e., to eyther of theym. 20 marks, 
in the handes of Henrie Bulmer, gentleman, which he oweth me 
for a geldinge. To my sonne, Phillipp Welberie, one annuitie of 
31. 6s. 8d. and a yearlie rent of 53s. id. which I have heretofore 
gyven him out of Castle Eden. The residue to my cosens, Robert 
and John Welberie, sons of my sonne Anthony : they executors. 
And I make my said sonne Anthony their gardien. Witnesses, 
Charles Vicars, clerke, Thomas Spark. [Pr. 1583.] 


Aug. 14, 1581. Myckell Reivelye (of Chatton). To be buryed in 
the quyer of Chatton. My wife Essabell and my son Thomas 
Reivelye. My children, Thomas, Clemens, William, Forton, Essabell, 
Elenar and Gennat Reivelye. Stevne Reivelye supervisor. 

He owes to the lorde of Haggarston, 30s ; to the lorde of Morton, 
8s. ; to Thomas Reivelye, 20s. [Pr. July 21, 1582.] 


September 26, 1581. Gyles Andersoue (of Newcastle, taylor). 
To be buried within the churchyarde of St. Nicholas at the easte end 
of the sayd church. All to Jane Anderson, my wife, George, Gyles,. 
Margery e and Isbell Anderson. 

INVENTORY. A glasse caige, 2d. On quiver for arrows, id. 4 
hespes of harden yarne, 6d. 2 ballings, 16d. Two stults and a 
trow stone, 6d. 

In the shope : A shop-borde, 16t/. On pressinge iron and two 
payre of sheares with 3 pinkinge irons, 2s. On chiste, 16^. A 
brydill with two cloge ropes, id. 2 tubbs and on sea, 12<Z. 
Summa, 6s. 

On quyver of straw withe carten shaftes, 6d. 3 chistes and a 
stole and a braik, 4s. A brandon of iron, 6d. A lance, id. 

The Companye of the Taylors is owinge unto me 8s. Id. ; Mr. 
Thomas Swan, 3s. Id. ; Robert Mytfoord, 7s. id. [Pr. November 
29, 1581.] 


Nov. 15, 1581. Martin Lawson of Bywell, gent. 1 To be buried 
in my parishe church of Sanct Andrew, Bywell. To the poor, 30s. 
To my basse begotten doughter, Margaret Lawson, 10/. The rest 
to my basse begotten sonne, John Lawson : he executor. My sister,. 
Barbarye Lawson, and William Asheton, clerk, vicar of Bywell 
Andrewe, supervisors. [Pr.- 1584.] 

1 The will of testator's brother, Edward Lawson of Bywell, is printed in 
Wills and Inventories, vol. i. p. 432, and a short pedigree of the family is given 
in the new- History of Northumberland,, vol. vi. p. 239. 



Nov. 21, 1581. Heughe Clerke of Berwic, milner. 1 To Robert 
Cowper, my brother in law, my whole staite arid parte of my myll 
in Twedmowthe, and my howse in Ratton Raw, alias Revensdon, 
for tene yeares, paying for the rent unto my sonne, Thomas Clerke, 
alias Sawer, and to his mother, Elizabeth Sawer, 30s. per annum : 
he a miner. Erne Johnson, my sister's daughter. Bartilmew 
Cowper, my brother's sonn. My sister and her children. Super- 
visors, my master, Mr. Robert Vernon, and Thomas Sallesbury. 
Witnesses, Barnard Vincent, clerk, etc. 


Dec. 20, 1581. Henrie Ayton of Newbottle, yeoman. To be 
buryed within the parishe churche of Houghtonne. 2 To the 
poore of the parish of Houghton, 20s. To William Ayton, 
my sonne, the leases of my farmholdes in Fyshburne, etc., and 
my wife Agnesse Ayton, his mother, shall have the occupation 
of it duringe his minoritye, paying 47. per annum : to take new 
leases at the discretion of my wife, my cosinge, Robert Furrowe of 
Fyshburne and Christofer Wharton of Offerton : if he die, to come 
to Isbell and Barbarye Ayton, my two dawghters. My will is 
that Robert, Agnesse and Jenett Chilton, my children in lawe, shall 
have theyr hole portione dewe to theym by the administration of 
their father, William Chilton. To John, alias Raynolde, my 
bastarde sonne, 61. 13s. id. My sonne in lawe, Roberte Chilton 
.... To the amendinge of Newbridge lonninge, I2d. To William 
Ayton. my best coate. To John Ayton, my seconde coate. To 
William Ayton, one yron chimney whiche was my mother Hobsons, 
a porre, two rostinge crookes and a recken crooke. To Barbarye 
Ayton, a millaine brasse potte. Remainder to my wife and two 
daughters. Supervisors, my cosinges, Christofer Wharton of 
Offerton and Robert Farrowe of Fishburne. 


Dec. 23, 1581. John Wardaill, of the parish of Shilbottle. To 
be buried in the parish church of Shilbottle. To Marion Clerke, 
my sister-in-lawe, a browne quie. To Richard Wardaill and John 
Wardaill, either of them a yewe and a lamb at Whitsunday. All 
things betwixt Hugh Pallaser and me is. cleare and that he can 

1 1581, Dec. 4. Hew Clarke buried. Berwick Register. 

2 1581/2, Mar. 1. Henry Aiton of Newbottle buried. Houghton-le- Spring 


claime or challence nothinge of my wiffe and children hereafterwards. 
I give the rest of my goods to John Wardaill, 1 Hugh Wardaill, 
Thomas Wardaill and Agnes Wardaill, my children, whom I make 
executors ; my wife, however, to have hir thirds to bring up children 
until lawful years. [Pr. Jan. 25, 1581/2.] 


Jan. 5, 1581/2. Anthony Preston of East Murton, gent. To 
be buried in the parish church of Cundell. 2 I give to Dorothy, my 
wife, my farmes, etc., at Brontoft. To Marie, my daughter, 20 nobles 
out of my lease at Yowletho>rpe and Melsinbie (?). My sister Curwen, 
one lode of wheat, one loode of rye and one loode of pease. My 
cosen, Elinor Curwen, 20 nobles. My cosen, Anne Blakeburne, 40s. 
My wife and my son Francis executors. Witnesses, Anthony 
Claxtone, William Chilton. [Pr. June 16, 1582.] 

INVENTORY. Feb. 8, 1581/2. A stone stagge, a, colt stagge and a 
graye fillie, 47. 2 litle graye fillies, II. 13.?. 4d. A litle bawsant stagge, 
11. 5 maires and 5 foales, 87. 6s. 8d. 2 ridden horses and 2 maires, 
41. 10s. 2 tweeld boardcloathes, 2 tweelde towells, 5 lynnen board- 
cloathes and 2 harden boardcloathes, 27. The apparell of the 
testator, 67. 13s. Id. 2 stilewats, 2 jacks and other furnytor for 
warr, 27. Playte : 12 silver spoones, a silver salte with a cover 
parcell gilt, and a silver pott with a cover, 67. 13s. 4d. 11 silver 
spoones, 27. 4s. Goods at Brountofte, etc., etc. 

He owes: To Mr. Thomas Preston, 67. 13s. Id. To Mr. William 
Gravin, 67. 13s. 4c7. To Mr. Mawlbie of Yorke, 17. 16s. To Dame 
Clibburne, lls. To Mr. Swifte, 67. Funerall expences, 117. 17s. 9d. 

Summa, 3297. 15s. 8d. Debts, 627. 15s. 8d. 


Jan. 10, 1581/2. George Elyson of the towne of Newcastell- 
uppon-Tyne, shippwrighte. To be buryed within the parryshe 
churche of Alhallowes. To my syster, Margrett Eleson, 50s. To 
my brother, Stephen Elyson, all my worke-towles and my silver 
whistle, he to pay unto my wyfe 26s. Sd. ; also 3 paire of breches 
and a motlleye slope, mye fustian doblett laide wythe lace. To my 
brother, Andrewe Elyson, all my shepe whyche I have in the 

1 John Wardale held in messuage and husbandland land in Shilbottle in 
1585. New History of Northumberland, vol. v. p. 427. 

The testator's brother, Thomas Wardell, also of the parish of Shilbottle, 
made his will Aug. 14, 1581. ' To be buried in Shilbottle church. I give all 
my goods, moveable and unmoveable, to my wife Alice and my two sonnes, 
Richard and John Wardell. they executors ; my brother, John Wardayle, 
supervisor.' Proved Oct. 11, 1581. 

2 Cundall, a parish in the West Riding of Yorkshire, six miles from Ripon. 


countrye, which ys in nomber eighte or thereabouts. To my brother, 
Cuthberte Elyson, my blacke doblett laide wythe laice. To my 
sister, Ann Elyson, 10s. My brother, Jhone Elyson, owes me 20s. 
Jhone Readheade of Rothberrye do owe me for 2 Frenche cappes, 
7s. George Strangwyche doth owe me for a sworde, 16s. I owe unto 
my Mr. Thomas Smythe 4s. Remainder to my wife, Isabell Elyson, 
she sole executor. Witnesses, William Liddell, Gerrard Errington, 
etc. [Pr. March 13, 1581/2.] 

[INVENTORY exhibited Mar. 7, 1581/2.] 


Feb. 17, 1581/2. Marty n Garnett of Barwicke upon Tweed, 
alderman. 1 To my wife, Agnes Garnett, my farmehold in Buckton, 
the tower with all things belonging, and all the store upon it ; my 
house wherein I dwell in Barwicke in Marye-gate ; the next house to 
it, wherein nowe Captain Case dwelleth, for her life ; and another 
tenement called the mill-house another tenement in the Wester- 
layne wherein Christopher Ogle dwelleth ; the lease of a tenement 
in Marye-gate ; my lease of 8 sheete of salmon fishing in the Heugh 
sheile and 8 sheete salmon fishing in the South Yarrowe dureing my 
years ; my farmhold in Orde, both water and land, which I have of 
Nicholas Manners. To my sonne, Rowland Garnett, 201. To my 
sonne, William Garnett, 10/. To my sonne, Nicholas Garnett, 20. 
To my daughter, Jaine Garnett, 100 marks. I will that my wife 
shall bring up Robert Garnett, the eldest sonne of my sonne Rowland 
Garnett, if his parents be soe contented, at her proper costs and 
chardges ; and after my death, I will that she shall take in like 
manner the younger boy, Ralph Garnett. All my lands to the said 
Robert and his heirs, and failing issue, to my son, Ralph Garnet, 
and failing issue, to my two daughters, Margaret and Jane and their 
heirs. To the church in Barwicke, 20s. to buy a carpett to the 
Communion table. My wife executrix. Supervisors, Mr. Robert 
Carvill, and my sonne in lawe, Bartilmew Bradforth. To Mr. Robert 
Carvell, my best horse. To Bartilmew Bradford, the next horse 
unto my best, To my daughter at Beverley, 6/. 13s. <id. Witnesses, 
Thomas Clerke, vicar of Barwicke, Bernard Vincent, clerk. By me 
Bartholomew Bradforth. [Pr. May 12, 1582.] 

Dec. 4, 1653. The original will was delivered to Mr. Ralph 
Taylor, scrivener, for the use of one Mr. Lewen, merchant in New- 
castle, who married one of the daughters of the deceased and had 
hir sole interest in the said will, as he alledged. 

1 A biography of Martin Garnett, who was a leading public man at Berwick, 
may be found, Scott, Berwick-upon-Tiueed, p. 290. 



March 18, 1581/2. John Lassells, of the towne of Newcastell 
upon Tyne, marchannte. 1 My bodye to be buryed withein my parishe 
churche of Sancte Nicholas in Sancte George porche soo nyghe my 
wyffe, Anne Lassells, there buryed as convenyentlie maye be. To 
the poore men's boxe of my sayd parishe churche, to be distributed 
to the poore at the discretion of the churchewardens, 3s. kd. To my 
sonne, George Lassells of Darlington, my beste gowne faced with 
blacke budge, my beste dublett of satten, my blacke chamlett 
jackett, garded with velvett, 16 silver spoynes with lyons on there 
ends, 1 white sylver peece, 1 standinge bedd of waynescott, 1 flanders 
chiste, 1 chiste of waynescott, and a dubblett of blacke worsett. 
To my doughter, Margarete Sheiles, 2 sylver spoynes, 2 payre of 
lynneu sheits, 1 flanders chiste and 10s. To my doughter, Elizabethe 
Tennand, 2 sylver spoynes and 10s. To my doughter, Anne Casson 
of Houghton, 2 silver spoynes, 1 paire of lynnen sheates and 10s. 
To my servannte, Elizabethe Donne, one fether bead, with one paire 
of blanckettes, one paire of sheates and 1 paire of coverlettes, and also 
13s. id. To Anne Lassells, wedowe, 3s. 4e?. All the reste of my 
goodes to my sonne, William Lassells, whome I doo make my 
executor ; he to ordayne and dyspoyne the same to the pleasure of 
Almyghtie God as he shall thinke beste. And I doo ordayne and 
make my Avelbeloved in Christe, Mr. William Selbye, alderman, 
supervisor of this my laste will and testamente, desyringe hym for 
the love of God, and as my speciall truste ys in hym, to see this 
my said will probate and putt in execution accordinge to my trewe 
meaninge, and I doo gyve unto hym for a small token one olde angell. 
Wytnesses, Edward Collingwood, William Chamber. [Pr. Oct. 16, 


April 18, 1582. Mathewe Welkensonn of Newcastle, smethe. 
To be buryede within the churche of All Hallowes. To my wife, 
Elizabeth Welkenson, the house I dwell in. To my daughter, 
Elizabeth Welkinson, my two tennements at the Lyme-kelles. To my 
sonne, Roberte Welkensonne, my lands in Tendaill, in a place called 
the Fawleye within the barrendrye of Warke. Residue to my wyfe, 
Elizabeth Welkeson, Robert Welkenson, my sonne, and Elizabeth 
Welkenson, my doughter, whom I appoint executors ; they thre to- 
dispounde the same to the pleasure of God. [Pr. March 26, 1583.] 

1 John Lassels was apprenticed, Feb. 2, 1527, to Thomas Horsley of New- 
castle, and was admitted free of the Merchant's Company circa 1536. Dendy, 
Newcastle Merchant Adventurers, vol. ii. p. 189. He was sword-bearer of the 
Corporation of Newcastle. Cf. Welford, Newcastle and Gateshead, index. 


INVENTORY. 2 heedsheets, 2s. 4 cod pillyvers, ISd. A. 
demye with head and tache and a paire of croukes, 17s. The brew- 
house : A \vortt-tub, a guylle fatt and a masken fatte, 4s. 5 standes, 
20d., a seye, 2 washinge tubes, 2Qd. A brewinge cawdronne, 5s. id. 
A seive, 5s. A wheye, 10s. The Shope: 3 score 16 dossen showlles, 
51. 10s. 8 grett hammers, 4s. 4 up and downe hammers, 4s. 7 
small hammers, 3s. id. 4 stand spike bores, 5s. A duble-take boie, 
a singel-take bore, 2 heckenall bors, 2 tengell bors, 2 takett bores 
and a small tangell bore, and a lednall bore, 3s. id. 8 payer fyer tonges, 

4 hewers and 24 punches, 4s. 2 paire of penchers, Sd. 3 bowlsters, 

5 small boulsters, 12d. 2 half quarter C. wyghts, on 10 li. wyghte, 
on 7 li., on 5 li., on 4 li., on 3 ^z'., on 2 li., onli. and half a li. 
3s. id. 2 grendstones with trowes, I2d. Irron stedye with an 
irron byker, 6s. 8d. A casten sledye, 8s. 2 paire of bellyses, 14s. 
a paire of new bredes with a skene to cover thym, 6s. Sd. Summa, 
SI. 19s. Mr. Robert Erringtone owes him 18s. Id. He owes to John 
Shaftow, 37. 6s. 9d. To Fraunces Anderson, 33s. lid. For his 
buryall, 12s. 6d. His chiste and the makinge, 5s. His forthe 
bringinge, 14s. 2d. Etc. 


April 26, 1582. Thomas Harryson, parish of St. Marie's, in the 
North Balie [Durham], singingman, beinge longe before this tyme 
visited with extreme sicknes, the messenger of my mercifull God 
wherebie to put me in remembraunce what I am, yet beinge of mynde, 
manner and forme followinge. First, I gyve and bequeath my soule 
unto Almightie God, trustinge that by the blodie deathe of that 
sweete Saveyor Jesus Christe, I shalbe one of those that he, at 
the last day, shall say unto ' Come unto me ye blessed of my 
Father and inherite the Kingdome which is prepared for you,' 
and my bodie to be buryed in the Gallolie as nie my uncle, Mr. 
Bromley, as may be. My welbeloved wyfe, Barbarie. To my 
sonne, John Harrison, 1007. and my gould ringe for a token, 
which weigheth an ounce, and my blessing withal, and my will is 
that he and his porcion, when he commeth to the age of 12 yares, 
shalbe delyvered unto my worshipfulle frende, Mr. John Clopton, 
esquier. To my sonne, Christofer Harrison, 100/., and for a token 
I gyve hym a dozen and a halfe of silver buttons, with my blessing 
withal my good cosyn and frend, Mr. Oswold Carr of Newcastle, 
merchaunt, to have him. To my daughters, Margaret and Barbarie 
Harrison, 80/. each. Also I gyve to amend our churche stock 5s., 
trustinge that the parishioners will fynde meanes that I may have my 
money paid to my wife I have laid out for the building of the newe 
house. To the poore of our parishe, 6s. Sd. ; South Bailie, 3s. 6d. ; 
St. Nicholas, 6s. Sd. ; St. Oswoldes, 6s. Sd. ; St. Margaretts, 6s. Sd. ; 
St. Gyles, 6s. 8d. Also, I gyve unto the pant, 10s., to be bestowed 


theron as the alderman for the tyme beinge shall thinke convenient. 
To my aunte Barbarie, one old angell. To my cosyne, William 
Haryson of Rabie, one old angell. To my brother Wardhaugh, 
my blewe coote and my lether dublett his wife, son Thomas and his 
daughters Elynor, Janet and Barbarie .... To Thomas Humble, 
my newe canvesse dublett, my blacke britches and a crowne of 
goulde, trustinge that yf he chaunce to be a townes man he will 
have care of my children to see theme do well, as I have had of 
hym. Supervisors, the right worshipfull Mr. Doctor Burton, Mr. 
John Clopton, Mr. Christofer Chaitor and Oswolde Carr, and I gyve- 
unto every one of theme one old angell a pece. To my gossopp, 
Syrnon Comyne, one Frenche crowne. 


May 16, 1582. John Sotheran, of the towne of Newcastell upon 
Tyne, marchant. To be buried in the church of Sancte Nicholas. 1 
The howse I d\yell in to Florence, my wife, for hir lyfe, and then 
to my sonne, Thomas Sotheran, and his heirs; then to my sonne 
Nicholas and his heirs : then to my sonne John and his heirs. 
Whereas my brother, William Sotheran, upon ane olde reckening 
dothe owe me 20/., I give it to his fowre sonnes, Rowlande, Roger, 
Robert and Cuthbert. To my nevew, William Sotherane servant to 
Mr. George Lawson, 6/. 13s. d., if he do not troble my heres or 
executors for his executorship unto my father in law, Robert 
Robenson. To my sonne, Thomas Sotheran, and his heres my tene- 
ment and close in Gateshed. To my pore neghbores, being hows- 
holders, 40s. To my brother, William Sotheran, for a token, 10s. 
To his wife, 6s. To my brother in lawe, Rafe Harle, 10s., and to 
my lovinge sister, his wife, 6s. To my nevew, James Harle, my 
apprentice, 37. 6s. 8d. To my neece, Margarete Harle, 37. 6s. 8d. 
George Armarer owes me 107. To Leonard Harle, an olde angell. 
To Mr. Nicholas Hedley, one old angell. To Mrs. Hedley, his loving 
wife, one Frenche crowne. To my cosen, Thomas Horsley, 20s. 
To my frend, John Watson, 10s. The remainder to my wife and 
five children. [Pr. June 13, 1583.] 

[INVENTORY exhibited July 3, 1582.] 


Aug. 25, 1582. John Gallon of Alnewicke, gentleman. To be 
buried within the church of Saint Michaell in Alnewicke as nighe 
my father, Pervicall Gallon, where he lyeth, and my other brethren 

1 The testator was buried at St. Nicholas's, May 19, 1582 ; his two daughters, 
Agnes and Florence, were under age at the time of their father's death. Cf. 
Welford, Newcastle and Gateshead, vol. iii. p. 12. The inventory of his goods 
is printed in Wills and Inventories, vol. ii. p. 68. 


and sisters. To William Gallon, my sonn (a minor), and his heires 
male, my lands, burgage and earable, etc., in myne ow'ne occupation 
and free purchase of Mr. George Middleton of Silkesworth, co. 
Durham, gent., within the towne and feilds of Alnewick; failing 
him, to my son Cuthbert Gallon (a minor) and his heirs male ; 
remainder to Edward Gallon (a minor), sonne of William Gallon, 1 
my elder brother son ; remainder to the daughters of my son, William 
Gallon ; remainder to the daughters of my son, Cuthbert Gallon ; 
remainder to Alice Gallon, my daughter. My wife, Jane Gallon, to 
pay 207. to Cuthbert, my son, when he comes of age. To my wife, 
my terme of yeares of the quarter of the tieth corne and sheaves of 
corne of Emelden. My daughter Alice (a minor) : Jane Gallon, my 
brother William's wife. Isabell Gallon, my brother William's 
daughter. John Ellicar. George Forster of Newham and his wife. 
I give to Edward, son of John Gallon of Alnwick, two young riouts, 
my wife to bring him up. Edward Gallon, my brother's son, his land 
at Trewick. Residue to my wife. Mr. Cuthbert Collingwood and 
Mr. Cuthbert Forster, supervisors. 


Sept. 16, 1582. Gawen Rotherforth of Rochester, parish of 
Ovingham, esquier. To be buried in my parishe churche or 
chancell. All my goods, etc., to Margarett, my wiff, and she sole 
executrix, to order and dispound my goods to the health of my 
soule by the counsell and consent of my brother in lawe, David 
Carnaby, and my sonne in law, Thomas Ereington of Beukeley whom 
I make my supervisors. My children to have there porcions 
fryndley without suite of lawe. Also I will that my daughter 
Grace's porcion be maid 40/. Witnesses, Thomas and John Routher- 
forth and Thomas Herington. 

[INVENTORY exhibited Oct. 5, 1582.] 


Sept. 29, 1582. Thomas Barrowe, quartermaster serveinge in 
Berwick upon Twede. To be buried in the church-yarde. My 
cosen, Thomas Hogben, lait souldier in Berwick and nowe dwellinge 

1 A pedigree of the family of Gallon of Alnwick is given in the new History 
of Northumberland, vol. ii. p. 486. 

The testator's brother, William Gallon of Alnwick, made his will Nov. 4, 
1574. ' To be buried in the parish church of St. Michael. I give my land in 
Trewick (Trewitt) and my son Edward to my brother, John Gallon, till my 
said son be of age. I give my daughter, Beyll Gallon, to my sister, Margaret 
Forster, the old good wife of Newham. My brother, John Gallon, and my 
uncle, John Gallon, executors. Rauf Collingwood of Sheiply, supervisor.' 
Pr. Dec. 16. 1574. 

Two early deeds relating to the Middleton property at Alnwick are printed 
in Arch. Ad. vol. xxv. pp. 74, 77. 


in Kent, my executor, and I give him all, and he to kepe my daughter, 
Ursulea Russell, with sufficient meat, drinke and apperrell as an 
honest man's child ought to be found ; and if her husband, John 
Russell, be deade, or that she can gett a devorsement from her husband, 
the said Thomas do see her honestlie bestowed in mariage upon 
some honest man. To Mrs. Larkin, 10s. To Thomas Savage, niy 
best cloke. To John Selbie, horseman, 5s. To my cosin, George 
Hamon, dwellinge in Kent in the parish of Hearonhill, 5^. My cosen, 
George Hamon's thre sonnes, Adam, John and Christopher, 20Z. each. 


Oct. 6, 1582. Jane Aineslye, late wyffe to William Ainesley of 
Bradforth, parish of Bolam, beinge in this time of God his visitacion 
in good and perfect remembrance. To be buried within the church 
earth of Bolam. To Robert Rochester of West Whelpington, 10s. 
To his sister, Janet Rochester, 10s. To his sister, Isabell Rochester, 
10s. To my brother, Martyn Atcheson, 10s. The rest of my 
goods to my good maister, Marmaduke Fenwick, whom I make my 
executor and supervisor, desyreing him to dispone thes goods amongst 
my brethren and poore friends. Witnesses, Marmaduke and Roger 
Fenwick, John Cutter and William Heaton. [Pr. Feb. 15, 1582/3.] 


Oct. 10, 1582. Wylliam Borralle (of Chatton). To be burryd 
in the churche yearde of Chatton. Robert Ateheson, John Brown, 
Jennat Borrale, my wyff, and Essabelle Elder my executors. 
Witnesses, Edward Cowston, vicar, etc. 

He owes to Mr. Thomas Forster 14s. and to John Revely 
Zl. 4s. id. 


Oct. 18, 1582. Thomas Crane of Crawhaull. I give to Agnes r 
my wyfe, the thyrd of my lands and goods. I give to Elizabeth 
Crane, my daughter, the yerlie somme of 10s. out of Caughton [sic] in 
Hexhamshire. To each of the children of Margarett Ledall, my 
sister, 3s. id. To each of the children of Katherin Awgood, my 
sister, 3s. id. To Nycholas Rydley of Wyllimonstswyke, esq., 
3/. 6s. 8d. To John Crane, sonn unto Jhon Crane of Barwyck, my 
black humbled cowe. To Thomas Rydley, the wrighter hereof, 
6s. 8d. To Nicholas Rydley, sonn unto William Rydley of Lee- 
house ( ?), 6s. 8d. To eyther of the two daughters of Luce Heron, my 
daughter, 6s. 8d. To Alexander Rydley, my grene venecon hosse. 


To my sonn, Nycholas Crane, my black nagg, sadell, brydle, jack, 
sword, etc. The marriadge of my sonn, Nycholas Crane, 1 to be att 
the discrecion of Nycholas Rydley, esquier, and Mr. William Vauxe 
most earnestlie desyringe at ther hands that they wylle a staye 
unto hym, remayninge with his mother, and with ther good councell, 
agde and assistance, .to be a meane thatt he be keptt and mayn- 
tayned att scoole and in the travell of good leaminge. The 
remainder to my children, viz., Mare, Barbare, Elsabeth, Margret 
and Jayne Crayne, my daughters. 


Memorandum that Rychard Clyffe, layt of the South salt pannes, 
neire to the South Sheiles of the parish of Jarro, .of the diocess of 
Durisme, now deceased, whylst he lyved beinge of good and perfytte 
remembrannce, the 5th day of December last, 1582, mayd and 
declared his testament and last wyll nuncupative, before certeine 
honest witnesses herunder named in maner followinge, in effect 
videlicet, I gyve my sonne, John Clyffe, and my boote to the sayd 
John his use, unto you, Thomas Bridggs, here present. And he then 
declared that he had payed unto Mr. Edward Taylor 20/. and 
declared that he had had the occupation also of a close for certeine 
yeares for redeminge of a salt panne that was morgashed to hym 
by one John Carre ; and sayd that the sayd Edward owed to him 
xiii en foure chaulders> of cooles. He also sayd : Executors of my last 
wyll and testament I constitute and make Elynor Clyffe, my wyffe, 
and my sonne John Clyffe, and doe praye my sayd wyffe to be good 
to my sayd sonne, John Clyffe. Whyche woordes or the lyke in 
effecte he sayd, spoke, declared and wylled to be done, and con- 
stituted executors as above, the daye and year abovesayd in the 
presence of Stephane Kaye, Thomas Bridggs and Alyce Wallas. 


Dec. 2, 1582. Rychard Crawforthe of Headlame. To be buried 
within the parishe church of Gainforthe. 2 To the church, 3*. id. To 
my sonne, Christofer Crawforthe, all my right, etc., of all my leases 
and tenements. To Sythe Garthe, one of my brother Thomas his 
daughters, 6/. 13s. 4d. To Jennett, wyffe of Anthone Garthe, Agnes, 
wyffe of Thomas Hoodde, and Margaret, wyffe of George Wetherald, 
10s. each. To my brother Thomas Garth's daughters, Margaret, 
Jenett and Anne, a bushell of hardcorn each. To the poore, 20s. 

1 Nicholas Crane of Crawhall, in the parish of Haltwhistle, in 1615, on the 
marriage of his daughter Margaret with Ralph Clavering of Bowsden, settled 
upon them and their is<ue his lands at Crawhall, Bradley-hall, Housesteads, 
Thorngrafton, etc. Hodgson, Northumberland, pt. ii. vol. iii. p. 329. 

2 1582/3, Feb. 19. Richard Crawforth buried. Gainford Register. 


I will that my brother, Sir Robert Crawforthe, 1 shall have one 
chamber and meatt and drynke duringe his lyffe of the proper costes 
of my sonne Christofer, yf it please him to be so contended, and to 
use him as his lovinge and naturall unckle, as my trust is that he 
wyll do. Robert Shipsyde, one of my sister Jaine's sonnes, 13s. Id. 
Remainder to Christofer my sonne and George Crawforthe, his son. 
Anthonie Garthe and Thomas Hoodd, my sonnes in law, supervisors. 
Witnesses, Ambrose Lancaster, Wylliam Elwyne, Rychard Garthe,. 
Cuthbert Garthe, Richard Crawforthe, [Pr. April 20, 1583.] 


Dec. 7, 1582. Thomas Corbye, of hir Majestie's towne of 
Barwicke counstable. I give to my servante, Elynor Kitchyne, a 
flecked calfe, my freesse cloocke of Newcastle frease, etc. I give 
to my daughter, Margaret Reade, my best cloocke that my lord of 
Bedfoord gave me. To my son, Thomas Corbye, my dune horse with 
a read sadle and bridle. Residue to my son in law, John Read and 
Margaret, his wife. [Pr. Feb. 18, 1582/3.] 


Dec. 31, 1582. Richard Hutone, maior of the towne of Hartill- 
pole. To be buryed in the churche of Sainct Hilde in Hartillpole in 
the mydd halleye before the quiere dore. To Richard Hutone, the 
eldeste son of William Hutone, my sone, my burgage in Hartillpole 
in Southe Streite to him and his heirs ; then to John Hutone, second 
son of William Hutone. To everye one of my children, William, 
George, Margaret and Agnes Hutone, 10s. Remainder to Isabel 
Hutone, my wife she executrix. 2 My brother, John Hut one,, super- 
visor. Witnesses, John Browne, allderman, John Stappltone, 
clarke, etc. [Pr. Feb. 6, 1582/3.] 

1 June 26, 1583. Will of Robert Crawforthe of Whitworth, clerke. If 
God call me to his mercie here at Whitworth, I will that my bodye be buried 
in the quere of the parisshe churche ther. To the reparinge of the seyd 
churche, 6s. 8d. To the poore of Billingham parishe, 10s. To the poore of 
Gaynforth parisshe, wher I was borne, 10s. To Thomas Garthe, his foure 
daughters yet lyvinge, everye of theom, 5s. To Christofer Crawforthe, my 
brother's sonne, his thre systers, everye of theim, 5-s. To Elizabeth Lynne, 
widow, my cosinge .... My (late) brother, Richard Crawforth. Christofer, 
my seyd brother's son. 

The following is the will of a kinsman : Sept. 8, 1583. Edward Lynne of 
Whitworth. To be buried within the queire very neare wheare my mother 
laie. To Robert Crawforth, a angell of golde to praie for me. To the aiged 
poore people, penie daile ; also, I gyve my godchildren \1d. a peice, and to 
those children whiche I held under the busshope, every on \2d. a pece. 

- The will of the testator's widow, Isabell Huton of Hartillpole, is dated 
Mar. 8, 1583/4. 'To be buryed within the churche of Sanncte Hilde in 
Hartillpole, nigh unto the grave of my late husbande, Richarde Huton. My 
sons, George and William Huton. My son-in-lawe, Rauffe Thompson, and 
Ann his wife, my daughter. My son-in-lawe, Gilbert Nicollsone.' Pr. 1584. 



Jan. 19, 1582/3. Robert Foster, clarke, vicare of Dalton. 1 My 
bodie to be buried in the quere of Dalton hard at the outsyde of the 
wall of my clossett. Also I bequithe to my servante, Beale Dunne, 
one brandid quye that werite at Shotton, a cawell, 2 puther dysshes, 
a bedd of clothes, my best brasse pott sayf one, hir whole yeare 
waiges, a kyrcher and two bourds to maike hir a chist upon. Allso 
I geve to Jenett Ranoldsonne, my old servant, two kyne, one called 
Throssell and the other Chyrry, a wyndowe clothe, the beste hewed 
coverlett I have, a tempes, two longe bourds, a puther platter and a 
great tre dubler. Allso I geve to John Ranoldsonne a browne 
upheaded stot goinge in the northe feild, a dune horse, thre paire of 
house syles and other wood that ys att Hesselden, a dossinge doore 
bourds, a newe cowpe wayne, a paire of longe wayne blayds, and thre 
axell trees, and two of the best mowlde bowrds, halffe my plewghe 
heads and halfe my plewghe styltes, a newe plewghe, half of my 
clethinge bowrds, and two yoicks whiche was bowghte of Thomas 
Yonge of Morton. Also I geve to Allesonne Ranoldsonne, wife of 
John Ranoldsonne of Hawthorne, a brandid quie with calfe. Also 
I geve to Dorathye Dune, alias Allay of Sehame, fowre gymbers 
or yews. Also I geve to Agnesse Dunne, to Elizabethe Dunne and 
to Brydgitt Donne, everye one of theyme a gymbre. Also I gyve to 
Robert Robinsone two oxen, one called Brownebeird and th other 
Prowdlocke, and my cropp growynge upon the grownde att Dalton, 
and a paire of longe wayne blaydes. Also I gyve to Agnesse Robyn- 
son, wife of Robert Robynsonne of Dalton, a almerie, a peuther 
charger, a great pott, a basynge and a bedde. Also I geve to William 
Thomson of Hawthorne my warday gowne. Also I geve to Jenett 
Ranoldsone 10 shepe. Also I geve to John Ranoldsonne of Haw- 
thorne 10 shepe. I geve to Robarte Robinsone of Dalton 10 shepe. 
I give to my goodsone, Robarte Fall of Dalton, my beste bowe of 
ewe. Also I give to John Foster of Hesselden, my brother, one 
yocke of my beste oxen unbequithed. I give to John Ranoldsone one 
quarter of wheate, one quarter of otes and one lode of pees, to be 
delivered presentlye after my deathe. I will that my executor shall 
give yearlye durynge the tearrne of five yeares, to beginge att 
Chrystenmasse next after my deathe, to the poore of Dalton parishe 
is., which in the whole ys 20s. to be distributed as aforesaid. I gyve 
to George Fell of Ryop 3/., in recompence of certen tougher which 
he clameth of my brother, John of Hesselden, and to his wyfe and 
children, 20s., which some of 5/. 2s. in the said George Fell hand. 
The reste of my goods, moveable and unmoveable, unbequythed, my 
debts paide, my legaces and al things in my will and testement dis- 
charged, I gyve yt to John Foster of Hessleden, my brother, to 

1 Called Richard Forster in the list of vicars of Dalton printed by Mr. 
Surtees in his History of Durham, vol. i. pt. ii. p. 3. 


Richard Foster, to Thomas Foster and Robert Foster, his sonnes, 
whome I mayke whole and joynte executors of this my.laste will and 
testament. Witnesses, Thomas Yonge and Anthonie Dowrme of 
Morton, Robart Sharpe and John Shaldfoorthe of Hesselden, William 
Toodd and George Dayle of Dalton, Peter Thorpe of Dalton, and 
Thomas Easterbye, clarke, vicarre of Sehame, wythe others. 
[Pr. Feb. 9, 1582.] 


John Smith of Shereborne, within the parrish of Pittington, 
deceased, in the yere of our Lord God 1582/3, the 24th daye of 
Januarii, did utter his mind at divers tymes concerninge his last 
will and testament, both before he was sicke, and also lyinge upon 
his deathe-bedd, as followeth : First he did say to William Shauld- 
forth of Sherborn, long before he was sicke, that Allyson Smith, his 
wyfe, should have all his goods that he had, duringe hir lyfe, and that 
after hir death all the saide goods should come to George Smyth and 
Isabell Thropp, whome they had brought upp and which did helpe 
them in theire nede, and did make them two sole executors of the 
same to theire owne proper use and commoditye. And at an outher 
tyme he did speake the same words to Herry Cooke and Thomas 
Cooke of Shereborne, and upon his death-bedd, a little before he 
dyed, he spake the same to Thomas Dobson of Shereborne. All 
which said persons will testyfye the truth hereof upon there othes 
when nede shall require. 

INVENTORY. 27 April, 1585. One ould ambre and one chawwell, 
2s. Two chists, 2s. One ould and one borde, Id. Fower stoles 
to syt on, \d. Two bras pots, 6s. One kettell and two lytle pans, 
2s. Wd. Eyght peace of puder and two lytle sawcers and one salte 
puder, 5*. One candelstycke, 8d. Two coverleds, 5s. One lynnynge 
shete and two lynnynge towels, 3s. 8d. Two lynnynge kyrtlichers ( 1) 
and two lynnyng rayles, 22d. Eyght other ould lynnyng clothes, 
23rf. Two ould cod pillowes of lynnynge, 9<7. Fyve ould harne 
shete, 3s. 8d. To harne aprans and one ould borde clothe, 8d. Seven 
ould cods, 8d. Thre woman's coots and one ould clokke and ould 
waystcoote and one payre of sieves, 5s. 8d. Thre ould skrede 
happins, 8d. Certayne wood vessell, 3s. One spinnyng whele and 
thre payre of ould cayrds and thre baskets, Wd. Fyve ould pockes, 
Id. One hallinge clothe and fower ould bords, 8d. One rackkin 
croke, one hatchet, one payre of iron tongs and iron bars, I2d. 
Two hens and lytle chikkens, 8d. 


Jan. 30, 1582/3. George Topias of Ihisshopweremouthe, yeoman. 
To be interred in the churche of the said Wermouthe under my 
owne stall where commonlie I used to sitte. To the poore of the 


parishe of Tinmouth, to be distributed to them in bread, 3s. kd. 
To the poore of Washington parishe, in like manner, 3s. d. To 
the poore of Munokewermouth and Busshopweremouth, likewise, 
3s. Id. each. To the repayringe of the churche of Busshopweremouth, 
2s. Qd., forgevynge the said church 4s. which it was indetted unto me 
at the makinge herof. To the poore of Standwrope parishe, 3s. 4d. 
To the poore of Barnard-castell parishe, where my father is interred, 
20s. To the poore of Gainforthe parishe, where my mother l is 
interred, 20s. To John Bell, my sworde and dagger. To Richard 
Thomsone, my wives sonne, 19s. My brother, Thomas Topias. To 
Francis Topias, son of William Topias, my bowe of two peaces. Jane 
Topias, his daughter. My brother William's children. To the three 
children of John Craddocke, 2*. 3d. a peice. To my brother 
Craddocke, 2s. 8d. [Pr. March 9, 1582/3.] 


Jesus. March 17, 1582/3. John Horsleye of Milburne Grainge, 
gentleman. 2 To be buried within the parisshe churche of Pontyland. 
All my goods, etc., I give to Lancelotte Horsleye, the sonne of 
Lamerocke Horslye, my sonne, of Newhame, and my said sonne 
Lamrocke to have the tuition of him. I make the said Lancelote my 
executor. Oswould Ogle of Shilvingetonne, gentleman, supervisor. 
Also I will that myne executour deliver unto Robart Horsley, the sone 
of Edmund Horseleye, my sonne, departed, seaven heade of nawte. 
Witnesses, Oswould Ogle and Lamrocke Horseleye. 


May 3, 1583. John Browne of Newcastell, armorer. To be 
buryed in the church-yard of St. John. To my doughter, Anne 
Browne, my howse that I nowe dwell in. To my sonnes, John and 
Henrye Browne, the shop that is in my howse to worke in. To my 
sonne John, the greate vise, the study and the belles, and my sonnes 
John and Henrie to have all the shope geare, viz., iron stufe, plates, 
harmes, crosbowes and gonnes. To my sonne John, a chiste with the 
fyer locks therein, a payr of hose of buffe leather, a jerken to the 
same and a bufe skyne of lether. To my sonne Henrie and his 
heires, my howse which standethe nere the Whit Crose in the Neate 
Market, the leser vise in my shop and a bufe jerkin. My brother 
William Browne, my work-day apparell. My mylne in New Heton to 

1 1577, July 23. Widow Topias buried. Gainford Register, 

- The testator purchased Milburn Grange, Aug. 23, 1566, from Bertram 
Anderson of Newcastle. His name heads the pedigree of Horsley of Bolam 
given in Hodgson, Northumberland, pt. ii. vol. i. p. 335. 


my children. My welbeloved f rends, William Errington, gent., and 
Thomas Browne, tayler, supervisors. Names of those which are 
indepted unto me : Sir George Radclyef, knight, 38s. ; Martyn 
Trotter, 53s. id. ; Humfreye Graye, 6s. 8d. ; Mr. Francis Ralclief, 6s. ; 
Thomas Atkinson, 21s. 6d. ; Mr. Thomas Gascoyne, 12s. [Pr. June 
10, 1583, by Anne Brown the widow.] 


June 14, 1583. William Blenkinsop, clerk, one of the peti 
canons within the cathedrall churche of Durham. 1 My bodye to be 
buried within the cathedrall churche as nighe where as my brother, 
Rowland Blenkinsop, was buried as may be. To the poore people, 
within the citie of Durham there as most needing, 40s. To my 
sister, Alleson Myllott, widow, 107. To Davie Taylior, my syster's 
sonne, 101. To Anthony Taylior, my systers sonne, 101. To Agnes 
Neyle, 3^. 6s. Sd. To John Bucles, 5s. To William Foster, 6s. 8d. 
To William Smythe, clerke, one old ryall of 15s. To Richard 
Johnson, one old yaungell of 10s. To Beale and Francis Wright, 
children to William Wright, marcer, 5s. betwen them. To Richard 
Buckels, sonne to John Buckels, 5s. To Elizabeth Buckles, syster 
to the said Richard, 3s. Id. To everye peti canon within the 
cathedrall churche, I2d. a peace. To everie of the lay singinge men 
ther, 8d. a peace. To the master of the choristers, l'2d., and to 
everie chorister, id. a peace. To Robert Skepper, 5s. To Myles 
White, 3s. id. To John Haykins, 12d. To everie of the poore 
men, 6d. To the bell ringers of the said church, for makiuge my 
grave and such thinges as they have to do for me, 6s. 8^7. To 
Roger Malham, 5s. I will that my bookes shalbe geven and dis- 
tributed as the said William Smyth, clerke, Davie Taylior and 
Richard Johnson shall thinke good, so that some of them be bestowed 
of Christofer Mallam. Also, whereas George Jobson oweth me 51., 
I gyve that debte to Edward Jobsone, his sonne. To William 
Walton, my godson, 6s. 8d. To John Robinson, his wife, 10s., and 
to Suzane Robinsonne, my goddoghter, 3*. id. To the said Davie 
Taylior my soulden sylver spone, and to Alis Taylior, his wife, one 
old ryall of 15s. To Margaret, wife to the said Anthony Taylior, 
one other sylver spone. The residue of my goodes, etc., to the said 
Alleson Myllot, my sister, Davie and Anthony Taylior, my sister's 
sonues, whom I make executors. 

1 A minor canon of the cathedral of Durham, whose bequests betoken more 
good feeling towards the ' inferior members ' than towards the ' dignified 
clergy ' of that body. He may possibly have been one of the family of 
Blenkinsop settled at Birtley. Hi^ sister had been married to a Millot, 
another Chester-le-Street name ; her husband was perhaps a humble member 
of the house of Whitehill Millots. 



July 15, 1583. William Bell of Benwell, yeoman, of good and 
perfect memorie, I prayse God for yt, and yeat visited with 
syknasse, God comforte me. To be buried in St. John's church-yarde, 
where my ellders lyethe buried. To Thomas Bell, my sonne, one 
baye mare that usethe to goe in the wayne, beynge about syx years 
of age. I give my farmes to Agnes, my wyff, durynge hir lyff. 
Thomas Bell, my younger sonne. Margaret Bell, daughter of Robert 
Bell, my sonne, deceased. 


July 24, 1583. William Shell of Alnewicke, merchant. 1 I 
bequeath my sowle to Almightie God, my Creator, and to Jesus 
Chryst, my Redemer, whose death and passion I acknowledge to be 
only sufficient for my salvation : assured herof by the earnest of 
God's Spirit who hathe regenerate me into a most certeine and 
lively hoape of the blessed immortalitie. And I will that my bodie 
be buried in the churche of Alnewicke with such reverence and rites 
as are now used in the Church of England. My wyfe Agnes 
executrix. [Pr. 1584.] 


Oct. 4, 1583. INVENTORIE. John Shafto of Newcastell, 
marchante. Praised by Wylliam Greenwell, Mathewe Chepman, 
Rauffe Coxe and Frances Andersonn, marchants. 1 small cowbartt 
with a fleare and on presse for napkins, 10s. On bassinge and on 
ewer and 8 dansk potes, 26s. 8^. 2 panted hallinges and a . . . . , 
3s. Sd. On .... croke, on lydginge yrone, 2s. 6 cushings, nott 
stoped, 16s. 4 danske chestes, 20s. The shoppe : 69 shepe skenes, 
$1. 3 laste of flaoxe, 757. 38 ends yron wes, 110 stone, QI. 2d. 
Owtome towe and 37 dossen and a haufe hempe SI. 3s. 4:d. 7 hauffe 
pots off James F . . . . , 3s. lOd. One danske cheste, etc. 


Oct. 8, 1583. John Hind of the Houshell Fourd, within the forast 
of Stanhope and in the county of Durham, yeaman. My body to be 
reverently inhumated or buried in the church garth of Stanhop, in 

1 Feb. 22, 1573/4. Will of Wylliam Shell of Allnwicke, blackesmythe. I 
give my howse to George Gray, my uncle Ralphe Graye, his sonne. I give 
my worke house to Henry Shell. I give my study (i.e., anvil) in Barwick to 
John Shell. The remainder to my sonne, Nicholas Shell, and I give him with 
his portion to my uncle, Ralphe Gray, whom I make executor. Pr. 1584. 


sertayn sure hopp of resurreuion and eternall lyffe through Jesus 
Christ our Lord. I geve to my sonne, Robert Hind, a quie styrke. 
The ryst of all my goods, both moveable and unmoveable, wyth my 
detts and legesses and fenerall descharged and payd, I geve to Alener 
Hind, my wyffe, whome I make my full executor. In wettnes 
whereof this my last wyll and testament, Wylliam Stobes of the West- 
yeat, Robert Stobes, Rychard Younger and John Stobes. [Pr. Nov. 
9, 1583.] 


Nov. 7, 158[3]. Martine Shell of Barwicke, one of her Majesties 
canenores of the great ordinance. 1 To be buried at the discretion of 
my sonne, Henrie Shell. I give the howse I dwell in to my son, 
Henrie Shell, and then to his sons John, Martin and Henrie Shell 
and their heirs male respectively, and then to their unckell, Rowland 
Shell. I give to my sonne, Rowland Shell, all my tooles the which 
I wroughte withall in my smythe's shopp. I give to my sonne John 
Shell's daughter, Christien Shell, a howse, and to her sister, Esabell 
Shell .... My daughter in lawe Alles Shell, wedowe. To my 
dowghter Custannce Ryveley and her seven children, 40s. To my 
daughter Jennat Lambert's son, Thomas Lambert. 2 


Dec. 1, 1583. Anthony Fenwik of Treuwick, within the countie 
of Northumberland, gentleman. My bodie to be buried in my 
parishe churche of Bollam. To my brother, Robert Fenwik's thre 
sonnes, 2 whies sterkes and 2 yowes. To my brother Robert, 4 
bowilles of ottes, to helpe hym to sawe his ottes sed, and one browne 
niaire. To my brother Nycolas Fenwik, 3 bushell of ottes. To 
Jane Fenwik, my wyffe, sex of my best oxen, and the therdes of all 
my goodes. To my thre dowghters, that is, Mabell, Agnes and 
Kathern Fenwik all the rest of my goodes. To my sonne, William 
Fenwik, my yrone chemley, a golding broche and all suche old 
airelowmes as was leifte me by ansitors. To my wyffe, all my ferru- 
hold of Trewik, so long as she is my wiffe, to bring up my childring, 
and after her marage to have her thirdes of niy farmhold. My wiffe 
and my childring executors. I put my brother in lawe, Mr. Rauffe 
Fenwik and Robert Fenwik, my brother, in full trust to my wiffe 
and childering ; and especially my brother in law, Rauffe Fenwik, 
with my sonne William, if in caisse my wiffe do marie, to se hym 

1 1583, Dec. 8. Martin Shell, gonner, buried. Berwick Registers. 

" The testator was evidently a kinsman of Robert Shell of Berwick, whose 
will is printed in Wills and Inventories, vol. i. p. 132. In that document 
Thomas Shell of Alnwick is mentioned. 


well browghte upe in learninge, and to se the rest of my farmhold 
well occupied. Wetnes, George Carre, gentilman, Thomas Fenwik, 
Robert Fenwik, my brother, William Thompson, etc. [Pr. 1584.] 

INVENTORY. Feb. 27. 7 oxen, 81. 10s. 9 kye, 3 stottes,. 
2 blak stirkes, a bull and 2 stottes, 18/. 135. d. One gray mare, 
20s. Household stuffe, 5/. Corne sawen and unsawen, 16. Wanes,. 
plewes, yokes and yrons, yron sownes and haros, 46s. 8d. Summa, 
45Z. 10s. 


Dec. 25, 1583. Allice Anderson of Walbottle. To be buried in 
my parrishe churche of Newborne. My daughter Margret and her 
two sonns, Roger and Thomas Shafto ; her towe other sonnes, Gawyn 
and Alexander Swinborne. My daughter Mabell and her young sonne, 
Jhon Cammont, and her daughter Mary. Gawyn Anderson, my 
husband's bastard sonn, and Mabell, Dorothy and Margaret Anderson, 
his daughters. Isabell and Thomas Anderson, my son Jhon's 
children. To my sonne Cutberd, one halfe net of fishinge upon the 
lorde's water. My sons Roger and Cuthbert executors. [Pr. 1584.] 


Jan. 14, 1583/4. Gawen Charlton, the parish of Bellyngham, 
yeoman. To be buryed within the churche of Bellyngham. I gyve 
my son, John Charlton, into the hands of Mr. Edward Charlton, lord 
of Hesslesyd, gentelman. My base begotten daughter. Remainder to 
my wife, Elsapeth Charlton, the child she is with, and John Charlton, 
my son, they executors. 


Feb. 3, 1583/4. Thomas Bell of Bellisis, 1 in the parishe of 
Stannington in the countye of Northumberland, gentlemen. I will 
that my bodye shalbe honestlie buryed within the southe porche of 
Stannington churche. My wife Elizabeth to have a thirde part of all 
my goodes, and one other full thirde I gyve to my children, 
Christofer, George, John, Janet and Elizabeth Bell, equallie to be 
devided amongst them. To William Robynson of Seaton Delavall, 
3 yeawes. To Thomas, sonne of Arthur Newton, one yeaw and one 
lambe. To the children of Thomas Alanby, 3 shepe hogges. To 
Thomas Rey of Horten Graunge, one you and one lambe. All the 

1 Apparently the father of Christopher Bell of Bellasis, whose name heads 
the pedigree of that family entered at St. George's Visitation of Northumber- 
land in 1615. 


rest of my goodes, etc., to my two younger sonnes George and John 
Bell and to my two daughters Janet and Elizabeth, equally to be 
parted among them, provided that this residue of my goodes remayne, 
in the handes of my wife Elizabeth duringe her wedowhead. I 
gyve all those my landes, etc., in Bellisis which I lately purchased 
of Sir George Ratclif, knight, unto my eldest sonne Christofer and 
his heires male for ever, then to my second sonne George, then to 
my third and youngest sonne John, to be helde of the cheif lorde of 
the fee thereof by the services thearefore dew. And in default of 
such issue male of my sonne John, the said landes, etc., shall come to 
the next right heire of me, the said Thomas Bell. My wife Elizabeth 
sole executrix. Witnesses, Richard Hancocke, clerk, and James 
Rey of Horton Graunge. 

INVENTORY. Eighte oxen, 9/. 7 kye, 7/. 4 stottesi, 40s. 3 
whyes, 30s. A horsse, 40s. 4 schore and tenn vowes, 15/. 6s. 8d. 

/ / 

30 hogges, 37. 28 boules of hard corne, 5/. 12s. 20 boules of otes, 
53s. 4d. Waynes, plowgere and plowes, 26s. 8d. The insighte 
geare, 37. 6s. 8d. 4 shottes, 2 geese and a gander, 6s. Sd. 3 bee 
hyves, 10s. Suma totalis, 53Z. 13s. 


Feb. 22, 1583/4. William Rippon of .... parish of Lan- 
chester. To be buried in the church of All Hallowes at Lanchester. 
I give to my son, Robert Rippon, a silver spoone, and to William 
Rippon, my son, two silver spones. To Nicholas Forster, my son, 
a silver spoon, one pair of silver crookes that was my wyfe's, one 
graye mayr and all my interests of one close that I have at Wollye 
of Mr. Conyers ; falinge he cannot have the close, I will that the said 
Nicholas shall have all the money that whiche Mr. Conyears did 
receve for the same close, which is 51s. 8d. My daughter's children. 
William Brigg's two sons. William Rippon, my sone's son. My 
daughter's son, William Forster. To the mendinge of the ways 
aboute Lanchester, two ewes. To my curat, a kowe. To my son 
William, a pair of beades that was my wife's. The rest to William, 
my son, whom I give to the charge of Thomas Tempest and William 
Hodshon till he be 21. Witnesses, John Rippon, George Foster and 
Richard Milner, curat. 


March 22, 1583/4. Edwarde Jenison x of the towne of New- 
castell. To be buryed wythin the churche yearde of Alhallowes. I 
give to the poore, 6s. 8d. To Christofer Bewyke, a stott. To 

1 The name of Edward is unknown in the pedigrees of Jenison of Newcastle 
and of Walworth given in Surtees, Durham, vol. iii. pp. 263, 320, 322. 


Barbarye Bewycke, a read hawked kowe. To the children of William 
Jenison, 2 whie stirkes. To Elizabethe Bewycke, a quye. To Peter 
Bewyck, 2 stottes in Horton Gragnes. To Henry Jenison, a stott. 
William Jenison do owe to me for a sieive, which I did sell him 
for his wife's churchynge, 2s. 8d. I owe to Dame Bowmer, 12d. 
To Malley Jenison, a kowe. To Henry Swan, a kowe. To Robert 
Bullocke, two stottes. To Richard Hartbowrne, a kowe. To William 
Thompson, a fylley. To George Bullocke, a quye stirke. To 
Elizabeth Bewicke, 5s. To Arche Noble, 6.x. To Steaven Raisley, 
l'2d. The rest to Peter Bewyck and Robert Bullock, they executors. 
Witnesses, Cuthbert Ewbank, curate, Rauff Wilkinson and Robert 


April 8, 1584. Christ ophore Woldhave, of the parish of St. 
John's, Newcastle, surgeant. To be buried in the churche-yearde of 
St. John's besyde my two wyves. To Oswold Delahaie, my first 
wyve's sonne, 3/. 6s. 8d. and all such instruments of surgery as was 
his father's. I bequeath to my wyffe Anne and my sonne Henry all 
my goods and I appoint them my lawful executors. To my sister, 
Alice Craggs, 6s. 8d. To my sister Janet, 3s. id. To my brother 
in lawe, Robert Craggs, 3s. id. To my brother, Bartrame Waddhave, 
my best dubblet. I forgyve my brother two bylls of debt of the sume 
of 5 marks. To my two brethren, William and John, 3s. d. a piece. 
To Alexander Craggs, my russet gowne. My friends, Humphraye 
Graye and George Nicollson, supervisors. 


April 8, 1584. Thomas Kaye of Newcastle, clerke. 1 To be 
buried under the thorne tree in St. Nicholas's churche-yarde. To 
the church of St. Nicholas, 40s. To the poore of the towne, 40s., 
t>y the distribution of my right worshippfull maister, Mr. Henry 
Anderson. To everye my said maister his children, 10s. To my 
said maister his brother, Mr. Bartrame, 6s. 8d. To my lovinge 
maistres, Mrs. Anderson, 10s. To the two daughters of Sir .... 
Brandlinge, knight, deceased, as yet unmarried, 10s. each. To Thomas 
Pearson, parish clerke, in St. Nicholas, 3s. id. To Janet Moore, 
widow, my best gowne. To John Wallace, singinge man. and to the 
under clerk of St. Nicholas, eache of them 20^. My right worshipp- 
full maister, Mr. Henrie Anderson, my sole executor. Witnesses, 
John Magbraye, clerke, and Bartrame Andersone. 

1 The testator was senior curate of St. Nicholas's, Newcastle. Cf. Welford, 
Newcastle and Gateshead, vol. iii. p. 36. 



April 8, 1584. Anthony Bradford of Barwicke, foyman. To- 
Dorrity, my wyffe, my house in Briggat wherin now she 
dwellethe. To my son, Thomas Bradford, my other house in Briggat, 
To my daughter Ellenor, 40/. To my sons Rowland and Thomas, 
60Z. each when of age. My wife executrix. Witnesses, Thomas Clerk, 
vicar of Barwicke. Lyonell, Nicholas and Bartholomew Bradforthe, 
John Morton, etc. 1 


April 27, 1584. William Liddell of the towne of Newcastell upon 
Tyne ; sicke in bodye. To be buried with[in] the church of 
Alhallowes on the 'north syde, in the place which I have therunto 
already appoynted. To my sonne Steaphen Liddell, 10Z., to b 
delivered unto him when as he shall come to lawfull years. To my 
sonne Humphray Liddell, IOL To my sonne Andrewe Liddell, 127. 
To my sonne Francis Liddell, 157. (when of age). To my son Christopher 
Liddell, two angels of 10s. a pece. To everye one of my bretheren and 
their wyves, and to everye one of my wyves bretheren and their wyves, 
an owld Edward I2d. To my sister, Agnes Robson, 12d. To my 
sister, Janet Henderson, 20s. The rest to my wyf, Margrete Liddell, 
she executrix. My cosin, Francis Comin, and George Liddell, 
merchaunt adveanturer, to be coadjutors and supervisors. [Pr. Sept. 
12, 1586.] 


April 25, 1584. Cuthbert Redlye of Newcastell, gent, To be 
buriede within the easte ende of the pariche churche of St. Nichollas. 
I give to Johne, sonne of Alexander Redlye of London, yeoman, all 
my lands, etc., to him and his heires mayle. Remainder to Francys 
Redlye, his brother, and failing him to Johne Redlye, son of Wylliam 
Redlye of Sclattesfelde, co. Northumberland, my eldest brother's 
sonne, and his heirs male. Remainder to the nyxte of my name 
and bloude. To Johne Redlye, my eldest brother's sonne, 5 marks. 
To Nychollas Redlye, his brother, 5 marks. To William and Gilbert 
Redlye, their brothers, 40s. each. To their sister, Dorryte Redlye, 
40s. To John Redlye, son of my brother Clement Redlye, 5 marks. 
To my syster, Jane Redlye, 5 marks. To my sester, Roger Storey 
wyffe, 40s., and to her three sonnes 40s. each. To Alexander Redlye, 
my base begotten son, 101. To Edward Redlye, my eldest brother's 
sonne's sonne, 40s. To Jhone Parker wyffe, nowe dwellinge without 
the Neweyett in Newcastell, 6s. 8d. To Elizabeth, lat wyffe of 

' 1584, April 17. Antho. Bradeforth, marchant, buried. Bencick Registers. 


Frances Andersone of Newcastle, 6s. 3d. I will that my wyffe, 
Cristibell Redlye, shalbe honnestlye and substancially foune with 
a woman sarwant to attende and wait upone her by my truste 
frends Mr. Wyllme Selby of Newcastell, alderman and his wyffe, 
Elizabeth Selby (whom I make supervisors). The remainder, my 
fenerall expences, etc., discharged, I gyve to Johne Redlye, sonne of 
Alexander Redlye he executor. 

[INVENTORY exhibited Nov. 1, 1595.] 


June 25, 1584. William Gibson of Straunton, in the countie of 
Durham, yeoman. My bodie to Christen buriall within the churche 
of Straunton, nere unto the place where William Kyrton was buryed. 
To the reparations of the churche aforesaid, 3s. 4d. To the poor 
people of the same parishe, 3s. d. To my sone Robert, a lytle 
cubborde at the chamber dore, two sylver spones, the counter, a 
paire of iron bound wheales, and the yonge black geldinge, together 
with my coote of plate, and all my furniture of warre, as bowe, arrowes, 
sword and dagger. To my sonne Nicholas, my whyte fillie or mare, 
and 2 yowes with a black brocked stotte. To my sonne William, 
my mare and a fole, with two yowes. To Elizabeth, my daughter, 
the newe cubbord and the yonge brynded cowe, with 3 gymmer 
shepe. To Agnes, my doughter, one browne cowe. To Margaret, 
my doughter, one browne whie and 5 shepe. My will is 
that Alyson, my wif, shall have 2 arigells of gold, and that she 
shall enjoy all my ferme and landes which I holde of my Ladye 
Gresham, and allso my other ferme which I have of the Quene's 
Majestie by leas, during her wedowheade, to educate and bringe 
upp my children, but yf she fortune to marye againe, my will is 
that Robert, my sonne, shall have my said fermes, etc. And my 
will is that Cuthbert Raynton and Richard, the sonne of Robert 
Johnson, shall have the bringinge upp of my said sonne Robert 
and his childe's parte, after the mariage of my wife againe. I gyve 
to my sister, the wife of Robert Johnson, one swarm of bees. To 
Jannet Hall, alias Swallwell, and Jannet Sklater, my systers, everie 
of them a bowle of wheat. My father, Henrye Gibson, to have paid 
yearlie unto him out of my fermes, 20s. To Richard Johnson, the 
blewe clothe which I have to make him a coote, with sylke and 
buttons and all thinges necesarie thereunto. To William and Robert 
Swallwell, my syster's sonnes, to either of them a gymmer lambe. 
To my syster Hal's children, everie of them I2d. To Robert 
Johnson, the yonger, my best gymmer larnbe, and my booke of 
the Newe Testament in Latyne and Englishe. To Cuthbert Rayn- 
ton's wif, one swarm of bees. To Mr. Vicar, one loode of wheat. 
Alyson my wif and Nicholas my sonne, executors. My trustie frendes, 
Robert Johnson the elder and John Kirton the elder, supervisors. 



Sept. 7, 1584. Ralphe Coale * of Newcastle, merchant and 
merchant adventurer of Englond. To be buried in decent and 
comelie order where it shall please God to call me. To Robert Coale, 
my base begotten sonne, 40/. To Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas 
Hopton of Newcastle, merchant, 20/. To James, Ralphe and Jane 
Coale, children of my brother, Nicholas Coale, 3/. 6s. 8d. each when 
21 or marriage. Whereas the good shipp called the ' Robert Bona/- 
venture ' of Newcastle, whereof I am parte owner, is now departed 
upon her voyage pretended to be made with her into the realme of 
Fraunces, where she is by Godde's grace to receyve and take in her 
ladinge : I gyve my moytie of the foresaid shipp and of the instru- 
ments, tackle and apparell of the same, as also all such ladinge of 
salte and other merchandyes as she may be laden with, to my brother, 
Richarde Coale. To my brother, Richard Coale, my greate house, 
in the occupacion of Clement Anderson, merchant, at the Keyside, 
which I late bought of John Ruksbie of Newcastle, merchant, and 
the houses in Newcastle I latelie bought of Henrie Anderson the 
younger, now mayor of Newcastle. I give to my brother, Nicholas 
Coale, my house in Pilgryme Streate, in the occupacion of one Marcus 
Antonio, Italian, which I purchased of the forenamed John Ruksbia 
I give my house in Gateshead, in the occupation of my mother, Jane 
Coale, widow, to my brother, Thomas Coale, and 407. To my wel- 
beloved mother, Jane Coale, wydow, one doble rose noble of gold 
for a gentle remembrans. To my welbeloved friendes, William and 
Jennett Lame, children of my late Mr. Robert Lame of Newcastell, 
one rose noble of golde a pece, and to Thomas Hall, now servant 
and apprentice of the foresaid Robert, an angell of golde for a gentle' 
and freendlie remembrans. To Mr. George Stiles of Newcastle, now 
depewtie of the worshipful companie of Merchantes Adventurers, 
resident in Middleburghe, one rose noble of golde for a gentle 
remembrans and token of my good will. To Mrs. Margaret Lame, 
myne olde mistress and wif of the foresaid Robert Lame, an angell 
of golde for a token of remembrance. To the poore of Gateside 
where I was borne 37. 6s. 8d. To the poore of St. Nicholas's 
parish, 20.*. To the Almosiners of this towne of Middleburghe, to> 
the use of the poore if it please God here to call me to his mercie 
twentie shillings Flemishe. Whereas there is a certeyn variance 
and controvarsie upon an accompte of long time dependinge 
betwene me and John Butler of Newcastle, merchant, I forgyve him 
of all suche mony yet due. I give the rest to Richard Coale, my 
brother he executor. My trustie and welbeloved freendes, Robert 

1 The inventory of testator's goods is printed in Wills and Inventories, 
vol. ii. p. 134. He was the son of James Cole of Gateshead (whose will is 
printed on p. 66 of that volume), and he was apprenticed, May 12, 1564, to 
Robert Lamb of Newcastle, merchant. Cf. Dendy, Newcastle Merchant 
Adventurers, vol. ii. p. 210. 


Lame and Henry Tenriat of Newcastle, merchants, and my brother 
Nicholas, supervisors, and I gyve to every of them for theire paynes 
for a gentle remembrans and token of my good will, thre angells 
of golde a pece. I give my messuage in Hornesbies chayre to my 
executor. To my mother, Jane Coale, one pece of golde of foure 
ducketts. Witnesses, Cuthbert Anderson, Christopher Eland, George 
Stile, Ralphe Coise, scriptor. 


Oct. 14, 1584. George Strother of Abberycke, gent. To be 
buried in the parishe churche of Allnwycke, as nyghe unto my 
father's bodye and othere my ancestors, as conveniently^ maye be. 
To my mother, Jenat Strother, two yowes. To my cosyn, Robert 
Clarke, sone of John Clarke of Alnwyck, my howse in Fenkel strett, 
in consyderacion of the great travell and charges that he hayth 
bestowed in the lawe abowte the obteining of the same ; and the 
goodwyl and ryght of a farmold in Sowthe Charltone, nowe in the 
tenore of Odnell Selbey. The remainder to Jenate, my wife, and John 
Clerke, my cosyne, whom for the frendshype and love he beares 
I praye to be a husband and faythful frend to my wyff. Witnesses, 
Thomas Armerer, Henrye and Jenat Strother. [Pr. 1585.] 


Jan. 11, 1584/5. Thomas Elstoppe of the parishe of Darlington. 
To the pore in Darlington, 3*. id. To John Woodfall, minister 
there, 3s. id. To Lewis Ambros, 3s. id. Towards the mendinge of 
Skerne Brigg, which is at the east end of the churche, to be payde 
when it is amendinge, 3s. id. To Anne, my wyffe, the howse which 
I nowe dwell in, with all barnes, stables, selleres and soulars, looftes, 
kittchen, buttrie and outhowsses, curtelas, orchardes, gardens, back 
garthes arid ther appurtenances, for her lyffe, and after her decease 
to Thomas and Richarde Elstoppe my sonnes, and there heres for 
ever, conditionally that yf ether of them doe or will sell his righte 
or title therein, he that so dothe shall not sell his righte to none 
other but one other, but one of them shall sell his righte to th'other, 
and yf they bothe doe and will sell the same house to eny but one 
of them to the other then the saide house shalbe reverte and come 
to Henry Elstoppe, my yongar sonne, and his heres for ever, and yf 
Henry will sell the same, then to come to James Elstoppe, one of 
my sonnes, and his heres, and yf James will sell, then to John 
Elstoppe, my youngest sonne. To Anne, my wyffe, a rawke cowe. 
To my sonne Henry, 6 yewes over and beside his owne 4. To my 
sonne Richarde, il. 6s. 8d. To my sonne John, 2 ogge lambes, and 
to James, my sonne, other towe. To Elynour, my dawghter, a fatte 


yewe and 40 markes, to be paid at her mariedge, or when she 
come to 21 yeres. The rest of my goods, etc., to my wyffe and to 
Henry, James and John, my sonnes. My wyffe Anne my executor. 
Witnesses, John Woodfall, minister, Francis Lowson, Robert- 
Nicholson, Thomas Colin, Christofer Dent, William Teasdale. 


Jan. 19, 1584/5. Elizabeth Donkin, wedowe, fyrste wyffe of 
Rycherde Rand, 1 tanner, of Gateshead, and lastly e wyffe of William 
Donckin of the same towne, marchant. 2 Fyrste I comend and yealde 
up my sowle into the handes of Allmyghtye God, my Creator, 
Redemer and Sanctyfyer, trusting by faythe in Chryste Jesu my 
onelye Savior to be receyved into Abraham's bosome after my 
departur, and my bodye to be buryed in the parishe churche of 
Gateshed so neare the bodye of my fyrste husband as convenyentlye 
may be. To the poore, 10s. To my eldest sonne, James Rand, 
pastur at Norton, one sylver salte with a cover pershell gilt. To 
his sonn, Rychard Rand, all my sheep at Norton except one which 
I bequeathe to my brother's dowghter. To my seconde son William 
Rand and his heirs, two tenements in Hillgate which did belong to my 
yongest son, Raphe Rand, by vertewe of his father's will, but he 
haythe conveyed them unto me in respect of certain somes of monye 
bestowed upon hym at the Universytie of Cambrydg ; also one sylver 
goblet. To my thyrd son, John Rand, one tenement in Hillgate 
and fyve sylver spoones. To his son, Richard Rand, the rent of a 
tenement. To Forton Rand, his daughter, a yonge cowe. To my 
yongest sonn, Raphe Rand, fowre sylver sponnes. My son in lawe 
Raphe Potts, and my daughter Margaret his wiffe. To my daughter, 
Margerye Rand, 307. My second husband's sonn, John Donckin. 
My sister, Margerye Harle. Residue to my daughter, Margerye 
Rand. Witnesses, James, William and John Rand. 


Jan. 24, 1584/5. Elizabethe Fenwick of Easte Matfen,, wedowe. 
To be buried within my parrishe churche of Stamfordham. To the 
powre, 6-s. To my sonne, Gerote Fenwick, my lease of the tythe 
corne of Easte Matfen, etc. The rest of all my insighte geare to 
my doughters, Agnes and Margrett Fenwick. The reste of my goods 
to my children, William, Arthur, Agues and Margaret Fenwick. To 

1 The will of Richard Rand of Gateshead, dated July 3, 1569, has been 
printed by Mr. Welford, Newcastle and Gateshead, vol. ii. p. 427. 

2 1570, July 2. William Donkinge and Elisabeth Rancle married. Gates- 
head Register. 

1584/5, March 11. Elisabeth Doncken buried. Ibid. 


Roger Fenwick, George Fenwick's sonne, a boull of wheat. My 
doughter Agnes and her portion to my father, George Fenwick, gent. 
My son William to my brother, Roger Fenwick. My sonne Arthur 
and my daughter Margaret to nay son Gearrit Fenwick, dessiringe 
him to kepe my sonne Arthur at scowlle untell he can perfectly 
writ and reade. My son, Gerote Fenwick, sole executor. Witnesses, 
Clement Cocsone, clarke, Roger Fenwick, etc. 
[INVENTORY exhibited May 6, 1585.] 


March 17, 1584/5. Richard Strother of Caldmartin, parish of 
Chatton. My wife executrix. Sir Thomas Graie. of Chillingham, 
knight, and Mr. Rauff Graie of Hortone, supervisors. To my 
sone, Thomas Strother, 10/., and I give hyme frelie to my master, 
Sir Thomas Graie. To William Strother, my son, WL, and I leve 
hym to Mr. Rauff Graie of Hortone. To my sone, Lyonell Strother, 
WL, and leves hym to Mr. Edward Graie, constable of Morpeth. 
My sone, Richerd Strother to Mr. Robert Carr (?) and 101. My son 
Arthur Strother and WL to Mr. Arthur Graie. To my daughter 
Barbara, IOL, and I leve her to my ladie Wotherington, and 30Z. 
more at her mariage. Witnesses, Thomas Watsone, Rauffe Selbie, 
Thomas Lilborne, etc. 


March 17, 1584/5. Jerarde Feninck of the parish of Hedden 
de Wall. To be buryed in Hedden church. To John Fenwick of 
Barwick, my brother, my twoo tenements in Ovington unto such 
tyme as Marmaduke Fennicke, sonne unto my brother Martyne 
Fennicke, come of lawfull age, and then he to deliver them to him, 
provided that in the meane tyme my said brother John shall fyne 
them in his owne name, and he to bring uppe the sayd Marmaduke 
with meat, drink and cloth, and to keppe him at the scoole all the 
sayd tyme and if he dye then to the heirs male of my sayd brother 
John, then to the heirs male of my brother, Ambrose Fenwik, 
then to the heirs male of my brother Martyne Fennicke. To 
my brother Martyne, ten bowlls of rye, in Long-witton, this yeare 
and ten bowlls next yeare. To Georg Shaftoo, 12 shepp with John 
Carnaby of Langlye, etc. To the pore of Heddon parishe, 4 bowlls 
of rye. To Eden Fennick, 20s. To Anne Read, 10s. To George 
Raymes, one bushell of rye. The rest to my brethren, Ambrose and 
John Fennicke. To my brother Martyne, all the cattle of myne he 
haithe aboute his house except the 16 which is now gone a jestinge. 1 

1 Agisting : the taking in to pasture. New English Dictionary. 


To Sir James Hobson, one bowll of rye. Witnesses, Mr. Martyne* 
Fenick, George Fenick, Edward Criswell, George Raimes, James 
Hobsone, vicar, etc. 

[INVENTORY exhibited April 30, 1585. Summa, 205. 19s] 


Memorandum that about St. Ba . . . . day last, 1585, Elizabeths- 
Warrener, late of the towne of Newcastell upon Tine, beinge erased 
in hir bodie yet whole in mind and of perfecte memorie, did in the 
presence of Jane Readhead and Marian Watson, in the sicke man's 
house nighe Newcastell, say and declare that she did give all hir 
goods and hir filiall porcion to hir welbeloved mother, Agnes 
Warrener, and so died upon extraimitie of hir sicknes the same day. 


April 21, 1585. Mat-hew Dagleis, of the parishe of Southe 
Sheilds in the countie of Durham. My body to be buried within 
the chapell of St. Hiles [sic]. I give and bequiethe the right of myne 
house and salt panne unto my wife and children, and yf my wiffe 
should marye againe I appoint hir to paye unto ech one of my 
children fyve marks a peace. And my will is that Anne Chamber 
be broughte uppe and have like porcon as myne owne children. I 
give and bequiethe unto my sonne Thomas my whistle. I appoint 
that Jannet, my daughter, shall have fyve marks, yf she sue for it. 
I doe owe unto Mr. Henrye Midforthe, for two tennes of coales, 
3Z. 10s. I do owe unto William Swinburne, for one tenne of coales, 
33s. id. I owe unto Thomas Scott 58s. I do owe unto one John 
Fisher 20s. I doe owe unto Stephen Prestwigg, beare brewer, 
5s. id. I do owe unto one Kaye in Hull, a roper, 10s. Things that 
are betwene Humfraye Elleson and me he hathe them in writing, 
saving 20s. of lent money which I owe him. I doe owe unto Richard 
Hevisyd, for one weighe and an halfe of salt, 37s. 6d. I do owe 
unto Mr. Barker, 12s. William Sare owethe me 6Z. whereof I have 
his bill. Richard Hevisydes owethe me for brinning home harth- 
stones. John Carr owethe me 7 bowles of salt. Richard Hevisyd 
owethe me for 12 pound of twyne, Id. a pound. One William Gipson 
of Ruisewigge owethe me for salt, 5s. Mr. Whithead owethe me for 
a cable of 21 stone weight, 2s. Qd. a stone, and for 9 bowels of salt, 
3s. a boule. I have an house at the steithes to me and myne of one 
Mr. Ratclif. The rest of my goods both moveable and unmoveable I 
give and bequithe unto my wife and 5 children whome I ordeyne, 
constitute and appoint executours of this my last will and testa- 
ment, to se my debts paid and funerall costs discharged. Witnesses 
hereof, William Bramall, our curat ; John Carr, clarke ; John Wilkin- 
son, Robert Burton, George Henderson and others. 



April 24, 1585. Thomas Wympraye of Dreridge. To be 
buryed in the chappell of Widdrington. To my brother, Wylliam 
Wympray, my jacke, steale capp and my speare. To my brother, 
John Wympray, my bowe and bagge with th'arrowes. Residue to my 
wife Margaret and my children. Witnesses John Wympray, Robert 
Wympray, Roger Almorye, etc. 


Sept. 14, 1585. Nycholas Cocksonn, of the parrishe of Pitting- 
ton. To be buryed att my stall end in my parrishe churche of 
Pittington. My farmhold of South Pittington to Syssill, my wyfe, 
so longe as she keepith hir selfe unmaryed, and then to Robart 
Cockson, my sonne ; then sons Mychaell, Nycholas and Henry 
respectiveley. To my daughter, Elizabeth Cockson, 40/. To my 
daughter, Ann Ironside, fower yowes. To the poore of Pittington 
parrishe, 6s. 8d. To my brother, Robert Cockson, 40s. To Robart 
Murraye, vicar of Pittington, 10s. To my mother, Allysonn Cock- 
sonn, one olde angell, desiringe hir to be good graundmother to 
my children in consideracon of certaine charges which she knoweth 
I have bene att. To my brother, Charles Cockson, two anngels. To 
my brother Mychaell, one anngell. To my cosinge, George Johnson, 
one angell. To Mr. William Appleby of Gildfelde, 6s. 8d. To my 
brother, Anthony Applebye, 5s. To my sister, Anne Trotter, and 
hir husband, three boolls of come. To my sonn, Robart Cockson, 
one trotting gray horse and my hauke. The rest to Syssill, my 
wyfe, and my fower sons, Robart, Mychaell, Nycholas and Henry 
Cocksonn, whom I make executors and I committ them unto the 
tuytion of my wife. The right worshipfull Mr. Henrye Anderson of 
Newcastle and my cosinge, Nycholas Hedley of the same, super- 
visors, and I give to the said Mr. Henry Anderson my black geldinge 
and to Nycholas Hedley one black rackinge colt which is att 

[INVENTORY. Oct. 6, 1585.] 


Sept. 14, 1585. John Patteson 1 of Aklington, in the parish of 
Warkworth, yeoman. To be buried in the church of Warkworth. 

1 The following is the will of another person of the same surname : 
Nov. 1, 1606. Robert Paterson of Amble, in the parish of Warkworth, 
husbandman. To be buried in the church of Warkworth. I give to my 
nephew, Nycholas Scrogges, 2 oxen. To my niece, Elizabeth Scrogges, one 
boule of oates. My wife, Elizabeth Paterson, and my children, executors. 
[Pr. 1606.] 

Inventory, 49/. 5s. Qd. 


1 give to Robert James, my cousin's son, 2 oxen, 1 oxe stirke and 

2 kyne. To my sister, Isabelle Fintche, 2 ewes and 2 lambs. My 
wife, Alice Patteson, sole executrix. [Pr. 1585.] 

INVENTORY, 18^. 3s. 8d. 


Nov. 7, 1585. Thomas Tobie of Newcastell, barber surgen. To 
be buryed nye unto my wiff. I geve my son George Tobie to my 
frend Rauffe Tate, with the booke of Marters, 1 the Erball, 2 the 
Bible, Johannis de Vigo, 3 Bullins booke, 4 with a mettall pott and 
a bason. To Thomas Tobie, the lease of the shopp with the seller, 
with the lavor and plat, a paire of the best syssars and the syne att 
the dore, and I will that my said son Thomas shall remaine with 
George Fuscter with my case of implements moreover. Executors, 
Robert Tobie and Annas Toplyffe. Witnesses, Cuthbert Ewbank, 
curate, William Burrell, etc. 


Jan. 16, 1585/6. I, John Allenson of the parishe of Denton, 
being sicke of bodye, but of a perfect memorye doe make my last 
will and testament. First, I bequiethe my soule into the hands of 
Allmightie God who first gave it me, when he first created my bodye 
in my mothers wombe, nothinge doubting but this my Lord God will 
receave my soule and place it in his glory. As touching this my 
bodye even with a good will and free harte I geve it over, comitting 
it to the earthe wheare of it was first maid, nothing doubting but 
at the last daie I shall receave it in feaire better state then it is 
nowe. Now as touchinge my temperall goods, first I bequiethe unto 
Anthoni, my sonne, one hawked cowe and 8 sheepe. Also I bequiethe 
unto the said Anthonye one baye meare, with my saddle and bridle, 
my sword, 2 temes, one shekle, 2 louse crokes. Also I bequiethe 

1 The first edition of John Fox's Acts and Monuments of these latter and 
perillous Dayes touching Matters of the Church ivherein are comprehended and 
described the great Persecutions, and horrible Troubles that have been wrought 
and practiced by the Romishe Prelates especially in the Realme of England and 
Scotlande. etc., was published in London in 1562. 

William Turner, a native of Morpeth, published several books upon 
herbs. That mentioned in the will was probably his Herbal, printed at 
Cologne in 1568, folio. 

3 John Vigo, Worlces of Chirurgerye ; translated by Bartholomew Traheron. 
London, 1543, folio. 

4 Probably either William Bullein's Gouvernement oj Healthe, London, 
i558, or his Sulwarke of Defe[n]ce against all Sicknes, Somes and Woundes that 
dooe daily assaulte Mankinde. London, 1562. 


unto Agnes, my doughter, 2 kyene, 8 sheepe. Also I doe geve unto 
my brother's children 2d. a peace. All the rest of my goods, my 
funerall discharged, I doe give unto my wif Elinor, whome I doe 
make my whole executrixe. Witnesses, Mr. Gilbert Marshall, Henry 
Mane, Thomas Crowe, per me Thomam Horton, Curatum de Denton. 


Feb. 11, 1585/6. William Preston of Houghton in the Syd in 
the parishe of Denton, being sicke of bodye but whole and perfect 
of memorye, doe make my last will and testament. First I bequiethe 
my soule into the hands of Allmightie God, who of his fatherly 
goodness gave it me when he first created this my bodye in my 
mother's whombe, nothing dowghting but my Lord God will 
receave this my soule and place it in his glory for his mercie sake. 
As concerning this my body, even with a good will and free hart 
I give it over, committing it to the earth wheareof it came, nothing 
doughting but at the last daye I shall receave it in feare better state 
then it is now. As touching my temperall goods, first I bequiethe 
unto Kaphe, my sonne, the lease of my farme. Also I do give unto 
Kaphe, my sonne, and Dorithe, my doughter, my 4 oxen to be 
equally devided betwene them. Also I do give unto Raphe, my 
sonne, all my ploughe and wayne geare. Also I give unto Agnes 
Simson one blacke mear and to Dorithe, my doughter, one acre and 
a half of wheat and one acre and a half of otts. Also I give unto 
Agnis, my doughter, all my corne that is in William Burdon's feild. 
Also I give unto Agnes, my doughter, one graye mear and one graye 
tillye. Also I give unto Agnes, my doughter, 3 key, one branded 
why and one blacke stot. Also I give unto my wife, 2 key and thre 
lode of haye to find them upon the ferme, the said hey to be mowen 
and brought whome, of my sonnes charges, at the sight of 2 honest 
men. Also I give unto my wife 6 ewes, to be found upon the farme, 
and one graye mear, to be found upon the farme. Also I give unto 
Agnes, my doughter, my begest cawldron. All my houshold stuf 

1 give unto my wife. Also I give unto Janet Burden, my servant, 

2 ews and yf they do not prosper, 2 gimmer hogs. Also the rest of 
corne I doe give unto my wife and Agnes, my doughter. Also I 
give unto n;y wyf one acre of land in a feild to be plowed and sowne 
at my sonnes charges. I give unto everye one of my god-children 
Qd. and unto the churche I2d. ; all the rest of my goods, my debts 
and funeralle discharged, I doe give unto my wife. 


Feb. 12, 1585/6. Jesus. William Storye of Corbridge. To be buried 
in the parish church of Corbridge. I give the best of my weathers to 
the poore, to be sodden and dealt for me yf I chance to die upon a fleshe 


day. I give to my daughter Elizabeth two kye which are in the hands 
of Thomas Frissell of Haydon Bridge. To my brother Roger's son 
George, the lease of my house, etc. To James, another son of my 
said brother Roger, a kowe which is in Jerrerd Marshall's hands. 
To Bartie, one other of my said brother Roger's sons, one of the two 
kye in his father's hands and the other kye to William Storey, son 
of James Story. I give to my brother Edward one rigged ox which 
is with my brother Roger ; and I give to Ellen and Christobell 
Hudspeth, daughters of Roger Hudspeth, one sheepe apiece. Residue 
to my daughter Elizabeth Storey and George Story my brother 
Roger's son when I make executors. Supervisors Hector Carnabbe 
and George Milbourne. 


Inventarium bonorum Stephani Ayre de Barwick, departed 
the 10th of August, 1586. One rapier and a dagger, 10s. A clocke 
bag, being an old one, I2d. One beadstead with canapie and 
curtains of carrell, etc., 57. 10.?. One pece, flask e and touch box, 
20s. Six silver spons, 48s. One old holbart, 2s. 8d. One graven 
murrain, 16s. Two old murrains, 7s. Qd. One pece, flask and touch 
box, 13s. id. One horse, 47. In readye money and ticket that 
was in the house, 37. 16s. id. One black mourning clock, 20s. One 
black hat, 20d. One littell black armour, 6s. 8d. One black clock 
linned with tafetye, one red skarfe, one brush and a seing glase, 
one old saddell, nineteen yards of linnen cloth, one jerkin and a 
paire of hose of murraye. All these things were geven away as he 
laye on his death bed. 

Summa, 387. 7s. 8d. 


Aug. 10, 1586. Gawen Mytforth of West Slikborne, parish of 
Bedlyngton. Sicke in bodie. To be buried wythin the church porch 
of Bedlyngton. My five children to be my true and lawfull 
exequitoures, and my wife to remayne wyth my children so longe as 
she and they can agre and as long as she is unmaried, and when she 
marieth to take her owne and to depart. I give to Janet Stamp one 
kowe and to Gawen Stamp, sone to George Stamp, one quie. 


INVENTORY. 1586. William Reade of Newcastle upon Tyne, mar- 
chante. The shopp : Thirtie thre cannes, 3s. 6d. 33 wanded bottelles, 
5s. 5 pair of querenes, 2Qd. 20 Ibs. annetsedes, 4s. id. 12 brushes, 
A yeard and a half of yelow satton, 6s. The chamber: Fyve 


ribbin shetes, 13s. id. 1 twilte bourd clothe, 3s. His beste gowne, 
30s. His worse gowne, 20s. 2 dublets, 6s., etc., etc. Some of his 
goodes, 87/. 13s. lid. He owes to John Ponchon of Chester, priest, 
11s. Sd. To Mr. William Hardinge of Newham, 16s. For his 
ferine at Burradon, 3/. 6s. 8d. For the tythe at Burradon, 6s. Sd. 
For the hyndes' boule corne, which is 22 bowlles, 5/. 10s. To the 
smythe, for ploughe geare, 20s. For the hyndes' wages, 26s. Sd. 
For the maides' wages, 12s. For the sheringe of the corne, with 
the charges of the same, 3Z. For his buriall, 40s. The charges of 
the household, since his deathe, 5/. For suertishipp to John Hall 
of Marley Hill, for Henrie Orde and Bartram Orde, 7/. Some of 
his debtes, 79/. 8s. lid. 

Debtes owinge unto him, moste parte supposed desperate debtes: 
Olde Mrs. Lawson, deceassed, 16s. George Heron of Riplington, 
4s. 6d. William Heron, Jerard Heron, suertie, 2s. 6d. A 
reckenninge of John Blenkinsope, supposed to be nothinge. John 
Riddele, a Scottisman, 9s. 2d. Mrs. Ogle of Adon Sheales, 10s. 
Go wan Reid of Riddesdaill, lls. 5d. John Foster, tynkler, 2s. 9d. 
David Daw r hethe, Scottishman, 8s. John Montelande of Lyntes 
Ford, lid. Edmond Strother of Alnwicke, 4s. 2d. Robert 
Peapedye, wever, 6s. Sd. Mrs. Swarmaye of Bromehaughe, lls. 
Bertram Parkin, for Mrs. Millett, 37s. John Collingwode of Wetes- 
lade, 20d. Nicholas Lawson of Sighill, 2Gd. Robert Marley of 
Kio, 8s. Qd. Alexander Marley of Urpeth, 20d. The lorde of 
Meldon, 13s. Id. Sir Christofer Houghell, preist, 23d. Richerd 
Hall, in the countie of C'arlesle, 14s. 6d. Oswolde Wuddrington of 
Beddell, 6s. Sd. William Warter of Broughin Stanmore, 6/. 3s. lOd. 
James Elwood of Warwickbrigg, 5s. William Selbie of Cocklawe, 
4s. The old good wyfe of Shafto, ISd. Gawen Swynbourne of 
Braiklay, 15d. Thomas Middleton of Belsaye, 7s. Wd. Thomas 
Grenwell of Bromeseild, 13s. 2d. Mr. Richerd Baker of Belsaye, 
13s. Wd. Robert Stott, merchante, 8. 19s. Id. The some, 
1271. 13s. 


Jan. 20, 1586/7. William Baits of the towne of Bromeley, 
parish of Bywell Peter. To be buried in the church of Bywell Peter. 
Thomas Usher and my wyffe, Barbarie Baites, executors. I give to 
my said wyffe my tytell of a tenement or farmehold in Bromeley and 
my goods. In case anything doth come to the said Barbarie Baits 
but good, then George Baits, my brother, to have my tenement in 
Bromeley. To George Wilkeson and John Wilkeson, one lamb 
betwixt them. Witnesses, Blease Baits, Thomas Usher, George 
Lawson, George Baits. [Pr. 1586.] 



Feb. 8, 1586/7. James Don of Clappotte, within the parrishe 
of St. Nycholas in Durham. To be buryed in St. Nycholas church- 
yarde, neare where my wife was buryed. 1 To my maister, Mr. John 
Hethe of Kea.pyere, th'elder, one olde anngell, and to Maistres 
Thomazin Heth, his wife, one olde angell. To Mr. John Heth the 
younger, one olde anngell, and to Maistres Elyzabeth, his wyfe, a 
goulde ringe with a deaths heade. To Thomas Hethe, one correll 
stalke tipt with sylver, and to Thomazin Heth, my younge maister's 
daughter, one plaine gould ringe. To Maistres Agnes Heth, my olde 
maister's syster, one correll stalke tipt with sylver. To Mr. Edward 
Heth one Frenche crowne, and to Maistres An, his wyfe, one of 
my least sylver spones without a knopp. To Mr. Robarte Throck- 
morten, vicar of Ayckley, one Elisabeth anngell. To John 
Franckleyne of Kepyere, 20s. To everye of my fellowe servannts 
in my maister's house, bothe men and women servants, I2d. a pece. 
To William Marche, sadler, 5s. and to his wife a litle sylver key. 
To John Watson, clercke, curat of St. Nycholas churche in Durham, 
5s., and to William Murray, clercke, curat of St. Giles, 10s. To 
John Cooke, bailyfe of Gilligate, 2s. To the poore folke in St. 
Nycholas parrishe, 20s. To the poore folke in St. Giles parrishe, 
20s. To Christofer Don, my sonne, the lease of my house wherin 
I now dwell, and a tablet of sylver gilt sett aboute with white pearle. 
To Elizabeth Don, my daughter, a sylver harte gilte. Executor, Mr. 
Robert Throckmorton, vicar of Aickley. Supervisors, Mr. John Heth 
of Kepeyre, the elder, esquire, and Mr. John Heth, the younger. Wit- 
nesses, Rychard Conyers, etc., William Murraye, clerck. 


March 22, 1586/7. Richard Harison of the parish of Whickham, 
yeoman. To be buried in the church yard of Whickham, at the queer 
end. 2 To my son, Nicholas Harison, my title of mine inheritance of 
the halfe of .... closes commonly called the Brigg-medowes in 
Whickham, and I give the tuition and guerdnership [sic] of my said 
sonne to my welbeloved uncle, Mr. John Hedworth, and to my father 
n lawe, Antonie Barras, till he be 21. The rest, together with 
5. legasies due to me by the last will of Nicholas Harison, my 
father, disseased, to Gennet Harison, my wife. She executrix. 


INVENTORY. March 24, 1586/7. Thomas Sniythe of Sandgate,. 
Newcastell, shipwright. Twelve silver spounes, 48s. One silver 
whissell with a chaine, 40s. Two silver gobletts and a silver salte, 

1 1 586'7, Feb. 12. James Dunn buried. Registers of St. Nicholas", Durham. 

2 1587, Mar. 25. Richard Harrison buried. Whickham Registers. 


6/. 13s. id. Baye salte, U. In the backe chamber: Fowertie one 
ores ( ?), 3s. id. 40 fur dailies, 20s. 120 linge fishe and 100 cod fishe, 
41. 6s. Sd. 4 bowles of rye, 20s. 18 shoules, 2s. Qd. In the sell or 
of the backside: Thre bases, with other implements, 13s. id. 2 pipes 
and 3 barrells of beife, containing 160 stone, 9/. 6s. 8d. In the 
sellor above John Dobsons : Eighte duble barrells of tar, il. 4 barrells 
of pitche, 24s. Five hundrethe prones at 14s. per 100, 3/. 10s. 
8 Norwaye bords, 10s. One houndreth and a halfe of clapbordes, 24s. 
One skipp, 6s. Thre thousande trenailles, 20s. On the key and 
other places: Sixe peices of tymber, 36s. 8 peices of tymber, 
21s. id. 100 planks and swalls, 107. 17 bords of one ynche and a 
half thicke, 34s. 60 of little croked peices, 20s. One olde shipp boote, 
26s. 8d. 15 small peices of tymber, 20s. 2 swalls for rother peices, 
8s. 24 anker stocks, 8s. id. The shippes and lighter: The shipp, 
callid the ' Mary Grace,' with hir furniture, 2007. Thre quarters of 
the shipp, callid the ' Jesus,' with hir furiture, 195Z. One lighter, 
277. Owen unto him: Mr. Edwarde Lewen, 20/. 7s. \\d. James 
Middleton, 51. 11s. 8d. Anthony Pottes, 8/. George Hurde, 51s. 
He owes to Mr. Marke Shafto, 5/. 8d. The funerale expenses, 10/. 
Some totall, 5467. 13s. od. 


April 25, 1587. Margaret Myddelton of Connyscliff, in the 
bishopricke of Duryrm, wydowe. I gyve to my lord William Haward 
207. and to my ladye, his wyfe, 10/., desyring theyr speciall goodnes 
to my kynsman Lancelot Salkeld and Nycholas Salkeld his sonne, 
that the said Lancelot and Nycholas, may injoye my hole yeares 
which I have in the leases of Conyscliff and Osmotherlaye. To my 
brother, Mr. Lawrance Bannister, 5L, and to his eldest sonne, 
Richard, my best silver salte and a dossen silver spones, and to his 
sonne Robert 107. To the poore in Kendall parishinge, 5 inarkes ; 
to the poore within the parishe of Lancaster, 40s. ; to everie poore 
howseholder within this parishe of Conyscliff, 12d. For the 
mendynge of the highe waye from Conyscliff mylne to Gallowe hill, 
5 markes, to be delivered to Nycholas Cowpland and Thomas Gibson 
to see it properlie bestowed. To my cosin, Margarete Travys, 40s. ; 
to my goddaughter, Margaret Kyrbye, 20s. ; and to my goddaughter, 
Margaret Bateman, 10s. To Margarete Robinson, 20s. To Thomas 
Chambers, my godsonn, 20s., and to Margarett Wadeson, my god- 
daughter 20s. To George, Anne and Bessie Robynson, 20s. a pece. 
To John Lowghanbye, 5 markes. To Margarett Hobson, 40s. To 
Ellyn Tuner, 20s. To Den Tompson, 20s., and I will she be kept 
at this house duringe my lease. To everie one of my servantes, 
half a yeare's wages above that he hath served for ; and I will that 
everie two betwixt them have the beddes they lie in. To my neace, 
Anne Brian, 4 angeles, and to my kynsinan, Nycholas Curwen, 57. ; 


to his daughter, Ellyn Burrell, 40s., and to Dorathe, his daughter, 
20s. To James Anderton, my neace's sonne, 5 markes, and to myne 
olde servant, Nycholas Cowpland, 51. To Francis Salkeld, my neace's 
sonne, my second silver salte and 6 silver spoones. To my neace 
Salkeld, seaven payr of sheates which ar twoo heads .and a half. 
To Anne Salkeld, thre payr of eln brode sheates, and to Jane and 
Anne Salkeld, to eyther of them 4 payr of my next sheytes, and a 
garnyshe of puther vessell. To Nycholas Salkeld, my neace's sonne, 
the inherytance and all my estate in twoo tenementes, the one in 
Conyscliff, the other at Hawlatrasse, in the countye of Lancaster. 
To Anne Vycars, 20s. The residew of my goodes, etc., to my lovinge 
neace, Elizabeth Salkeld, and hir daughters Jane and Anne Salkeld, 
and I mayke my welbeloved kynsman Lancelot Salkeld, and Nycholas 
his sonne, executors. Witnesses, Thomas Orpwood, Rychard Curwen, 
Nycholas Cowpelande, John Haisteye and John Lackenbye. [Pr. 
May 5, 1587.] 

INVENTORY. May 2, 1587. Two syde sadles and one hackney 
sadle, with furnyture, 3/. One swearde and a dager, 2s. 6d. All 
the implementes in the bread chamber and aple chamber, 37. The 
implementes in the lime house and haves house, 50s. Plaite and 
ringes, 207. Her apperell, 137. 6s. 8d. Summa totalis, 1677. 11s. 6d. 
For lyinge hir corpse in the churche, 6s. 8d. In expences at the 
buriall, 251. 


INVENTORY. May 3, 1587. Robert Browne of the Northe 
Shyldes. Two salt pannes, newly buylded, standinge at the west 
end of the seyd Sheiles, with all kynde of implementes, thereunto 
belonging, 1407. One quarter of a shippe, called the ' New 
Elisabethe,' with her furniture, and victuales, 387. One quarter and 
halff a quarter of a shippe, called the ' Olde Elisabethe,' with her 
furniture, 377. One new coble, for the sea, with th'appurtnancis, 
46s. One coble and a halff coble more, to the sea, with theyr 
furniture, 26s. One boat, for the towne, called a towne boat, 16s. 
Certeyne weys of salte and coles, remayninge in the gardner, 507. 
One new dublet of rashe, one payer of breches, etc., one prevy coat, 
one sword and one daggar, 37. 6s. 8d. One mariner's sylver whystle, 
with a crowfoot, and 4 silver spones, 40s. All the old nettes, 20s. 
All the Spaynishe yron, in barrs, 37. 10s. All the stringes and 
fyshinge lynes, 40s. Debtes to him, 3257. 9s. 6d. 


May 11, 1587. Peter Maddeson of Gainforth, sicke of bodye, 
etc. ; my bodye to be buryed amongst the Cristians whereas my 
freands shall thinke good. 1 I geve to the poore man's boxe, I2d. 

1 1587, May 15. Peter Maddison buried. Gainford Registers. 


I geve to Thomas Maddesone, my sonne, one baie fillye and a whye 
stirke of a yeares old, and a rude of wheat at the Spure briggs and 
a rude of Langcrosse landes, and a rude of otts at the townes end. 
I geve to Jane, my daughter, the eldest branded cowe, a whie stirke 
of one yeares old, a rude of wheate at the Spurre briggs and a rude 
of the Langecrosse lands and a rude of otts at the towne end. I 
geve to my sonne Anthonye my lease accordinge to the custome of 
the maner. I geve the said Anthonye my waine, plewgh, yocke and 
teme and all other implements of husbandre that is aboute the house, 
and a branded stotte of 4 yeares old. I geve to Kathirine, my 
daughter, one redde cowe called ' Cherrie,' a rude of wheate at the 
est end of Hethorne, beinge the westermer rude, and the wester- 
moste rude at the garth end being otts. I geve to Agnes, my 
daughter, one belled cowe, the estermore rude at the est ende of 
Hethorne, and a rude of otts at the garth end. I geve to Dorithe, 
my daughter, a read whie and a whie stirke of 2 yeares old, a rude 
of wheate at Grascame carre and a rude of otts at the garthe end. 

1 geve to Richard Stele, my brother in lawe, 3s. id., and to Nicholas 
Maddeson, my brother sonne, 3s. id., whome I make the super- 
visors of this my last will and testament. The residue of all my 
goods, my debts paied, my funeralls discharged, I geve and bequeth 
to Anthonye my sonne, to Thomas my sonne, Kathirine my daughter, 
Agnes, Dorithe and Jane, my daughters, whome I make the executors 
of this my last will and testament. 

Debts that I doe owe: To Richard Stele, 11s. 

Debts that is owinge to me : First, George Seton's wiffe, 2s. od. 
William Watson, 8d. John Bode the elder, 6d. Robert Clifton, IGd. 
Georg Shalwell, 20d. William Johnson, id. John Bode the 
younger, id. William Taller, 6d. John Marginge, 7d. 

I geve to Anthonye, my sonne, a great trowe to salt his fleshe in. 
All the implements of houshold, as pewder, brasse, wollinge and 
lining, and wood as amenerye, cawell, bordes and chist, I geve to 
my daughters. Witnesses at the makinge hearof, William Thompson, 
Thomas Bode, William Kinge and John Swainston, with other more, 
Richard Stele and Nicholas Allen. 

INVENTORY. Four oxen, 6. 13s. id. 3 kyne and 2 horses, 7/. 

2 twinters, [sic] 16s. One stotte, 26s. 8d. 3 horses, 47. One fillye, 
20s. 11 sheep, 36s. One sowe and three piggs, 6s. 8d. One plewe, 
one waine and the course furniture belonging there too, 13*. id. In 
corne uppon the earth now growinge, 13/. All in the fowre house, 
20s. The chamber, 13s. id. His apperell for his bodye, 6s. Sd. 
fiumma, 38Z. 


July 1, 1587. Roger Brasse of Preston uppon Skirne. To be 
buryed within the parishe churche of Aycklife, as neire to my freindes 
as possiblie cann be. My fermhold to Jennet, my wife, for hir life 


and then to my youngest soune Edward. To my eldest sonne, Richard 
Brasse, the title of his ferme. To my second sonne, Robert Brasse, my 
ferme laitlie in the tenoure of Anthony Arrossmythe. My sonne 
Richard's sonne and daughter, Robert and Barbary Brasse, begotten 
by his first wyfe. My daughter's daughter, Esabell Heslerton, 10s. 
The rest not bequested to my wife, Jennet, she executrix. 


July 9, 1587. William Raw of the citye of Durham, yeoman. 
My bodye to be buryed in the chappel of St. Margretts of Durham. 1 
To my wiffe the house I dwell in during her wedowehoode. Also I 
doe geve and bequeth to my said wiffe the some of 267. 13s. kd. for 
her and the bringing of my thre children begotten by her. I geve 
to Robert, my sonne, the house arid shopp next adjoining to the 
house I now dwell in. I geve to Margrett Alison a hawkt whye 
of two yeare old, to be kept in my grounds till she bring her a calfe 
and then she to have both cowe and calfe. I geve to my doughter 
Elisabeth my house with th'appurtenances in Fleshergate. I geve 
to my good freand, Roger Rawe of Newcastle, one old ryall in hope 
that he will take so much paines as to be an overseer of this my 
last will and testament. I geve to his wiffe an old ryall for a token 
of good will and to her doughter the like peece of gold. I geve to 
Edward Hall, my good neighbour, for a token of kindness, the some 
of 6s. 8d., praying him to joyne with Mr. Rawe in overseing of this 
my last will and testament. The rast, etc., to the discretion and 
distribution of my sonns William and Christofer, my executors, to 
be devided amongst them and the rest of my children of my first 
wiffe. Witnesse, Germayne Gardyner, Edward Hall, Hugh Tallentyre, 
Robert Rawe. 

INVENTORY, 1587. Inter alia: The lease of Chilton poole, 207. 
The lease of the myll, 201. 2 flanders chists, 5s. 8d. 19 stone of 
wool, 37. 16s. A payre of clariots, 6s. Sd. 10 brasse potts, a morter 
and a pestall, 40s. 12 spoones, 5L One goblett and certen old 
rnonye, 47. A salte, 37s. His apperell, 47. 

Memorandum that Christofer Rawe and William Rawe, executors 
of the said deceased, did pay to there mother in law, wiffe to the 
said deceased, in consideration of hir thirds and wedowe right, and 
legacies, or whatsoever she should have of the said deceased his goods, 
the some of 367. 13s. id. and are to pay to her 2 fothers of haye 
yearlye during the tyme of 16 yeares next. 

' 1587, July 12. William Rawe buried. Registers of St. Margaret's, 



July 17, 1587. William Burden of Stockden upon Tease, parish, 
of Norton. To be buried in the chappell of Stockden. To the 
power man's boxe, 5s. To my son, William Burden, my house held 
by Roger Huchinson ; an akre of arable land in every cornfield about 
Stockden, for his life ; in the west field at Marie Potts two riggs, 
in the Castle-feild two riggs of short akers, and a rigge of longe 
lands in the Northe feild. To my son, Henry Burden, my house 
in which I dwell. My wife Anne Burden and my daughter Jane 
Burden, etc. To my son, Roger Burden, 1 marks. To my son, Thomas 
Burden, his children, 37. 6s. Sd., the eldest 26s. 8d. and the other 
two 20s. Witnesses, Rowland Burden, Thomas Fewler of Stockton, 
Thomas Edgar, clarke, curat at Stockton, etc. 


Aug. 6, 1587. Edward Bewicke of Newcastle, baker. To be 
buried in the churche of All Sainctes. To my wife, Annes Bewicke, 
the howse wherin I nowe dwell, with all rny other landes, for her 
life natural, savinge one howse in Pillgrim Streets, nowe in the 
tenore of Jhon Armestronge, locksmith, which said howse I geve unto 
Elizabeth Errington, daughter unto Robert Errington, master 
mariner, and she to enter into the same at the daie of her mariage, 
and failinge that she marie, the said howse to come unto my next of 
kinne. I will that my said landes, after the death of my wife, shall 
<;ome to my two halfe-brothers, Thomas and Jhon Read, and to their 
heires, and failing such, then to come unto Cristofer Hall, sonne 
to Edward Hall, and his heires, and failinge suche, to William Hall, 
sonne to George Hall, and then to my nexte of kinne. To the said 
Christofer Hall one seller, now in the tenore of Edward Bartram, 
and one lofte over the same, in the tenore of Roberte Errington, 
with nyne balkes, or rigges, belonginge to the same, whiche I bought 
of Mathewe Mattfen, and nowe in the tenore of George Barker, 
cordener. To the said Christofer Hall, 207., which said Christofer, 
and all his portion, I commit, duringe his noneage, to Robert 
Jhonson, master mariner. To my unkle, George Hall, 47., and part 
t> rny clothes, as my wife shall thinke meete. To my uncle, Edward 
Hall of Barwicke, 67. To my brother, Robert Errington, 37. To my 
brother, Christofer Errington, 37. To my cossen, Edward Hall, 37. 
and my best gowne. To William Eden, one tonne of beare, and my 
best cloake. To William Hall, sonne to George Hall, 37. To 
Barbara Harbottle, my halfe-sister, 37., and I do acquite all thinges 
betwene her and me. To Robert Jhonson, one duble duckett, and 
two old angels, to make him a ringe and at his deathe, he to give 
it unto his sonne Edward. To my servant, Raphe Collingwoodd, 20s. 
To my servantes, Jhon Saire and William Rawe, 10s. a pece. To 


Lionell Mair, 10s. To Isabell and Elizabeth Hall, daughters to 
William Hall, my uncle, to eche of them 6s. To my cossen, Anthonie 
Errington, 30s. To Sissilie, wife to Michell Hall, 20s. To Andrew 
Bewicke, merchante, 10s. To Jhon Carr, merchante, 10s. To Ales, 
wife to Robert Errington, one old angell. To Margaret, wife to 
Christofer Errington, 10s. To Leonard Biggies, 20s. To Anthonie, 
sonne to Robert Errington, 10s. I will that my mother, Isabell 
Read, shalbe my sole executrixe, and Christofer Errington of New- 
castle, merchante, supervisor. To Edward, sonne to Edward Hall, 
brewer, 20s. To Ralph Boutflower, Alis Boutflower and Jane 
Boutflower five shillings apiece. 

INVENTORY. A silver salt and 5 silver spons, 3Z. 8s. In the 
kytchynge: A byll stafe, 3s. A polke, 5s. In the chamber: Fyve 
Spanyshe cuchyns, 10s. The ships perteynynge to him: A quarter 
and halfe a quarter of the ' Spedwell,' 53Z. 6s. 8d. The ' May Flour/ 
a, thred, 1QL 10s. The ' Danyell,' a quarter, 70Z. A thred of the 
' Chanswell/ 65Z. 80 linges, 40s. 64 carvell plankes, Wl. In 
Annes Bewicke lofte, 96 lynges, 48s. 100 codes, 33s. 4d. A 
half hundrethe of lynges, 30s. For two laste of rye, whiche came 
from the este contrey, of his adventor, 26. The frights due 
from the este contrey for Edward Bewicke' 's part : For his parte of 
the 'Chanswell,' 22Z. For his quarter of the 'Danyell/ 111. For 
a thred part of a quarter, that was sold to Richard Hodgshon, of 
the ' Danyell/ 30Z. The some total of his goodes and debtes is 
4677. 6d. 


Aug. 12, 1587. Rauft'e Singleton of Langton, within the parish 
of Gainforth. 1 My bodye to be buryed within the parish churche 
yeard of Gainforth, paying the dewties there accustomed to be payd. 
I geve and bequethe unto my sonne, Henrye Singleton, all my 
furniture of husbandrye, with the intereste of all my tenements and 
leases in Langton, according to the custome of the lordshipp of 
Barnard-castle. Also I will that Margaret Singleton, my wiffe, shall 
have the moytye and halfe of the sayd tenements during her wedow 
head, and that Anne, my doughter, shall kepe and abyde with hir 
mother or brother and be found of the said tenements untyll such 
tyme as hir said mother and brother doe provyde a maryage for hir 
at there discretion. Also I geve and bequethe unto Anne Singleton, 
my doughter, thre score pounde, and that Henrye, my sonne, and 
Margaret, my wiffe, shall have the usaige and custodye thereof 
untyll such tyme as these with the advyse of Robert Spencer, my 
brother in lawe, doe at there discretions provyde a sufficient maryage 
for my said doughter, when they shall se tyme convenyent for the 

1 1587, Aug. 17. Rafe Singleton buried. Gainford Registers. 


same. All the rest of my goods, moveable and unmoveable, I geve 
and bequeth unto Margarethe, my wiffe, and Henrye Singletone, 
my sonne, whome I make my onlye executors joyntlye together. 
Also I make supervisors of this my last will and testament Ambrose 
Lancaster of Headlome, gentleman, and my brother in lawe, Robert 
Spencer of Langton, to se this my will executed according to the 
trew meaninge heareof. In consideracon whereof I geve unto the 
sayd Ambrose Lancaster, 20*. And also I geve unto the said Robert- 
Spencer, 2s. I give to Rauffe Singleton, my brother sonne, on whye 
stirke. and to Margarethe Hewetson, my mayde servant, one yewe 
and a lambe, and John Browne, my servant, one yewe and a lambe. 
Witnesse, Ambrose Lancaster, Robert Spencer. 

Aug. 19, 1587. INVENTORY. 6 oxen, 1-17. 7 kye and whyes, 
107. 10s. 4 younge calves, 23s. id. 2 horses, 53s. id. 35 old 
sheepe, 47. 10s. 40 lambes. 53s. id. 3 swyne, 9s. 6 gease, 3s. id. 
12 pullaines, 4s. Unmoveable goods. Suma, 367. 6s. 8d. 
Pewder vessells, 20s. Brasse vessells, 47. One cupbord, ambree 
and cawell, 43s. id. A mashine tubb with other wood vessells, 8s. 
A table, a counter, 4 formes, 12s. A cote of plate, a capp, bowe 
and arrowes, 13s. id. One waine, 2 coupes, 2 paire of wheles with 
all other furniture, 46s. 8(7. 4 teames, 4 yocks, one iron oxe harrowe, 
13s. id. 3 horse harrowes, 12<7. 14 double acres of corne, 
167. 13s. id. 8 lode of haye, 40s. 2 stand beds with all there 
furniture, 33s. id. 4 other bedds with there furniture, 20s. 2 
chestes, 3s. id. 6 quishens, 2s. One spete, Sd. A paire of iron 
rackes, 2s. Gd. One racking crooke, 16(7. 2 spades, 10(7. One 
riding saddell, 20(7. 2 lode saddels, 20(7. Seaves and riddells, lid. 
One wyndow clothe, 6s. 4 seckes, 4s. 2 pokes, 18(7. One be, 16(7. 
4 hookes, 12d. Apperelle, 13s. 4(7. Summa, 357. 16s. 8(7. 

Debts owinge to him : Robert Parkin, 7s. Anthonye Elstobbe, 
20s. Anthonye Thompson, lls. 8(7. William Cardwell, 8s. Summa, 
46s. 8<7. 

Summa totalis, 747. 8s. 6(7. 


Aug. 27, 1587. John Read of the parish of Sainte Margaretts, of 
the citye of Durham, turner, being of whole mynd, etc. My 
bodye to be buryed in the church or churchyeard of Saint Margretts, 
in Durham, at the discretion of myne executors. 1 I geve and bequeth 
unto the poore people of St. Margretts parish, 13s. id., to be dis- 
tributed by the hands and at the discretion of the churche-wardens 
of the said parish. I will that all such debts and dewtyes as I owe 
of right or consince to anye person or persons be well and trutye 
contented and paid by myne executors hereafter naymed without 
delaye or contradition, etc. I geve and bequeth unto Anne, my 

1 1587, Sept. 3. John Read buried. Registers of St. Margaret's, Durham. 


wift'e, all that my tenement in Cross-gate, with all and singular 
th'appurtenances thereunto belonging, together with all such right 
as I have or might have by anye rnaner of meanes, to her and hir 
heires for ever. Also I geve and bequeth unto my said wiffe the 
best of my kye, at her choyce, and also a lode of haye. I geve unto 
my sonne, Rowland Read, my house at Mylbourne whereine I nowe 
dwell, and also that peace of ground called Prests Parcke, latelye 
bought of Mr. Christofer Mayer, in full satissfaction of his childe's 
portion, and I doe cornitt him unto the good bringing upp of my 
good neighbour and freand, Cuthbert Hutcheson, the younger. And 
for my other three children I doe comitt them unto the keeping of 
my wiffe, William Yley and Frauncis Browne, with there porcons of 
my goods proportionallye as shall fall out unto them, that is to 
saye, my doughter Anne to my wiffe, with her portion, my 
doughter Elizabeth, to William Yley with her portion, and my sonne 
John to Frauncis Browne with his portion ; and that my said 
children, Anne, Elizabeth and John, as also Rowland, to have there 
severall porcons delivered to them as followeth, viz., the ladds at the 
age of 21 yeares and the lasses att those yeares, or there several 
dayes of maryage. And if it shall happen that anye of my said 
children departe this worlde before theye accomplisshe the said 
age of 21 yeares, or there dayes of maryage, that then I will there 
porcions so dying shall be equallye devided amongst the rest of my 
children then being living. I geve and bequeth unto my sister, the 
wiffe of William Yley, the some of 10*. I geve unto my godsonn, 
John Yley, 14s. id. I geve unto William Yley, Cuthbert Hutchesonn 
the younger, Thomas Hoorde arid Frauncis Browne, whome I ordeyne 
and make executors of this my last will and testament, to each one 
of them for there paines 5s. The residue, etc., I wholie geve and 
bequeth to my three children, John, Anne and Elizabeth Reade, to 
be delivered to them in maner and forme abovesaid. Witnesses 
heareof, Germayne Gardiner, John Preston, John Robyson and 


Sept. 3, 1587. John Ferrye of Ferrye one the Hill, being seike, etc. 
I will that Agnes, my w r ife, and Thomas Ferrye, my sonne, shall have 
and peaceablie posses my farmehold for the space of 21 yeares for 
the bringinge upp of my children, and after the expiratione of 21 
yeres I will that my sonne, John Ferrye, shall enter unto the said 
farmehold, and he, the said John, to enter uppon the corne so wen 
one the ground, and at the said John Ferrye entrance to paye to 
everrye one of his brethren and sisters 5Z. a peece. If anything 
happen him, then to my sonne Thomas Ferrye ; then to my sonn 
Robert Ferrye and so on. If my wife Agnes marrye, then my son 
Thomas to have the said farmeholde for the said yeares to bring upp 


my children. To my sonne, Thomas Ferrye, the house that Christofer 
Heighington dwelleth in, to enter after certayne yeares. Also, 
whereas there ys certaine covenants and prornisses maid betwixt 
Henrye Jacksone and me, and the same to have been passed over 
before a justis of Assise, which upon the said Henrie's parte ys 
not performed, accordinge unto the evedence and his former woords, 
notwithstandinge my request and desire ys, as my service, truste 
and confydence ys in the said Henrye Jackson, accordinge to the 
speciall trust that I have reposse in him, that he will consider and 
performe all things contened in the evidence betwixt him and me, 
as my sure trust is in him. I geve and bequethe to Henrye Jacsone 
and his heires for ever the moitie or one half of my baren, that is 
to saye frome the particione of the said barene north ward, unto 
the tonne-gaite ; and also I will he shall have the -quantitie of my 
fould garthe, so much as reaichethe betwixt the said barene and my 
seate house, towards the tonne-gaite, accordinge unto a former 
bargaine and sayle, maide betwixte the said Henry Jacksone and me, 
as doithe apeare in writinge before sufficient witnesse, that he hath 
paid me for the same, allwaies provided that I, the said John Ferrye, 
my heires and assignes for ever, shall have a passage through the 
saide fould to passe and repasse as neid shall require. To my 
brother, William Ferrye, a bushell of wheat. To my daughter, 
Agnes Ferrye, a quie calfe. I will that my sonne, Anthonye Ferrye, 
shalbe kipte att skoole for the spaice of tenn yeares at the charges 
of the executors. My mynd and will is, that all suche covenants 
and bargaines maide betwixte Henrye Jacksone and me I doe before 
[sic] all suche bargaines unto my brother, Robert Ferrye, and he to 
discharge all things betwixt Henrye Jacksone and me and quietlye to 
enter of the same for the space of twentye and one yeares, and my 
wife to have the comoditie of the same for this yeare. To Robert 
Ferrye, Thomas, Anthony, Margrate, Marye, Elizabeth and Agnes 
Ferrye, childringe, everye one of them, an ewe and a lambe. The 
rest, etc., to Agnes, my wife, and Thomas, my son, whom I make 
executors. My brother, Robert Ferrye, supervisor. Witnesses, 
Richarde Kaye, Raulf Donne, John Geilson, Cuthbert Smith and 
Robert Kirkehouse. 

INVENTORY praysed by John Geilson, Robert Laxe, Christofer 
Heighingtone and Robert Ferrye. Nov. 28, 1587. 

Debts he oweth : To Henrye Jacksone, 91. To Wedow Ruter for 
'6 bushells of bygge and 5 bushells of otts .... To John Graye of 
Ferrye, 10*. To Thomas Peirsone of Durham, 8s. To Robert 
Kirkehouse, 12s. To George Borrowe of Durham, 5s. To Anthonye 
Hall's sonne the draper, 2s. 4d. To John Woorneer, 12s. To John 
Helcott, 6s. 8d. To Thomas Graye, 3s. To John Rychardesone, I2d. 
To John Leddell the smithe of Ferrye for worke, 6s. To Persevell 
Todd, 2s. 8d. 

Debts owing to him: Christofer Heighington of Feriye Hill, 50s. 



Sept. 27, 1587. Edward Collingwood of the parish of All Saints r 
Newcastle, yeoman. 1 To the power man's boxe where I shall her 
buried, 20d. To my Mr. James Middleton one gould ringe, and to 
my dame, his wife, one Englishe crowne of gould for tokens. My 
brother William Collingwood, 5s. and to his wife and son, John 
Collingwood, 2s. as tokens. My brother Raphe Rand and his wife 
and Robert his son. I forgive to Thomas Rand all demands, etc., 
provided that he doe pay to one William Grenewell of Newcastle, 
marchante, 9s. for one bowle of rye which he had of him, for thef 
which I became the suretie. I give to my three godsons, Robert 
Rande, Edward Barker and Ralph Booker, whom I helped to christen* 
12d. apiece. My sister, Allinson Wilkinson. Elizabeth, my wife. 


Oct. 15, 1587. Stephen Chamber of Blackwell, within the 
parishe of Darlington, in the countie of Duresm, yemon. My bodye 
to be buried on the north side of the font within the church of 
Darlington aforesayed. I give to Katherine, my wife, all my land 
lying in Darlington field, with the crop on the same. I give unto 
Alyson 2 and Elizabeth Chamber, my two daughters, cache of them 
20/. I give to Leonard Chamber, my sonne, 4/. I give to John 
Chamber, my sonne, plough and plough geare, waine and waine 
geare, and a blacke stagge with a whyte bridle starre in the fore- 
head ; and I give all my sheepe, except ten, which I give to Katherine,. 
my wyfe, to be devyded equally betwene my sayed sons John and 
Leonard Chamber. I give to Alice Hobson, the daughter of John 
Hobson, 40s. I give to my brother Lawes, his six children, each of 
them 5s. I give to John Pape, 3s. Id. and to his thre children 10s. 
amonge them. I give toward the repairinge of Blackwell brige, 
when the work goeth forward, 3s. Id. I give to Hellenor Tod, my 
wives daughter, 20s., conditionlly that she shall not be hurtfull to 
my sayed children, and if she be, she shall have no part of the same. 
I forgive John Middleton the five nobles wich he oweth to me. I 
geve to Lewis Ambrose, scholmaster of Darlington, 4s. I geve 
to the poore 20s. All the rest of my goodes not bequethed, my debts 
payed and funerall expens discharged, I geve to be equally devided 
betwene my sonne Leanard and my two daughters, Alison and 
Elizabeth Chamber, and I make my sayed towo sons, John and 
Leonard Chamber, executors of this my last will and testament. 
Witnesses, Lewis Ambrose, William Lawes, John Pape, William Pape. 

1 Cf. Welford, Newcastle and Gateshead, vol. iii. p. 45. 

2 Allison Chambers died July 5, 1588, having made a nuncupative will,, 
concerning which there were proceedings in the court at Durham. Cf. 
Depositions and Ecclesiastical Proceedings, p. 328. 


INVENTORY praysed by Robert Emerson, John Sober, Laurence 
Ward and Robert Jefferson. Oct. 19, 1587. 

Inter alia : A cupbord, 26s. 8d. 8 bras pots, 3 kettles, 2 candle- 
stiks, and a brasen morter, 50s. 2 par of copyrons. 4 reckencrooks, 
a broiling yron, etc., 15s. 47 peces of puder, 3 salts, 4 candlesticks- 
and 4 gaiters, 50s. 10 quishings, wol and yarne, 7s. His apperrell, 
25s. 3 coops, 4 par of stangs, a longe waine, 7 ploughs, 8 beames,. 
an oxharrow, 5 hors-harrowes, 11 asseltrees, 4 floks and wod in the 
helme, 51. 10 teems, 4 shakles, 6 axel nails, 4 reners, 6 lin pins, 
4 par of cutwides, 2 horse temes, 4 yron taldwides, 5 sacks, 3 coulters,, 
7 yoks, spades, showels, mucforks, pickforcks, moldraks, waine ropes, 
traces and halters, 42s. 6 sadles and a spining whele, 13s. id. 2fr 
heds, sheths, hedtrees, handles and mold bords, 8s. Corne on the 
ground; in Darlington feeld, 161. 13s. id. In Blackwell fielde, 
26Z. 13s. id. In hay and corne beried and unberied in the lath and 
staks, 66/. 13s. id. Summa, 1047. Quick goods, 62Z. 7s. Debts, 
ought to the sayed Stephan. Imprimis : James Morland of Maltbie,, 
40s. John Pape, 26s. 8d. Nicholas Copland, 40s. Robert Emerson, 
21s. id. Georg Wordye of Cunsley, 3J. William Helcot, 21s. Debts, 
which "he ought. Imprimis : To John Robinson, 4s. To John Pape 
.... [blank]. To William Laws, 3Z. 6s. 8d. To Georg Wheatley 
.... [blank]. 


Oct. 20, 1587. INVENTORY of James Brimley of Hart, deceased,, 
valued by Gilbert Nicholson, John Dune, John Pasinor, William 

Imprimis : The said James his filiall portion, vizt., 3Z. 4s. Id. 
The younge fyllye which was by legacye geven unto him, 20s. Two 
ewes and two lambes so geven unto him, 10s. One lambe which 
remained synse, 12^. One ewe more, 2s. 

The debts whiche were and be now owen unto the said James 

Imprimis : The executors of William Brimley are oweinge unto 
the said partye, deceased, 48s. id. John Toode of Hetton-in-the- 
Whole, is indebted unto him, the said James, the some of 13s. id. 
Christofer Robinson of Houghton-in-the-Springe, 7s. Mathew 
Ferbecke, 2s. 

The totall some of all the aforesaid goodes and credets is 
8/. 7s. IQd., out of which some is to be deducted the debts whiche 
the said partye did and dothe owe, vizt., to George Harrison of 
Hartlepool, 4s. ; to Jarrye Meburne, 2Qd. ; and to Peter Watson, Qd. ; 
and his funeralls, 20s. 

Some of the which deductions is 26s. 2d., and so the some cleare 
is 71. 20d. 



Nov. 7, 1587. Will of Peter Bewicke of Newcastle, yeoman. 
To be buried at St. Andrew's. I give my dwelling house to Annes, 
my wife, for her life, and then to my daughter Barbaric and her 
heirs ; then to my daughter Elizabeth ; then to my daughter Margaret. 
To my brother Andro, 10s. To my sister Bullock, 10s. To my 
master Mytford, thre daills of medow in Brunton. Residue to my 
wife and my daughters, Elizabeth and Margaret Bewick. I desire 
my master, Mr. Mytford, to bringe up my daughter Barbaric. 


Nov. 15, 1587. John Dobson of Bamardcastell. My bodye to be 
buriede in the churche of Barnardcastle, the dewtyes therto 
accustomed, consentede and paied. I geve to my brother, Reignold 
Dobson, 60Z. of that money which he oweth me. I geve to the 
children of my brother, William Dobson, 20Z. equally to be parted 
amonge them. I geve to John Teasdaile, Anthonie Teasdell and 
Brigidde Teasdaile, the children of Robert Teasdaile and my sister, 
every of them, 20s. I geve to Reignolde Dobson and William 
Dobson, sonnes of my brother John Dobson, ether of them 20s. 
I geve to the sonne of my brother Bartholomew, 20s. I will that 
Reignold Dobson, my said brother, do consider the paines of Henry 
Allanson that he takethe with me, and lykwise Thomas Whorton 
and his houshould for there goodnes towards me, at his discretion. 
I will that my said brother Reignolde do bestow 40s. at my funerall 
of the moste substantiall neighbours that take paines with me, and 
to rewarde the poore at his discretion. Finallye, the residue of all 
my goods whatsoever not before bequeathed, my debts and legacies 
discharged, and my funerall expences deducte, I geve to my said 
brother, Reignold Dobson, and him I ordayne my whole and full 
executore of this my will and testament trustinge that he will se the 
same performed accordinge to that confidence which I have alwayes 
reposed in him. Wittnesses, John Ullocke and Mychaell Walker, 
with others. 

Nov. 29, 1587. INVENTORY praysed by William Cotes, Thomas 
Whorton, John Priston and Mychaell Walker. 

Imprimis: His apperell, price 22s. 2 chestes, 4s. A yeard 
of whyte and other implements in the chestes, 6s. In ould money in 
a purse, 11s. In another purse, 18s. id. A sadle, a sword and a 
dagger, 12s. Some, 31. 13s. id. 

Debts owinge to him. Imprimis : His brother, Reignold Dobson, 
of his childe's portion, oweth him 66/. 13s. id. The said Reignold 
oweth him, appearinge by the thre bills, 20Z. The said Reignold 
oweth him in lentt money, 3Z. John Sympson of the Abbey, 10s. 
John Lawes of Stainton, 12s. Richard Pattinsori, 10s. John 


Huganson, 40s. Thomas Langstaffe, 2s. 3d. Robert Benison, 
10s. id. Thomas Morgan, 2s. Qd. Some, 947. 5d. 

Debts that he owghte. Imprimis: To Helayne Symson, 21s. 
The tyme of his visitation and his funerall expences, 61. 5s. Sume, 
71. 6s. 


Nov. 17, 1587. Goods at Bitchborne and Ferrye-on-the-hill.. 

Imprimis: 13 kyne and 7 calves, 261. A bull and a steere, 
40s. A fatt oxe and a cowe, 47. 8 draught oxen, 187. 5 waines, 
3 paire of wheles and \vhele timber, plugh, harrowes, yocks, with 
all other things apperteyninge to the wayne and plugh, 57. 3 
horse and mairs, 67. 42 score wethers, 71. 13s. id. 68 ewes, 
and tuppes, 117. 6s. 8d. 46 sheepe hoggs, 47. 12s. 20 fatt sheep, 
37. 6s. 8d. Waynes and plughe at Ferrye-on-the-hill, with other 
implements, 20s. Swyne, 26s. 8d. Geese and pullen, 13s. id. Corne 
in the barne at Bitchborne and at Ferrye-on-the-hill, 157. Corne 
in the earth, 37. 6s. 8d. Hay, 127. Wodden vessell and implements 
in the hall and butterye, 67. Wodden implements in both parlers, 
37. 6s. Sd. Of implements in the upper weste chamber and newe 
loifte, 47. In the 2 chambers at starehead, 26s. 8d. Implements 
of wood in the kytchine and milke house, 20s. All iron implements 
for the house, 15*. Of brasse and batrye in the kitchine, 53s. id. 
Puther in the hall, 47. Puther in the buttrye, 25s. 6d. Puther in 
the parler, 1 Is. 6r7. Milkan ( ?) implements in the hall, 26s. 8d. 
His furnyture and apparell, 127. 6 mattresses, 30s. 3 f ether bedds 
and bowlsters, 5/. 10 paire blanketts, il. 12 codds, 24s. 17 
happings, 51s. 12 coverletts, 48s. 2 oversea coverings, 26s. 8d^ 
Hangings, courtinge and quishons, 46s. 8d. 11 paire of sheets, 67. 
13 pellivers, 20s. Table clothes, towells and napkins, 26s. 8d. 
Lynninge clothe, 33s. 8d. Wollen clothe, 56s. 2 carpetts, 10s. 
10 paire of harden sheets, 40s. In lint, 47. 13s. id. In Avolle, butter 
and cheese, 46s. 8d. In joyned golde, 147. 6s. 8d. In dollors and 
milne silver, 37. 5s. Annewity of 87. by yeare for 16 years to 
come as is sett downe by will, 128/. In leasses, 277. 6s. Sd. 

Goods at Sonnyxide. Imprimis: 5 kyne, 207. 12 calves, 67.. 
3 stotts, 87. 3 stotts and a bull, 67. 5 steers, 67. 13s. id. Five 
score and 18 ewes and tuppes, 207. Five score and 3 wethers and 
deamnonds, 447. Five score and 3 sheepe hoggs, 87. 8 fatt ewes, 
32s. A gray maire, 53s. id. Hay, 107. A cupbord, 13s. id. A 
table with other implements, 13s. id. Some, 1477. 5s. id. 

1 The will of Henry Jackson of Smelt-house, near Witton-le-Wear, dated 
Oct. 9, 1587, is printed in Wills and Inventories, vol. ii. p. 292. He was 
father of Thomas Jackson, vicar of Newcastle, 1623-1630, afterwards the 
distinguished president of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, and 'a voluminous, 
writer, who died Sept. 11, 1640. 


Debts owinge to Henrye Jackson. Imprimis : Robert Wilfoote 
th'elder, 45s., dewe at Martimas next and 47. 5s. the last of 
February, 6?. 10*. Matthew Younger of Durham, 28s., dew at 
Martinmas next wherof recovered 21s. John Ferrye, 91. 10s., dew 
May-day or the last of May, 97. 10s. Henrye Swinborne, 16s. Sd. 
Parcivale Vasey, 4?., dewe at St. Andrew day next, 4:1. Rowland 
Penmore of lent money, 40s. Thomas .... erson, 20s. The price 
of an oxe, 39s. Sd. The price of a steere, 17s. The price of a bull, 
20s. The price of 15 ewes, 46s. Sd. Rent of Read Myers, 16s. 8d. 
John Jackson for a filla, 13s. Id. Sume, 327. 10s. 

Summa totalis, 5547. 18s. 

Debts owinge by Henrye Jackson as followeth. Imprimis: To 
Thomas Wilson of Wolsingham, 187. 5s. Sd. To Thomas Hyghe, 
71. 12s. To Robert Danyell 20s. For the rent of Bitchborne, 7s. 6d. 
For the rent of Sonnyside, 10s. For the rent of Wolsingham, 6s. 2>d. 
For the rent of Ferryehill, 2s. '2d. For 20 fother of coles, 6s. 3d. 
For lint, 46s. Sd. Geven to the supervisors, 12s. For servants 
wages, 22s. 2d. For geast, 41s. Geven to his three daughters by 
lagacye, 1287. To Richard Jackson, 47. For workinge coverletts, 
7s. Geven to the church of Witton, 6s. Sd. Geven to Robert 
Wilkinson, curatt of Witton, 20s. The price of yewes geven by 
legacye, 16s. Sd. In funerall expencs, 67. 3s. id. Some, 1737. 8s. Id. 
beside and the colle of silver which, taken out of the above said 
5547. 8s., there remayneth 3807. 2s. 3d. or thus 3807. 11.*. M. 
Heugh Hochssone, William Lawe, Thomas Todd, John Waddley. 


Nov. 18, [1587]. Anthonye Cooke of the parish of St. Gyles in 
Durham. My bodye to be buryed in the churchyard of St. Gyles. 1 
I geve unto my wife, Margaret Cooke, my house during her lyfe and, 
after her, unto myne eldest daughter, Margaret Cooke, if it please 
God she lyve and that she pay out of the said house 107. unto my 
younger daughter, Jane Cooke. Also I geve unto the poure of this 
parish of St. Gyles, 10s. Also I geve to my sister, Elinor Cook, 3s. id. 
To my brother, Cuthbert Storye, 3s. id. To George Cook, 2s. To 
George Cook his wife, 2s. To my brother, Richard Anderson, 2s. 
Unto George Thompson, 12d. To my cossinge, Symon Cooke, l'2d. 
To my manservant, Raphe Hall, I2d. Unto my maidservant, 
Elizabeth Ridlye, I2d. and a payre of shoes. Also I geve unto my 
sister daughter, Elizabeth Anderson, when she cometh to lawfull 
yeares, yf my wyfe be at that tyme of habillitie to geve yt her, 20s. 
The residewe of all my goods, my debts, legasses and funerall 
expences discharged, I geve unto my wyffe, Margaret Cooke, and 
to my children, whom I make executors. [Pr. Dec., 1587.] 

1 1587, Nov. 23. Anthony Cooke, tanner, buried. Registers of St. Giles', 


INVENTORY of Anthony Cooke, late of Gilligate, tanner, praysed 
l>y Symonde Smith, Anthonye Keynardson, Roger Foster and Georg 

Inter alia. Imprimis: The cupborde in the hall, 36s. One litle 
olde cupborde and one olde table, 3s. 5 chists, 8s. 3 candlesticks 
on laver, 6s. All his apparrall, 30s. 7 oke bords, 2Qd. 3 stone of 
salte butter, 7s. 6d. 6 shifts of leather and 8 hyds in the backe 
house at 4/. the shifte, 27 1. 3d. 3 sole hyds, 48s. 10 hydes readye 
dryed and tanned, 47. 4 shifts of roughe leather in the lymes, 147. 
11 barke fatts, 4/. 2 dozen girthes, 2*. 6d. 7 loade of barke and 
a, halfe, 5/. 3 shaveings, lOd. 2 workinge trees and 2 workinge 
knyves and 2 lyme crooks, ISd. One brydle and 2 saddles, a 
rydinge sadle and a loade sadle, 3s. id. 24 fatt staves, 6s. 8d. 
8 thralles and one horse heeke, I2d. One leather bagge and 2 male 
bands and the lether therin, 12s. Halfe an acre of corne grounde, 
6s. Halfe a loade of coales, I2d. 

Debts owen unto the testator. Imprimis: Owene by Jerrard Carr 
of Durham, cordiner, 187. Richard Trewhett of Lumley, 7s. John 
Newton of Brandley, 10s. Richarde Richardson of Shotton, I8d. 
George Smith of Wingate, '2Qd. Henrye Floode of Warmouth, 10s. 
Richarde Wilson of Wingate, 2s. 9d. Margarett Patteson, 4s. Wd. 
Thomas Pope of Trimdon, 7s. More of the saide Thomas Pope, 
7s. 4:d. Isabell Dawson, Gd. Mathew Shorte of Houghton, 5s. 8d. 
Robert Cornefurth, 34s. John Lawson of Lumley, 41s. George 
Jobson, 14s. 

Debts owen by the testator: To Cuthbert Billingham, 8/. 
Christofer Hall, my apprentice for his halfe yeare's waigs, 4s. To my 
maidservant, Elizabeth Ridley, for her halfe yeare's waiges, 5s. To 
be paide to Thomas Lawson yearelie at the feaste Michaell duringe 
the space of 5 yeares, 20s. 


Nov. 20, 1587. Elizabeth Newton of Huton Bonvele, in the 
countye of York, wedow. My bodye to be buryed in the parish 
church of Hooton aforesaid. If it please God to call me to his 
mercye at this present then my will is that Lancelott Conyers and 
Christofer Burdone shall enter unto as much of my goods as shall 
keepe and discharge theme harmeless of my two doughters' porcons, 
that is to saye Allison Newton and Margaret Newton. Also I will 
that Henrye Newton in like maner shall have as much of my goods 
to be praysed unto him as shall discharge Georg Hacforth, James 
Hacforth and Anne Hacforth of there portions that is behynde and 
undischarged. I bequeth to Georg Hacforth, my sonne, one graye 
meare. I will that Jane Hacforth, my daughter, shall have one cowe 
goinge of this fermeholde during my lease. Also I bequeth to Jane 
Hacforth, Anne Hacforthe, Allison Newton and Margaret Newton, 


my daughters, all my holle houshold excepting the best bed with the- 
furniture of bedd clothes there unto belonging, the which I will that 
John Hacforth, my sonne, shall have of my gyfte. Also I will that 
my said sonne John shall have temes, yocks and all other things 
apperteyning unto husbandrie, with a long table in the fyer house. 
All the rest of my goods not bequethed I geve unto Georg Hacforth, 
Robert Hacforth, James Hacforth, Jayne Hacforth, Anne Hacforth, 
Allison Xewton and Margaret Newton, wome I make my holle 
executors of this my last will and testament. Witnesses, Lancelott 
Conyers, Henrye Newton, Christofer Burdone, and Peter Watson, 
with others. 

The debts of the said Elizabeth Newton heare under written. 
Imprimis: William Bell, 10s. To my doughter, Jayne Hacforth, 
32s. To Georg Hacforth, my sonne. 11s. 8d. To Robert Hacforth. 
my sonne, 2s. Qd.. To niy sonne, John Hacforth, 5s. In charges 
during her lyffe (and) att hir funerall expences, 12s. 

Dec. 7, 1587. INVENTORY of Elizabeth Newton, laite wife of 
Marmaduke Newton of Hooton Bonvell, deceased, praysed by 4 
indifferent men. 

Imprimis: 6 kyne and a suckinge calfe, 137. 3 spaning calves, 
I/. 13s. An old whyte niayre, 11. 6s. Sd. The hay of the ground, 5/. 
The corne one the ground, 57. The corne in the barne, 57. One 
grave meare, 27. One sow and a pigg, 6s. 8d. 10 peces of pewther, 

2 candlesticks and a salt, 16s. The best kettell, 15s. 2 old kettells 
and 2 ould panns, 4s. 3 brasse potts, 16s. 8d. A fryinge panne, 
8d. A plew with plew-irons, 2 yocks, 2 temes and a waine sha"kell, 
5s. One spet, one payre of iron racks and one broyling iron, 
3s. 4d. One recking and one payre of tonges, I2d. Ane axe, a 
mattocke, and a spaid, Is. d. One matters, 5s. 4 coverletts, 11s. 

3 quisshings, 2s. 8d. 3 codes, 2s. A bed with a matteres, one payre 
of sheets and 3 happins, 5s. 4 lynning sheets, 2 codwares, a lynning 
towell and a harden bordclothe, 13s. 2 harden sheets and. 2 happins, 
5s. A sacke and 2 pocks, Is. 8d. 4 paynted clothes, Is. 4<7. 2 
chaires, 2s. 2 tables, 4s. One cupbord, 14s. One presser and one 
cawell, 13s. d. 2 shelf e bords, Is. 4e?. One chist, 2s. Qd. One 
tempse and a seve and a ryddell, 10s. 6 boards, Is. 6d. 2 chopping 
bords, 6d. One old chyrne, 2 stands, one bottell and 2 skeles, 2s. 
2 seyas, Is. 8d. One trowe for kneding, 2s. 6d. Bo wells, chesfatts, 
a sinker, 2 wood dublers and dishes, 2s. 8d. 4 drinking cuppes, 2 
canes and a pycher, 8d. One tubb and a skepp with other imple- 
ments, 12^7. Summa totalis, 417. 7s. 2d. 


Nov. 21, 1587. Roger Sympson of Houghtone, in the parish of 
Dentone. I geve unto Sieth Westweike 37. 6s. 8d. I geve unto 
John Hewitson one redd whye. I geve unto William, my sonne, my 


iren bound waine with all things belonging to it. I geve to my 
sonne John my house and all my land at Redworth, and also I geve 
unto my said sonne John 41. I geve unto my doughter Margarett 
4:1. I geve unt'o the curatt of the churche 2s. id. I geve to the 
churche, IQd. and to the poore 4s. I geve unto Henrye Marley 
childring 3 gimer lambes. I geve unto my brother Rowlande 3 
childringe 6 lambes and to the youngest 3 lambes. I geve unto my 
sister's Pickering children 3 lambes. I doe maike Holland Sympson 
the tutor of my childringe, and to have the occupacon of the ferme- 
holde to theire behove. I geve to my sonne John 4L, and to 
Margarett 41. The residue of all my goods, my debts and funeralls 
being discharged, I geve unto my thre children, viz., William, John, 
Margaret Sympson, whome I doe make my whole executors of this 
my last will and testament. Also I doe make Thomas Hycksone of 
Merrington and Henrye Marley of Hilton, the younger, supervisors 
of this my will and testament. Witnesses, William Sympson, 
Anthonye Rounseforth and Thomas Harton, curatt. 

Debts which the said Roger Sympson is owinge as followeth. 
Imprimis : For his ferme, 5Z. 2s. To Mr. Franckline for a horse, 3?. 
To Jane Browne, 12d. To Brood Annas, I2d. To Anthonye Rumforth, 
20d. Unto my brother Rolland Sympson, 6/. His servant, William 
Sympson, for his wages, 7s. 4d. 

Oweinge unto the said Roger: Martyn Nycholas of Denton, 10s. 
Thomas .... for one kenninge of wheate .... 

Nov. 8, 1587. INVENTORY. Imprimis: 6 kyen and 2 oxen 
calves, 11L 3 stotts and one whye, 111. 3 maires, 2 horses, 7/. 
4 oxen, 97. 13s. 4d. 30 old sheepe, 41. 6s. 8d. 15 hoggs, 30s. 
2 fcwyne hoggs, 16s. 3 hyves of bees, 20s. 5 geese, 3s. 4d. Haye 
of the fermeholde, 41. 5s. In harde corne unthrished, 7/. Bigg and 
otts besydes the seid praysed, 40s. The cropp uppon the earth with 
the sowing to it, 13/. 6s. 8d. 3 yocks, 3 teames, one cowlter, one 
seike, and one waine, 1 shekell, 8s. 3 pyche forkes, 8s. 3 sythes, 
I2d. 4 womell, one chessel, I2d. 2 axes, one iche and a mattocke, 
18d. One spaid, one showell, 4d. 4 mucke forks, 4d. One gave- 
locke, 15d. 4 old raiks, 4d. One handsawe, a paire of cumpasses 
and a pussar, 8d. One mucke hacke, 4d. One sheete, 2 borde- 
clothes, 20s. One dawghe shete, 12d. One sylver spone, a ringe, 
19s., .... 2 frocks, one petticote and one russett frocke, 25s. 4 
towells and one bedd hangings, 5s., to the use of Margaret Sympsone. 
One old seike, 2s. 3 wheit blanketts, 3s. 4d. 2 coverletts, 10s. 3 
happings, 6s. 5 beddcodds, 5s. One mattresse, 5s. His apperrelle, 
20s. 4 chists, 2 bedstocks, 9s. 2 cupbords, one almerye, one 
presser and 2 chaires, 40s. One tabell, 2 formes, 3 chesebords 
praysed, 2s. 5 brasse potts, 2 ketteles and thre panns, 35s. One 
paire of iren bound wheills and a long waine, 46s. 8d. 12 pewder 
vessels, 13s. 4d. Coope the whell, 13s. 4d. 2 saltes, 5 candlesticks, 
2s. 4d. 3 seiks and one poicke, l&d. 2 stands, a kyren and a 


gylfatt, 3. Seves, ridles and 5 kuttells, 8d. Seeks, pecks, a 
windowclothe, 2s. 2 reeles, a heckell and lyne, I2d. One racking 
crooke, one paire of tongs, 12d. One oxe harrowe, 5s. One new 
bedstocke, I2d. One old bedstocke, 8d. One old kneding tubb, Id. 
One old chese presse, 4d. 2 lynnynge apprens, 2 linninge churchef, 
3 napkins, one payre of lynne sieves, thre lyning vails, one ' fyne 
curchife, 4 patlitts, one payre of lynne sheets (a paire of codd 
pillibers [erased]) and a paire of blacke sieves, 16s. Qd. Sunima, 
821. 5s. 3d. For his mortuarye, 10s. ; for reparacons, 20s. ; and 
funerall, 20s. 


Dec. 4, 1587. Jennet Anderson of Barwik on the Hill, widow. 
To be buried in the church of Ponteland. 1 To my daughter Jane, 
wife of Thomas Anderson, one bowle of whet of Newcastle market 
measure, one chist that standeth now in my chamber window, one 
-side saddle and a cradle. I give to Heugh Anderson, sonne of John 
Anderson, one sheepe hogge and one silver arrow. To John Anderson, 
brother of the said Heugh, another sylver arrow. To Thomas 
Anderson, one sylver ringe. To my sone, William Anderson, one 
bed of clothes, on ironspit and chair, and a caser with two bed- 
steads. The rest to my youngest son, Bartram Anderson ; he 


Dec. 7, 1587. Richard Glover of Darlington, in the countye of 
Dm ism, yeoman. 2 I geve to Annes, my wife, twentye marks. I geve 
to my sonne Peter my younge blacke horse and two horsgats in the 
parke duringe my lease. I geve to my daughter, Elisabeth Glover, 
one house with appurtenances, adjoyninge to the house wherin I now 
dwell, and a cupbord standinge in the same house, and a presser 
standinge in the deanry and twentye marks. I geve to Mychell 

1 The following is the will of another member of the same family : 

May 4, 1565. James Anderson of Berwyke on the Hill, in the parish of 
Ponteland, yeoman. I give my farmhold to Elizabeth, my wife, so long as 
she keepeth herself soyll and unmarried, and yf she be now with child, then 
the sayd child shall have the farme as soon as it shall be able to occupy yt, 
and that Maister John Ogle, the godmane of Twyssyll, shall have the custody 
of the said child ; and yf my wyfe be not with child, the farme to goe to 
Cuthbart Anderson, sone of Edward Anderson, laite of the towne of New- 
castell-upon-Tyne, marchand, deceased. Witnesses, John Ogle, John Masyl- 
john, Richard Anderson, Percivell Anderson, Sir Edward Allenson, curat. I 
will that Isabell and Agnes, my susters, be brought up and have ther lyvinge 
off my farmold in Barwick, according to my father's commandment. 

2 An account of the Glovers, one of the oldest families in Darlington, may 
foe found in Longstafl'e, Darlington, pp. 149-150. 


Shipside, 20*'. To Thomas Glover that now dwelleth with me, 10s. 
To Richard Glover, my brother's soone, 10s. To George Marchells, 
sonne of John Marchell, ane ewe and a lambe, and to Anes Marshall 
and Elizabeth Marchall, doughters of the said John Marshall, each 
of them an ew and a larnb. All the rest of my goods, not 
bequethed, I geve to be devided equallye betwene my wife Annes, my 
sonn Peter, and my daughter Elizabeth Glover, and I make my 
sonne Peter executor of this my last will and testament. Witnesses, 
Lewis Ambrose, John Marshall and others. 

INVENTORY. Jan. 7, 1587/8. Inter alia: His aparell, 40s. A 
cubbord, 26s. Sd. 2 tables, a forme, a chare, and 4 buffett stules, 
30s. 5 puder chargers, 20s. 48 other puder dishes, 37. 28 
salters and 8 pottingers, 13s. id. 9 salts, 5s. "11 candlesticks, 10s. 
A basen, a latten ladle and an old ewer, 2s. A quart pot and a pinte 
pot of puder, 2s. 3 chamber potts, 2s. Qd. 2 chaffing dishes. 2s. fid. 
2 reckon crokes, a fyre shoull, on pare of tongs and a brulinge 
yron, 5s. 2 carpetts and 8 quishings, 10s. A paire of tables, 20d. 
18 chesses, 13s. id. Befe and bakon, 40s. 3 cubbords, 2 formes 
and a chaire, 30s. 5 litle brasse potts, 26s. 8d. 8 fetherbedds, 
8 bolsters and 8 coods, 87. 3 fetherbedds, 3 bolsters and 3 codds, 
47. Fower chistes, 20s. 15 paire of shets, 30s. 7 paire of blankets, 
40s. 14 coverletts, 47. A stand bedd, a treacle bed, a f ether bedd, 
2 coverings, 2 blanketts, a bolstr and a pillow, 37. 6s. 8d. A table 
a forme and chest, 10s. A carpett and 6 quishings, 20s. 10 paire 
of lyn sheets, and 12 rodwaires, id. 6 towels, 12s. 18 napkins, 4s. 
6 table clothes, 13s. id. 9 yardes of lyn, 9s. 3 pare of bedstocks, 
30s. 6 blankets and 6 coverings, 20s. 4 bedstocks and a treacle 
bedd, 30s. 6 quishings, 20s. A bord and other implements, 5s. 
20 salt fiches, 10s. Stands in the butterye, 20s. 5 brasse potts 
and thre dripping pans, 20s. Fower kettels, etc., in the kitchinge, 
47. 4 quarters of havere and 15 peckes of wheate, 37. 2 kits of 
butter and 2 leaxes, 20s. 20 quarters of malt and bige, 207. A 
cupbord, 40s. A presser, 20s. Coles, 3 formes, 20s. A blacke 
horse, 53s. id. Spare flekes and a paire of wheales, 40s. Corne and 
hay in the howse and stacks, 337. 6s. Sd. 4 oxen, 127. Corne on 
the ground, 207. Wain, plugh, etc., 47. 5 kye, 117. 2 mares, a 
stagge and 18 sheep, 107. 14 silver spoones, 47. The lease of two 
horsgats in the parke, 47. The lease of Haughton feild, 307. 3 
swine and certaine wod, 37. A bedd at John Marshell's, 37. 6s. 8d. 
Summa totalis, 2197. 7s. id. 


Dec. 7, 1587. Jane Nicholson of Darlington, in the countye of 
Durham, wedow, late wiffe of Cuthbert Nicholson of Darlington, 
aforesayd. My bodye to be buryed in good and Christian maner. 
I geve to my sonne Cuthbert twentye marks and to my sonne 


Edward other twentye marks, to be paid them within five yeares 
after my decease. I geve to Thomas Dossye a boule of rye and 
land to so we halfe a bush ell of corne yearlye duringe 3 yeares. I 
give to John and Frauncis Dossy, sonnes of the said Thomas Dossy, 
each of them a gimmer hogg. I geve to> Annes Stanton a bushell 
of wheate. I geve to Margerye Stanton a kercher and a vayle, and 
to Jane Stanton a kercher. I geve to my daughter, Aunes Dossy, 
all my cotes, except my wedding cote, which I geve to Isabell Dossy, 
daughter of Thomas Dossy, and one red cote, which I geve to mj 
sister, Margarett Wilkinson. I give to Jane Glover a kercher and 
a vaile, all the rest of my goods not bequethed, my debts payd and 
funerall expences discharged, I geve to my sonne, Christofer Nichol- 
son, whome I make executor of this my last will and testament. 
Witnesses, Cuthbert Storye, Richard Stanton, Thomas Dossye, Lewis 
Ambrose and others. 

INVENTORY. Feb. 15, 1587/8. Imprimis: Her apparell, 10s. 
An almerye, a table and 2 chairs, 5s. 7 peces of puder, 4 brasse 
potts, 2 kettells and 6 panns, 34s. A chaffinge dish, 2 candlesticks, 
2 salts, a spite, cobyrons, reckencrooks and tonges, 5s. Skels, 
dishes, bouls, trenchers, a little tub with other woodgeare, 10s. 
2 bedstocks, 2 shelves and befe, lls. 8d. One fetherbedd, one 
mattres, 3 happinns, 3 coverletts, 4 paire of shets, a bordcloth, a 
towell, 2 codwares, 5 code hemp and yarn, 44s 4 oxen, 3 kye, 2 
calves, a horse and a meare, 19/. Corne in the lath and one the 
ground with hay, 327. 2 swine and 4 shepe, 26s. 8d. 6 henns, a 
cock and 2 gese, 5s. Waine and waingere, 40s. Summa totalis, 
607. lls. Id. Debts which he oweth, ol. 


Dec. 10, 1587. Cuthbert Rackett, within the parishinge of St. 
Oswold in Durham, visited by hande of God, sicke in my boddye, 
and yet hole of mynde and of perfitt remembrance make this my 
last will and testament in maner and forme following. I bequethe 
my soule to Allmightye God and my bodye to be buryed within the 
parish church of St. Oswolds aforesaid. 1 I geve and bequeth my 
dwelling house to my wiffe and hir children, that is, John Rackett, 
George Rackett, Addelia Rackett, Margret Rackett, Elsabeth Rackett, 
Chatherine Rackett, duringe the tearme of 24 yeares after my 
decease. I bequeth to my sonne, John Rackett, the house that nowe 
dwells in John Kendre, to him and his heires, lawfullye begotten of 
his bodye. I bequeth to Georg Rackett my sonne, the house that 
nowe dwells wedowe Grayme, and the heires of his bodye lawffullye 
begotten, and for defawte of heires lawfullye of there bodyes begotten, 

1 1587, Dec. 13. Cuthberd Racket buried. Register of St. Oswald's,. 


to come to there fower sisters as is named afore. I geve to my 
wiffe the lease of the house that nowe dwells in John Thompson 
during the yeares. I geve to my doughter, Addelyn Racket, the 
awmerye that was hir mother's. The rest of all my goods, moveable 
and unmoveable, I geve and bequeth to my wiffe and hir children 
named before, whome I make my full executors, my debts and other 
my legacies discharged. In witnesse heareof, Anthonye Barton, 
John Shipson, Richard Scott, John Kendrey, John Ridley. 

INVENTORY. 2 iron chimneys, one paire of racks, a paire of 
tonges, a parr, a spete, a droppinge pann, 13s. id. 4 almeryes with 
one litle almerye, 20s. One long table, a shorte table, 2 counters, 
2 formes, 7s. fid. 2 chaires, a payre of playing tables, a buffet 
stoole, a carpinge clothe, 2s. id. 14 peece of pewder, 2 baysings 
and 10 sawsers, 6 potting dishes, 13s. id. 7 candlesticks, a laver, a 
salt, a tynn pott, 2s. Qd. 5 brasse potts, 12s. 3 standbedds, a 
trinle bed, a bordid bed, 2 fether bedds, 2 mattresses, 2 bowlsters, 
2 payre of blanketts, foure happings, 2 coverletts, a oversee covering, 
a payre of hingers, 3 paire of lyne sheets, 3 code mares, 3 payre of 
harden sheets, 36s. A Flander chist, 2 formes, 2s. Qd. A chaffing 
dish, a wod dubler, 2 formes, 2 skeylls, a stande, 20d. 5 chists, a 
presser, a forme, 2 ballings, 4s. id. 4 panns, a cawdron, 3 stone 
trowes, 3s. Wd. His apperell, 13s. id. A brede braike and 6 bords, 
2 old arks, 22d. Serten haye, 3s. id. A brewe lede, a tapp stone, 
4 tubbs, 13s. 4 pece of old harnesse, 4 jacks, 12d. A grene 
covering, a paire of hingers and 5 pece of pewder, 10s. An oversee 
covering, 6s. 8d. A brasse pott, 6s. 8d. The lease of the house 
that now dwelle John Thompson, 10s. The some, 91. 5s. 2d. 

Debts that the foresaid Cuthbert ought : To Dorritye Walle, 30s. 
To William Wall, 10s. Gd. To John Willson, 18s. To James Liddelle 
12s. Andrew Hawkins, 12s. At his furth bringing, 12s. The 
some, il. 13s. 9d. 

Debts owing to the foresaid Cuthbert Rackett : Thomas Fosser for 
a cowe, 13s. id. Thomas Fosser for a lode of malt, 10s. The some, 
23s. id. The funerale expences and debts dischargede, the total 
some cleare, 21. 5d. 


Dec. 28, 1587. William Newbye of Cockefeild. My bodye to be 
buryed in the churchyeard of Cockefeild. I geve to John Newbye and 
Richard Newbye one graye meare and 4 wethers. I geve to Symon 
Newbye 10s. which my brother, Gregorye Newbye, is indebted unto 
me, and 3 wethers. To Jelia Newbye, one whye calfe and 4 ewes. To 
Raufe Newbye, 3 wethers. To Robert Newbye, 2 wethers. To Anne 
Newbye, 2 wethers. I give the lease of my ferminge to my wiffe 
duringe her lyffe naturall, provided allwaies that she continnue my 
wiffe. I will that when my wiffe dyeth, or marieth, that my said 


lease come to my sonne, Rowland Newbye. I will that my wiffe 
bringe upp my two youngest children uppon the ferminge, and if she 
dye I will that my sonne Rowland shall se them brought and that 
they have there portions paid when theye come to the lawfull yeares. 
The rest of my goodes unbequethed, my debts and funerall expencs 
discharged, I geve unto my wiffe, my sonne Symon and my doughter 
Jelia Newbye, whome I maike joint executors of this my last will 
and testament. Witnesses, John Jollye, Robert Dixon with others. 
Supervisors, John Wild, John Jollye, Thomas Wilde and Lancelott 

INVENTORY. Jan. 8, 1587/8. Summa, 247. 13s. 


[Dec 1587]. John Sigswick l of Walworth moore, in the 

parishe of Heighington. My bodye to be buryed in the churchyard of 
Heighington with all dewtyes of right thereto belonginge. I geve and 
bequethe unto the poore people of my parishinge, 13s. id. I geve unto 
William Bilton 10s. I geve unto my brother in la we, Raphe Preston, 
my best dublett, and my best hose. I geve unto my brother, James 
Sigswicke, my best frese cote and my lynninge dublett. I geve 
Oswolde Newton my olde frese cote. I geve unto everye one of the 
children whome I did help to geve Cristendome unto, id. I geve unto 
John Rowthe, the curate of Heighington, one lyninge sharte. I geve 
uuto yourige William Robinsone one harden sharte. I geve unto 
my sonne William and to my sonne Thomas, to either of them, four 
ewes. I geve to my doughter Jane and my sonne Richard tenn ewes 
and one lambe, equallye to be devided betwixt them. I geve unto my 
sonne George five ewes and one lambe. I geve to everye one of my 
youngest children two ewes. My debts, legacies and funeralls paid 
and discharged, the residewe of my goods I geve unto Agnes, my 
wiffe, and Thomas, William, George, Richard and Raphe, my sonns, 
and Jane, my daughter, whome I make my joynte and full executors 
of this my last will and testament. Witnesses, William Bilton, John 
Rowthe, clarke, and William Robinson. 

INVENTORY. Dec. 31, 1587. Imprimis: 11 kyne and hay, 307. 
Corne in stacke, 20s. 2 whyes, one maire and 2 folles, 47. 6s. 8d. 
Threscore eleaven shepe, 157. 6s. Sd. The geare in the workehowse, 
20s. His apperrell, 20s. 4 paire of lynnen shets, 7 paire of harden 
shets, 3 coverletts, 10 happings, 6 pillowbers, 6 coddes, 2 mattresses, 
2 paire of blanketts, 4 paire of bedd stocks and 4 yeardes of clothe, 
il. is. 20 pece of puder, 2 sawcers, 12 tin spoones, 3 candlesticks, 
21s. 2d. 6 brasse potts, 4 kettells, 4 pannes, one litle ketle and 

1 A pedigree of Sedgwick of Thorpthewles is printed in Surtees, Durham, 
vol. iii. p. 82. 


fryinge panri, 40s. Qd. 2 cupbords, one presser, and a cawell, 20s. 
24 milke boules, 2 chimes, 4 skeles, 4 stands and 3 tubbes, price 10s. 
One table, 2 formes, one laver, one leavinge trowghe, one chaire, 
one greater, one temps, 8 theft fatts and 2 quissions, 5s. 6d. 4 
seeks, 4 pockes, one load saddell, one ridinge sade [s?c] and a bridell, 
2s. lOd. 2 spets, 2 rackinge crooks, 2 axes, 2 p'sers and one 
wumble, price 3s. Butter, chese and flesh, 26s. Sd. One spade, 3 mold 
racks, one hay spaid, 6 raiks and a paire of tonges, 10|</. Bo we, 
one shafe of arrowes, one sword, one daggar, one stele capp and a 
lance staffe, 2s. Q^d. One carte with wheles, 5s. 2 swine-hogges, one 
goose, one gander, ducks, mallerts, hennes and cocks, 12s. 

Debts owing to him: William Bilton, 20s. Thomas Deanhame, 
20s. John Smythson, 16s. James Sigswicke, 20s. Simpson wiffe 
of Cockerton, 18d. John Richardson of Bolame r IQd. Sumnia 
total 63/. 6s. 3d. 


[1587.] John Parkinn of Barnardcastle. My corpse to be 
buryed in the churchyeard of Barn[ard]-castle. I geve unto my 2 
doughters all my houshold stuffe, that is to say, puder and brasse 
vessell, bedds, bedclothes and all other wood vessell. I geve to my said 
doughters my 2 old meares and 4 kye and 5 whyes, and all the apperell 
that was there mother's and there sister's. I geve unto my sonne John 
my bay stagg. I geve unto my 2 sonns, Myles and John, all my 
land and leases in Barnardcastle and my fermehold in Lertinton, 
jointlye and equallye to be devided betwixt them. I geve unto my 
sonne Peter ten shillings in the yere to be payd to him by the fore- 
sayd Myles and John yearlye induringe his lyffe if he doe not sell it 
nor turne it over to som other. My debts payd arid my funeralls 
discharged, I doe make my 2 said sonns, Myles and John, my hole 
and full executors. Witnesses, Thomas Cocke, curate, Lionell 
Jackson, Bartill Kiplin, Henrye Abram. [Pr. Feb. 3, 1587/8.] 

INVENTORY praysed by Bryan Hutchinson, Christofer Bowswell, 
Henry Brunskell and Thomas Parkin. First : Potts, kettells and 
other brasse vessel, 3/. All his puder vessell, 22s. An ambrye, 
a cawell, bedstocks, tubbes, bourdes, chaires, with all other woode 
implements within the house, 40s. Tonges, spete, with other iron 
implements, 6s. 8d. Coverletts, sheets, blankets with all other 
furniture belonging the bed, 20s. All his apperell, 13s. id. Sacks 
and poakes, 3s. 4d. Lynnen clothe, yarne and towe, 33s. id. 4 kye^ 
7/. 10s. 5 younge newte, 51. 10s. 2 meares and a stagg, 53s. Id. 
A lease of a shopp and a fermhold, 36s. 8d. 

Debts oweing to him: 37s. \%d. 

Debts which he owes: 5/. 10s. So remaineth : 23/. 6 



Jan. 24, 1587/8. Thomas Wilkeson of Nether Buston, in the 
parish of Warkworth, yeoman. My body to be buried in the parish, 
.church of Warkworth. I give to my wife, Agnes Wilkeson, the third 
part of my goods. I give to my eldest son, William Wilkeson, one cow 
and a boule of malt. To my second son, Robert Wilkeson, and his heirs 
lawfully begotten, the interest and tenant right of my farmhold. 
My third son George and my fourth son Thomas. To my daughter, 
Dorothy Wilkeson, 5 shepe. Robert Hall of Ambell and George Gibson, 



April 14, 1588. Henry Dawson, of the parishe of Set. Oswoldes, 
next unto the city of Durham. My bodye to be buryed within the 
church or church yearde Seynt Oswolde beforesaid. 2 I geve unto 
my wyfe, Margaret Dawson, all my goodes, moveable, etc., duringe 
hyr naturall lyfe, and when it shall please God to viset hir she to 
have the distribusion of my said goods amongst my children at her 
pleasure and as she shall thinke good. I give unto my two sonnes 
Thomas and Hughe, to ether of theme, 2 silver spones with knoppes. 
I give to my daughter Margaret, toward hyr mariage, 107. in house- 
wold stofe. I geve unto 4 children of Thomas Bowes, that is, to 
Herrye, George, Marget and Beale, 2 silver spones. I geve unto my 
wyff the house in St. Nycholas parish where Isabell Willson now 
dwelleth duringe hir lyffe, and after hir deseace I give the same 
liouse unto my daughter Marget, duringe the lease of the same house. 
And of this my present testamentt, I make and ordaine the said 
Margret Dawson, Thomas Dawson, Hughe Dawson, and Marget 
Dawson, my children, myne executors, and I utterly revolt and annull 
all and other wills, etc. This witnesses, William Wright, Anthoney 
Barton, Charles Moberley, vicar of St. Oswolds. I give unto 
Margaret, my wyfe, the house wherein I doe dwell during hir lyffe, 
and after her decease shee to give and dispose the same accordinge 
to hir will and pleasure. Witnesses hereof, Anthoney Barton, Charles 

INVENTORY 367. 12.?. Id. 

1 A pedigree of the family of Wilkinson of High and Low Buston is given 
in the new History of Northumberland, vol. v. p. 217. 

1588, April 12 (sic). Herre Dawson buried. Register of St. Oswald's, 



July 15, 1588. Thomas Hondley, clerk, vicar of Woodhorne. 1 
My bodie to be buried in Woodhorne churche, under the table, where 
I have often celebrat the holie communion, to my great comfort ; and 
yf it shall please God, that I die not at Woodhorne, then I will that 
my bodie shall be buried wher I die, at the discretion of my wife and 
my supervisors, in such convenient place, as shall please them, being 
assured through the ryghteousnes, deathe and passion of our Sauviour 
Christ, and shedding of his most precious blood, that I shall have 
full remission and forgiveness of all my sinnes and eternall life. To 
Thomas, Jacob, Edward, Samuell and Moyses Hondley, my sonnes, 
all my bookes, as well those which I have at Woodhorne, as also 
those which I have in Hallifax vicaridge, in the custodie and keping 
of Richard Midgeley. To my said sonnes all my whole apparrell, 
with all my horse furniture, that is to saie, a jacke, plaite sieves, 
gautlett, steele capp, foure dagges, one curriet and three swordes. 
To Dyna, my wife, the third of all my goodes, etc., and my children 
to be under hir tuicion until they come to age. To everie one of my 
said sonnes, 20/. To my doughters, Katheren and Grace Hondley, 
to either of them, 207. To my other doughters, Susana and Rebecca 
Hondley, to either of them, 10/. For my purchase that I made in 
Newcastele, beinge goodes and chattels, I will it be praised among 
the rest of my goodes, and my wife to have all the houses duringe 
her life, and then to go to the next heire male of my bodie. The 
rest of my goodes, etc., to my daughters Katheren and Grace, whom 
I make executors. And I desior the worshippfull and my deare 
frendes, Mr. Doctor Pilkington and Mr. Doctor Colmor, 2 to be 

INVENTORY. Oct. 24, 1588. His apparele, 101. Sixe chistes 
and 2 coffers, 33s. id. 8 bedsteddes, 30s. 2 tables, 1 long board and 
6 formes, 13s. id. In butter and honye, 3/. 6s. 8d. In oyle and 
sope, 10s. Foure stone of hempe, 10s. One stone and a half of 
wooll, 6s. 8d. 1 alrnebrie and 1 cupborde, 16s. 40 cheeses, 20s. 
Tubbes, barrels, with other implements, 30s. 1 cawell, 2 lint brakes 
and a payre of muster stones, 3s. id. Thre ranges and 2 spites 
with other implementes of iron, los. 3 f ether bedes with 3 boulsters, 
50s. 5 payre of blanketes, 13s. 8d. 10 happinges, 16s. 8d. 6 
f ether coddes, 10s. 3 matrices, 10s. 1 greene coveringe for a bedd, 
6s. 8d. 1 carpett clothe, 1 2d. Hanginges about the chamber, 6s. 8d. 
4 cuishinges, 2s. 3 chamber pottes, 2s. 6d. 4 cheires, 2s. Pewder 
vessell, 11s. 2 bult clothes and 2 heclles, 3s. 8d. 3 lance staves 
with a bill staffe, 4s. 1 halbert and 1 speere, 3s. Pannes, pottes 
and kettels, 24s. 1 twoe-handed sword, and 2 short swordes, 20s. 

1 Thomas Henley, Handley or Hondley was vicar of Woodhorn from 1569 
until his death in 1588. 

- Clement Colmore, D.C.L., rector of Brancepeth, 1584 ; rector of Gates- 
head, 1588 ; canon of Durham, 1590 ; died June 18, 1619. 



1 gunne, 4 dagges and 2 steele cappes, 40s. 10 saches, and 1 window 
clothe, 13s. 6d. Bed hanginges, 2s. One plowe, 6 yokes, 3 iron 
teames, 2 culters and 2 sockes, 13s. kd. Waynes and 1 oxe harrowe, 
28s. Sd. Fyve turtle cockes and 2 henes, 10s. 7 swyne and 12" 
geese, 36s. Sd. 6 hyves of bees, 18s. 1 whyte geldinge, SI. 1 
horse and 1 mare, 4:1. Corne in the stacke-yard, 40?. 38 shepe, 5Z. 
10 kyne, 15Z. 7 stirkes, 3Z, 10s. 4 oxen, 81. 8 stone of lynt, 32s. 
10 goates, 20s. 6 poundes of waxe, 10s. Certayne goodes at New- 
castell : Three oversee bedes, 67. 1 mantill, 20s. I payre of 
blanketes, 8s. 18 yards of woollen clothe, 18s. 8 quishinges, 16s. 
1 greene carpett clothe, 6s. 4 yards of vylett carsey, 16s. A dressen 
clothe, I6d. 37 peece of pewter vessels, 28s. 3 pewter candell- 
stickes and a lattin salt, 6s. 8d. One dosen of sylver spounes, 37. 
Two sylver goblettes, percele gylt, 20 ounces in weight, 5Z. In 
napperie, 407. Houses in Newcastell, 607. Debtes owing to the- 
testator, 92Z. 5s. 8d. Summa totalis, 3417. 13s. 6d. 


Sept. 9, 1588. Robert Elringeton of Elringeton, of the parishe 
of Hayden. 1 To be buried in the quere within my parishe churche- 
of Hayden. To John Smithe of Anecke, my browne meare, with one 
branded stott going at Hayden with John Tadcastell, and also one 
oxe in the handes of Raynold Carnabye of Nobbock, one branded 
riged cowe, which is at my owne howse, with one white flecked cowe 
and calfe, in the handes of Rowland Nobell. To Janet Cowson, a 
branded whye, in the tenor of Alexander Cragges. To John Cowson 
of Elrington, a branded whie, in George Tadcastell handes, of the- 
Deyns. To Thomas Cowson, a branded cowe, with hir calfe. To 
Jane, the wife of Robert Forest, a branded cowe and a calfe. To 
my syster, Elizabeth Elrington, a black cowe and a calf, in the 
handes of William Rydley of Baggery, and a riged stott. To Roger 
Armstrong, a cowe in his owne custodye. To my servant, Cristye 
Clerk, a branded cowe and calfe and a branded whie. To Ellen 
Clerk, a black cowe. To Cristye Clerk, a cubbord, in the handes of 
Thomas Jackson of Hexharn. All the rest of my goodes, etc., I 
geve and legate to my syster's sonne, William Robsone, whom I 
make executor. I appoynt Allexander Cragge of Elrington to be- 
tutor to the said William Robsone. 


Oct. 25, 1588. INVENTOIUE of James Dodds of Newcastell, 
tanner. At Elswicke, a hirdle of baffines in the yard and on other 
in the burne, 10s. 4 olde quisions and on vallewer, ld. On pair 
of curtings of yallowe and blew sarsenett with a paire of flyers, 10s.. 

1 Cf. supra, pp. 61, 72. 


2 dosen of silver spones, weainge 26 ounces and on half at 4s. per 
ounce, 5/. 6s. 2 saltes of silver, parcell gilte, the lesser hath a cover, 
they way 14 ounces and a quarter, at 4s. per ounce, 57s. On lyttell 
copp or pece of silver, weinge 3 ounces and a half, at 4s. the ounce, 
14s. On masser sett with silver; which silver waithe 4 ounces, 16s. 

3 silver spones, 10s. 13 bowles of hardcorne called massilinne corne 
sowen upon the grounde 


Jan. 7, 1588/9. Anthonie Eles of Whorleton. My body to be 
buryed in the chappell yeard of Barnard-castle with all maner of 
service and dueties to be done for me as is nowe dailie accustomed. 
I give to my sister, Allisone Bell, one sheepe hogge. I give to my 
sister's daughter, Esabell Menvell, one sheep hogge. ' All the rest of 
my goods and chattalls, moveable and unmoveable, my debts and 
funerall expences beinge deducted, I give and bequeth them to my 
wift'e, Margarett Eles, and to my two sonnes, Robert Eles and John 
Eles, whom I make joyntely together executors of this my presente 
last will and testament. In witnesse hereof, Anthonie Menvell and 
Thomas Heighlie, with others. 


May 6, 1589. At Bamburgh. Mathew Forster. 1 To be bureed 
in the quear of Bamburgh, with my mortuary dew to the Quene's 
Majestie. My howse, which I do now dwell in to my sonne Mathew 
Forster and to his heares male lawfully begotten, and failling such, to 
my sonne Silvester Forster and to his heares, and failing such, to 
John Forster of Newham and his heares, and failling such, to Richard 
Forster's four men children of Tuggale Hall, to be equallie devyded 
amangst them. My burgage lying in th'east end of the towne, to 
my dowghter Annas Forster and to hir heares for ever. 

Debtes which this testator dothe owe : To Oswold Younghusband, 
for 1 bole of wheat, and a bole of malt, 16s. To Robert Swan of 
Burton, for a bole of malt, 8s. To Mathew Stanton of Shoston, for 
a bole of malt, 8s. To James Cowdone of Edinburghe, for one 
hogshead of wyne, to be payed at Lambas, 4/. 10s. 

Goodes belonging to this testator: Thre kyne and 1 calf, 3/. Four 
yowes and 4 lambes, pryse of everie yow, 4s. I geve by legasie to 
my doughter Elizabethe, 1 hog and 1 lamb. And these thre kyne, 
with the four yowes and four lambes, to be equallie devyded betwixt 
my wyfe and her children. And I doe make my wyfe, Mabell 
Forster, my sole executrix. Before these witnesses, Thomas Browne, 
John Watson, James Bowden and Patrick Broock, dark. 

1 The testator seems to have been a member of the family of Forster of 
Newham, whose pedigree is printed in the new History of Northumberland, 
vol. i. p. 276. 



Aug. 30, 1589. Jaspar Bowdon, of the towne of Newcastle-upon- 
Tin, taller. My bodie to be buryed in St. Nicholas churche yarde, 
under the throughe stone wher my anncestors dothe lye. My howse 
whiche I doe nowe dwell in to Thomas Bowdon, my eldest son, 
when he doth come to lawful yeares. My son Thomas Bowdon, I 
give to my brother John Bowdon, and he to see him brought up 
in virtue and in the feare of God. In default of Thomas Bowdou 
and of his heires mailles, my house to Roger Bowdon, my son. In 
default of my son Roger Bowdon, then to come to my daughter 
Margaret Bowdon ; and in default of Margaret, then to my daughter 
Elinore Bowdon ; and in default of her, then to my brother John 
Bowdon ; and in default of John my brother, then to my brother 
Steaphene Bowdon, then to Jasper Stoco, my sister's sonne, and then 
to the heires of my bodie. To my brother, John Bowdon, my russett 
taffaty dublat. To my brother, Steaphen Bowden, my sword and 
dagger. To Nicholas Stoco, my workdaye gowen. To my sister, 
Margaret Stoco, a quye stirke going at Hebborne. To my brother, 
20s. To Edward Edan, my phessan collered cloake, my hat lind 
withe velvett, and my dagger. To Oswold Chaittor, my head peace 
and other thinges belonging therto. To Cuthbert Chaittor, my 
Spanishe leather girkinge, my violate bretches, and a paire of violate 
stockings. To Margreat Forster, my wive's best hate. John 
Acheson, my apprentice, shall have all my shope geare, and a paire 
of broad clothe blacke bretches, laide with billamonte laise. To 
Barbarye Anderson, on gold ringe, in hope she will not se my 
doughter Elionor and the rest of my children lacke. To my father, 
James Nicholson, 51. To my cosin, Robert Eden, 51. To Ambrose- 
Forster, one fraunche crowne. My brother Steaphen to have my 
house, if he continue in the towne, paienge yearelie for the said 
house 40s. My shoppe at the hile corner to be solde to the moste 
advantage, givinge Richarde Swan the offer befor any other. My 
son, Roger Bowden, I give to my father, James Nicholson, and his 
portion with him. My doughter, Margreat Bowden, I give to Grace 
Claverne and hir porcion with hir, whom my wife did give unto her 
befor hir death, requestinge hir to taike hir. My doughter Elionor 
I give to my welbeloved frend, Jean Barker, and if she will not take 
hir, I give her franklye unto hir godmother, Elioner Nicholson. 
All the rest of my goodes to Roger Bowdon, Margaret Bowdon and 
Elionor Bowdon, whom I make executors. My father James Nichol- 
son, my cosin Robert Eden, my frend Ambrose Forster, supervisors. 


Oct. 21, 1590. John Jackson, in the parishinge of Eshe. My 
bodie to be buried in the parishe church of Eshe. 1 I give unto 
William Younge my graie mare, with her saddle and bridle. I 

1 1591, Oct. 18. John Jackson of the Flasse, bur. Esh Registers. 


give unto Roger Younge and Catheren Younge, his sister, twelve 
sheepe whiche is att the Billey Raw. I give and bequeathe unto Marie 
Jackson and Margaret Jackson, my two daughters, either of them, 
a whie that is att the Billey Rawe, with either of them a cow, if 
that my goods will extend. I will that my brother Richard shall have 
my fermehold att the west side duringe his life, payeing unto my wife 
and my two daughters for thre yeares next ensueinge the daite hereof, 
40s. And att three yeares end he to paie unto them dureinge his life 1. 
yearelie, and that he shall paye all dues and doe all services there- 
unto belonging. I will that my wife and my two daughters shall 
be the executors of this my will and testament, my debts paied and 
funerall expencs discharged. I will that Mr. Anthonye Kendall, 
Robert Danyell and Peter Norman be the overseers of this my will 
and testament. Records hereof, Anthonye Kendall, 'William Brasse, 
Robert Daniell, Peter Norman, clerck, with others. 


Jan. 4, 1590/1. Raiph Collingwood. My bodie to be buried in the 
chapl of Bolton. 1 To my sonne, Thomas Collingwood, all my 
leases in the bailiwick of Bewicke, and to his heires maile of his 
bodie lawfullie begotten, and failing him to my sonne Alexander 
Collingwood, and failing him to Mr. Henrie Collingwood, or his 
brother, John Collingwood ; and whosoever of the foresaid Thomas, 
Alexander, Henrie or Joljin hath possession of the foresaid leases, 
shall pay unto my four daughters, Margaret, Janet, Ivathrin and 
Thomasine Collingwood, 10/. a peece. To my sonne Thomas, four 
oxen and 4 stottes, and all the corne which the jtwo plowes dothe in 
Bewick wynn during his mynoritie. To Phillis Hallowell, 2 ewes. 
To my sister, Elizabeth Bethoun, a cowe and a calfe which I boughte 
of George Greye. To my father in lawe, Mr. Robert Collingwood, 
the milne of BeAvick, to bring upp my children. To my mother, 
Jane Forster, 40s. My doughters, Margaret, Janet, Katherin and 
Thomazine, my executrixes. Mr. Henrie Collingwood and his brother 
John, supervisors. 


Jan. 8, 1590/1. Raiphe Blaikston 2 of Sehame. To my sonne, 
John Blaikston, 6 of my best kyne or quies whiche allredye I have 
appoynted, 10 ewe shepe, 1 maire, and 1 stagge, and 1 langsickle. 

1 Bolton was granted, April 9, 1553, to Robert Collingwood of Eslington, 
esq., and Alexander Collingwood, gent., and to the heirs of the said Robert. 
Cf. new Hiitory of Northumberland, vol. vii. p. 217. 

- Second son of John Blakiston of Seaton, parish of Seaham, and his wife 
Margaret, daughter of Richard Buck of Tudbury. His father's will is printed 
in Will* and Inventories, vol. i. p. 251. 


To Allesone Gunton, 1 cowe, and 1 bedd of close, with somme 
lynininge geare whiche was my wive's and dowghter's, deceased. 
To my sonne, John Blaikston, one bedd of close. To Robert 
Perkynne of Sehame, 1 lyttle calffe. The rest of my goodes to 
Adame Blaikston and John Blaikston, my sonnes, whom I make 
joynte executors. 

INVENTORY, 25Z. 13s. $d. 


April 26, 1591. Ralph Catrick of Wolveston, parish of Billing- 
ham. To be buried in Billingham church. I geve to my wife, 
Alison Catrick, all my lands, etc., which came to me by inheritance 
in Wolveston. To my sonn and heire, John Catrick, all my lands 
and hereditaments (except before excepted) in Wolveston. To the 
chappell in Wolveston, on gimmer lambe. To the reparinge of 
Billingham brigg, 2s. To every child whome I helped to christen, 
l'2d. To the poore in Wolveston, 2s. To Richard Catrick, my 
brother's sonne .... To John Watsonn, my brother in lawe, 10s. 
To Agnes Lackine, a whie calfe, and to my sister, Jane Lakinge, 
a whie. To every of my sister's three sonnes, I2d. To my curate, 
Johnn Manoell, 5s. My daughter, Margaret Catrick. Overseers, 
George Thorpe and Robert Watsonne. 


Oct. 31, 1591. Robart Erington 1 of Denton, in the parishe of 
Newburne, in the countie of Northumberland, gentleman. To be 
buryed wythin the queere doore of the churche of Newburne, and 
as I trust to have mercie and forgivenes at God's hande, so I freelie 
forgive all men without exception, requiringe all my brethren and 
frendes, and all my evilwillers to doe the same. To the poore 
folkes of Newburne parishe, 10s. To the churche of Newburne, 10s., 
for the reparacion therof. To my daughter, Alice Errington, 
one branded whie. To my yongest daughter, Anne Erington, a redd 
lockt whie. To my wife Barberie one redd whie and twentie sheep 
hogges. To my eldest sonne Marke, two of the beste sheep hogges. 
To my yongest sonne George, one white cowe and her calfe. To my 
servante, Elizabethe Patterson, one haacte whie stircke. To my 
sonne Robart, six of my best yewes. To Barbaric, Custons and 

1 The testator, Robert Errington, was son and heir of George Errington 
(second son of Roger Errington of Denton) by his wife Barbara, daughter of 
. . . Shafto of Bavington. By his wife Barbara, daughter of ... Blunt of 
Newcastle, he had, with other children, a son and heir, Mark Errington 
of West Denton, who married Catherine, daughter of Nicholas Tempest of 


Annes Eriugton, my brother Nicolas Errington, his daughters, to 
>everye of them, one gimber hogge. To my mother, Barbarie Erring- 
ton, one goldingt stott, whiche I bought of hir. To my brother 
Nicolas, two sommer best-gates of grasse in my pasture at Wharle- 
ton, during seven yeares next ensewinge. The rest to my wife 
Barbarie, my sonnes Marke and George, and my daughters Alice and 
Anne, whom I make executors, and I constitute and ordaine Mr. 
Marke Shafto of Newcastle, Mr. Marke Errington of Pontilande, 
^and Mr. William Phenicke of Blackeden, supervisors. [Pr. Nov. 2, 


April 20, 1592. George Fuister of the towne of Newcastle-upon- 
Tyne, barbar chysurgion. 1 My body to be buried in the churche 
jreard of the parishe of All Sainctes, before thei weddinge church- 
doore. To my wife, Jane Fuister, all my goodes, whom I make 
^executrix. To my daughter Margaret, Wl. To my daughter 
Elizabeth, 101. To the childe wherewith my wife is, 10^. To my 
wife, two double ducates, and my golde ringes- for a token. To 
-Elizabeth Bell, an old angele. To Grace Flower, a french crowne. 
To my brother, William Herrison, for a token, 10s. To my uncle, 
Briane Stroother, 20s. To my servaunt, Edward Atchesone, my case 
of silver lanchers, more I give unto him my shopp windowe whiche I 
doe nowe keepe, withall the shelves and paynted cloathes about the 
same, provyded alwayes that he be good unto mye said wyfe. To 
my apprentice, Thomas Turner, a pott and a basen, with a case of 
scissors and combes, and all that belongs thereunto, and pleasing my 
wyfe well during her widowehood, I forgive him a yeare's service ; 
more unto him, 3s. id. To my wife Jane, all the yeares I have in 
lease of the shopp next unto Edward Halles. To the poore of the 
parishe of All Saincts, 6s. 8d., to be distributed amongst them by 
"the church-wardens. To my nurse, 2s. 6d. To my neigboures, 
Thomas Bowmer and James Spoore, to eyther of them for a token, 
-an Edward shilling. To Johne Todderick, I2d. My daughters 
Margaret and Elizabeth, minors. 


Oct. 27, 1592. I, George Rochester, saidler, 2 howsoever sicke in 
body, yet perfect in memorye and well in minde, thankes be to my 
most mercifull Father, who hath graunted mee so gentle a summons, 
do, from my hart, with a lively faith in the name of my Saviour 
Christ Jesus, recomend my soull to them, that gave it, craveing 

1 Cf. Welford, Newcastle and Gateshead, vol. iii. p. 69. 

2 The testator was a saddler in Newcastle. Cf. Welford, Newcastle, and 
Gateshead, vol. iii. p. 77. 


mercy and forgiveness of my sinnes in the mediacion of myne only 
Saviour, being veraly perswaded that for the death and passion 
of the same, my soull shall be partaker of b[l]isse, presently after 
the departure of thereof out of my wretched body, and therefore 
I renounce my workes, seeme they never so good, and cleave onely 
to the mercy of my Heavenly Father, and Christ my Saviour. To 
Mr. Houldsworth, as our vicar and teacher, in regard of tithes, which, 
it may be, I have not so duely paid as I ought to have donne, 5s. 
To my three children by my first wife, that is to say, George, James 
and William, for their children's portion, 107. to every one of them, 
also to each of them a cowe and twoe silver spoones. To George, 
my best gowne, a broadcloth cote, laid over with billement lace, and: 
a black, round cappe. To James, my second gowne, and a black 
cloth coate, stitched with silke. To William, a russet taffaty 
doublet, and a pair of breeches of broad cloth, laid with velvet, and 
a clok of silke russet, laid with lace, and myne hatte. To the said 
William, the remaines of yeares of the house now in the tenor of 
William Kircus. I geve the said George and his portion to his 
uncle, George Carre, during his minoritie. I geve the said James, 
his portion and his other legacies, to his ant, Anne Dent, late wife 
of Robert Dent, tanner. I geve the said William to Thomas 
Swanne, cordener. To Henry and Jane, my children by my later 
wife, either of them, 107. and one cowe. To Henry, two silver 
spoones, a black taffaty doublet, and a silke grograme coat, laid on 
with velvet lace. To Jane, the half of all myne houshold stuff e. To 
Mr. Henry Mitford, alderman, and to his wife, either of them, an 
angell. To Mr. Still, halfe an aungell. To Cuthbert Wimfrey, 5s. 
To my cosen, Thomas Swan his wife, halfe a crown in gold. To 
Anne Dent, os. To my sisters, Margaret Atkenson and Alice Fishe, 
either of them, 20s. To Thomas Rochester of Sandgate, my 
brother, 5s. The rest, etc., to my wife Agnes, whom I make 
executrix. Witnesses, Henry Mytford, alderman, James Bamford, 
minister, George Still, Thomas Swann. 

INVENTORY. Feb. 12, 1592/3. In the shoppe: Thre duzen and 
a halfe of rydinge trees, 10s. 6d. 16 lode trees, 8s. 2 sid trees, 2s. 
3 oxen hides and a bull hide, 36s. 8d. 4 horse skynnes and a half, 
8s. 2 cushenates, 6s. 2 yellowe cotten saidles, 6s. A read carsey 
saidle, 4s. A blew and chek saidle, 6s. Sd. 2 dozen sturrupp 
ledders, 12s. 14 bridles, 7s. 6 housingirdes, 2s. 8 paire of stirrupp 
ledders, 4s. 6 sadle-trees redie for the coveringe, 12s. Another 
half dozen of sadle-trees, 3s. 9 gyrthes, 2s. 3d. A lod saidle, 2s. 
3 presers, 6s. Sd. 9 yellowe bridles, 4s. &d. 8 whit bridles, 4s. 2 
shoppe bordes, 20d. 2 maill pynnions, 6d. Another syd of lether, 
3s. 4:d. 5 paire of brod stirrupp ledders, 3s. 4r/. 27 of harnes 
buckles, 6s. 9d. 3 band of stirrupp ledder bouckles, 14J. Half a 
band of gyrthe bockles, od. Half a duzen stirrupp irons, 2s. 3. 
duzen and a half of beates, 7s. 22 small beates, ISd. 

Some totall, 1627. 



Nov. 6, 1592. Christopher Barton. I have gevin and granted 
all such debtes and goodes whatsoever unto my executors, Henry 
Rotheropp, leivetenant, and Quinten Stringer, aunscient, in as 
free manner as may be, to them and their assignes, in which they, 
the aforesayde, Henry Rotheropp and Quinton Stringer, standes 
charged to paye all suche debtes as the abovesaid Christopher Barton 
doth owe, beinge herunder written. 

These are the debtes that are owinge to Christopher Barton^ 
soldiare, of Barwick-upon-Tweed. William Glover owith me 5/. 
Auncient Stringer and James Smith, for the debt of Leivetenant 
Blisse, deceased, 5/. In Annas Hasslewoodes handes, in tickettes 
of my owne entestaynement of glovess makinge, 3^. 13s. In Captayn 
Careye's clarke's booke, 9s. Antony Colman, upon -a tickett which 
I have in my owne handes, 18s. Sd. In the twoe yeare's paye, 
4:1. 5s. Q^d. In the yeare's paye, ol. 

Some totall is juste 247. 7s. '2\d. 

The note named, debtes and somes of money which I owe any 
maner of waye whatsoever : To William Faun, for halfe a yeare's 
rent, 6s. 8d. To my keeper, I2d. a weeke frome the 1st of October 
unto the [blank]. To Jane White, widdowe, 10s. To my hoste, 
Fries, 107. Annes Hasslewoode, 14s. Qd. To my landlord, Thomas. 
Grene, 5s. To George Gardner, 2s. To John Stones, 7s. More 
owinge for washinge, Is. Qd. To John Harwoode, 21. To the 
widdowe Harrisone, 4s. 

I geve and bequethe 10s. for a clothe for the comunion borde. 
I geve also to the poer, 7s., to be distributed att the discretion of 
my executors. Also iff the saide John Harwoode do sue the afore- 
named Christopher Barton, he muste have truly paiede hime 40s. 
more. Also I give to my brother, Bryan Bartone, the bedde which 
I lye upone, with a blankett to it, 


Nov. 26, 1592. Thomas Fisher of South Hebborne, within the 
parish of Jarro. To Thomas Golightlie, sonne of George Golightlie, 
my obligatione of 5 markes of John Bangke, with all sommes of 
money therin conteyned. The rest of all my landes, goodes, etc., to 
my cosine, William Fisher of Durham, and Agnes Lytle, my servant, 
whom I make executores. 

INVENTORIE. Fower silver sponnes and a mazer, 22s. Sd. 3 
latten candlestickes, a morter and a pestle, and a latten stall with 
a cover, 8s. id. 4 peuder pottes and an ewer, 5s. 18 peece of puder,. 
13s. id. 3 latten basines, 8s. 2 tinne bottles and 2 glasse bottles,. 
3s. id. A gunne, a pistle, a bowe, a dagger, a basslert and a coot 
of plait, 27s. His woolling apparell, 47. A bill staff, 12d. 2 pare 
of plate sieves, and one pare of male sieves, 2s. 



Dec. 15, 1592. George Bourn of the towne of Newcastle upon 
Tyne, cowper, being in health of bodie, but of good and perfect 
memorie, thankes be to God, do make and ordaine this my will and 
testament in wrytinge, as well concerning the disposicon of my small 
porcion of landes and tenementes, as allso of that lyttle quantitie of 
goodes and chattells whatsoever, which God haieth lent me at this 
time present to dispose. First, I commend my sowle unto the handes 
of Almightie God, who created me, nothing doubting but that for 
his infinite mercies sett forthe in the precious bloode of his dearlie 
beloved sonne Jesus Christe my onlie Sayour and Redeamer, 
he will accepte the same unto his glorie and place it in companie 
of his holie angels and blessed sanctes, and I will my bodye be 
buried in the parishe churche of All Hallowes. I give the house 
wherin I now do dwell in the Flessher Rawe of the said towne of 
Newcastle uppon Tyne, and all other my houses, landes, etc., in the 
said towne and the liberties thereof (except one house with th'appur- 
tenance in the Mell Markett), unto Isabell, my well beloved wife, 
during her life, and after her decease to Marke Erington of Ponte- 
land, in the countie of Northumberland, gentleman, and his heirs 
for ever. I give the aforsaid howse in the Meale Markett to my 
servante, George Clewghe, and the heirs of his bodie, and for lack' 
of such to Marke Erington aforenamed. To the said Marke Ering- 
ton, one presser of wainscotte standing in the chamber over the 
hall, and one fether bed, with a bolster and all the furniture thereto 
belonginge, with the coveringe of tapisterye worke, and one iron 
chimney, also one sylver pece, parcell guylte, which the said Marke 
boughte for me at London, one sylver pece with a cover, dowble 
guylte, in weight, 26 ounces. The rest of all my houshold stuffe 
to my wief Isabell. To my said wief, 20L, provided she shall not 
have, taike or claime or benefite of the moyetie of my goodes dew 
unto her in respect I have no children lyvinge. To Mistres Ering- 
ton, wief to Marke Erington, one portingale peice in goulde. To 
Mr. George Brigges and his wief, and to either of them a double 
duccatt. To my good frend, Jane Surtis, wief to Thomas Surtis, 
one rose noble in gould. To my servante, George Clewghe, all my 
workinge geare, also all classbord and houpes which I shall have 
unwrought at the dale of my deathe. To the aforenamed Marke 
Errington, the moietie and half of all the residew of my goodes, 
and the other moitie to my wief, whom I make one of the executors, 
and Marke Erington the other. To Mr. Howlesworth, an angell. 
To my wife, all my tenure of yeares of Tenth Medowes, in the 
parish of Newborne, and also of the Dovecotte-close. To Henarie 
Fenkell and his wief, a dowble duccatt eche. To my servant, Alice 
Cleugh, 31. 6s. 8d. To my servant, Cuthbert Gibson, att the appoint- 
ment of George Clewghe, half a thousand howpes, that is to saie, 
barrell howpes and firkin howpes. To Thomas Dickson and his 


an angell in gould a pece. To Christopher Clewes, a double 
duccatt. Witnesses, Robert Errington, Gawyn Ogle. [Pr. June 
15, 1595.] 

July 2, 1593. INVENTORIE of the goodes of George Bowrne. In 
readie moneye, 1207. A dossane banquittinge dishes and 4 sawcers, 
is. A gowne faced with bonge, 37. 2 gownes, 30s. A cloke, 20s. 
A sattone dublette, 26s. 2 jerkins, 2 pare of bryches, and 3 par of 
stotkins, 20s. 2 hattes and 3 capes, 20s. A steal cappe and a sworde, 
3s. A calever and a flaske, 20s. 4 chistes and a halbarte, 16s. 24 
pare of line shettes, 47. 13s. id. 6 head shettes, 13s. id. 8 dossan 
napkins, 40s. 24 cod pillow beirs, 30s. 7 borde clothes of line, and 
one of dyper, 40s. 5 table towells, 20s. 2 dresser clothes of dyper, 
6 hande towells, 8s. All the above lynne in the cheiste in the 
butterie in the fire chamber. Power hundrethe elabord, 47. 20 
dossane brode hupes, 5s. 8 hundrethe fyrkins howpes, 8s. 3 
thousand fyrkyn howpes, 30s. 7 dossane of brode howpes, 28s. 35 
irone howpes, 23s. id. 5 axes and 8 eaches, 8s. 20 pare cells and 
8 compasses, 4s. Qd. 3 headinge knyves, 18d. 5 joynters and 4 
irons, 5s. 6 wimbles and 4 sawes, 8s. Certaine trussing howpes, 2s. 
2 cuttinge knyves, and 3 chessells, 20d. 4 crosses and 2* brandrethes, 
2s. 3 hewe axes and 4 eaches, 2 headinge knyffes, 2 wembles, a 
theasle, 6 joyning irons and 6 shaving knyffes, 23s. id. 7 dossane 
fatte howpes, 16s. 10 dossane brode howpes, 3s. id. i thousand 
faarelle howpes, 37. 4s. A thowsand fyrkyn howpes, 20s. 3 dossene 
pypes howpes, ISd. A silver salte with a cover, parcell gilted, 22 
ounces, 47. 19s. A sillver salte with a cover, 49s. Qd. A dossane 
syllver sponnes, 22 ounces, 47. 19s. A sponne of sillver, duble gilt, 
2 ounces, 11s. 3d. 13 sillver spoones, 40 ounces, 47. 10s. A sillver 
potte, parcell gylte, 16 ounces, 37. 12s. A sillver peace, parcell and 
gylte, 15 ounces and a half, 37. 8s. 1\d. A sillver peece, parcell and 
gylte, 25 ounces, 37. 7s. Qd. A stone potte banded with sillver, 50s. 
A peece of sillver, double gylte, 18 ounces, 47. I2d. A peece with a 
plate cover, double gylt 26 ounces, 57. 17s. A taister of sillver, 3 
ounces, 13s. 2 sillver whissells with a touth pyke and certaine oulde 
monye, 20s. 

Debts due to the testator: Marke Erington, 607. Robert Eden, 
apothecarie, 207. Robert Fenton and Randale Fenton, 457. Robert 
Brandlinge, merchant, 207. Sampson Hudspethe, 207. Thomas 
'Tallantyre, 107. Lancelot Carnaby, 77. 4s. Christopher Denninge, 127. 

Summa totalis, 4767. 14s. id. 


Dec. 22, 1592. I, William Ewrie, Lord Ewrie, 1 fullie perswaded 
of my mortall condycion, that in Codes good tyme, unknowne to 

1 The head of the family of Eure, which came of the ancient and noble 
Norman stock of the barons of Warkworth. The testator was the son of Sir 
Ralph Eure, knt. (who was killed in 1545, during his father's lifetime, at 


men, ther must be a separacion of soule and body, give and bequeathe 
my soule to Almyghtie God, my most mercyfull creator, trustinge 
assuredly to be saved, by the merittes of Jesus Chryste, who, on the 
crosse, payd the full pryce of my redemption, and made satisfaction, 
for all my synnes. I gyve forty poundes to be disposed to the poore 
people of Inglebye, Wytton, Stokesley and other towns, parishes, 
and hamlettes, thereunto now adjoyninge. To Fraunces Ewrie, 
William Ewrie l and Charles Ewrie, my yonger sonnes, my farme- 
called Cowndon grange, and the west felde of Sawton, nowe in my 
occupacion. To my sonne, Rawfe Ewrye, all my plate, housholde 
stuffe and armor. To my daughter, Mary Ewrie, 2 wyffe to my sayd 
sonne Raufe Ewrie, 3 my best standinge cuppe of sylver, excepte that 
whiche Quene Mary dyd gyve mee, which I will shalbe and remayne 
an heyrloome. To William Ewrie, sonne and heyre apparaunt to 
m y sayd sonne Raufe Ewrie, my best basyn and ewer of sylver, parcell 
gylt. To my daughter Ewrye, 4 nowe wyfe to my sonne Fraunces 
Ewrie, one of my beste sylver bowles. To my thirde sonne, William 
Ewrie, one armor complete for his body. To my fourth sonne, Charles, 
Ewrie, one armer complete for his body. To Anne Mallorye, 5 my 
eldest daughter, 10?. To my seconde doughter, Meriall Gooderyche, 6 
107. To my youngest doughter, Martha Armyn, 7 101. To William 
Mallory, sonne to John Mallorye, by my sayd daughter Anne, whome 
I chrystened, 5?. To William Goodryche, sonne of Rycharde 
Gooderiche, by my daughter Meryall, whome I chrystened, 5L To 
Christofer Mallorie, sonne of the sayd John and Anne Mallory, nowe 
remaynynge with me, 10Z. To William Lampton, 8 sonne to Raufe 
Lampton, whom I chrystened, one sylver bowle. To everie housholde 
servaunt I shall have, att the day of my deathe, one whole yeare's wages. 

Panierhaugh, or Ancrum Moor, in Teviotdale), by Margery, daughter of Sir 
Ralph Bowes of Streatlam, co. Durham, knt. He married Margaret, daughter 
of Sir Edward Dymoke of Scrivelsby, co. Lincoln, knt. She was buried at 
Ingleby Greenhow, Sept. 15, 1591, and the testator was buried at the same 
place, Feb. 13, 1593/4. 

1 1647, May 11. Mr. William Ewry, esquir, bur. Bishop Middleham 

2 The first wife of his son Ralph, Lord Eure. She was the daughter of 
Sir George Dawney, Sessay, co. York, knt. 

3 1645/6, Jan. 29. Mr. Raphe Ewry, esquir, bur. Bishop Middleham 

4 Elizabeth, daughter of John Leonard. 

5 Wife of Sir William Mallory of Studley, co. York, knt. 

6 1578, Nov. 4. Richard Goodrige and Merioll Eure, daughter of the 
Right Honorable Lord Eure, mar. Ingleby Greenhow Register. 

7 1590, April 26. William Arminge, esq., and Martha Eure, daughter of 
the Right Honorable Lord Eure, mar. Ibid. 

8 Afterwards Sir William Lambton, knt. , son of Ralph Lambton of Lambton, 
co. Durham, esq., and grandson of Robert Lambton, esq., and his wife Frances,, 
daughter of Sir Ralph Eure, knt., and sister of the testator. 


To Cuthberte Pepper, my best amblinge geldinge. To my sonnes, Raufe 
and William Ewrie, my waynes, etc., at Ingleby, Broughton or 
Sawton. The resydue to my sonnes Fraunces, William and Charles 
Ewrie, and I will that they shalbe kepte, and convenyent intertayne- 
ment for suche of my servauntes, as will remayue ther, att the 
chardges of my sonne Raufe, duringe one quarter of a yeare, nexte 
after niy deathe and towards the chardges wherof I gyve to my sayd 
sonne Raufe all my grayn and corn, and I make him my sole 

CODICIL. Feb. 4, 1593/4. To my sonne and heyre, Raufe Ewrie, 
1,50(V. towardes the buyldinge of a hous at Jerrowe. To Mr. 
Bynnion, 8/. which he owethe me, and a geldinge. To Mr. Brydges, 
a geldinge, of 8/. pryce. To my sonne and heyre, Raufe Ewrie, all 
my draughte oxen, att Litle Broughton and Ingle-bye, and all my 
yonge shepe. To my servant, John Pearson, 4 markes. To Adelein 
Thorppe, 40s. To everie one of my maydes, a cowe. [Pr. July 5, 


Memorandum : That about the 16th day of Marche in anno 
domini 1592/3, Mr. George Toinge of Den ton, 1 esquier, erased in 
bodie but of perfect mind and memorie, in the presence of these wit- 
nesses followinge did declare his last will and testament nuncupa- 
tively in manner and forme followinge. First, he did give and 
committ his soule to Almightie God and his bodie to the earthe. 
Also he did give and bequiethe all his goods and chattells to his 
wif Helin Toinge, and to his sonn Cuthbert, and to his daughter 
Elizabethe, whom he did make and ordeyne the executors of his 
last will. Witnesses, Henry Tong, Georg Jehnison. 

INVENTORY, 2 April, 1593. 


May 27, 1593. John Harding of Whickham, gentleman. 2 My 
bodye to be buried within the parish churche of Whickham, with 
that comlyness that appertaineth thereunto. To Elizabeth, my 
wife, and children, all my goodes, and I make thesse here nominated, 

1 George Tonge of Denton and West Thickley married Helen, daughter of 
John Lambton of Lambton, by whom he had a numerous issue. He was 
buried at Heighington March 25, 1593, and was succeeded by his son and heir, 
Henry Tong of Denton and Thickley, who was born circa 1550. Cf. Surtees, 
Durham, vol. iv. p. 4. 

" The testator was probably a member of the family of Harding of Holling- 
side, in the parish of Whickham, whose pedigree is printed in Surtees, Durham, 
vol. ii. p. 252. He married, May 3, 1584, Elizabeth Robson, and was buried 
Aug. 13, 1593. Whickham Registers. 


namely, Robart Hardinge, Rafe Harding, Jane Harding, my full 
executors. To Annis Robson, my mother in lawe, I/. To Margaret 
Tesdale, my kinswoman, 3s. id. To Raphe Whittfilde, in lew of his. 
good service, 2s. 6d. To the porer sorte of the people of Whickham, 
I2d. Witnesses, Mr. Robart Fawden, Richard Barloe and Richard 
Darham, minister of Whickham. [Pr. Nov. 9, 1593.] 


Aug. 3, 1593. Robarte Harbotele of Bemishe, 1 in the parishe 
of Tanfield and countye of Durham. To my doughter, Elizabethe 
Harbotell, 100 markes, to be taken of a tenemente called the North 
Calsy ; and a close called the West-myll-close, and another cloffe 
called Dobbes Gren, altogether of the yearlye value of 16/. lls. 8d. ; 
also I give unto her all my houshold stuffe, savinge my plate and 
sartan percills to be herafter recited, and I appointt my sone Raphe 
to have the tuicion of her duringe hir nonage. To my son Robartt, 
100 markes, to be taken out of my mill, called Callsye mill, and he to 
be under the tuicion of his brother Raphe during his nonage. To my 
son Frauncis, all my title, etc., of a tenemente, called the Middell 
the Calsye, with a paer of virginalls. To my sone Raphe, a 
brasse pot, a great yron chimlaye, on great presser in my parler at 
the Calsye, a paer of claricottes and two silk carpin-clothes of nedell 
work. To my sister, Barbara Ruddesforth, on gould ringe. To Jane, 
wife to Richard Hindmers (?), 20s. To Mr. Francis Anderson, on ould 
angell, and I make him supervisor. The rest to my sone Raphe, 
whom I make executor, and I charge him to paye unto my sone 
Robartt, 10A, within two yeares after he come out of his prentishipe. 
Witnesses, Francis Anderson, Isaac Anderson. 


Nov. 4, 1594. Thomas Lorens 2 of Walsend, gentleman. My 
bodye to be buryed in the parishe churche of Walsend. I make my 
wif, Isabell Lorens, sole executrix. For my children's portions, 
I will they be set forthe at the sighte of Mr. Raphe Lawson, Mr. 
William Fenwick, esquiers, my brother Robert Lawson, my brother 

1 Cadets of the family of Harbottle lingered in the neighbourhood for many 
years after Eleanor, daughter and co-heiress of Sir Guischard Harbottle, had 
carried Beamish in marriage to Sir Thomas Percy. Robert, son and heir of 
Thomas Harbottle, was possessed of lands in Tanfield so late as 1615. Of. 
Surtees, Durham, vol. ii. pp. 223, 225. 

2 The testator, an extensive farmer and grazier, with live stock at Walls- 
end, Blagdon, Horton, Benton, Brenkley, Kirkharle, Prestwick and Flatworth, 
is stated to have been a younger son of Robert Lorraine of Kirkharle. Cf. 
Hodgson, Northumberland, pt. ii. vol. i. p. 246. 


William Fenwick, and my brother Randall Fenwick, gentlemen. I 
gyve my eldest sonne, Robert Lorens, to my younge master, Mr. 
Roger Lawson. I leave the rest of my children with all my brethren 
and frendes, with my wif. To my sister, one oxe whiche is at Kirk- 
harle. To Symond Toore, thre yowe hoges. To everye of my house- 
holde servantes, both men and women, 2s. To the poore, 10s. 

INVENTORY. Hard corne and otes at Matfen, 167. Otes in. 
Stickley, 257. Wheat in Stickley, 9 boules, 47. 10s At Blaigden : 
7 yere-olde nolte, 37. 10s. ; 6 two-yere old nolt, 6/. ; 3 elder nolte > 
67. At Walsend, 40 ewes, 97. At Blaigden, 83 hoges, 137. At 
Horton, 40 hogges, 67. 13s. id. At Benton, 89 ewes, 207. At 
Walsend, 3 nages, 67. At Benton, 1 nage, 40s. At Walsend : nyne 
oxen, 207. ; 12 kie, 187. ; 5 gelde nolte, 37. 15s. At Benton ; two oxen, 
47. 13s. id. ; 16 kie, 247. At Brenkley, 1 oxe, 20s. . At Kirkharle,. 
1 oxe, 20s. At Prestick, 1 oxe, 20s. At Benton old gate, 26 
kedes, 37. At Walsend : twentie bouls of wheat, 107. 10s. ; 40 bouls 
of otes, 107. ; 8 boules of peese, 53s. id. ; waines and plewes, with 
th'appertences, 53s. id. all the household stuffe, 107. At Walsend, 
10 bouls of corne sowen, 107. At Matfen, 7 bouls sowen, valued to 
21 bouls, 77. At Stickley, 4 bouls sowen, 47. At Flatworth, 20 bouls 
of big, 107. At Kirkharle, corne sowen and in the yarde, 57. At Flat- 
worth, 20 ewes, 67. His apparell, 40s. Debts owinge to him, 37. 
He owes for the rent of Flatworth, 507. Suuiinn bonorum declare, 
2147. 18s. id. 


[1595.] In the name of Jesus, so be it. I, Thomas Nicholson of 
Newcastle, maister of a good shippe, called the ' Nightingaile,' of 
Newcastell, now sick in bodie but sound in mynde, and of perfect 
memorye, do rest and staye myselfe only on Codes niercye, beleving 
verylie, throwghe the merites of Christes death, to have remission 
and pardon of all my sins, and everlasting salvation, and to the 
blessed Trynytie I commit my soule, who is best can conceive it, and 
my bodye to the earthe, from whence it came, being persuaded that 
at the last God shall compell my body and sowle togither agayne, and 
these my eyes shall see Him, in the land of life. Concerninge my 
temporall estate and business, being also in good and perfit memorie 
myndinge to leave my testament and last wyll in sech order, that 
neyther my wife nor freyndes shall fall at any disorder thereon 
my negligent forgetfulnes. I do therefore wyll that my beloved 
wife shall have and enjoye all my landes, howses and tenementes, 
the shipp and els all my arrables, the freight and my wages, and 
all that I have, for the tearme of her life ; and after her discease, the 
head howse to come to the use of my cosin Cuthberte's sonne Thomas ; 
and after his discease, to come to Gabryall, and to John ; and after 
ther discease, to come to the narrowest of the name, and for the rest 
to doo with them as hir rnynd serves. And for tokens of remem- 


brance to my freyndes, I give to my uncle, Christofer Nicholson, an 
old angell, and to my brother, Thomas Dodes, the same, also to 
my sister, Margaret Nicholson, the same, and to my coosins, Cuthbert 
Nicholson, John Forster, and Margaret Gibson, the same to eache of 
them. To my old uncle, Robert Byttelston, a crowne of fyve 
shillinges. To Richard Doune, my wife's brother, my whistell and 
my chyne of silver and to my boy, John Forster, half of my see 
clothes and shirtes, and my sea carde, with the other bookes ; and 
to my brother, Robert Mylburne, an old angell. And at my being at 
Danske, I tooke upon the valewe of 10/., at Robert Sterrete's man, 
to pay at London to one Sheat, and 20s. to John Ampleforth, of 
London, which debts, I doubte not, but the shipp will see discharged, 
if God send hir in safelie. In default thereof, my wife to paye the 
same, and she to be full executrix of my wyll. Witnesses, Edward 
Cordmane, Thomas Kenneker, merchaiite. [Pr. circa, 1595.] 


Nov. 10, 1595. William Davey. To be buried in my parish 
churche of Rothburie. I give to Robert Davey, my son, a farm- 
hold in Thropton that Robert Richeson holds. To Edward Davey, 
a cottage which I buylded, a stone house upon it, an aiker of 
land that perteyneth therof to the cottage, and another aker in 
Thropton feild, called Beanias aker. To John Davey, my son, the 
farmehold that Marke Jefferson dwelleth in, with one cottage, save 
two foodder of hay yearely that my sonne William Davey shall have 
of the said farmhold of the New-towne for ever. To William Davey, 
my sonn, two houses in Rothburie, one that lieth east of Rollie 
Grenes and one hous.e that lieth west of Rollie Grenes, and east of 
Roger Dodshone, and one close called Lister-cloce. To my son, 
Edward Davey, one free house in Rothburie that lieth south of John 
Davis and north of Thomas Watson. To John Davey, my son, a 
blaicke cow and shott. The residue to Robert. Davey, my son. Wit- 
nesses, Robert Davey, Mathew Storer, John Storer, William Sowerbie, 
minister, etc. 


July 5, 1596. Luke Ogle of Eglengham, gentleman. 1 To be 
buryed in the parysh church or chauncell of Eglengham. To rny 
thre reputed daughters, Isabell, Myrryell and Beile Ogle, every of 
them, 10/. To my sonne's daughter, Myrryell Ogle, 207., besydes hir 
porcyon. To my late son, Christofer Ogle, 2 his sonnes, all my right 

1 The testator seems to have been the second of the four Luke Ogles who 
successively held Eglingham. Of. Sir Henry Ogle, Ogle and Bothal, p. 193. 

" Administration of the goods of Christopher Ogle was granted, June 13, 
1597, to Thomasine, his widow. His children, Thomas, Tristram, Cuthbert, 
Elizabeth, Julian and Dorothy Ogle, all minors. 


and tytle of the mill of Eglengham, and the tythe corne of Aylname. 
To my syster, Jullyan Ogle, 20 nobles, and to her sonne Lewes Ogle, 
40s., and to Thomas Ilderton, 20s. To Lewes, Marke Ogle's sonne, 
one house in Anwik, lyinge in Bellygate, which I purchased of John 
Spence. To Jane Taylor, 40s. To my reputed sonnes, Lennard and 
Robert Ogle, 20 nobles. To my sonne Robert Ogle's sonne, Luke 
Ogle, one yoke of oxen, with the heyer-lomes of the house, that is to 
saye, the tables, boordes and formes, the great caldron, the great 
pott, with the brasen morter, the best bedd in the house, the raxe 
and spittes. To Trestrom, sonne of my late sonne Christofer Ogle, 
the fermeholde in Framlington, after Lainge's lease is expyred, with 
the freehold ther, arid after the said Trestrom, to come to his brother 
Cuthbert, and the longer liver of them. I make Thomas and 
Trestrom, the sonnes of my said late sonne Christofer, executors, 
and Mr. Raffe Gray of Chillingham and Mr. "William Lawson of Rock, 
supervisors. Witnesses, Roger Gray, Robert Gray, Thomas White, 
Thomas Snawdon, William Lawson, Martin Ogle, and Gregory 

Debtes owinge to the testator: Sir John Forster, for wood, out of 
Thropp wood, 101. ; more he is owinge me for the rent of the 
Gambleston, the space of 10 yere and odd, the rent being 4s. the yere. 
The heires of his brother, Thomas Forster, is owinge me for the 
queene's rent of Wardane, Warneford, Newlandes, and Bassindon, 
the space of 9 yeres, at 20s. the yere. Sir Raffe Graye's executores 
and his wife, 237. Thomas Collingwood of Litle Ryle, viz., rent, 3/., 
girsons, 11. 10s. The hayres of Henry Collingwood of Ingrom is 
owinge for the tythe corne of Revely, oL, and 40s. for rent, and 
for a gerson of the said tythe, 11. 14s. The laird of Prendick, Ql. 
The laird of Barra, 4L and odd money. The laird of Clennell, 43s. 
The laird of Trewhitt, 20s. John Rutless of Killom, 40s. Henry 
Swnhoe for a gerson, 57. 6s. 8d. and 20 fir dales. Gawinge Forster, 
47s. 6d. The tennants of Burton is owinge for ther rentes. . . . 
Nychollas Manners for 'a fyne for one ferme in Burton, 101. The 
mylner of Lylburne-mill, for 3 bowells of corne, 40s. 

Debtes owinge by the testator: Mr. Gray, for the Quene's rent, 
237. John Gray of . . . . , 20s. The lady of Craster, 53s. id. 


Sept. 2, 1596. James Witheringtone l of Gateshead, in the 
county of Durham, gentleman. To be buryed in the parishe churche 
of the saide towne, within the qyer. To John Chapman, my man, 
the farmhould late in the occupacion of Mathew Stokey, payinge 

1 The testator was apparently a younger son of John Widdrington of Temple 
Healey, in the parish of Bywell St. Peter, whose will, dated Feb. 4, 1570, is 
printed in Wills and Inventories, vol. i. p. 320. Cf. new History of Northum- 
berland, vol. iv. p. 240 n, and vol. vi. p. 170. 



3/. 6*. and no more. To my man, Mark Maugham, 3s. To my 
mayde, Margerye Blackdene, 40s., besydes her wages. To my 
daughter, Annas Witheringtone, my howse, etc., in Gateshead, whiche 
I boughte, to her and her heires lawfully begotten, and for defaulte 
of suche, then to her sister Marye, and for defaulte of her and her 
heires, then to come to John, Robert and Henry Witheringtone, and 
theire heires, from the eldeste unto the yongeste. To my said two 
daughters, all my howseholde implementes and stuffe in the said 
howse, to part and devide yt equally between them. And further 
I give to my said daughters all my horses, noult, and sheepe and 
corne, to be praised equallie for the somme of 407. to eche, and if 
yt will not reach unto so much, then I will that my sonnes, John, 
Robert and Henry, do make yt furthe, when they shall come to 
21 yeares, or to be marred. To my sonne John, my whole tythe, 
etc., of the townshipe of Halleden, savinge the neather milne, belong- 
inge unto yt, and that I doe give unto Robert, for his life, and after 
to come to his brother John. To my yongest sone Henrye, my title 
of Whitsydelaw. 1 To my sone Robert, my tytle of the tithes and 
personage of Hartborne. I doe make my said three sones my 
executors, to see all my debts discharged, etc., by the sight of Mr. 
Henry Witheringtone, esquier, and Mr. Roger Witheringtone, his 
brother, and give unto each of them, for a token of remembrance, 20s. 
I doe owe my sister Anne, yet unpaide of her bonde, 20 markes. 
Witnesses, Nicholas White, Anthony Softly, John Chapman. 


Oct. 14, 1596. Thomazin Heathe 2 of Acklife, weadowe, I give 
unto my sonne, Mr. John Rippes, my nest of sylver tunes, and my 
silver salt, and a tappestre coverlet, for a rememberaunc of my good 
will. To Mr. Robert Throckmorton, my sonne, all my houshoold 
stufe whatsoever. To my doughter, Thomazin Rippes, 1007. to be 
given hir eyther at the age of 21 yeares or at the daye of hir 
marriage, wheather of them commethe furst, and if she be then 
livinge, desiring Mr. John Heath of Keper, th'elder, to be aidinge 
and helpinge of myne executors for and towardes the puttinge fourth 
of the 1007. for hir best commoditye and profit, payinge unto them 
yearly that shall have the tuycion of hir, unto the foresaid tyme of 
21 yeares or marryage, after the rait of 107. for the use of the said 
1007. But if she shall depart this life before the age of 21 yeares or 

1 The small estate of Whiteside-law, in the parish of Chollerton, was con- 
veyed by William Widdrington to William Milburn in 1654. Cf. new History 
of Northumberland, vol. iv. p. 301. 

- Widow of John Heath of Kepyer, co. Durham. She was the daughter of 
Thomas Dearham of Cremplesham, co. Norfolk, and was thrice married ; first 
to John Throckmorton of Werrington, co. Northampton, and then to John 
Rippes of West Walton, co. Norfolk. She had no issue by her third marriage. 
Cf. Surtees, Durham, vol. iv. p. 70. 


marryage, then I will and bequeath the said 100Z. to be equallye 
destributed betwixt my two sonnes, Mr. Robert Throckmorton and 
Mr. John Rippes, if they be then lyvinge, or to the longer lyver of 
them, provided that the 5 markes which my husband, Mr. John 
Heath, gave by legasie unto Thomazin Rippes at his death be 
accompted and reckned allwaise in the said some of 100Z. To my 
sister, Jane Bayker, a gold ringe, with a deathes head, for a 
rememberanc of my good will. To my lord the bushop of Durham, 
2 spure ryalls. To Mrs. Mathewe, one spure ryall. To my 
brother, Mr. Robert Dearham, an angell. To my brother, John 
Dearham, an angell. To my brother, Mr. Baldain Dearham, 
an angell. To my sonne in lawe, Mr. John Heath, th'elder, towe 
spure ryalls. To my doughter in lawe, Mrs. Elyzabeth Heath, his 
wife, a gold ringe with a dyomond. To my sone, John Heathe and 
his wife, to eyther of them, an angell. To my sone, Edward Heathe, 
a spure ryall. To my doughter Thomazin, a noble soveraigne. To 
my doughter, An Heath, wife of Edward Heath, my best gowne. 
To my sonne, Henry Smith, one spure ryall. To my 2 maid servants, 
which shalbe in servis with me at the tyme of my decease, to eyther 
of them, 5s., besides all my workday wearing apparell, to be devided 
betwixt them at the discretion of my executors. To Dame Morland 
and to hir doughter, Thomazin Hindmas, to ether of them, 5s. To 
Ingram Tayllor and his wife, to eyther of them, 5s. To John Francklin 
and Harry Denton, to eyther of them, 5s. ' To my old servant, Richard 
Baytes, til. 13s. <id., to be paid him within six months after my 
decease. To Christofer Dune, 20s., to be paid him at the age of 
21 yeares if he be then lyvinge. To John Kaye, 10s. To Bryand 
Metcalfe, 5s. To the pour of Saint Gylles pareshe in Gilligait, 40s. 
To Marye Blaxton, wife of Robert Blaxton, my new clothe gowne. 

To Mrs and my taffity apern. To Margret Kaye, my newe 

safe-gard. To Jane Volenbye, my forepart of taffity. To Thomas 
Morley and Thomas Thursby, my god-children, to eyther of 
them, 5s., to by ether of them a yew and a lame. To my cuszen, 
Richard Dearham, an angell. To Robert Stevensone, scholmaster 
of Acklife, 6s. 8d. All the rest of my goodes, etc., to my 2 sones, 
Robert Throckmorton and John Rippes, whome I do maik my full 
executors. And allso I do maike my sonne, John Heath of Kepere, 
th'elder, supervisor. 


July 16, 1597. Edward Hudspethe, of the cittie of Durham, 
tanner. My bodie to be buried in the parishe churche of Sainct 
Nicholas in Durham. 1 I give to Allice, my wife, all my landes and 

1 1597, July 17. Edward Hudspet, alderman, in templo. Burial Register 
of St. Nicholas', Durham. 


tenements duringe her lyfe natural!, to bringe upp her children and 
myne withall. I give and bequeathe to Edward Hudspethe, my 
sonne, and to thee heirs of his bodie lawfullie begotten, my tanne- 
house, and after his decease, if he die without heires of his bodie 

lawfullie begotten My will and meaninge is, and upon that 

mynde, meaninge and entent, after my wyve's decease, I give my'Iandes 
called Ashes landes and Hedworthes landes to my eldest sonne, 
Thomas Hudspethe, and to Christofer Hudspethe and John 
Hudspethe, my sonnes. I give as muche as in me liethe and will 
that Tobie Hudspethe, my sonne, shall have and enjoye the lease 
which is taken in his owne name. I give and bequeathe to everie of 
my three daughters, Jane Hudspethe', Margaret Hudspethe and 
Isabell Hudspethe, a severall and equall portion of my goodes as all 
my goodes shall amount unto, my debtes being first paied. I give and 
bequeathe to my wife Alice, dureinge her naturall life, the Chappie 
close and the little close called Parradise, and after her decease 
I give and bequeathe the same groundes to my sonnes Thomas, 
Christofer and John, besides the dwellinge-house before bequeathed 
to them. I give and bequeathe to my two bretheren, Thomas Huds- 
pethe and Robert Hudspethe, and to my sister, Allice Hudspethe, to 
everie of them, an angell. I give and commend my sonne Tobie 
Hudspethe to my good freend and neighboure, Edward Wanlesse, to 
be fatherlie educated upon the sonnes duetifull behavioure. I 
bequeathe my sonn, John Hudspethe, to Mr. Lockwood, hys god- 
father, to be ordered and governed after his good and godlie discre- 
tion. I bequeathe my sonne, Christofer Hudspethe, to my good 
freend Mr. Henrie Smith, to be brought up and governed after his 
godlie discretion. And I make, ordeyne and appoint Alice Hudspethe 
my full and sole executrix whom I charge to paye my debtes and 


Memorandum : That upon Sondaie next before Michaelmas last, in 
anno domini 1597, Thomas Hutchinson, of Saint Margarets, in the cittie 
of Durham, beinge of good and perfecte remembrance, though sicke 
in bodie, made his last will and testament by word of mouthe in manner 
and forme in eft'ecte as followeth, viz. : -He said to Gregorie Hutcheson : 
Yowe see that I am sicke and not like to live, my will is that you 
have the keapinge and government of my wife and children, and I 
will that you see that everie of them have right and that my children 
and there goodes be well brought upp and husband there owne goods. 
And in conformacon that yow will performe in deid accordinge to 
my trust hearin reposed in yow, I take youre hand and promise, and 
the said Gregorie soe promised, and by his hand assured on his 
parte (as he willed) so to doe. And all my goods I give (he sayd) 


to my wife Annas Hutcheson, Thomas Hutcheson, Cuthbert Hutchin- 
son, Christofer Hutchinson, Isable Hutcheson, Elizabethe Hutchinson, 
Jane Hutcheson, Margerete Hutcheson, Anne Hutcheson, and 
Alesone Hutchesone, my children ; and I give to Roland Colingwood 
and Heughe Ayre, to eyther of them, being servants, 8s. the peece. 
Witnesses hereof, Roland Collingwood, Heugh Ayre. 


Sept. 23, 1597. Alice Craister of Dunstanbrough 1 in the parish 
of Emmelton. I give unto every one of my sonnes-in-lawe one 
angell. I give unto Mr. Richard Grene, five marks. To James 
Wilson, one angell. To my sonn, John Craister, my beddinge, with 
pottes and pannes. To my doughter, Grace Armorer, all my lynninge. 
To my man, John Brown, 20s. To Margarett Robeson, one bowle of 
rye. To the poore, 107. To my sons, Edmond Craister and Thomas 
Craister, 207. apiece. To my daughter Barbara Craister, 337. 13s. id. 
To my daughter, Ellen Craister, 337. 13s. id. To my daughter, Jane 
Anderson, 207. To my daughter, Margaret Collingwood, 207. To my 
daughter, Isabel Ogle, 20/. To my mother, a ryall. Executor, my 
son-in-law, Henry Collingwood. Supervisors, Richard Grene and 
James Wilson. Witnesses, John Craister, Luke Ogle, William Armorer 
and Richard Grene. [Pr. 1600.] 


1597. A little before Michaelmas last, in this year, George 
Horsley of Togston, in the parish of Warkworth, did give all his 
goods, moveable and immoveable, to his brother Thomas Horsley, 
his debts being first paid. Witnesses, Cuthbert Hunter, Isabella 
Hall, and others. 

Feb. 15, 1597/8. INVENTORY of George Horsley, late of Togston, 
parish of Warkworth, praised by George Baird, Cuthbert Hunter 
and Roger Taylor. 6 oxen, 1 kowe and 1 stirke, 57. 6s. 8d. 1 maire, 
3 ewes and 1 hogge, 17. 10s. 1 sewe and 1 goose, 5s. W T anes and 
ploughes, etc., 16s. 2 almryes, 1 cawell and 1 chist, 16s. 3 pots, 
1 kettell, 10 doublers and 2 sawcers, 13s. id. 2 barrells and 1 malt 
tub, Is. 8d. 1 table, a firecrooke, a paire of tonges, an iron spit 
and 1 chaire, 3s. id. His bedding and the rest of insight goods, 
6s. Sd. 3 bowles of hard corne sown estimated to 9 bowells, 67. 6s. 
1 bowle of bigge sown estimated to 3 bowles, 17. 10s. 5 bowles of 
oats sowen estimated to 25 bowles, 47. 10s. Total, 227. 4s. 8d. 

Debts owing by testator, 127. Os. Id. 

1 The testatrix was Alice, widow of Edmund Craster of Craster and 
daughter of Christopher Mitford of Newcastle. Her mother's will is printed 
in Wills and Inventories, vol. ii. p. 30. 



An INVENTOKIE of all the goods and chattells, moveable and 
unmoveable, whereof John Burrell, lait of Langtonn, deceased, dyed 
possessed uppon, valewed and priced by Willani Garth, Henrie Cock- 
field, Anthonie Thompson and John Thompson, the last daie of 
September, Anno Regina Elizabethae 39, (1597). 

Imprimis : Twelve oxen, 327. Twelve kyne, 287. Seaven stotts 
and whies, III. Seaven horse and mairs and one fole, 127. 16s. Sd. 
Three calves, 24s. 43 olde sheep, 11. 54 sheep hoggs, 7Z. 10s. 14 
swine, 46s. 26 geese, 6s. Sd. Pulleins, 2s. &d. Corne and haie at 
Langton : Six score and sixteen threaves of wheat and rye, 307. 
Nyne score and ten threaves of oats, 207. In beanes and bigg, 
26s. Sd. In haie, SL Corne and haie at Headlam : Fower score 
and ten threaves .of wheat and rye, 2 17. Fower score and ten 
threaves of oats, 187. In haie, 24s. Houshold stuffe : One cup- 
bord, 20s. Two cawells, 6s. 8d. Three tables, 6s. Formes, chairs, 
long settle and stools, 3s. 6d. Sixtene brasse potts, 47. id. One 
caldron, 20s. Fower kettles, 16s. Six panns, 6s. One chaff endish, 
l'2d. Divers household stuffe, 20s. One morter, 12d. Six great 
chargers, 15s. Fower dozen and an half of smaller vessells, 48s. One 
dozen of sawcers, 8 candlesticks, one ewer, three tinn potts, six 
stiltts, 12s. Two penter basons, one chamber pott, 18<^. Three 
spits, one pair of iron racks, recken crooks, tongs, potts, clipps, 
fryinge panns, drippinge pan, boyling iron, fyer shovell, 12s. 8 pair 
of bedstocks, 20s. Fower feather bedds, 53s. id. A mattres, 3s. id. 
Ten covercloths, 30s. 20 happings, 13s. id. Nyne blancketts, 
13s. id. One carpett, 2s. 6d. Tenn codds, 6s. Wd. Six bolsterrs, 
9s. Twelve pair of Mnn sheets, 37. 24 pair of harden sheets, 48s. 
14 lynn pillobeers, 14s. A dozen towells, 8s. A dozen napkins, IQd. 
Three lyn table clothes, 6s. 8d. Half a stone of coulored woll, 3s. 
Three straken table clothes, 3s. Three harden table clothes, 3s. 
A lynn cupbord cloth, 8d. Half a dozen, cuissions, 2s. Lynn, harden 
and woollen webbs^ 46s. 8d. Wood vessell : Fower bark-fatts, 
13s. id. One lead, 26s. 8d. In bark, 8s. One mask-fatt, one gaile- 
fatt and eight other woodd tubbs, 10s. Barrells, bo wells, skeeles, 
and othere wood vessell, 13s. id. Chimes, cheesefats and flacketts, 
8s. Waines and plough with other necessaries therunto belongeinge : 
An olde iron bound waine, 20s. One unbounde [sic] two coops, a paire 
of new wheels and a paire of new blaids, 40s. Eight teames, 12 
yoaks, three wainehead shackles, 24s. Three coulters, fouer stocks, 
axes and wombles, 10s. One iron harrowe, fower horse harrowes, 
3s. id. One gavelock, dung forks, iron forks, waine-ropes, bridles, 
loade-saddles and traces, 8s. Axell trees, beames and other plough 
gear, 2s. 6d. Butter and cheese : 16 stone of butterr, 50s. 30 cheses, 
30s. 9 seeks, 16 yards of seckwebb and pokes, 20s. A winding 

1597, Sept. 25. John Burrell buried. Gainford Register. 


cloth, a bushell, a peck, 2s. Staves, ruddles, scuttles and boll 
weights, 3s. id. Two spinniuge wheels, three basketts, 20</. His 
apparell, 20s. 13 silver spoones, 50s. Money in his purse, 38s. 

Debits owinge by Johnn Burrell : Unto one Rashell, 20s. To 
Christofer Marley, 9s. 3d. To Henrie Cockfield, 13*. To Margaret 
Betsonn, 7s. To Ann Natteras, 5s. In rent for Headlam, 19s. Wd. 
In rent to the Chauntrie, 18(7. In rent to Henrie Cockfeild 81. 7s. 5d. 
In rent for Thompsonn house, 12s. In rent for Pearson house, 2s. 
In rent for Cardnall house, 2s. 

Debits owinge to Johnn Burrell : Anthonie Preston, 23s. id. 
Richard Morton of Morton, 37. 6s. 8(7. Richard Morton, 6s. John 
Pearsonn of Lanertonn, 10s. Id. Leases: The lease of the west close, 
37. 12s. The Tease of Richard Mortonn, 13/. 6s. Sd. Rowland 
Pearsonn's lease, 30s. A lease of John Towler, 16s. A lease of 
Richard Cardnall, 37. 

Summa bonorum, 279^. 15s. 6(7. 


Nov. 4, 1597. Jesus. In the name of God, Amen. I, Henrye 
Riddle l of the towne of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, merchaunt, beinge 
sicke of bodye, and yet of perfect remembraunce of mynde, dothe 
make this my last will and testament. First, I give and bequeathe 
my soule into the hands of th' Almightie, by whom I hope to be 
saved, and my bodye to be buried in the great churche att Elbinge. 
I doe give to my host and hostesse, Esender of Elbinge, 2 betwixt 
them, 207. To Richard Peares, Gerrard Reede, Gregorie Blande, 
Thomas Selbie, William Selbie, Clement Reade, Isaack Sharpe, the 
younge frowe, the three maides, the nurse, and to the foreman, 
everie one of them, an angell. To Charles Horsleye, 100/. To 
Edward Waister, 167. To James Harll, 10/., and my best cloake of 
blacke, and my velvet britches. To Richard Hodshon, 100/. To 
Richard Hodshon's wife, 207. To everie one of my brethren, two 
angells, and to my sister, two angells. To my father and mother, 
everie one of them, an angell. To Elizabethe Liddle, 3 whom I did 
meane to make my wife, 50/. To Mr. Murton of Newcastle, preacher, 
three angells. To Mr. Smathwhaite of Newcastle, preacher, one 
Frenche crowne. To be devided amonge the poore, 67. All the 
residue of my goods, my debts, legacies, funeralls, my doctor, barber, 

1 Henry Riddell was a younger son of William Riddell of Newcastle, 
merchant adventurer, by his wife Barbara, daughter of Bertram Anderson. 
Cf. pedigree of Riddell, new History of Northumberland, vol. iv. p. 284. 

Elbing is a town near Danzig in Prussia. 

3 Dep. Lib. : Eliz. ux. Wm. Sherwood v. Charles Horsley. 

Nov. 6, 1601. Isaack Sharpe of Newcastle, merchant, ivt. 29, was present 
with Henry Reedle at Elbinge, where he did see and hear the said Henry 
make his will he gave to Thomas Liddle's daughter (whom he said he intended 
to marry) about fiftie poundes, etc. 


and other charges being paied, unto Charles Horsley of Newcastle, 1 
who is my father's faithful prentice, whom I doe give it unto, and 
doe make him my whole executor. And so I comitt my soule into 
the hands of Almightie God, who I trust will receive me into his 
kingdome. Amen. In witnes of a true will, I have sette my hand, 
in Elbinge, this 4th of November, anno 1597. In, witnes of theise,. 
Richardum Peares, per me, Gregorium Bland, per me, Jaraerdum 
Reade, per me, Willelmum Selbye, per me, Jacobum Harll, per me,. 
Isaacum Sharpe. 

Sic subscript. Henry Riddell. [Pr. May 12, 1599.] 


Jan. 22, 1597/8. Richard Claxton of Croxdale. 2 The house, 
which I have in the barony of Elvet, in the suburbes of the citie of 
Durham, with the garthes, etc., I give unto Christofer, sonne of 
Gerarde Claxton, who was brother of Robert Claxston, late of Burn- 
hall, and failinge the said Christofer and his heires maile, then I 
will that it come to Thomas, sonne of my brother, John Claxston of 
Strudder-house, and failinge him, etc., to Thomas, sonne of William 
Claxston, nowe of Water-house, and then to my right heires. And 
to the said house I do assign one step-leade standing in the entrie, 
covered with slate, one brewe-leade, in the brewhouse, and the dry- 
fattes, made of timber, standinge in the low howse, nexte unto the 
garden, for perpetuall heir-lumes. To the poore of St. Oswoldes and 
St. Margarets, in Durham, to cache parishe, 20s. To Mrs. Anne 
Ivillinghall, a golde ringe. To Thomas Wickliffe, now prisoner in 
Sadberg, one silver spoone, and to Phillippe Parkinson, now of St. 
Margarets parishe, in Durham, two olde angels, and to Anne his 
wife, one Englische crowne. To Richard Wardel, and to Elynor 
Harbottle, to each 20s., and to George, sonne of the said Elynor, 20s. 
To my brother, John Claxston, 6/. 13s. d. To my cosing, Henrie 
Hall of Yorke, a litle silver salte. To Alexander Fetherstane'- 
haughe, a mazer cuppe. To Marie and Margaret Biggins, and to 
Margaret Huton, to everie of them, a French crowne. To William 
Claxston of Waterhouse, 10s., and the same to his wife. To Humfray 
Claxston, 10s. The rest to my brother John and to my cosings, 
Alexander Fetherstanehaughe, whom I make executors. 

Memorandum : That the loth day of June, 1598, the said 
Richard Claxton did, by word of mouthe, give unto his cosen, 
Launcelott Claxton of Wyneyard, gent., and unto his heires male, one 
silver salte, gilt, having the Claxton's armes, and failing him and his 
heries, of the howse of Old Park, to come to his brother, John Claxton. 

1 Charles Horsley, son of Thomas Horsley, gent., was apprenticed, Feb. 7, 
1590, to William Riddell, merchant adventurer. 

2 The testator was a younger son of Robert Claxton of Burnhall by Allison 
Selby, his wife. 



Feb. 14, [1597/8.] In the name of God the Father, the Sonne 
[and] Holy Gost, Amen. I, Thomas Hilton, 1 weake in bodye by 
longe sicknes, but stronge in faith [tow]ards Jesus Christe my 
Saviour, assured in hope of eternall joy, and in memorie of orderinge 
my worldly affaires perfecte and sounde, doe make this my last will 
and testament in manner and forme followeinge, viz. : First, I com- 
mend my sinnes to the Lorde's everlastinge mercies, myself into the 
hands of Allmighty God my Creator, my soule into the hands of 
Jesus Christe our Saviour, throughe the blessed sanctifying of the 
Holy Gost. 

Secondly, my earthly bodye I doe commend unto the earth from 
whence I received it. All other my worldly blessinges wherof the 
Lorde hitherto hath maide me steward I bestowe and bequeath 
as followeth, but first of all I make my loveinge wiffe, Anne 
Hilton, and my children, George Hilton, Robert Hilton, Fraunces 
Hilton, Matthew Hilton and John Hilton, the sole and . . . . ite 
executors of this my last will and testament. Farther, I 
doe give and bequeath to my sonnes, George [and Ro]bert Hilton, 
and to ye longer liver of them, my lease of Fameton H[a]ll 
which I lately .... by lease of the .... cene. I d[o] give 
and bequeath [to my] sonnes Fraunces Hilton, Matthew Hilton and 
John H[ilton], the whole rectorie or parsonage of Monkewer- 
[mo]uth with all the purtenances th[ere]unto belonginge equally 
to be disposed amonge .... my three sonnes for their three 
lives and to the longest [liv]er of them three accordingly, after 
whose decease my w[ill] is that the inheritance of it returne unto m[y] 
eldest sone and heire, Henrie Hilton, and unto his heires mal .... 
[l]a\vfully begotten .... ever, and faileinge thereof t .... to 
returne to my executors and their heires .... ever. I doe give 
and bestowe upon my wyf [A]nne Hilton, all my title and 
tearme of yeares of the Foorde .... Ide which I tooke lately of 
my father. My quicke moveing goods I doe give and bequeath to 
my wyfe and my two daughters, Jane Hilton and Marie Hilton, 
tow[ards] their better preferment in honest mariage. I .... give 
unto my servant, Thomas Teesdall, for his f[ai]thfull service doon 
and to be doon to my wyfe and he .... the lease of his father's 
farme in Awsten-moore for twyntie and one yeares. To my olde 
servant, Richard Yasey, I give a newe lease of his farme, in reversion 
of his former, freely without anie fyne.. I do give to my servant, 
Nichall Todde, fortie shilling. To ye poore people of my owen 

1 Thomas Hilton, the testator, was son and heir of Sir William Hilton of 
Hilton, knight, and died v.p. By his wife Anne, daughter of Sir George 
Bowes of Streatlam, knight, he had issue eight sons and two daughters. His 
widow remarried Sir John Delaval of Dissington, knight. 

The original will is much decayed. 

Cf. p. 178 post. 


parrish I doe give five [mjarkes in monie. All my dettes dew 
to me I give amongst my executors. All other my goods and 
ch[att]ls what forme soever not formerly bequeathed I doe give and 
bestowe upon my executors, my detts, if anie ther be, my legacies 
and honest and seemelye funeralls oute of all my goods first dis- 
charged. I doe also order and charge all my children, sonnes and 
daughters, to be obedient and duetifull to their mother, whome I 
doe constitute and a[ppo]inte to have the government both of 
them and their po[rti]ons untill my sonnes be of lawful! age by 
lawe to [ha]ve the use of their estates in their owen hands, and untill 
my doug[h]ters, with the consent of their m[o]ther, be coupled 
in honest manage answerable to t[heir] father's childr[en]. Lastly, 
I doe make and constitute by my earnest intre[ty]e my father [Sir] 
William Hilton, my brothers Talbot Bowes, Robert Bowes, George 
Bowes and Raphe Bowes, supervisers .... iringe good orderes of 
this my last will and testament, whose brotherlye .... faithfull 
favour for the loveinge performance in true peace of .... premises 
in all love I crave of them to see unto. [I ch]arge my wyfe and 
children, to [be] advised and directed .... by their goodly wis- 
domes in all good counsels [t]o eache of them I doe for 
remembrance .... a rinee of golde to be worne by them. In 
cons .... tion and testimonie of this my last will and testament 
I have this 11 of F[ebr]uarie subscribed my owen name and putte 
my seale of armes. Witnesses, William Hilton, Mychaell Constable, 
William Constable, Robert Smith, etc. [Pr. 1598.] 


May 30, 1599. William Errington, laite of the towne of New- 
castle upon Tine, gentleman. I commend my soule unto Almightie 
God, my heavenly Father, assuredly beleving to be on of his elect 
children thrugh the mirittes of Jesus Christ, my only Saviour. My 
body to be buried in the parish church of Alhallowes, within the said 
towne of Newcastle upon Tyn. To the poore of the parishe of 
Alhallowes, 8s., and to the poore of the parishe of Gaytsyd, os. To 
my brother, Edward Erington, 37. 6s. Sd. yearly, to be payed unto 
him during the lease of my farmould in Benwell ; if he die before the 
said lease be expired, then the said 3/. 6s. 8d. to John Erington, 
the sonne of Robart Erington of Linalls. To my brother, Edward 
Erington, my gowne and my gould signet. To William Stevenson 
and his children, 3^. 6.?. 8^7. yearly during the foresaid lease. To 
William Errington of Linalls, my best cloke. To my sister, Ellener 
Josephe, 40-?., and to hir sonne, Peter Herison, 67. To William 
Stevenson, his children, every on of them, 20s. To Doritie Jackson, 
20s. ; and to hir sonne, William Jackson, 10s., and to hir doughter, 
Doritie Jackson, 5s. To Doritie Taylor, the wyfe of Thomas Taylor 
of Benton, 10s. To Agnes Atkinson, the wyfe of Christopher 


Atkinson, 10s. To Elizabeth Stevenson, the wyfe of William Steven- 
son, a gould ring, which was my weding ring. The rest of my goodes 
unto Anthony Stevenson, the sonne of William Stevenson, whom I 
made my soil executor. My well beloved frendes, Robart Erington 
of Linalls, 1 William Stevenson and my brother, Edward Erington, 
the supervisors of my will. 

INVENTORY. Sept. 1, 1599. Somma, 67. 5s. Debtes owing to 
him, 38/. Is. id. His funeral charges, 6/. 6s. Other debtes, 37s. 


[1599.] Cuthbert Collingwood of Angram. 2 My body to be 
buryed in the parysh churche of Angram. I will- that after my 
sepulture my sonne, Henry Collingwood, have given unto him two 
oxen and one cowe, and that my sonne, Robert Collingwood, have 
lykewise two oxen and one cowe and a calf. To my two dowghters, 
Jane and Dorythye, eyther of them one ox and two kyne. To my 
sonne, Henry Collingwood, two brasse potts, the speyts, racks and 
yron crooks, boards, tables and two almaryes, the stand beddes, and 
one of the bedclothes with all the best furnyture thereunto belonging. 
All the rest of myne insyght goods to my said two dowghters, Jane 
and Dorythye. To Cuthbert Butymond, one rygged whye, one 
rygged calfe and thre styrks, and I comytt him to my executors, 
wylling them to use him as one of my children. To my eldest son, 
Henry Collingwood, my best clooke, and to my eldest dowghter, Jane, 
all hir mother's clothes. To Robert Collyngwood, sonne of Anne 
Glashoope, my jerken, bryches, hatt, stokyngs, shirts, bands, dagger 
and my work-day apparell, and also my meare, with hir furnyture, 
paying to Elizabeth Collingwood, dowghter of Elizabeth Carr, 24s. 
John Thompson of Newcastle is owying me 40s., I give it to Elizabeth 
Collyngwood aforesayd. My two sonnes, Henry Collyngwood and 
Robert Collinwood, executors, comytting them duryng the tyme of 
their minoritye to the tuition of my brother, Mathewe Collingwood 
and Edward Carr, gent., whom I do make tutors and guardians of 
all my children, to see then brought up in the fear of God. The rest 
of my goods to the benyfitt of my children and the discharge of a 
good conscience. Witnesses, Cuthbert Collingwood the elder, John 
Stephen son, Robert Burne, John Clarkson, Henry Clarkson, etc. 

The will, which is without date, was proved Sept. 4, 1599, by 
Matthew Collingwood of the parish of Ingram and Edward Carr of 
the parish of Alnwick, the tutors of Henry and Robert Collingwood, 
children of the testator. 

1 The Linnels, on the Devils-water, was held of the earls of Northumber- 
land by the family of Errington for several generations. 

- An unidentified scion of the wide spread family of Collingwood who 
resided in the parish of Ingram. 



Aug. 16, 1599. James Gray 1 of the towne of Newcastle-upon- 
Tyne, draper. To be buried in the parishe churche of All Saints, 
wherin I am a parishoner, at the north syde of my late wief, her 
grave being in the south syde of the east ende of the said churche. 
To my eldest sonne, Raphe Gray, my dwelling-house, with th' apper- 
tenences, seytuat in the Sandhill, to him and his heires, and for lack 
of such, to my sonne James, then to my sonne John, and then to 
my daughters Margaret and Elinor Gray and their heires for ever. 
To my said sonne Raphe, 100L, one goblet of silver, and a cover. 
To my sonne James, 1001. , with my whole estate, right, etc., of my 
lease of certayn cole mynes in the lordshippes of Whickham [and 
Gateshead], out of the leasse, called the grande leasse, provyded that 
he paye unto his. sister 5L out of the said cole mynes. Also I give 
unto him one goblet of silver. To the said Margaret, my 
daughter, 110/., one whyte silver peece and a cofer with lyneu, which 
I have appointed out for her. To my daughter Elinor, 1101., one 
dozen of silver spones, and one coffer with lynnen. To Robert Gray, 
my apprentice, 207. To his brother Raphe, 6Z. 13s. 4<7., and the like 
sume to John Wilkinson. To my aunt, Elinor Mitford, 10s., for 
a token. To my cozen, Isabell Lyons, 10s. To my cozen, Laurenc 
Mitforth, 10s. To my sister Gray, 10s. To Isabell Mitforth, 10s., 
and to her sonne, which I christened, 10s. To my cozen, Cuthbert 
Gray, 10s., and to eche of my servantes, 10s. To my sonne John, 
110/., and one goblet of silver. To my brother William Jenyson, 
Isabell Jenyson, and Robert Jenyson, for a token, a Frenche crowne 
a peece. To my cozen, William Gray, 10s. And whereas my said 
children, Raphe, James, John, Margaret and Elynor, be very yonge, 
I give them to my frendes followinge, that is to saye, to my brother 
Cuthbert Bewick, I give the tuycion of Raphe; to my brother, 
Robert Bewicke, I give my sonne James, and my daughter Elinor 
I also give to him and to my sister, his wife ; I give my daughter 
Margaret to my sister, Margaret Bewicke, at the charge of my said 
brother Cuthbert Bewick ; and as touchinge my youngest childe, 
John, I appoint him to the tuicion and good education of my loving 
frend, Thomas Pateson of Lodworth [sic] intending when convenyent 
tyme shall serve, and then to be put fourth apprentice to a 
merchante adventurer of the towne of Newcastle. I appoint my said 
children executors, and I make my loving frendes, John Lyons and 
William Gray, overseers, and I give to eche for his travail, 13s. d. 
Witnesses, Henricus Anthony, notarius publicus, John Smaythwait, 
Cuthbert Bewick, Robert Bewick, Thomas Pattison, William Graye. 

1 James Grey, a wealthy Newcastle draper, married Elizabeth, sister of 
Cuthbert Bewick of Newcastle, by whom he had, with other children, an eldest 
son, Ralph Grey, ancestor of the family of Grey of Backworth. Gf. new 
History of Northumberland, vol. viii. 



Oct, 8, 1599. An INVENTARYE of the goodes of Henry Mitford of 
the towne of Newcastle, merchaunt, deceased, praised by Bertram 
Anderson, merchaunt, George Briggham, merchaunt, Matthew 
Milburn, weaver, the eight daie of October, 1599. 

Imprimis : Three sackes of hoopes, 3?. Foure bunches of 

latts, 2s 11 mugges, 8s. 2 paire 2 pound skales, 2s. One 

basterd muskett, 4s. One sea chist, 2s. 6d. One deske with 
^ a pound tobaccho, 3s. &d. One muskett, with furniture, 6s. 8d. 
13 dailes and twelve sparres, 9s. 4 bowles of beanes, 16s. 15 
hundredweight of tow, 11. 40 stone of lint, 71. In good debts, 
3?. In desperat debts, 31. Some is 251. 13s. Qd. 


Dec. 27, 1599. John Cleoburne of Hyendon, parish of Cockfeild, 
etc. My bodye to be buried within the church of Cockfeild. I give 
to my sonne, Richard Cleoburne, the lease of my farminge of Colby. 
I give unto my said sonne one grisselled mayre. To my sonne, 
William Cleoburne, one grisselled mayre, beinge about fyve yeares 
old. I give to my sonne, Henry Cleoburne, one graie fillye of two 
yeares old. I give to my sonne-in-lawe, William Sidgeswicke, one 
read belled cowe. I give to three of the youngest children of 
Christofer Ducket, everye of them, one lamb. To Moyses Newbye, 
one lambe. To Margarett Lee, one lambe. To John Willis, one 
lambe. To Jan Perkinson, two ewes and one cloacke. To the 
poore, 20s. To John Bincks, one jirkin. To the parson of Cockfeild, 
3s. 4d. I give to my sonnes Richard and William Cleoburne, and to 
my daughter Jane Sigswicke, all my houshould stuff e, to be equallye 
devided amongst them. The rest of my goods unbequeathed, my 
debts and funerall expenses discharged, I give unto my sonnes 
Richard, William and Henry Cleoburne and to my daughter, Jane 
Sigswicke, whom I do make joynt executors of this my last will and 
testament. Witnesses, John Metcalfe, John Bincks, with others. 


Dec. 31, 1599. In the name of God, amen. Henrie Singleton 
of Langton, within the parish of Gainforthe, sicke in bodie but well 
in remembrance, etc. My bodie to be buried in Gair\forth 
churchyeard. 1 I give unto Raph Singleton, my sonne, all my 
waines, ploughe and plough-geare and all other furniture to them 
belongeinge. I give unto Margaret Singleton, my daughter, 16?. of 
lawfull English money, in full payment and satissfaction of all her 

1 1599/1600, Feb. 10. Henry Singleton buried. Gainford Register. 


childes porcon, or filiall porcon, to be payed to her when she cometh 
to the aige of 16 years. I give unto John Thompson, my servant, 
one lambe. Alsoe my will is that my wife, Anne Singleton, shall have 
all my farmehold in Langton to bring upp my children withall 
untill my sonne come to the aige of 21 years. But yf my bro there 
in lawe, Lawrence Katherick of Darlington,' shall not think my 
children well brought upp, then I will my said brother in lawe, 
Lawrence Katherick, shall have my sonne in his keepinge and half 
of my farmehold duringe the tearme abovesaid ; and which of eythere 
of them that have my sonne and his porcon of my farme whether 
soever that be shall paie for all the charges of renewinge of the lease 
of my farme att her Majesties Exchequer at London att their proper 
costs and charges. My debtts and legacies payed, and my funerall 
expences discharged, all the rest of my goods, moveable and unmove- 
able, I give unto Anne Singleton, my wife, whome I maik my whole 
executrix of this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I 
have sett my hand and seall before the witnesses followinge. Given 
at Langton the last daie of December, 1599. Anthonye Thompson, 
Lawrence Kathericke, John Tompson, John Spencer. 


The last will and testament of me, Robart Swift 1 of Lincolne's 
Inne, written with myne owne hande, January 14, 1599/1600, at 

Blessed be the holy name of God, Amen. I, Robert Swift of 
Lincolne's Inne, in the county of Middlesex, attornaie, considering 
that I am a sojourner upon earthe, and knowe not ho we soone it 
will please the Lorde, my God, to take me out of this perplexed 
simple state of life, unto the Mount Sion and to the citye of the 
livinge God, the celestiall Jerusalem, to the glorious companye of 
innumerable angells, to the assembly and congregation of the firste 
borne, which are written in heaven, to the spirites of just and perfect 
men, and to the presence of the mighty God, where there is 
satietye of joyes for ever more. Therefore, for the ordering of 
my goodes and chattells, after my decease, doe make this my last 
will, etc. First, I recommend my poore sowle into the handes of 
Almighty God, the Father, the Sonne, and the Holye Spirite, thus 
trustinge to be saved only by the sufferinges and death of Christe, 
my Lorde and Saivioure, and I bequeath my body to the earth, 
whence it came, there to repose, till the resurrection of the deade, 

1 The only son of Robert Swift, LL.B. , spiritual chancellor of the diocese of 
Durham until 1577, prebendary of Durham and rector of Sedgefield, by Anne, 
daughter of Thomas Lever, master of Sherburn Hospital and sometime master 
of St. John's College, Cambridge. He was admitted to Lincoln's Inn, Aug. 19, 
1587. The bequests of his books will be read with interest. 

The original will is much decayed. 


in full hope and expectation of eternall blisse, to sowle and body,, 
in the worlde to come. Before and above all thinges I desier that 
my debtes may be well and trulye paied to the uttermost farthinge ; 
it is the last expence that ever I shall putt my parentes unto. Then 
I bequeathe to Mr. Donell and Mr. Rose, prisoners and preachers, 
40s., to be equally divided betwene them. Out of my farme in 
Sedgefeild, 20 nobles to the poore of the same parishe. I give, a^ 
tokens of remembrance, to my most deare and entirely beloved 
father, my ringe, with the armes of the Swiftes, my note-book of 
divinitie in folio and little Englishe Bible. To my most deare and 
welbeloved mother, my golde ringe, with seaven turky stones, and 
to every of my sisters an angell of golde. To Mr. Coys, 1 my deare 
and faithfull frend, all my paper bookes and writinges of divinitye, 
undisposed of to others. To Mr. Woolveredge of Lincolne's Inne, my 
Lindwood. To Mr. Collins, his chamber fellowe, Eusebius Storye in 
English. To Mr. John Meede, Swinburne on Wilhs. To Mr. Robert 
Hale, Minsinger upon Justinianus Institutes and my noted tearmes 
of the lawe. To Mr. Charles Haworth, my Tremellius Bible. To my 
neighbour, Mr. James Whitehall, the register of writtes. To Mr. 
Thomas Barn eh ere, nowe in Barbarye, Eusebius Cosmopolitans $ 
Tenos [sic] Greke and Latine (whiche I had of him), my Rastell's 
Abridgement of Statutes, and Mr. Bradford's Meditations. To Mr. Rand 
of Guilford, Alexander Benedictus his booke of phisick. To Mr. 
Lever of Belstede in Suffolke, litle Ortilius Mappes. To Mr: Oliver 
of St. Helins, Bihon against the Papistes. To Mr. Brigges of 
Gresham college, Youdin's fower mappes, which I hadde of him, and 
Sadeles Workes. To Mr. Allanson of Cambridge, in St. Johns, 
Hassemmterus Historia Jesuitica [sic]. To Mr. Chope, at Mr. Coys his 
house, Darandi Rationale Divinorum. To Mr. Grame of Childer- 
dith, Calvine's Epistles. To Mr. Christopher Ridley of East Smith- 
feilde, whom I appointe the overseer of this my will and to inventorie 
my bookes and other goodes, about London, and to deliver them as 
aforesaid, to him I bequeathe the watche, which I had of him, my 
tuffe taffite jerkin, my silke stokkins, Raster's Abridgement of 
Statutes, and my little English Testament. To Stephen Hegge, my 
true friend and brother, all, or soe many as myne executores shall 
think rneate, of my bookes of the civil and common lawes, also 
Plowden's Commentaries, dyvers reportes and Abridgementes of Booke 
and Fitzharbart, May la Natural is of Baptista Porta and little 
Tullyeus Offices gilt with golde. To Thomas Kinge of Durham, Dn 
Ragnoldes Conference with Hart. To Besse Walton a French 
crowne and to Robert Hegge 2 half an angell. To my servant, Richard 
Rothwell, my beddinge lynnen, and apparell, savinge my barester's 
gowne, with velvet face, and other apparell of velvet, sattan and 

1 William Coys of London was admitted to Lincoln's Inn, April 5, 1578. 

'-' Stephen Hegge, notary public, married Anne, daughter of Chancellor 
Swift and sister of the testator. His son, Robert Hegge, was the author of 
the ' Legend of St. Cuthbert.' 


grogram, also to him my PaJton Abridgment, Pagninus Bible, 
Kitchin's Parkins' ould Natura Brevium, and Doctor and Student, or 
soo many of these thinges as myne executores shall thinke meate. My 
reportes and paper-bookes of lawe I bequeathe to Stephen Hegge. 
The residue of all my goodes, leases, etc., I frely give to my moste 
lovinge and kinde parentes Mr. and Mrs. Swift of Durham, to be 
given at there discretion to my loveinge sisters, whiche parentes of 
myne I make full executores. My flesh shall rest in hope. [Pr. 
April 11, 1600.J /frflu 

INVENTORY. Sept. 15, 1599. His lease of Sedgefeild mylne and 3 
ox-ganges of lande, 407. His best barister gowne, 67. 13s. id. His 
best velvet jerken, 47. A tufted velvet jerken, 53s. id. His best 
saten dublet, 46s. 8d. His worste saten dublet, 30s. A greene 
clothe jerken, 20s. 3 olde gownes, 37. 6s. 8d. 2 clokes, 47. 13s. id. 
Hose and dublett,.new, of silke rashe, 57. Hose and dublettes, 2 of 
silke rashe, 47. Bewgle breaches of velvet, 37. 6s. 8d. Velvet 
breaches, plaine, 40s. His ridinge geare, viz., sadle, bridle, sworde, 
dager, etc., 53s. id. His beddinge, viz., 1 fetherbedd, bolster, pillowe, 
blanketts, 2 coverlettes and 1 coveringe, 67. 13s. id. 3 paires of 
stockinges, 33s. id. 2 gold ringes, 37. 13s. id. 1 olde mare and 
3 fillies, 57. 8s. His bookes, 137. 6s. 8^. Barister gownes, two, 
53s. id. His watch, 47. 10s. 

Sum ma tot a? is, 1217. Is. id. 


March 20, 1599/1600. John Spencer of Langton in the countie 
of Durham, bachelor. My bodie to be buried in the churchyard of 
Gainfordd near to my father. 1 I give to my brother, Cuthbert 
Spencer, all my waines, coopes, ploughs and all other things what- 
soever to the same belonginge with such furniture as their is in the 
house to serve the Quene. Alsoe I give to my brother in lawe 
Christofer Sigdwicke one half acre of wheat and one half acre of 
oatts in lewe of his good love toward my mothere and the rest of 
my brethren and sisters. Alsoe I give unto my sister Anne one 
branded white lisked stirk. And for my farme and whole right theirof 
I doe give and bequeath for three years beginninge at Michaellmas 
next after the dait of thees presents unto the full end and tearme of 
three yeares next ensowinge savinge one close called Mallican close 
which was granted to paie Christofer Sigwick 2 his wifes porcone both 
by my father and me unto my well beloved mother, Margaret 
Spencer, and Percivell Spencer during the tearme aforesaid yf my 
mothere keepe her wedowe and yf she marie within the said tearme 
of three years then I will that it all redound unto Percivell Spencer 

1 1600, March 23. Jhon Spencer buried. Gainford Register. 

" 1595/6, .... Christofer Sigswick and Elizabeth Spencer mar. Ibid. 


for and duringe soe longe as the tearme is unexpired. And furthere 
yf yt please God to call before Michaelmas then I will that unto that 
tyme that the comoditie that should be myne shall redound and 
come unto my brother Henrie, Anne, Katherine Spencer with 
;all comodities whatsoever shall come of the said farme. And else 
I give to the said Henrie, Anne, Katherine Spencer all my other 
goods of what nature or propertie soever they bee moveable or 
unmoveable whom I maike my sole executors of this my last will 
:and testament; made the 20th daie of March, 1599/1600; in the 
presence of William Garth, Christofer Sidgwick and Cuthbert Stodart. 

INVENTORY praysed by Cuthbert Stodart, Christofer Sidgwick, 
John Taylor, John Card. 

Imprimis: His apparrell, 30s. Three oxen, 7L 5s. Two stirks, 
53s. id. Five acres of hard corne, 5/. Six acres. and a halfe of 
oats, 3Z. 

Summa, 191. 8s. id. 


Aug. 27, 1600. William Riddell of Newcastle, marchant, and 
alderman. 1 My body to be buried in St. Nicholas church. To 
Barbara, my wife, my howses and my twelft parte of the grande leas 
of the cole mynes of Whicham, and after her death to Peter, my son. 
To my said wife, the third parte of the leas of the cole mynes in 
Gaitshead for her life and then to William and George, my sons. To 
my said wife, my five salt pannes at Sheales, and then to Michell, John 
and Robert, my sons, one each and the other two to Alice, my 
daughter. To my son, Thomas Riddell and Elizabeth, his wife, one 
old ryall each. To William and Ann Riddel, their children and the 
child his wife is with, 51. each. To Peter Riddell, my brother, and 
Elienor, his wife, and to his children, an angell each. To Henrie 
Laws' children, 6/. among them. To William, Jane and Barbara, 
children of Anthony Laws, 40s. and 20s. and 20 nobles which my 
sister Marie gave them, which, was dewe unto her by Raph Richerd- 
sonn his will. To my cossyne, George Dente, one angell. To the 
poore of this towne, 101. To my daughter Alice, towards hir 
mariage, 100. To Mr. Henrie Anderson and Mr. Thomas Calverley, 
my brethren in law, one angell each. To Mr. William Jenisonn, now 
maior of Newcastell, Mr. Nicholas 1 Tempest, my brother in law, and 
Mr. John Calverley and my sister Calverley, an old angell each. To 
Mr. Pearsonn, precher of this towne, 20s. To Mr. Allansonne, the 
precher, and Mr. Cooke, the scoolemaister, an angell each. The 
rest to my wife and children. Witnesses, William Morton, Arch- 
deacon of Northumberland, Thomas Ridell, Nycholas Tempest. [Pr. 
Feb. 6.] 

1 .This will illustrates and proves two generations of the pedigree of Riddell 
of Swinburn Castle printed in the new History of Northumberland, vol. iv. 
p. 284. 





An INVENTARIE of all the goods and chattels whereof Sir Williams 
Hilton, late of Hilton, 1 knight, dyed possessed of, and apprised by 
Richard Midleton of Tunstall, Galfride Lawsonne of Gateshead, John 
Whitfield of Great Osworth, gentleman, and John King of the citie 
of Duresme, notarie publique, the 7th of October, Anno Domini 1600. 

AT HILTON: One olde table and a little forme of firdaile, 16s. 
Three side cupboordes, 20s. One olde picture, 2Qd. The read 
chamber: Four peecs of olde hangings, 40s. A litle liverie cup- 
borde of ffirre, 3s. 3d. The greene chamber : One litle cupboord,. 
3s. d. An old case of a paire of virginals, 2s. 6d. Olde hangings 
their, 6s. 8d. One litle cupboorde, 2Qd. In the parlour: One olde 
longe table with a. grene clothe, 16s. One square table and an olde 
clothe, 5s. One highe side cupboorde and an olde clothe, 8s. Three 
litle formes of ffirdaile, 2s. One paire of olde virginalls, 10s. An 
old chaire, 2s. Qd. 18 old buffet stooles, 7s. One litle lyverie 
cupboorde, 2s. Foure tables with armes, 6s. 8d. In the low 
gallerie: A litell square table and an olde candlesticke, 8s. An 
olde skreene, Qd. In the ladie chamber: On pulke, 3s. 4:d. One 
side cupboord of ashe, 2s. One broken iron chymney, 2s. 6d. In 
the nurcery : One longe-setle bedd, 4s. One olde iron chymney, 5s. 
One fetherbed broke their, 10s. In the low checquer : On chiste, 
6s. 8d. One olde trunk, 5s. One side table with boxes, 5s. One 
litle table, 4s. One side cupboord of ffirre for glasses, 2s. One 
pare of tongues and a porre, I2d. One plann deske^, 2s. The 
wainescott in that chamber, 16s. 8d. In the highe chequer: One 
litle bedstead, 4s. One litle side table, 20d. One olde iron 
chymney, 3s. d. In the kitchin: One beef pott, 6s. One ffornace 
for beef, 10s. One laver, Id. In the toivre : Fowr corsletts with 
ther furniture, without weapons. Certaine hay, 26s. 8d. 

A portall in the greate chamber at Hilton. All the wainescott and 
glasse at Hilton house. Foure pieces of olde hangings in the great 
chamber. An olde binge and an old cupborde in the butterie. Two- 
leads for saltinge of beeves in the larder house; and brewleade, maske^ 
fatte cooler, guilefa-tt, two troughes in the brewhouse. A great iron 
chymney, with the appurtenances in the kitchin ; a ffornace for 1 
beef their. A portall in the chequer chamber. A great presse that 
stood in the wardropp. The kitchin boordes and all the tables and 
formes in the hall apprized to and soulde for ye some of 30Z. 

AT NEWCASTELL : In the great chamber : One table, 4s. One 
longe-settell of ffirre, 3s. A ffirre boorde of tressell, 8d. One litle 
stoole, Qd. One portall, 10s. Four barres of iron for a chymney, 
12^. In the bedd chamber: Three litell cupbordes, 6s. 8d. One 
chare of firre, I8d. One close stoole of ffirre, 12d. One buffet 

1 For a pedigree of Hilton of Hilton, see Surtees, Durham, vol. ii. pp. 26, 27,. 


stoole, Sd. A. poore and four litell barres of iron, 2Qd. Two- 
portalles, 13s. Id. The inner chamber within the bedde chamber: 
One litell bedstedde, 3s. Id. Three barres of iron, I2d. In the 
studie : Three stooles, 2s. 6d . In the hall : Two litle tables, 3s. 
One forme, 12d. In the great butterie: One large gantrie and a 
planke, 2s. Qd. A litle gantrie and a planke, I8d. A graven 
armour with an head piece, being an armor of proof. 51. A white 
armor, 26s. Sd. In the chamber over the hall : A bedstedde, a stoole, 
a forme and three barres of iron for a chymney, 6s. 8d. In the 
kitchin : Two dressinge boords, 2s. In the litle butterie : One old 
chist, a pare of litle gan trees and a litle swall, IQd. In the stable: 
Two racks and two maingers, 2s. 

Somma totalis, 547. 7s. 2d. Out of which some to be deducted for 
funeral expences and other necessarie things as followeth : first for 
the buriall of the corpes of the said deceased, 30s. For blackes 
bestowed upon the wyddow, frendes and servantes of the said 
deceased, 137. 6s. 8d. For a mortuaire, 10s. For and about the 
obtaining of administracion, 23s. 4d. For making up the inventaries 
and the charges of the prisers, the goods being in several places, 20s. 
Somma, 171. 10s. Somma declaro, 36Z. 17s. 2d. 


Mar. 9, 1600/1. Edmonde Wilson of the Loinenge-heade in Teas- 
dell. To be buried in the church of Midleton betwexte the founte 
wher my father was buried. Margaret my wife to have her wedowe 
righte of all my lands, etc. To Rabecca my daughter, one browne 
cowe. To Edmonde Bainbrigge my nephewe [sic], one of the sonnes 
of my said daughter, one graye mare to be let rune for foele till my 
nephewes, Thomas, George and William Bainbrigge have everie of 
them a foell of the same. To Francis Bainbrigge, my nephewe, one 
younge graye mare. To my nephewes, Thomas, George, Edmonde,. 
Franses and William Bainbrigge, my said daughter's sonnes, 77. 
among them when they come of age. To my neces [sic] Phillis and 
Rabecca Bainbrigge, my daughter's daughters, 10Z. To Edmonde- 
Bainbrigge, my nephew, all my lands, cornefeelds, etc., of Midleton 
in Teasdale, which, amongst other things, was boughte of Ninion 
Menvell, laite of Sledwiche, esquier, commonlie called ' Menvell's 
Lands,' and one messuage or tenement in the mide sid in the weste 
feild of Midleton of the yearlie rent of 22s. 2d. called the weste 
ferme. The reste to Thomas Bainbrigge my son in law and 
Rebacca, his wife, my daughter, my executors. Witnesses, Jacob 
Haneley, Christopher Bainbrigge, Henry Bainbrigge. 

Postcriptum. To my nece, Catherin Haneley, one whye calfe and 
two gimmer lambes. To my nece, Phillis Bainbrigge, one grete 
cupporde and one stande bedde. To my nece, Rebecka Bainbrigge^ 
one cowe and a calf. [Confirmed Sept. 21, 1602.] 

INVENTORY Oct. 18, 1602. 



Nov. 6, 1601. I, Henry Brackenbury of Osmondcroft, 1 in the 
counttie of Durham, esquire, being at the makeinge hereof of sounde 
and perfect remembrance, whereof I give God hartie thancks, per- 
ceiveing th' incertainty of this liffe and not knoweinge howe suddenly 
God may call me from the same, willinge to dispose those lands and 
goods which God hath bestowed upon me as well for the advaunce- 
ment of my howse and continuance of the same in my owne bloude, 
as also for the better education, maintainance and preferment of 
my children and there children, doe make this my last will and 
testament in manner and forme followeinge. I give and bequeath 
to Anne Brackenbury, my loveinge wyffe, all that my manner or 
capitall messuage and tenement of Osmondcroft, aforesaide, with 
all lands, etc., thereto belonginge, with all goods, etc., upon the 
same, to have the same dureinge hir liffe naturall. I give unto my 
daughter, Anne Hutton, one yearely pencion of 10. of lawfull 
Englisshe money out of my lands and tenements and hereditaments 
in Sellaby dureinge hir widdowe heade, and for the space of one 
whole yeare after the day of hir marriage, if she shall marrie, togither 
with sufficient habitation for hir and hir familie within my mansione 
liowse at Selleby, or in the capitall mansion howse at Alwent, to 
dwell in dureinge hir widdowheade. I give unto Richard Hutton, 
the eldest sonne of my saide daughter, Anne, one yearely pencion 
of 101. out of my said lands, etc., in Sellaby and elsewhere untill such 
time as he shall accomplishe the aige of twentie and one yeares. 
I give unto Tymothie Hutton, the seconde sonne of my said daughter 
Anne, one yearely pencion of Wl. out of my said lands in Sellaby, etc., 
dureinge the terme of his liffe naturall. I give unto Francis Hutton, 
the thirde sonne of my said daughter Anne, one yearelie pencion of 10Z. 
to be paide to him out of my said lands, etc., in Sellaby and else- 
where duringe his liffe naturall. I will and hereby authorise my said 
doughter, Anne Hutton, and hir said three sonnes, Richard, Tymothy 
and Francis, and everie of them for non-payment of the severall 
pencions and annuities aforesaide, to everie of them given and 
bequeathed as aforesaid within the space of twenty daies next after 
anie of the severall feasts at which the same ought to be paied, shall 
lawfully enter into my said lands, etc., in Sellaby or elsewhere and 
distraine. To the end that my beloved sonne and heire, Francis 
Brackenbury, may the better and more willinglie see this my will 
performed, which hereby I will and charge him to doe, as my trust is 
in him, I doe give unto him my said sonne, Francis Brackenbury 
{all the former gifts, annuities and legacies first deducted), all that 
my mannor or lordshipp of Selleby, Osmondecroft, etc., with all other 

1 This will adds many details to the pedigree of Brackenbury of Sellaby, 
entered at Flower's Visitation of Durham in 1575. The testator was buried at 
Gainford, April 4, 1602. 


my lands, etc., within the countie of Durham, my messuage, etc., 
called Westlopshowse, my rectory or parsonage of Martone, with 
th' appurtenances in the couuntie of Yorke, with all my goods, furniture 
and howsholde stuffe at Selleby aforesaid, dureinge his liffe naturall, 
and, after his decease, to the heires of his body to be lawfully 
begotten. And for default of such issue, to my said daughter, Anne 
Button, full and sole sister to my said sonne Francis, and to th'eires 
of hir body lawfully begotten, and for default of such issue, then to 
the right heires of me the said Henry Brakenbury. I doe further 
give to my beloved freind, John Cradock, vicar of Gaineford, outt of 
my said lands, 13s. 4:d. yearely dureinge his liffe, with one gowne of 
blacke broad cloathe, one faire silke tippet, with one hatt and one 
cappe. I give unto my nephewe, Lancelot Hilton, 40s. I give 
to eche of my howsholde servaunts, one yeares waiges over 
and besides what shalbe due to every of them at the day of my 
deathe. And my will is that my executors shall pay all my said 
legacies, funerall expences and debts out of my said lands and goods 
at Selleby. I doe hereby make my beloved children, Francis 
Brackenbury and Anne Hutton, aforesaid, executors of this my will, 
requireinge them hereby to execute the same in every pointt 
according to the trewe meaneinge thereof, etc. 

Codicil. April 3, 1602. Henry Brakenbury, esquire, did 
expresse and declare these wordes following to be parte of his 
last will and testament and to be annexed unto the same as parte 
thereof, vidzt., that all such annuityes which he had formerly given 
out of his mannor of Sellabye unto any person or personnes what- 
soever in and by his said last will and testament should be voyde and 
of none effect. And that in leiw thereof he did give unto the two 
youngest children of Anne Hutton, vidzt, Tymothie and Francis, the 
sume of 100/. to be paied unto the said Anne, by his said executors, 
within one yeare next after his decease, and the said Francis 
Brakenbury and John Cradock, clerk, to be sufficient securitie to be 
entered by the said Anne for the repayment thereof unto the said 
children at their severall aige of twenty and one yeares. Witnesses 
hereof that this is trew, Anne Brakenbury, John Wickliffe, Elizabeth 
Bannester and Elizabeth Spencer, wedow. 


Jan. 23, 1601/2. Cuthbert Baites of Hallywell, in the county of 
Northumberland, gentleman, whole of bodie, etc. My bodie to be 
buried in the chappell of Earsddenn. I give unto my wife, Elizabethe 
Baites, all my goods and chattels and debts upon condition that the 

1 An exhaustive pedigree of the family of Bates of Halliwell, in the parochial 
chapelry of Earsdon, may be found in the eighth volume of the new History of 
Northumberland. The testator was buried at Earsdon, Feb. 4, 1602/3. 


said Elizabeth shall pay unto my sonne, Cuthbert Baites, when he 
shall attain 21 years, the summe of 100/. for hisi child's porcon. 
She shall likewise pay unto my daughter, Isabella Baites, when she 
attains 21 years, or marriage, the sum of 100/. and unto each of my 
two othere daughters, Dorothie B&ites and Katherine Baites, one 
hundred marks. She shall likewise paie unto my baise daughter 
Margarett fourty marks. I will that as soone and when the said 
Elizabeth Baites, my wife, shall be assured and maried to any other 
man, that then Thomas Redhead of Trewhit shall have the custodie 
of my sone Cuthbert Baites during his minority, with his porcon 
of one hundred pounds. My will is that Mr. John Salkeld and 
Katherine, his wife, shall have my daughter Katherine Baites and 
her porconn and Richard Romaine of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, tanner, 
shall have my daughter Dorothie Baites, together with her porcon. 
I will that my said wife shall have the bringing upp of my daughter 
Isabella Baites. I give unto my wife, Elizabeth Baites, for the use 
of my sone Cuthbert Baites, one freehold in North Seaton during his 
minority. I give unto my sonnes, Thomas Baites and Cuthbert 
Baites, all my armer and artilerie equally. I will that these parcells 
conteyned in the note here enclosed and subscribed with my owne 
hand shall remaine and be in my house at Hallywell for heirloimes. 
I do make overseers of this my will the worshipfull my verie good 
friendes Mr. John Fenwick of Wallington and Mr. Anthonie Feltonne. 
I give unto Mr. John Fenwick aforesaid my sommeringe place in the 
hie lands called the Reyseat and Redpeth during the minorie [sic] 
of my heir. I have made a lease to my brother, Thomas Ogle, of 
all my lands in Hallywell for the term of eleven years, to the intent 
that the profitt thereof may be imployed for the uppbringing of my 
children. I will that Thomas Baites, my kinsman, sadler, shall everie 
yeare have a bowell of hard corne. I make my youngest daughter, 
Katherine Baites, executor. Witnesses, Thomas Houndley, Thomas 
Ogle, Myles Baites and Parcivall Smith. 

Pr. June 1, 1605, by Elizabeth Baites, the widow, on behalf of 
his daughter, Katherine Baites, the sole executrix (then a minor). 

Feb. 19, 1602/3. INVENTORY of all the goods and chattels mov- 
able and unmovable belonging unto Cuthbert Bates of Hallywell : 

Imprimis : In the clossett : 20 books, a form, and a cheste, 20s. 
In the parler : A stand-bedde, one hurle-bedde, a trunke, 12 payre 
of lynne sheats, 12 pyllowes, one chyste, 5 table cloathes, 4 coopperd 
cloathes, 3 dussen napkens, 3 lynne towels, 51. 11s. In the hall: 
Two tables, 2 formes, a chayre, a. dresser, and iron chymney, 40s. 
In the west chamber : A stand-bedde with courtings and a long chyste, 
13s. 4d. In the my die chamber: Two stand-bedds, with courtings, 
one hurle-bedde, a chyste, and a presser, 20s. In the buttre : One 
coopborde, 2 chysts and a malt toube, 10s. In the brew-hoose : A 
maskinge toobe, 3 worte toobes, 3 beare barrels, 3 stands and a table 
6s. In the lardner : Bfeaffe toobes and other necessares, 5s. 


In the brew-hoose lofte : 1 table, 1 olde bedstead and 1 olde coopbord, 
6s. 8d., two morters, 3s. 4:d., 8 stone of lymite [sic], 40s. In the 
kytchinge : A payre of irone racks, a porre, 2 payre of tonges, two 
fryinge pannes, 4 speatts, 4 crooks, 4 brasse potts, 2 caldrens, 2 
kettels, 4 pannes, 4 candlesteaks, 16 peases of pewther vessell and 
4 washinge toobbes, 38s. 8d. 

A. longe swoord, a shorte swoord, a gylted dagre, 11 staves, 4 
goones, 2 pystalls, 2 steall capps, 2 jackes, 2 preavye coates, 2 payre 
of plate brytches, 2 payre of plate sleaves, 2 payre of plate stokens, 
67. 13s. 4rf. 3 feather bedds, 2 matresses, 2 roogs, 12 coverletts, 
8 happings, 6 payre of blanketts, 2 carpetts, 10 payre of coarse 
sheattes, 6 quisshens, 2 chamber potts, 77. 10s. 12 yards of hows- 
wyfe cloathes, 30s. Narowe cloathes for courtings to bedde, 7s. In 
ewes 3 penns, 1 toope with saide ewes, 21 1. In hogges, 97. 9s. 20 
kyne with 11 calves, 327. 4 stottes, 47. 14 youhge stirkes and 
whyes, 97. 6s. 8d. 24 oxene, 487. 1 lytle nagge, 30s. 13 yokes for 
oxen, 9 irone sommes, 3 bolts and 3 sheakles, 20s. 6 plowes, 9s. 
3 coultrs and 3 soks, 7s. Qd. 3 longe wa-nnes, 2 shorte wannes, 2 
irone harrowes and a stead, 37. 6s. Sd. Hard corne in the howse and 
in the stackeyard, 46 booles, 167. 2s. Hard corne sowen in the 
ground, 40 booles, 48/. Otts sowen, 427. 2 sewes, 2 hoggs, 1 boare 
and 4 lyttle shotts, 29s. 

Summ totall: 2697. 14s. Id. 


April 20, 1602. John Wilson. To be buried in Midleton church- 
yard. To my eldest son, John Wilson, rny right, etc., in my tene- 
ment, etc., at the Loneinge-head, and my gavelocke, my beste swoorde 
^nd dagger and my gray meare. To Peter, my son, my house and 
garth at the head of hoode. The rest to Peter, Alice and Elizabeth, 
my children. Whereas my brother in lawe, Edmonde Bainebrigge, 
did give me all his goods and tenement for the longer liver of him 
and his wife, after whose deceases the foresayd tenement to returne 
to his next heir, and I promised to give them meate, drinke and 
clotheing for their lives payinge yearely to them 10s. yearly. I will 
that 4 men indifferently chosen shall order the matter. Supervisors, 
Thomas Bainebrigge and John Neweby, to each of them, 7s. Qd. To 
the children of my sonne in lawe, William Lynd, viz., Thomas and 
Rebecca Lynd, a gymber lambe each. [Pr. Oct. 3, 1603.] 


Sept. 27, 1602. Thomas Beckham of Barwike, burges, to be 
Imryed in Barwicke church yard. To my wife, Jane, all my lands 
In Barwicke and elsewhere for 18 yeares, and if she be with childe 
with a sonne, I give him the hall howse and the kychine, with the 


haye loft and the great stable and the great garden. To mjr 
daughter, Margaret Beckham, after the 18 years, the chamber over 
the hall in the foreside of the strete and the litell garden, the courte- 
yard. To my wife, the shope with both the chambers joyninge to 
it, at, above and benethe, and the lytel stable and the seller both 
joyninge together, and a garden which is at the upper end of the 
great garden. To Margaret, my daughter, tow lytell copes. Over- 
seers, Thomas Walker, and George Ferginson. Witnesses, Thomas 
Walker, Fowlke Mason, William Cooper, George Higginson, John 
Shotton. [Pr. Sept. 29, 1603.] 


Dec. 12, 1602. Marmaduke Chapman of Billingham, yeoman. 1 
To be buried in Billingham church. To the poore, 10s. To my sonne 
in la-we, Raiphe Trotter and Yssabell, my daughter, his wiffe, 30Z. To 
my sonne in lawe, John Lawe, and Jane, my daughter, his wife, 10/. 
To each of my foresaid sonns in law, 10s. To each of Raiphe 
Trotter's children, 6s. 8d. To Robert Lawe, my daughter Jayne'sr 
sonne, 10s. To my godson, Marmaduke Chapman, 40s. and all my 
landes, tenements, etc., in Ryhopp and Sunderland-nigh-the-sea. 
To my daughter in lawe, Anne Chapman, widow, 20s., and to her 
children, Thomas, John and Annesse Chapman, 10s. each. To 
Dorothy Hall, daughter of my son in lawe, Francis Hall, 10s. To my 
brother in lawe, Robert Jackson and to my sister, Frances, now his 
wife, 40s. and to each of their children an ewe and a lambe. To John 
Nevelson's 4 children an ewe and a lamb each. To George Fewler, 
one whie. To Richard Johnson of Durham, 5s. I give and bequith 
towards the repayring of Billingham church, 3s. 4d., and towards 
the repairing of Billingham bridge, 6s. Sd. To Edward Lackenbye, 
2s. Qd. To each of my servants, I2d. To Thomas Chapman, son 
of my nephew, Thomas Chapman, 5s. To George Moore, 3s. 4rf. To- 
William Smith, clarke, vicar of Billingham, 3s. 4d. The rest to 
Robert Chapman, my son, whom I make my sole executor. Super- 
visors, Charles Redclyfe of Tunstall, gentleman, and my cosen, Robert 
Farrowe .... th'elder, of Fishborne, 10s. to each. 

Monye disburst by Robert Chapman at his buriall and since. 
Imprimis : To the vicair and clerke and ringers, 2s. 8d. To the poore, 
37s. 4:d. To wedow Meynell for 14 meise of peope [sic], 26s. 4rf. 
To Raiph Conyers for 12 meise, 22s. Qd. For the dinners of the 

1 In 1577 Marmaduke Chapman of Billingham, yeoman, took a conveyance 
of property in the Low Street, Sunderland,' from his cousins, Elizabeth and 
Margaret, daughters and co-heirs of John Richardson of Durham, dyer. 
This property was conveyed in 1616 by Marmaduke Chapman of Norton, son 
and heir of John Chapman, son and heir of Marmaduke Chapman, to William 
Potts of Sunderland and Mary, his wife. Ex inf. Mr. Reginald Peacock. 


praisers of the goods upon Tuesdaie at Raiph Conyers his house, 2s Sd.. 
For their dinners at Peart's house, 3s. Law expences, etc. Suma, 
101. 8s. 6d. 

INVENTORY. Jan. 17, 1603/4. Imprimis: 12 oxen, 33f. 28 
ewes, 30 hogges, 4 tuppes, 111. 4 steires, 7/. 6s. 8d. 9 horses, 
maires and 5 fooles, 207. 6s. 8d. 6 kyne, 12/. 14s. All the corne in 
the staggarth and barne, etc., 30/. All the haye, 13/. 13s. kd. Corne 
in George Fewler's staggarthe, 21 1. 10s. Haye there, 3/. 13s. Id. 
A stand bed in the parler with 1 coverlett, blacke and yellowe, with 
courtins of vallence, 48s. 3 bacon fletches, 18s. One corslett, 1 
hedpece, 1 jacke, 30s. All his apparrell, 2 swords, 2 daggers, 51. 
2 steile cottes and steile cap, 1 bo we, 1 shaffe of arrowes, 11s. His 
owne chest, 3 sylver spones, 2 sylver ringes, 1 gold ringe ; 2s. fid. in 
gold; 4s. lid. in money; his baggs, 38s. Paynted clothes about the 
halhouse, 12^. His owne horse and his saddell, 47. All the yeres 
to come on George Fewler's farmhold, 50/. Whett and rye sowen. 
on bothe fermholds, 38/. The wydowe's bedde, 40s. 

Sum, 405?. 9s. 8d. 



ALLAN, JOHN, 1564, W., 28. 
ALLISON, JOHN, 1586, W., 116. 
ANDERSON, ALICE, 1583, W., 105. 
ANDERSON, BERTRAM, 1571, W., 58. 
ANDERSON, GILES, 1581, W.I., 88. 
ANDERSON, JAMES, 1565, W., 138 n. 
ANDERSON, JANET, 1587, W., 138. 
AYNSLEY, JANE, 1582, W., 96. 
ATRE, STEPHEN, 1586, I., 118. 
ATTON, HENRY, 1581, W., 89. 


BARROW, THOMAS, 1582, W., 95. 


BATES, CUTHBERT, 1602, W.I., 181. 
BATES, WILLIAM, 1587, W., 119. 
BAYLES, RICHARD, 1574, W., 71. 
BAYNE, RICHARD, 1565, I., 30. 
BECKHAM, THOMAS, 1602 W. 183. 
BELL, THOMAS, 1584, W., 105. 
BELL, WILLIAM, 1583, W., 103. 
BENNETT, ISABEL, 1553, W., 10. 
BERTRAM, THOMAS, 1544, W., 3. 
BEST, ROBERT, 1569, W T ., 48. 
BEWICK, EDWARD, 1587, W.I., 125. 
BEWICK, PETER, 1587, W., 132. 
BEWICK, W T ILLIAM, 1551, W., 8. 
BIDDICK, ROBERT, 1544, W., 1. 

BlRKENHEAD, ROBERT, 1571, W., 57. 

BLAKISTON, RALPH, 1591, W T ., 149. 
BLAKISTON, ROGER, 1570, I., 49. 



BLOTJNT, CUTHBERT, 1559, W., 19. 
BLYTHMAN, EDWARD, 1567, W., 57 n. 
BLYTHMAN, NICHOLAS, 1571, W., 57. 

BOURN, GEORGE, 1592, W.I., 154. 
BOWDON, JASPER, 1589, W., 148. 
BOWES, ROBERT, 1580, W., 84. 



BRADFORD, ANTHONY, 1584, W., 108. 
BRASS, ROGER, 1587, W., 123. 
BRIMLEY, JAMES, 1587, I., 131. 
BROWN, JOHN, 1583, W., 101. 
BROWN, ROBERT, 1587, I., 122. 
BURDON, WILLIAM, 1587, W., 125. 
BURLINSON, GEORGE, 1578, W., 80. 
BURRELL, CUTHBERT, 1563, W., 27. 
BURRELL, JOHN, 1597, I., 166. 
BURRELL, WILLIAM, 1582, W., 96. 


CARR, HUMPHREY, 1559, W., 20. 
CARR, NICHOLAS, 1545, W., 4. 
CARTER, WILLIAM, 1573, W., 68. 
CATTERICK, RALPH, 1581, W., 86. 
CATTERICK, RALPH, 1591, 8671., 150. 
CHAMBER, STEPHEN, 1587, W.I., 130. 


CHARLTON, GAWEN, 1584, W., 105. 
CHAYTOR, THOMAS, 1575, W., 74. 
CLARK, HUGH, 1581, W., 89. 
CLARK, NICHOLAS, 1573, W., 68. 
CLARK, ROLAND, 1572, W., 64. 
CLAXTON, RICHARD, 1598, W., 168. 
CLAXTON, ROBERT, 1578, W., 79. 
CLEOBURN, JOHN, 1599, W., 173. 
CLIFF, RICHARD, 1582, W., 97. 
COLE, RALPH, 1584, W., 40. 




COLLINGWOOD, JOHN, 1580, W., 84. 

COLLINGWOOD, RALPH, 1591, W., 149. 

CONTEES, SIR GEORGE, 1566, W., 34. 
CONYERS, ROBERT, 1566, W., 35. 
COOK, ANTHONY, 1587, W.I., 134. 
COOK, ELEANOR, 1569, W., 46. 
COOK, ROBERT, 1576, W., 77. 
CORBY, THOMAS, 1582. W., 98. 
OWLEY, WILLIAM, 1580, W., 85. 
COXON, NICHOLAS, 1585, W., 115. 
CRAMER, AGNES, 1552, W., 10. 
CRANE, THOMAS, 1582, W., 96. 
CRASTER, ALICE, 1597, W., 165. 


CRASTER, THOMAS, 1557, W., 13. 
CRAWFORD, RICHARD, 1582, W., 97. 
CRAWFORD, ROBERT, 1583, W., 98 n. 


DAGLISH, MATTHEW, 1587, W., 114. 
DALE, CHRISTOPHER, 1570, I., 52. 
DALE, JANET, 1570, W., 56. 
DALTON, ROBERT, 1560, W., 23. 
DAVEY, WILLIAM, 1595, W., 160. 
DAWSON, HENRY, 1588, W., 144. 
DOBSON, JOHN, 1587, W.I., 132. 
DODDS, JAMES, 1588. I., 146. 
DONKIN, ELIZABETH, 1585, W., 112. 
DUNN, JAMES, 1587, W., 120. 


EGGLESTON, WILLIAM, 1566, W., 30. 
ELLIKAR, SIR ROBERT, 1565, W., 32. 
ELLIS, ANTHONY, 1589, W., 147. 
ELLISON, GEORGE, 1582, W., 90. 
ELRINGTON, ROBERT, 1575, W., 72. 
ELRINGTON, ROBERT, 1588, W., 146. 
ELRINGTON, SIMON, 1571, W., 61. 
ELSTOB, THOMAS, 1585, W., 111. 
ERRINGTON, GEORGE, 1559, W., 19. 
ERRINGTON, MARION, 1549, W., 7. 
ERRINGTON, ROBERT, 1591, W., 150. 
ERRINGTON, ROGER, 1558, W., 16. 



FARROW, RICHARD, 1570, W.I., 53. 


FENWICK, ANTHONY, 1583, W., 104. 


FENWICK, GERARD, 1585, W., 113. 
FERRY, JOHN, 1587, W.I., 128. 


W., 47. 

FISHER, THOMAS, 1592, W.I., 153. 
FORSTER, MATTHEW, 1589, W., 147. 
FORSTER, REGINALD, 1565, W., 33. 
FORSTER, ROBERT, 1583, W., 99. 
FUISTER, GEORGE, 1592, W., 151. 


GALLON, JOHN, 1582, W., 94. 
GALLON, WILLIAM, 1574, W., 95 n. 
GALLOWAY, CUTHBERT, 1572, W., 64. 
GARNETT, MARTIN, 1582, W., 91. 
GASCOIGN, JOHN, 1557. W., 14. 
GIBSON, JANET, 1576, W., 75. 
GIBSON, WILLIAM, 1584, W., 109. 
GLENTON, JOHN, 1578, W., 80. 
GLOVER, RICHARD, 1587, W.I., 138. 
GHEGGE, RICHARD, 1570, I., 55. 
GREY, EDWARD, 1545, W., 5. 
GREY, JAMES, 1599, W., 172. 

HALL, CHRISTOPHER, 1567, W. 40. 
HALTON, JOHN, 1569, W., 45. 
HARBOTTLE, ROBERT, 1579, W., 82. 
HARBOTTLE, ROBERT, 1593, W., 158. 
HARDING, JOHN, 1593, W., 157. 
HARDING, RALPH, 1555, W.I., 11. 
HARRISON, RICHARD, 1587, W., 120. 
HARRISON, THOMAS, 1582, W., 93. 


HEATH, THOMASIN, 1596, W., 162. 
HEBBURN, ANNE, 1568, I., 44. 
HEDLEY, JOHN, 1545, W., 4. 
HILTON, CUTHBERT, 1576, W., 76. 
HILTON, THOMAS, 1598, W T ., 169. 
HILTON, SIR WILLIAM, 1600, I., 178. 
HIND, JOHN, 1583, W., 103. 
HODGSON, EDMUND, 1560, W., 22. 
HODGSON, LANCELOT, 1559, W., 18. 
HONDLEY, THOMAS, 1588, W.I., 145. 
HOOTON, ELIZABETH, 1566, W., 23. 
HOPPEN, GAWEN, 1572, W., 66. 
HOPPEN, ROGER, 1557, W., 66 n. 
HORSLEY, GEORGE, 1597, W.I., 165. 
HORSLEY, JOHN, 1583, W., 101. 
HUDSPETH, EDWARD, 1597, W., 163. 


HUTTON, ISABEL, 1584, W., 98 n. 
BUTTON, RALPH, 1558, W., 16. 


HUTTON, RICHARD, 1582, W., 98. 
HUTTON, WILLIAM, 1561, W., 17. 

JACKSON, HENRY, 1587, I., 133. 
JACKSON, JOHN, 1590, W., 148. 
JACKSON, RICHARD, 1570, W., 55. 
JENISON, EDWARD, 1584, W., 106. 

KATE, THOMAS, 1584, W., 107. 
KERKBY, HENRY, 1570, W., 50. 

LASSE, ROBERT, 1557, W., 12. 
LASSELLS, JOHN, 1582, W., 92. 
LAWSON, MARTIN, 1581, W., 88. 
LEWEN, ROBERT, 1562, W., 24. 
LIDDELL, WILLIAM, 1584, W., 108. 
LORENS, THOMAS, 1594, W.I., 158. 
LYNN, EDWARD, 1583, W., 98 n. 


MADDISON, PETER, 1587, W.I., 122. 
MADDISON, WILLIAM, 1579, W., 83. 
MAIRE, HUMPHREY, 1576, W., 75. 
MAIKE, THOMAS, 1584, W., 76 n. 
MARSHALL, JOHN, 1573, W., 67. 
MIDDLETON, AMBROSE, 1555, W., 12. 


MITFORD, GAWEN, 1586, W., 118. 
MITFORD, HENRY, 1599, I., 173. 
MORTON, JOHN, 1580, W., 83. 
MUSCHAMP, ELEANOR, 1551, W.I., 9. 


NEWBY, WILLIAM, 1587, W., 141. 


NICHOLSON, JANE, 1587, W.I., 139. 
NICHOLSON, THOMAS, 1595, W., 159. 
NORMAN, RICHARD, 1566, W., 36. 


OGLE, LUKE, 1596, W., 160. 
OGLE, MARGERY, 1565, W., 32. 
OGLE, THOMAS, 1574, W., 70. 

PAGE, BARTHOLOMEW, 1544, W.I., 2. 
PARKIN, JOHN, 1587, W.I., 143. 
PARKINSON, EDMUND, 1573, W., 67. 

PARKINSON, EDWARD, 1567, W., 37. 
PATTERSON, JOHN, 1585, W., 115. 
PATTERSON, ROBERT, 1606, W., 115 TO. 
PENTLAND, THOMAS, 1575, W., 72. 
PRESTON, ANTHONY, 1582, W.I., 90. 
PRESTON, WILLIAM, 1586, W., 117. 




RACKETT, JOHN, 1560, W., 21. 
RAW, WILLIAM, 1587, W., 124. 
REED, JOHN, 1587, W., 127. 
REED, WILLIAM, 1549, W., 6. 
REED, WILLIAM, 1586, I., 118. 
REVELEY, MICHAEL, 1581, W., 88. 
RIDDELL, HENRY, 1597, W., 167. 
RIDDELL, PETER, 1558, W., 15. 
RIDDELL, WILLIAM, 1600, W., 177. 
RIDLEY, CUTHBERT, 1584, W., 108. 
RIPPON, WILLIAM, 1584, W., 106. 


RUTHERFORD, GAWEN, 1582, W., 95. 


SANDERSON, HENRY, 1550, W., 7. 
SEDGWICK, JOHN, 1587, W.I., 142. 
SELBY, GERARD, 1549, W.I., 6. 
SHADFORTH, EDMUND, 1576, W., 78. 
SHADFORTH, ROBERT, 1545, W., 3. 
SHAFTO, JOHN, 1583, I., 103. 
SHELL, MARTIN, 1583, W., 104. 
SHELL, WILLIAM, 1574, W., 103 n. 
SHELL, WILLIAM, 1583, W., 103. 
SIMPSON, JOHN, 1572, W., 65. 
SIMPSON, ROGER, 1587, W.I., 136. 
SINGLETON, HENRY, 1599, W., 173. 
SINGLETON, RALPH, 1587, W.I., 126. 
SMITH, CUTHBERT, 1576, W., 76. 
SMITH, GEORGE, 1545, W., 2. 
SMITH, JOHN, 1583, W., 100. 
SMITH, THOMAS, 1581, W., 87. 
SMITH, THOMAS, 1587, I., 120. 
SOTHERAN, JOHN, 1582, W., 94. 
SPENCE, MICHAEL, 1565, W., 29. 
SPENCER, JOHN, 1600, W., 176. 
STANTON, THOMAS, 1548, I., 5. 
STORY, WILLIAM, 1586, W., 117. 
STROTHER, GEORGE, 1584, W., 111. 
STROTHER, RICHARD, 1585, W., 113. 
SURTEES, ANDREW, 1570, W., 52. 
SURTEES, EDWARD, 15..., W., 1. 
SURTEES, RALPH, 1558, W., 14. 
SURTEES, THOMAS, 1545, W., 5. 
SURTEES, WILLIAM, 1579, W., 83. 
SWIFT, ROBERT, 1600, W.I., 174. 
SWINBURNE, JOHN, 1545, W., 4. 


TEMPEST, THOMAS, 1569, I., 48. 
THURSBY, CUTHBERT, 1574, W., 70. 
TOBIE, THOMAS, 1585, W., 116. 
TONGE, GEORGE, 1593, W., 157. 
TOPIAS, GEORGE, 1583, W., 100. 

TURPIN, MARTIN, 1554, W., 11. 


WARDLE, JOHN, 1581, W., 89. 
WARDLE, THOMAS, 1581, W., 90 n. 
WALL, JOHN, 1565, W., 31. 


WATSON, JOHN, 1547, W., 5. 
WATSON, JOHN, 1580, W., 84. 
WELLBTJRY, JOHN, 1585, W., 87 n. 

WELLBURY, SIMON, 1581, W., 87. 
WHITFIELD, HUGH, 1576, W., 74. 
WHITFIELD, THOMAS, 1578, W., 74 n. 





WILKINSON, THOMAS, 1588, W., 144. 
WILSON, EDMUND, 1601, W., 179. 
WILSON, JOHN, 1602, W., 183. 


WOLDHAVE, JOHN, 1566, W., 35. 

40 n. 

WOUMPHREY, THOMAS, 1585, W., 115. 
WRAY, THOMAS, 1577, W., 79. 
WREN, WILLIAM, 1570, I., 51. 
WYVELL, SAMPSON, 1568, W., 40. 



Abram, Henry, 143. 

Addye, Bartholomew, 39. See Athy. 

Aislaby (Eislybe, Hayslaybe, etc.), 
Jane, 37, 44. 

Akrigg, John, 39; Richard, 39. 

Alanby, Thomas, 105. 

Allen (Allan), Anne, 44; Elizabeth, 
29; John, 28; Nicholas, 123; 
Peter, 29; Richard, 38; Thomas, 

Allgood (Awgood), Catherine, 96. 

Allison (Allanson, Allandson, Allen- 
son), Agues, 117; Alice, 24; 
Anthony, 116; Edward, 138 .; 
Eleanor, 117; Henry, 132; John, 
116 ; Margaret, 124 ; Thomas, 54 ; 
William, 54; Mr., 175, 177. 

Alurgill, Lancelot, 70. 

Alwand, Peter, 54. 

Ambrose, Lewis, 111, 130, 139, 140. 

Amory (Almorye), Roger, 115. 

Ampleforth, John, 160. 

Anderson, Agnes, 75, 138 n. ; Alice, 
60. 105; Alison, 59; Barbara, 58, 
59, 148, 167 n. ; Bertram, 37, 58, 
59, lOl/i., 107, 138, 173; Chris- 
topher, 82 ; Clement, 60, 110 ; Cuth- 
bert, 105, 111, ?38?i; Dorothy, 
105; Edward, 15, 16, 138 n.; 
Elizabeth, 60, 109, 134, 138 TO. ; 
Frances and Francis, 60, 93, 103, 
158; Gawen, 105; George, 88; 
Giles, 88; Henry, 59, 60, 61, 84, 
107, 110, 115, 177; Hugh, 75, 138; 
Isaac, 158 ; Isabel, 88, 105, 138 n. ; 
James, 138 n. ; Jane, 88, 138, 165 ; 
John, 105, 138 ; Mabel, 105 ; Mar- 
garet and Margery, 88, 105; 
Percival, 138 . ; Robert, 20, 45 , 
Roger, 105; Richard, 134, 138 n.; 

Thomas, 45, 105, 138; William, 

138; Mrs., 107. 
Anderton, James, 122. 
Andro, Robert, 73. 
Annas, 'Brood', 137. 
Anthony, Henry, 172. 
Antonio Marcus, 110. 
Appleby, Anthony, 39, 81, 115; 

George, 81 ; John, 52 ; Nicholas, 

81: Thomas, 84; William, 81, 


Applegarth, John, 34. 
Archer, George, 5. 
Armorer, Frances, 9; George, 94; 

Grace, 165 ; Roger, 9 ; Thomas-,. 

Ill; William, 165. 
Armstrong, John, 125; Matthew, 

27; Roger, 146. 

Armyn, Martha, 156; William, 15671. 
Arrowsmith (Arrasmyth), Anthony, 

124; James, 71; Michael, 71; 

Richard, 71. 
Arundel, Earl of, 87. 
Ashe, Mr., 74. 
Asheton, William, 88. 
Aske, Robert, 34. 
Askew, Sir Francis, 17; Lady, 17; 

William, 17. 
Atchison, Edward, 151; Martin, 96; 

Robert, 96. 
Athy (Adthe), Christopher, 23 n., 31; 

Margaret, 23 n. 
Atkinson, Agnes, 170; Christopher, 

170; Elizabeth, 50; John, 13; 

Margaret, 152; Thomas, 13, 64, 

102; William, 54, 55. 
Aynsley, Jane, 96; William, 96. 
Ayre, Hugh, 165 ; Stephen, 118. 
Ayton (Aiton), Agnes, 89; Barbara, 

89; Henry, 60, 89; Isabel, 89; 

John 89; Raynold, 89; William, 


* For the purpose of this index the names have been largely modernized, 
and no distinction has been attempted between the male and female names of 
Francis or Frances. 


Bainbridge, Christopher, 179; Ed- 
mund, 179, 183\ Frances, 44, 179 ; 
George, 179; Henry, 179; Mar- 
garet, 17; Philfia, 179; Eebecca, 
179; Thomas, 119, 183; William, 
77, 179. 

Bailes (Bayles), Ann\ 71 ; Elizabeth, 
71 ; Henry, 51 ; JcW 71 ; Ealph, 
51; Richard, 71/183^ William, 

Bailey, Godfrey, 44. 

Bailif (Balif), Alice, 8. 

Baird, George, 165. 

Baker (Bayker) Jane, 163; Richard, 
119; Valentine, 64; Mrs., 62. 

Baliol, John, king of Scotland, 77 n. 

Bamford, James, 152. 

Banks, Edward, 35. 

Bannister, Elizabeth, 181 ; Lawrence, 
121; Richard, 121. 

Barber, Robert, 39. 

Barbone, James, 58. 

Barker, Edward, 130; George, 125; 
Jean, 148; Mr., 114. 

Barloe, Richard, 158. 

Barnes, Ralph, 82. 

Barnhere, Thomas, 175. 

Barras, Anthony, 49, 120. 

Barrell ( ?Burrell), Richard, 51. 

Barrow, Thomas, 95. 

Barton, Anthony, 21, 141, 144; 
Brian, 153; Christopher, 21, 153; 
Ralph, 70. 

Basnett, Alex., 16. 

Baston, Sir Henry, 34. 

Bates (Baites), Agnes, 36; Barbara, 
119 ; Blease, 119 ; Catherine, 182 ; 
Cuthbert, 181, 182; Dorothy, 182; 
Elizabeth, 181, 182 ; George, 119 ; 
Isabella, 182; Margaret, 182; 
Miles, 182 ; Thomas, 182 ; William, 

Bateman (Baitman), Jane, 19 ; John, 
19 ; Margaret, 121. 

Bateson (Betsonn), Margaret, 167. 

Batmanson, Marmaduke, 86. 

Baxter, Christopher, 60; Nicholas, 
8, 26. 

Bayley, William, 61. 

Bayne, Richard, 30. 

Beadnel (Bednell, etc.), James, 9; 
William, 9; Mrs., 9. 

Beck, John, 36. 

Beckham, Jane, 183; Margaret, 184; 
Thomas 183. 

Bedall, Mark, 29. 

Bee, George, 15. 

Beere, William, 74. 

Belamy, James, 29. 

Bell, Agnes, 45, 103; Allison, 147; 

Christopher, 105, 106; Elizabeth,. 

105, 106, 151; George, 105, 106; 

Isabel, 71; Janet, 105, 106; 

John, 71, 54, 101, 105, 106; Mabel,. 

82; Margaret, 103; Richard, 3, 

72; Robert, 26, 27, 103; Roger, 

72; Thomas, 103, 105, 106; 

William, 103. 
Bellasis (Bellasye), Sir William, 76; 

Lady, 76 ; Mr., 75 n. 
Bellerbe, John, 45. 
Bellingham (Billingham), Cuthbert, 

135; John, 48. 
Bennet, Isabel, 10 ; Margaret, 10 n. ; 

William, 10 n.,. 44; Dr., 30. 
Benson (Benison), Richard, 9; 

Robert, 133 ; Thomas, 37, 62, 73. 
Bertram (Bartram), Edward, 125 ; 

George, 3; Thomas, 3; William, 


Best, Alison, 48; Margaret, 48; Mar- 
tin, 48; Peter, 48; Robert, 48; 

Thomas, 48. 

Bethoun, Elizabeth, 149. 
Bettleston, Robert, 50. 
Bewick, Agnes, 46, 125 ; Annes, 132 ; 

Andrew, 46, 126, 132 ; Barbara, 107, 

132; Bertram, 9; Cuthbert, 8, 9, 

172 ; Christopher, 46, 106 ; Edward, 

125, 126; Eleanor, 46, 47; Eliza- 
beth, 46, 47, 107, 132, 172 71. ; 

Gillian, 46; Janet, 9; John, 9; 

Margaret, 132, 172; Percival, 8, 

9; Peter (Piers), 8, 9, 107, 132; 

Robert, 46, 172; Thomas, 9^ 

William, 8. 
Biddick (Bedyke, etc.), Annes, 68; 

Maud, 1; Robert, etc., 1, 2; 

William, 1; Mr., 68. 
Biggin, Margaret, 168; Mary, 168. 
Bilton, Richard, 43; William, 142, 


Binks, John, 173. 
Bird, Anthony, 59; Mark, 60. 
Birkenhead, Anthony, 58; Dorothy, 

57; George, 58; Gerard, 58; 

John, 58; Margaret, 58; Robert, 

57; William, 58. 

Blackburn (Blakeburn), Anne, 90. 
Blackdene (Blaikden), Margery, 162 ; 

Thomas, 45. 
Blackett, Thomas, 58. 
Blackman, Edmund, 57. 
Blakiston (Blaxton, etc.), Adam, 150 ; 

Anthony, 48; Humphrey, 44; 

John, 149, 150; Mary, 163; 

Ralph, 149; Robert, 163; Roger,. 

49; William, 49 n. 


Blanchard (BlantcOiarde), Thomaa, 

Bland, Gregory, 167, 168. 

Blenkinsop, Catherine, 63; John, 
119; Roland, 36, 62, 63, 102; 
William, 36, 62, 63, 102. 

Bliss, Lieut., 153. 

Blount, Anne, 19, 20; Barbara, 19, 
150 n. ; Christopher, 20 ; Cuth- 
bert, 19 ; Edward, 19, 20 ; James, 
19, 20 ; Mark, 19, 20 ; Robert, 19, 
20 ; William, 19, 20. 

Blythman, Agnes, 57; Edward, 
57 7i.; Elizabeth, 57; George, 
57 n. ; Jane (Joan), 57 n. ; John, 
57 ; Nicholas, 57 ; William, 57. 

Bode, John, 123; Thomas, 123. 

Bone, John, 87; Margaret, 87; Mrs., 
87 n. 

Booker, Ralph, 130. 

Booth, Richard, 61; Robert, 61; 
Roger, 62 ; Thomas, 61 ; Mrs., 61. 

Borrow, George, 129. 

Bourn, George, 154, 155 ; Isabel, 154. 

Boutflower, Alice, 126; Jane, 126; 
Ralph, 126. 

Bowden, Eleanor, 148; James, 147; 
Jasper, 148; John, 148; Mar- 
garet, 148; Roger, 148; Stephen, 
148; Thomas, 147. 

Bowes, Ann, 169 n. ; Beale, 144 ; 
George (Sir George), 144, 169 n., 
170; Henry, 144; Margaret, 144; 
Margery, 156 n. ; Ralph, 84, 170 ; 
Robert, 6, 84, 170 n.; Sir Ralph, 
156 7i. ; Talbot, 170 ; Thomas (Sir 
Thomas), 55, 144. 

Bowman, Nicholas, 55. 

Bowmer, Thomas, 151; Mrs., 107. 

Boys (Bois), Richard, 26, 27. 

Braccanbe, Symon, 0. 

Bracke, Janet, 58; Margaret, 58. 

Brackenbury (Brackenby), Ann, 180, 
181; Frances, 180, 181; Henry, 
180, 181; Margaret, 69; Martin, 
69; Oliver, 69; Richard, 47, 69; 
Thomas, 69. 

Bradford, Anthony, 108; Bartholo- 
mew, 91 ; Dorothy, 108 ; Eleanor, 
108; Lionel, 108; Nicholas, 108; 
Rowland, 108; Thomas, 6671., 
108; Mrs., 6671. 

Bradley, Thomas, 34. 

Bramall, William, 114. 

Brandling, Henry, 52; Robert, 155; 
Sir Robert, 16, 27 ; Sir . . . , 107. 

Brass, Barbara, 124; Edward, 124; 
Henry, 51; Janet, 123, 124; John, 
51; Richard, 124; Robert, 124; 
Roger, 123 ; William, 149. 

Brewster, Henry, 49. 

Brick, William, 37. 

Brian, Ann, 121. 

Briggs (Bridggs, etc.), George, 154 ; 

Thomas, 97; William, 106; Mr., 

157, 175. 
Brigham, Anne (Agnes), 46, 47; 

Christopher, 25 n. ; George, 173; 

Humphrey, 26, 46 ; Jane, 25 n. ; 

Mrs., 49. 
Brimley (Brymley), James, 131 ; 

William, 131 ; Mr., 20. 
Bromley, Mr., 93. 
Broock, Patrick, 147. 
Brown (Broune, etc.), Alice, 62 ; 

Ann, 101, 102; Dorothy, 62; 

Frances, 128; George, 36; 

Henry, 101; Jane, 137; John, 85, 

96, 98, 101, 127, 165; Robert, 39, 

71, 122; Simon, 62; Thomas, 20, 

102, 147; William, 47, 61, 101; 

Dame, 52. 

Brumell, Robert, 54. 
Buck, John, 69; Margaret, 149 n.; 

Miles, 69 ; Richard, 149 n. 
Buckle (Bucles), Elizabeth, 102; 

Richard, 102. 
Bullock, George, 107; Robert, 107; 

Mrs., 132. 
Bulmer, Henry, 88. 
Burdon, Ann, 125 ; Christopher, 135 ; 

Henry, 125; Isabel, 3; Janet 

(Jane), 117, 125; Roger, 125; 

Roland, 3, 125; Thomas, 125; 

William, 3, 117, 125. 
Burlinson, Elizabeth, 80; Frances, 

80 n. ; George, 80 ; James, 80 ; 

Janet, 80 ; Margaret, 80 ; Thomas, 

80; William, 80. 
Burn, Robert, 171. 
Burnet, John, 86; Mrs., 86. 
Burrell, Alison, 19; Christopher, 28; 

Cuthbert, 27; Eleanor, 122; 
Janet, 96; John, 28, 166, 167; 
Margaret, 28; Percival, 28; 

Wiliam, 96, 116. 
Burton, Robert, 114; Dr., 94. 
Butler, John, 20, 110. 
Butymond, Anthony, 171. 
Byerley, Nicholas, 26, 27. 
Byndley, John, 62. 
Bynnion, Mr., 157. 
Byttelston, Robert, 160. 

Caird (Card), John, 177. 

Calverley, Barbara, 59; Isabel, 59, 
60; John, 60, 177; Thomas, 61, 
177; Mr., 61; Mrs., 177. 

'Camber, Magdalen, 4. 

Cammoiit, John, 105 ; Mabel, 105. 

Cardnell, Richard, 167. 

Cardwell, William, 127. 

arey, Capt., 153. 

Carnaby, Anthony, 61, 62 ; Cuthbert, 
33; David, 61, 95; Dorothy, 33; 
Hector, 118; John, 33, 113; 
Lancelot, 155 ; Marion, 7 ; Odnell, 
7; Rayuold (Sir Reginald), 33, 

Carr (Carre), Alison, 4; Christopher, 
20; Cuthbert, 20, 36, 63; Edward, 
171; Elizabeth, 171; George, 4, 
9, 63, 105, 152; Gerard, 135; 
Humphrey, 20; Isabel, 4, 20; 
James, 61 ; Jane, 4, 16 ; John, 9, 
16, 20, 73, 97, 114, 126 ; Lancelot, 
62 ; Margery, 20 ; Nicholas, 4, 48 ; 
Oswald, &7, 93. 94; Rebecca, 63; 
Richard, 73; Robert, 4, 20, 63, 
113; Roger, 4; William, 4, 20, 61, 

Carter, Eleanor, 85; George, 28, 48; 
Henry, 28; John, 69; Margery, 
69; Marmaduke, 28, 69; Peter, 
68, 69 ; W r iliam, 56, 68. 

Carvill, Robert, 91. 

Case, Captain, 91. 

Casson, Ann, 92. 

Cassop, Anthony, 51. 

Catterick (Katherick), Alison, 86 n., 
150; John, 867;., 150; Lawrence, 
174 -. Margaret, 86 ., 150; 
Nicholas, 86; Ralph, 86, J50; 
Richard, 86 n., 150;. William, 86. 

Cay, John, 44. See. Kay. 

Chambers (Chamber), Alison, 130 ; 
Ann, 114; Catherine, 130; Eliza- 
beth, 130; John, 130; Leonard, 
130; Stephen, 130; Thomas, 121; 
William, 92. 

Chapman, Aim, 184; Annas, 184; 
George, 37; John, 37, 161, 162, 
184 ; Lancelot, 37, 52 ; Marion, 60 ; 
Marmaduke, 184; Matthew, 103; 
Robert, 184; Thomas, 184. 

Charlton, Edward, 105; Elizabeth, 
105; Gawen, 105; John, 105. 

Chay/tor (Chaitor, etc.), Agnes, 
19; Christopher, 15, 19, 21, 32, 
62, 81, 85, 94; Cuthbert, 74, 148; 
Elizabeth, 19; John, 3, 19; 
Margaret, 19 ; Nicholas, 74 ; 
Oswald and Oswin, 74, 148; 
Peter, 3; Thomas, 74; Mr., 36. 

Cherteseye, Benet, 61. 

Chilton, Agnes, 89; Janet, 89; 
Robert, 89 ; William, 89, 90. 

Chope, Mr., 175. 

Clapham (Clapam), John, 22. 

Clark (Clerk), Agnes, 36; Christy, 
146 ; Ellen, 146 ; Hugh, 89 ; John, 
111; Marion, 89; Nicholas, 68; 
Robert, 111; Roger, 64; Roland, 
64; Thomas, 89, 91, 108; William. 
28, 31. 

Clarkson (Clerkson), George, 66 n. ; 
Henry, 171; John, 171. 

Clavering, Grace, 148; Margaret, 
97 n.; Ralph, 97 n. 

Claxton, Allison, 168 n.; Ammonde, 
79; Anne, 58; Anthony, 90; 
Christopher, 168; Cuthbert, 78; 
Dean, 18 ; Elizabeth, 22 ; George, 
22, 67?;.; Gerard, 168; Hum- 
phrey, 168; Jane, 22; John, 22, 
79, 168; Lancelot, 168; Lyones, 
14 ; Margaret and Margery, 22, 79 ; 
Richard, 79, 168; Robert, 79, 
168; Roger, 79; Thomas, 34, 168; 
William, 16, 58, 168; Mr., 86. 

Clayton, widow, 54. 

Cleborne (Clibbron, Cleoburn), 
Henry, 173; John, 173; Richard, 
173; Thomas, 61; William, 173; 
Dame, 90. 

Clesby, John, 86. 

Clewes, Christopher, 155. 

Cliffe, Eleanor, 97; John, 97; 
Richard. 97. 

Clifton, Robert, 123. 

Clopton, John, 82, 93, 94. 

Clough, Alice, 154; George, 154; 
John, 80. 

Cockfield, Christopher, 65; Henry, 
166, 167; John, 65. 

Cocks, William, 47. 

Coise (Coys), Ralph, 111; William, 
175 it. 

Cole, James, 110; Jane, 110, 111; 
Nicholas, 110; Ralph, 110; 
Richard, 110; Robert, 110; 
Thomas, 110. 

Colling (Collins), Ralph, 50 ; Thomas, 
112; Mr., 175. 

Collingson, Richard, 68. 

Collingwood (Colynwood), Alex- 
ander 149 ; Catherine, 149 ; 
Cuthbert, 95, 171 ; Dorothy, 171 ; 
Edward, 92, 130; Eleanor, 84; 
Elizabeth, 130, 171; Henry, 149, 
161, 165, 171; Humphrey, 34; 
Janet, 149, 171 ; John, 10, 84, 119, 
130 149; Margaret, 84, 149, 165; 
Matthew, 171; Ralph, 13, 32, 
95??., 125, 149; Robert, 4, 149, 
171; Roland, 165; Thomas, 84, 
149, 161; Thomasine, 149; 
William, 130. 



Colman, Anthony, 153. 

Colmore, Clement, 145 n. 

Coltman (Cowtman), Ralph, 17, 39; 
Richard, 62. 

Compton (Cowton), Ralph, 51 ; 
Thomas, 51. 

Constable, Michael, 23 n., 170 ; 
William, 170. 

Conyers, Anne, 34 n., 35 ; Christo- 
pher, 74 ; Cicely, 35 ; Edward, 35, 
66 n. ; Eleanor, 35; Elizabeth, 74; 
Frances, 35 ; George (Sir George), 
34, 35, 39; James, 35; John, 35; 
Lancelot, 135; Margaret, 35; 
Mary, 35: Ralph, 35, 184, 185; 
Richard, 35, 87, 120; Robert, 34, 
35 58; Roger, 34; Thomas, 34; 
William, 34, 35; Mr., 106; Mrs., 

Cook (Coke), Anthony, 134, 135; 
Christopher, 46, 47; Eleanor, 46, 
134; Elizabeth, 46, 78; George, 
45, 46, 134, 135; Henry, 100; 
Jane, 134; John, 46, 47, 72, 78, 
120; Margaret and Margery, 78, 
134 ; Robert, 77, 78 ; Simon, 134 ; 
Thomas, 78, 100, 143; William, 
47; Mr.. 74, 177; Mrs., 78. 

Cookson (Coocheson), William, 20, 

Cooper, Wiliam, 184. 

Coperthwait (Coperwhqte), Matthew, 
81. X ' 

Corby Thomas, 98. 

Cordell, Sir William, 27 n. 

Cordmane, Edward, 160. 

Corker, Dorothy, 58. 

Cornforth, Robert, 135; Thomas, 72. 

Cotes, William, 132. 

Cotesworth (Cotterworth, Cotesforth, 
etc.), George, 55 ; Richard, 44. 

Cotton, Thomas, 88. 

Couler, Robert, 54. 

Coulson (Cowston, Cowson), Ed- 
ward, 96; Janet, 146; John, 146; 
Thomas, 146. 

Coulthard (Coltard) Jane, 55. 

Coward, Robert, 82. 

Cowdon, James, 147. 

Cowley, Margaret, 85; William, 85. 

Cowper, Bartholomew, 89 ; Robert, 

Cowpland, Nicholas, 121, 122, 131. 

Cowson, Janet, 146; John, 146; 
Thomas, 146. 

Cox (Cocks), Ralph, 103; William, 

Coxon (Cokson, Cocsone), Allison, 
115; Charles, 115; Cicely, 115; 
Clement, 113; Elizabeth, 115; 

Henry, 115; Michael, 115; 

Nicholas, 75 n., 115 ; Robert, 115, 
Coys, William, 175. See Coise. 
Cradock, John, 101, 181. 
Craggs (Crage), Alexander, 107, 146 ; 

Alice, 107; Anne, 23 n.; Gilbert, 

11; Ralph, 45; Robert, 107; 

Mr., 23 n. 
Crakehall (Craycall), Elizabeth, 50, 


Cramer, Agnes, 10 ; Robert, 10. 
Cramlington, Agnes, 8; Elizabeth, 

8; Lamwell, 8; Lancelot, 8; 

Thomas, 8. 

Crane, Agnes, 96, Barbara, 97 ; Eliza- 
beth, 06, 97; Jane, 97; John, 96; 

Margaret, 97 ; Mary, 97 ; 

Nicholas, 97; Thomas, 96. 
Craster, Alice, 165; Barbara, 165; 

Bartholomew, 82; Edmund, 165; 

Eleanor, 165 ; Jane, 82 ; John, 

82, 165 ; Lewis, 82 ; Margaret, 14, 

82; Thomas, 13, 165; William, 

14, 82. 
Crathorn (Crawthorn, etc.), John, 

86; Matthew, 23 n. ; Mr., 18, 37. 
Crawford, Christopher, 97, 98; 

George, 98; Richard, 28, 97, 98; 

Robert, 98. 
Cresswell (Criswell), Catherine, 

19.; Edward, 114; Robert, 

19 n. 

Croft, James, 19; Lady, 20. 
Crook, John, 37. 
Crosby, John, 32; ( ), 44. 
Crow (Craw, etc.), Edward, 52 ; John, 

52; Ralph, 36; Thomas, 117. 
Cumin (Comyn), Francis, 108 ; 

Simon, 94. 
Cunningham (Connyngham), George, 


Curry, Matthew, 74. 
Curwen, Dorothy, 122; Eleanor, 90; 

Nicholas, 121; Richard, 122; 

Mrs., 90. 
Cuthbert, George, 31; Janet, 31; 

( - ), 53. 
Cutter, John, 96. 


Dacre, Lord, 11 ; Lady Elizabeth, 11 ; 
John, 11 ; Leonard, 11 ; Par- 
son, 11 ; Sir Thomas, 11 ; Lord, 

Daglish (Dagleis), Matthew, 114. 

Dale (Dayle, etc.), Anthony, 56, 57; 
Christopher, 52, 53; George, 
100; James, 56; Janet, 56; 
Margaret, 56. 


Dalton, Agnes, 36; Dorothy, 24; 

Elizabeth, 23 n.; Frances, 24; 

John, 36; Ralph, 14, 23 n.; 

Robert, 23, 24, 39. 
Daniel (Danyell), Robert, 134, 149. 
Darling, Christobel, 72. 
Darnetou, Robert, 40 n. 
Da veil, George, 59. 
Davis, John, 160. 
Davison, Edward, 3; George, 86; 

Thomas, 36. 
Davey, Edward, 160; John, 160; 

Robert, 160; William, 160. 
Dawheth, David, 119. 
Dawney, Anne, 34 n.; John, 34, 35. 
Dawson, Anthony. 51 ; Henry, 144 ; 

Hugh, 144 ; Isabel, 135 ; Jane, 

68; Margaret, 144; Peter, 27; 

Ranold, 50 ; Robert, 51 ; Thomas, 

55, 144. 

Deanham, Thomas, 143. 
Dearham, Baldwin, 163; John, 163, 

Richard, 163; Robert, 163; 

Thomas, 16'2 n. 
Delahay (Dallayhay), Henry, 9 ; 

Oswald, 107. 
Delaval, George, 36; Oswald, 36; 

Sir John, 169 n. 

Denman, Agnes, 79 ; Nicholas, 79. 
Denninge, Christopher, 155. 
Dennison, John, 29. 
Dent, Ann, 152; Christopher, 112; 

George, 177; John, 44; Robert, 

152; William, 8, 26. 
Denton, Henry, 163. 
Dickinson (Dixhiuson, etc.), Eleanor, 

47 ; Margery, 46, 47 ; William, 

4, 46, 47. 

Diggles, Leonard, 126. 
Dinsdale, Thomas, 44. 
Dixon (Dickson), Anthony, 51 ; Mar- 
garet, 45; Robert, 142; Thomas, 

54, 154. 

Dobinson, Henry, 51; William, 51. 
Dobson, Agmes, 56; Bartholomew, 

132; Christopher, 52; Janet, 57; 

John, 56, 57, 132; Reginald, 

132; Richard, 57; Thomas, 100; 

William, 132. 
Dodds (Doddes, etc.), George, 28; 

James, 146, Janet, 84; Thomas, 

160; Mr., 28. 
Dodshon, Roger, 160. 
Dodsworth, George, 86. 
Donkin, Elizabeth, 112; John, 112; 

William, 112. 
Donell, Mr., 175. 
Dossye, Annes, 140 ; Francis, 140 ; 

Isabel, 140; John, 140; Thomas, 


Douglas (Duglas), Humphrey, 83. 

Dowthwaite (Dowghtwhett, etc.), 
John, 54; Robert, 54. 

Duckett, Anthony, 51 ; Christopher, 
173; Roger, 51. 

Dunn (Don, Donne, Down), Agnes, 
4 99; Anthony, 100; Bridget, 
99; Christopher, 120, 163; 
Dorothy, 99; Elizabeth, 92, 99, 
120; George, 30; James, 120; 
John 131; Ralph, 129; Richard, 
160; Thomas, 71. 

Durham, Dean and Chapter, 23 n. ; 
My Lord, 14; Richard, 158. 

Dymoke, Margery, 156 n. Sir Ed- 
ward, 156 n. 


Easterby, Thomas, 100. 

Eden, Agnes, 10; Edward, 148; 

Henry, 36; Robert, 23 n., 148, 

155; William, 125. 
Edgar, Thomas, 124. 
Edward, Richard, 54. 
Eggleston, Christopher, 30; Mar- 
garet, 30; Richard, 30; Stephen, 

30 ; Thomas, 30 ; William, 30. 
Eland, Christopher, 111; Richard, 


Elder, Isabel, 96. 

Ellener (Ellyner), Dorothy, 68; Ed- 
mund, 68; Robert, 68. 
Ellikar, Edward, 32, 34; John, 32, 

95; Robert, 32; Thomas, 32; 

William, 32. 
Ellis, Anthony, 147; John, 147; 

Margaret, 147; Robert, 147. 
Ellison (Elyson), Andrew, 90; Ann, 

91; Cuthbert, 4, 20, 91; George, 

90; Humphrey, 114; Isabel, 91; 

John, 15, 16, 91; Margaret, 90; 

Stephen. 90. 
Elmer, Christopher, 46, 47 ; Thomas, 

Elrington, Agnes, 73 ; Constance, 73 ; 

Elizabeth, 62, 146; George, 73; 

Janet, 73; John, 72, 73; Marion, 

73; Martin, 73; Robert, 72, 146; 

Simon, 61; William, 73. 
Elstob (Elstobbe), Ann, 111, 112; 

Anthony, 127; Eleaoior, 111; 

Henry, 111, 112; James, 111, 112; 

John, 111, 112; Richard, 111; 

Thomas, 111. 
Elwood, James, 119. 
Elwyn, William, 98. 
Emmerson (Emerson), Agnes, 31 ; 

Arthur, 55 ; Margaret, 31 ; Ralph, 

58; Robert, 31, 131. 


Errington (Herington), Alice, 126, 
150, 151; Anne, 19, 150, 151; 
Anthony, 10, 126; Arthur, 7; 
Barbara, 19, 150, 151; Belli, 10; 
Belteres, 19; Catherine, 16; 
Christopher, 125, 126; Constance 
(Kustens), 19, 150; Cuthbert, 7; 
Edward, 19, 170, 171; Elizabeth, 
125; George, 7, 10, 19, 150, 151; 
Gerard, 7, 10, 91; Gilbert, 19; 
Hugh, 10; Jane, 19; Jasper, 7; 
John, 10, 170; Lancelot, 19, 36; 
Margaret, 7, 16, 126; Marion, 7; 
Mark, 150, 151, 154, 155 ; Martin, 
19; Nicholas, 19, 151; Ealph, 10, 
16; Robert, 7, 19, 93, 125, 126, 
150, 155, 170, 171; Eoger, 16, 19, 
150 .; Thomas, 10, 95; William, 
102, 170; Mrs., 154. 

Esender, , 167. 

Eure (Ewrie), Charles, 156, 157; 
Francis, 156, 157; Lady, 23 n.; 
Mary, 156 ; Ralph (Lord and Sir), 
155;*., 156, 156/j., 157; William 
(Lord), 155, 156, 157. 

Ewbank, Cuthbert, 107, 116. 

Fairbairn (Tairbarn), Marmaduke, 
22, 23, 57; Peter, 27. 

Farnaby, George, 45. 

Farrow (Farowe, Faroo, etc.), 
Embrie, 54; Isabel, 58; James, 
53, 54; Janet, 54; Richard, 53, 
54; Robert, 89, 184. 

Faun, William, 153. 

Fawdon, Christopher, 74; Philip, 
74; Robert, 74, 158. 

Fawell, Thomas, 72. 

Fetherston, etc.), Alexander, 55, 
79, 83, 168; Isabel, 47; Joan, 47; 
John, 47, 55, 83 ; Lancelot, 47 ; 
Lionel, 55, 83 ; Michael, 37, 47. 

Fell (Fall), George, 99; Robert, 99. 

Felton, Anthony, 182. 

Fenkell, Henry, 154. 

Fenny, Christopher, 62; George, 86. 

Fenton, Randel, 153; Robert, 154. 

Fenwick (Phenick, etc.), Agnes, 104, 
112, 113 ; Ambrose, 113 ; Anthony, 
104; Arthur, 11, 112, 113; 
Catherine, 104; Dorothy, 32; 
Eden, 113; Elizabeth, 112; 
George, 11, 113, 114 ; Gerard, 112, 
113; Gregory, 161; Joan (Jane), 
32, 104; John, 10, 113, 182; 
Lionel, 16; Mabel, 104; Mar- 
garet, 112; Marion, 60; Marma- 

duke, 32, 96, 113; Martin, 70, 
87, 113, 114; Nicholas, 104; 
Ralph, 104; Randal, 7, 16, 159; 
Robert, 10, 104, 105; Roger, 96, 
113; Thomas, 105; William, 104, 
112, 113, 151, 158, 159. 

Ferbeck, Matthew, 131. 

Ferguson, George, 184. 

Ferry, Agnes, 128, 129; Anthony, 
129; Elizabeth, 129; John, 44, 
128, 129, 134; Margaret, 129; 
Mary, 129; Robert, 128, 129; 
Thomas, 128, 129 ; William, 129. 

Fewler, George, 184, 185; Thomas, 

Fife (Fyffe), Angus, 46; Edmund, 

Finch (Fintche), Isabel, 116. 

Fishe, Alice, 152. 

Fisher, John, 114; Thomas, 153; 
William, 153. 

Flood, Henry, 135. 

Flower, Grace, 151. 

Foreman, ( ), 14. 

Forest, Jane, 146; Robert, 146. 

Forster (Foster), Ambrose, 148 ; Annes, 
147; Christopher, 85; Clare, 33; 
Cuthbert, 95; Dorothy, 33; 
Elizabeth, 147; Gawen, 161; 
George, 95, 106; Jane, 149; John 
(Sir John) 2, 33, 68, 99, 119, 
147, 160, 161; Mabel,' 147; Mar- 
garet, 33, 95 n., 148; Matthew, 
147; Nan, 52; Nicholas, 106; 
Randal, 33; Richard, 99?*., 100, 
147; Robert, 99, 100; Roger, 
135; Roland, 33; Silvester, 147; 
Thomas, 21 33, 66, 96, 100, 161; 
William, 102, 106. 

Fosser, Thomas, 141. 

Franklin (Frankleyne, Francklin, 
etc.), Isabel, 60 ; John, 59, 60, 61, 
120, 163; Mr., 57, 137. 

French (Franch), Francis, 67. 

Friend (Frend, etc.), Hugh, 21; 
Jane, 54 ; John, 54, 74. 

Fries, ( ), 153. 

Frissel, Thomas, 118. 

Frost, Malle, 85 ; John, 85. 

Fuister, Elizabeth, 151 ; George, 151 ; 
Jane, 151; Margaret, 151. 

'Gack,' Besse, 10. 

Gallon, Alice, 95; Beyll, 95 n.; Cuth- 
bert, 95 ; Edward, 95 ; Isabel, 95 ; 
Jane, 95; John, 94, 95; Percival, 
94; William, 95. 

Galloway, Cuthbert, 64, 


Gardiner (Gardyner), George, 153; 

Germayne, 124, 128. 
Garnet, Agnes, 91 ; James, 49 ; Jane, 

91; Margaret, 91; Martin, 91; 

Nicholas, 91 ; Ealph, 91 ; Robert, 

91; Rowland, 91; William, 91. 
Garth, Ann, 97; Anthony, 56, GO, 

97, 98; Cuthbert, 98; Jane 

(Janet), 97; Margaret, 97; 

Richard, 28, 98; Sythe, 97; 

Thomas, 97; William, 166, 177. 
Garthwait, Robert, 37. 
Gascoign (Gucyne, Gasquen, etc.), 

James, 84; John, 14; Thomas, 

57 n., 102. 

'Geilson', John, 129. 
Gibson, Agnes, 109; Alice (Alison), 

75, 109; Cuthbert, 154; Elizabeth, 

75, 109; George, 144; Jane 

(Janet), 75; John, 47, 50; Henry, 

109; Margaret, 109, 160; Marion, 

75; Nicholas, 109; Robert, 109; 

Thomas, 121; William, 109, 114. 
Gilpiu (Galpinge), Mr., 4. 
Girdler, Jellyan, 46, 47; William, 46. 
Girlington, Faith, 40.; Nicholas, 

40/i., 42, 43; Mr., 55. 
Glashope, Ann, 171. 
Glenton (Glyuton), Ambrose, 82 ; 

Geoffrey, 82; John, 54, 80. 
Glover, Annies, 138, 139; Elizabeth, 

138, 139; Jane, 140; Peter, 138, 

139; Richard, 56, 138; Thomas, 

139 ; William, 153. 
Godricho (Goodrych), Cuthbert, 77; 

Margaret, 77; Meriall, 156; Rich- 
ard, 156; William, 156. 
Golightly, George, 153 ; Thomas, 153. 
Golle, John, 52. 
Goundrie, Elizabeth, 46. 
Graham (Graem, etc.), Mr., 175; 

Mrs., 140. 

Graven, William, 90. 
Green (Grene, etc.), Christopher, 72 ; 

Edmund, 43, 44; Margaret, 63; 

Richard, 165; Rowland, 160; 

Thomas, 68, 153. 
Greenbank, Constance, 24. 
Greenwell, Thomas, 119; William, 

103, 130. 

Gregge, Peter, 55; Richard, 55. 
Gregson, Richard, 44. 
Gresham, Lady, 109. 
Grey (Gray, etc.), Agnes, 84 ; Allison, 

4; Arthur, 113; Cuthbert, 172; 

Edward, 5, 113; Eleanor, 172; 

Elizabeth, 5; George, 74, 103 n., 

149; Humphrey, 84, 102, 107; 

Isabel, 84; James, 84, 172; Janet, 

19; John, 129, 161, 172; Mar- 

garet (Margery), 84, 172; Ralph 
(Sir Ralph), 32, 103?;., 113, 161, 
172; Robert, 84, 161, 172; Roger, 
161; Thomas (Sir Thomas), 33, 
83, 113, 129 ; William, 5, 80, 172 ; 
Mr., 44, 161. 

Grimston (Grymston), Margaret, 76; 
Martin, 76. 

Gunton, Alison, 150. 


Hackford (Hacforth), Anne, 135; 
Elizabeth, 56; George, 135; 
James, 135 ; Jane, 135. 

Hadrike, Isabel, 64. 

Hagthorpe, John, 25, 26, 27. 

Haisteye, John, 122. 

Hall (Haull, Hull), Anthony, 61, 
62, 63, 129; Beatrice, 44; 
Christopher, 37, 43, 62, 125, 
135 ; Cicely, 126 ; Cuthbert, 43 ; 
Dorothy, 184; Edward, 61, 62, 
124, 125, 126, 151; Eliza- 
beth 126; Prances, 184; George, 
125; Henry, 168; Isabel, 32, 126, 
165; Janet, 109; John, 43, 45, 
119; Margaret, 43; Michael, 79, 
126; Philip, 43; Ralph, 134; 
Richard, 119 ; Robert, 22, 32, 79, 
144, 175 ; Thomas, 61, 62, 63, 110 ; 
William, 27, 79, 125 126; Mr.', 
79; Mrs., 37. 

Halliday, Agnes, 75 ; Jane, 75. 

Halliman (Hallyman), Martin, 63, 
67; Robert, 64, 67; Mrs., 63. 

Hallowell, Phillis, 149. 

Haltoii (Hawton, etc.), Agnes, 45; 
Anne, 45; Elizabeth, 45; John, 
45; Roger, 45; Mrs., 24. 

Hancock, Richard, 106. 

Hanley, Catherine, 179; Jacob, 179. 

Harbottle, Barbara, 82, 125; 
Eleanor, 82, 158 n., 168; Eliza- 
beth, 158; Frances, 158; George, 
168; Ralph, 82, 158; Richard, 
17 /( . ; Robert, 82, 158 ; Sir Guic- 
hard, 158 n. ; Thomas, 82, 158 n. 

Harding (Hardynge), Elizabeth, 11, 
157; Jane, 158; John, 157; Ralph, 
11, 158; Robert, 158; William, 
55, 119. 

Hardwick, William, 36. 

Harle, James, 94, 167, 168; Leonard, 
94; Margaret (Margery), 77, 94, 
112; Ralph, 94; Richard, 77, 
Robert, 11 ; Thomas, 32. 

Harrigate, Ann, 50; Margaret, 50; 
Richard, 49, 50. 

Harrison (Herrison, etc.), Allison, 


60; Andrew, 60; Anthony, 71; 

Barbara, 93, 94 ; Christopher, 93 ; 

George, 131; Janet, 60, 120; 

John, 93; Margaret, 71, 93; 

Nicholas, 120 ; Peter, 170 ; Ralph, 

50; Richard, 120; Rowland, 28; 

Thomas, 50, 93 ; William, 94, 151 ; 

Widow, 153. 
Hartburn (Harteborne), Margaret, 

49; Richard, 49, 107. 
Harton, Thomas, 137. 
Harwood, Henry, 34 ; John, 34, 153. 
Hasslewood, Ann, 153. 
Haswell, Ann, 49. 
Hawdon, George, 55. 
Hawell, Eleanor, 72. 
Hawkins (Haykins), Andrew, 141 ; 

John, 102. * 
Haworth, Charles, 175. 
Hawthorn (Hathorne), John, 74. 
Hayman (Hamon), Adam, 96 ; Chris- 
topher, 96 ; George, 96 ; John, 96. 
Headlam, William, 75. 
Heath (Heth), Agnes, 120; Ann, 

120, 163; Edward, 120, 163; 

Elizabeth, 120, 163; John, 120, 

162, 163; Thomas, 120; Thomaz- 

ine, 120, 162, 163; Mrs., 120. 
Heaton, William, 96. 
Hebburn, Ann, 44; Anthony, 44; 

Eleanor, 44 ; Janet, 64 ; Robert, 

44, 45; William, 44, 45. 
Hedley, Elizabeth, 4; John, 4, 47, 

80; Nicholas, 45, 94, 115; Mrs., 

Hedworth, Auue, 37 n. ; Christopher, 

87; John. 39, 71, 120; Ralph 

(Sir Ralph), 37 n., 87; Mr., 75 n. 
Hegge, Robert, 175; Stephen, 175, 

Heighlie (Hyghley), Jane, 54; 

Thomas, 147. 

Heingington, Christopher, 129 ; Wil- 
liam, 44. 
Helcot, Isabel, 57; John, 129; 

Michael, 56; William, 131. 
Hely, Robert, 52 n . 
Henderson, George, 114; Janet, 

Heron, George, 32, 33, 119; Gerard, 

119; Henry, 13; John, 10, 71; 

Lucy, 96; William, 119. 
Heselrigg, Alice, 24 n. ; Lancelot, 


Heslerton, Isabel, 124. 
Hevisydes, Richard, 114. 
Hewitson, Margaret, 127 ; John, 136. 
Hickson (Hycksone, etc.), Margaret, 

19; Roland, 44; Thomas, 137. 
Higginson, George. 18-1. 

Hill, John, 82. 

Hilton, Anne, 77, 169; Cuthbert, 
76; Dorothy, 23 n. ; Eleanor, 77; 
Elizabeth, 76, 77; Frances, 169; 
George, 77, 169; Henry, 169; 
Jane, 169; John, 81, 169; Lan- 
celot, 181 ; Margaret, 77 ; Mary, 
169; Matthew, 169; Robert, 169; 
Thomas, 76, 77, 169; William 
(Sir William), 23 n., 24, 37 n., 76, 
77, 169 ?!., 170, 178; Mrs., 46. 

Hind, Eleanor, 104; John, 103; 
Robert, 104. 

Hindmarsh (Hindmas, etc.), Jane, 
158 ; Matthew, 78 ; Richard, 158 ; 
Robert, 78; Thomazine, 163. 

Hobkirk, , 50. 

Hobson, Alice, 130; James, 114; 
John, 130; Margaret, 121; Mr., 

Hodgson (Hodschon, etc.), Agnes 
(Anne), 18, 48; Barbara, 22; 
Christopher, 22; Dorothy, 39; 
Edmund, 22; Edward, 22, 23; 
Eleanor, 22 ; Gabriel, 22 ; George, 
22; Giles, 22; Hugh, 134: Isabel, 
18, 46 ; Lancelot, 18 ; Michael, 22 ; 
Nicholas, 51 ; Richard, 16, 18, 45, 
46, 47, 126, 167; Robert, 18; 
Thomas, 71; Wiliam, 18, 76, 
106; Mr., 19, 20, 24, 34. 

Hogben, Thomas, 95. 

Hogerde, John, 30. 

Holdsworth, Mr., 152, 154. 

Hollis, John, 45. 

Holton, Mrs., 24. See Halton. 

Hondley (Houndley), Catherine, 145 ; 
Dyna, 145; Edward, 145; Grace, 
145; Jacob, 145; Moses, 145; 
Rebecca, 145; Samuel, 145; 
Susanna, 145; Thomas, 145, 182. 

Hood (Hoode), Agnes, 97 ; Thomas, 
97, 98. 

Hoppen, Annes, 66 n . ; Cuthbert, 
66 n. ; Eleanor, 66 ; Gawen, 66 ; 
Henry, 66; Isabel, 66 n.; Mar- 
garet, 66 n. ; Richard, 66 n. ; 
Robert, 66 n.; Roger, 66??.; 
Thomas, 66. 

Hopper, Thomas, 75 n . 

Hopton, Elizabeth, 110; Thomas, 

Horn, John, 47; Michael, 55; 
Thomas, 54. 

Horsley, Agnes, 9; Charles, 167, 
168; Edmund, 101; George, 165; 
Janet, 49 ; John, 101 ; Lamroch, 
101; Lancelot, 101; Robert, 32, 
33, 101; Thomas, 92 n., 94, 165, 
168 n. 


Horton, Thomas, 117. 

Houghell, Christopher, 119. 

Howard, Lord William, 87, 121, 

Howington, Elizabeth, 68. 

Hubbersty (Hubberstee), Edward, 
51; Robert, 51. 

Hudson, John, 52. 

Hudspeth (Huddispeth, Hendspeth), 
Alice, 163, 164; Christobel, 118; 
Christopher, 164; Edward, 32, 
75, 163, 164; Eleanor, 118; Isabel, 
164; Jane, 164; John, 164; Mar- 
garet, 164; Robert, 164; Roger, 
118; Sampson, 155; Thomas, 
164; Tobie, 164. 

Huganson, John, 133. 

Humble, Thomas, 94. 

Hunter, , 81; Cuthbert, 165. 

Huntley, William, 78. 

Hurd (Hoorde), George, 55, 121; 
Thomas, 128. (See Ord.) 

Hutchinson, Alice, 165; Anne, 165; 
Christopher, 165; Cuthbert, 128, 
165; Elizabeth, 165; Gregory, 164; 
Isabel, 165; James, 34; Janet, 
64, 75 n., 165; John, 64; Mar- 
garet, 49, 165; Peter, 70; 
Richard, 64 ; Roger, 125 ; Thomas, 
164, 165; William, 64. 

Hutton (Hoton, etc.), Agnes, 98; 
Alexander, 81 ; Ambrose, 81 ; 
Anne, 23 n., 180, 181; Anthony, 
81 ; Christopher, 17 n. ; Cicely, 
81; Constance, 23??.; Edward, 
81; Eleanor, 81; Elizabeth, 23;?.; 
Frances, 81, 180, 181 ; George, 17, 
81, 98; Isabel, 98; Jane, 23 n., 
81; John, 17, 23 n., 81, 98; 
Margery (Margart), 23 n., 98, 
168; Ralph, 16, 17, 39; Richard, 
98, 180; Robert, 17, 81; Thomas, 
81; Timothy, 180, 181; William, 
17 n., 98. 

Hyghe, Thomas, 134. 

Hyrdson, Dorothy, 67; James, 67. 

Ilderton, Thomas, 161. 
Ironside, Anne, 115. 

Jackson, Annes, 55, 56; Christopher, 
74; Dorothy, 170; Eleanor, 56; 
Frances, 184; Grace, 85; Henry, 
129, 133, 134; Isabel, 37; Janet, 
56; John, 45, 81, 134, 148; Lionel, 
143; Margaret, 56, 149; Marion, 
46; Mary, 149; Oswald, 46; 

Richard, 55, 134, 149 ; Robert, 55, 
184; Thomas, 55, 56, 133 n., 146; 
William, 55, 56, 170. 

James, Robert, 116. 

Jefferson, Mark, 160 ; Robert 29, 30, 

Jenison (Genison, etc.), Edward 106; 
Henry, 107; Isabel, 172; Mally, 
107; 'Ralph, 52; Robert, 172; 
William, 39, 60, 61, 107, 172, 177. 

Jennings (Gennings), Philip, 30. 

Jobson, Edward, 102; George, 102, 

Johnson, Alice (Alison), 40, 85 ; Ann, 
71; Edward, 11, 125; Emma, 89; 
George, 115 ; Henry, 71 ; Richard, 
14, 65, 71, 102, 109, 184; Robert, 
109, 125; Simon, 51; Thomas, 9, 
49, 50; William, 51, 123. 

Jolly, John, 74, 142. 

Joseph, Eleanor, 170. 


Kay (Keye), Agnes, 52; John. 163; 
Margaret, 163; Richard, 129; 
Stephen, 97; Thomas, 60, 107; 
Mr., 114. SPP. Cay. 

Kaylame, Lionel, 50. 

Keath, John, 34; Richard, 34; 
Robert, 34. 

Kellom, William, 84. See Kaylame. 

Kendal, Anthony, 149; William, 39. 

Kendre, John, 140, 141. 

Kenneker, Thomas, 160. 

Killinghall, Ann, 168; Henry, 39; 
John, 39, 47 ; Mrs., 39. 

King, John, 178; Thomas, 175; 
William, 28, 48, 123. 

Kipling, Bartill, 143; John, 71. 

Kirkhouse (Kircus), Jane, 19 ; 
Robert, 129; William, 152. 

Kirkby (Kyrby), Allen, 51 ; Christo- 
pher, 51 ; Edmund, 51 ; Henry, 
50 52; John, 50, 51; Margaret, 
121; Peter, 51; Roger, 51; 
Thomas, 50; William, 50. 

Kirton (Kyrton), John, 109; 
William, 109. 

Knighton (Knyghton), Thomas, 32. 

Lackenby (Lowghanbye), Edward, 

184; John, 121, 122. 
Ladecastle, John, 64. 
Laidman (Loidman), James, 70. 
Laken (Laikinge), Agnes, 150 ; Jane, 

86 n., 150; William, 86. 


Lamb, Robert, 66 n. 

Lambert, Jane, 104; Thomas, 104. 

Lambton (Lampton, etc.), Catherine, 
58; Helen, 157 n. ; John, 58 n., 76, 
157?!.; Marmaduke, 24; Ralph, 
156; Robert, 156 n.; Thomas, 58; 
William, 156; Mr., 75 n. 

Lame, Janet, 110; Margaret, 110; 
Robert, 110, 111; William, 110. 

Lancaster, Ambrose, 28, 127. 

Lanseshow, William, 75. 

Lang-ton, Elizabeth, 46. 

Larkin (Larkyn), William, 85; Mrs., 

Lasenby (Lasenbie, etc.), Agnes, 79; 
James, 38. 79. 

Lasse, Robert, 13. 

Lassells, Ann, 92; George, 92; John, 
92; William, 92, 

Laton (Layton), Frances, 76.; Robert, 
76; Thomas, 31, 86. 

Laws (Law, etc.), Anthony, 177; 
Barbara, 177; Henry, 177; Jane, 
177, 184; John, 132 184; Robert, 
184; William, 130, 134, 177. 

Lawson (Lowson), Agnes, 19; Bar- 
bara, 88 ; Edward, 88 n. ; Frances, 
112; Galfrid, 178; George, 20, 94, 
119; Henry, 19, 20; Jane, 64 i,.; 
John, 88, 135; Margaret, 88; 
Martin, 88; Nicholas, 119; Ralph, 
67;;., 68, 158; Robert, 33, 158: 
Roger, 159 ; Roland, 33 ; Thomas, 
135; William, 33, 68, 161; Mr., 
55; Mrs., 39, 55, 119. 

Lax, Robert, 129. 

Leach (Leiche), Belye, 78; Elizabeth, 
78; John, 78. 

Leak, Sir Francis, 7. 

Lee (Leigh). George, 55; Margaret, 

Leighton (Lyghhen, etc.), Elizabeth, 

45; Roger, 34; Thomas, 13. 
Leonard, Elizabeth, 156 n.; John, 
156 ;i. 

Lester, Robert, 36. 

Lever, Ann, 174 /;.; Thomas, 174 71.; 
Mr., 175. 

Leweu, Christopher, 25, 26, 27; 
Edward, 25, 26, 121; George, 25, 
26; Gilbert, 27; Jane, 24, 27; 
Robert, 8, 24, 25, 26; William, 
24 n.; Mr., 91. 

Liddell (Leddell, etc.), Andrew, 108 ; 
Christopher, 108; Elizabeth, 167; 
Francis, 108; George, 108; Hum- 
phrey, 108 ; James, 141 ; John, 
76?i., 129; Margaret, 96; 108; 
Stephen, 108; Thomas, 167 n. ; 
William, 91, 108. 

Lightfoot, George, 78. 

Lighlye, Thomas, 55. 

Lilburn, Thomas, 113. 

Lincoln, dean of, 79. 

Lind (Lynd), Rebecca, 183; Thomas,. 

183; William, 183. 
Little (Lytle), Agnes, 153. 
Lockey, Henry, 51. 
Lockwood, Mr., 164. 
Lodge (Ludge), Christopher, 71 ; 

Nicholas, 71; Ralph, 71. 
Loggan, Andrew, 45. 
Longstaffe, Thomas, 133. 
Lorens, Isabel, 158; Robert, 159; 

Thomas, 158. 
Lowghanbye, John, 121. 
Lnmley, Richard, 76. 
Lynge, Margery, 78. 
Lynn (Lyme, etc.,), Edward, 98n.r. 

Elizabeth, 98 n.; John, 49. 
Lyons, Isabel, 172 ; John, 172. 
Lytlefayre, Thomas, 44. 


Macame Hugh, 22. 

Mac-fine (:), Dr., 20. 

Maddison, Agnes, 123; Anne, 83; 

Anthony, 123; Catherine, 123; 

Dorothy, 83, 123; Eleanor, 83; 

Frances, 83; Jane, 123; Lancelot, 

83; Lionel, 83; Nicholas, 51, 

123; Peter, 122; Roland, 83; 

Stephen, 83; Thomas, 123; 

Ursula, 83; William, 83. 
Magbray, John, 107. 
Maire (Mare, Mayer, etc.), Catherine, 

76.; Christopher, 26, 38, 76 n., 

128; Humphrey, 18, 75; Isabel, 

76 n . ; John, 75, 76 n . ; Lancelot, 

75 ; Lionel, 126 ; Richard, 75 ; 

Robert, 76; Thomas, 76 n. 
Malham, Christopher, 102; Roger, 


Mallet, Thomas, 79; Mrs., 39. 
Mallory, Ann, 156; Christopher, 

156; John, 156; William, 156. 
Maltby (Mawlbie), Mr., 90. 
Mandell, John, 86 n. 
Mane, Henry, 117. 
Manners, Nicholas, 91, 161; Sir 

Richard, 7. 

Manoell (Manwel), 150. 
Manwel, John, 86. 
Marging, John, 123. 
Markendaill, Mrs., 55. 
Marley (Marlee), Alexander, 119; 

Christopher, 167; Henry. 137; 

Robert, 119 ; Mr., 48. 


Marsh (Marche), Isabel, 14, 15 ; 
Lamwell, 10; Robert, 79; 
William, 120. 

Marshal (Marshell), Agnes, 67, 139; 
Elizabeth, 139; Frances, 67; 
George, 139; Gerard, 118; Gil- 
bert, 117; John, 36, 67, 139. 

Martin, George, 57; Gerard, 85; 
Jane, 57. 

Martindall, Anthony, 35. 

Marwood, Archbold, 50 ; Edmund, 
50; Elizabeth, 49, 50; Isabel 
(Beill), 49, 50; Jane, 50; Mar- 
garet (Margery), 50 ; Eichard, 
50, Thomas, 50. 

Mason, Ambrose, 81 ; Fowlke, 184 ; 
Frances, 81; Ralph, 37. 

Masyljohn, John, 138 it. 

Mat-fen, Matthew, 125. 

Matthew, Thomas, 36; Mrs., 163. 

Manghan, John, 62; Mark, 162. 

Maw, Mrs., 86. 

Mawer, John, 72. 

Maxon (Maxsone), Rinion, 13. 

Mayson, Robert, 52. 

Meburne, Gerard, 131. 

Meed, John, 175. 

Megger, William, 66. 

Menvil, we Meynel. 

Metcalf (Medcalf), Ann, 44 n.; 
Bryan, 163; Sir Christopher, 
44 ii . ; George, 44 ; John, 163, 173. 

Metham, Thomas, 29. 

Meyiiel (Meuvel, etc.), Anthony, 
147; Isabel, 147; John, 54, 86; 
Ninion, 179 ; Thomas, 54 ; 
Sergeant, 22, 23; Mrs., 184. 

Middleton (Myddleton, etc.), 
Anthony, 13, 32; Ambrose, 12, 
13; Cecily, 13; Elizabeth, 81; 
George, 36, 95; Gilbert, 25 n.; 
Henry, 81; James, 121, 130; 
Jenkin, 71 ; John 130 ; Margaret, 
25 n., 121; Richard, 13, 178; 
Thomas, 13, 119; Mr., 14. 

Midgeley, Richard, 145. 

Milburn (Mylberne), George, 118; 
Lawrence, 11 ; Matthew, 173 ; 
Robert, 160; William, 162 n. 

Mill (Myll), Grace, 82 ; Lawrence, 5. 

Miller (Milner), Richard, 106; 
Robert, 82. 

Millot (Myllot, etc), Alice (Allison), 
63, 102; Christopher, 63; Mrs., 

Mitiord (Midford, Mydforth, etc.), 
Anthony, 6, 68 ; Barbara, 67 n. ; 
Christopher, 25, 26, 27, 61, 68, 
165 n. ; Eleanor, 85, 172 ; Gawen, 
118; Henry, 61,67?i.,114,152, 173; 

Isabel, 172 ; Jane, 60 ; Jasper, 

6 ; Lawrence, 172 ; Margaret, 71 ; 

Oswald (Oswin), 44, 68, 81; 

Robert, 61, 85, 88; Mr., 39, 132. 
Moberley, Charles, 144. 
Moiser, Christopher, 63; Cuthbert,. 

63, 64; Elizabeth, 63; Florence, 

63, 64 ; George, 63, 64 ; Lawrence, 

63, 64. 

Montelande, John, 119. 
Moody (Mudye), William, 50. 
Moor, George, 184; Janet, 107; 

William, 45. 

Mordon, George, 77; William, 39. 
Morey, Richard, 35. 
Morgan, Richard, 37 ; Thomas, 133. 
Morland, Christopher, 20, 31, 61; 

James, 131; Margery, 49, 50; 

Dame, 163; Mr., 19; Mrs., 20. 
Morley, Margery, 49, 50 ; Roger, 49, 

50 ; Thomas, 163. 
Morpeth, Christopher, 60, 63, 64; 

Thomas, 63. 
Morton, Anthony, 28, 83 ; Constance, 

83; George, 83; Jane, 83; John, 

83, 108; Phillis, 83'; Richard, 

167 ; Robert, 83 ; Archdeacon, 

177; Mr., 167. 
Mowbray, Richard, 37. 
Mowell, Agnes, 9 ; John, 9. 
Muschamp, Eleanor, 9; Elizabeth, 

Musgrave, Cuthbert, 19, 64; 

Richard, 4. 
Murray, Robert, 115; William, 120. 


Natrass, Anne, 167 ; Rowland, 55. 

Neile (Neyle), Agnes, 63, 102. 

Nelson (Neylson), Agnes, 5. 

Nesham (Nesome), Janet, 22; John, 
22; Robert, 73. 

Nevelson, John, 184. 

Newby, Anne, 141; Gregory, 141; 
Jelia, 141, 142; John, 141, 183; 
Moses, 173 ; Ralph, 141 ; Richard, 
141; Robert, 141; Rowland, 142; 
Simon, 141, 142; William, 141. 

Newton, Agnes, 83; Allison, 135, 
136; Arthur, 105; Christopher, 
83; Elizabeth, 135, 136; Henry, 
135, 136; John, 83, 135; Mar- 
garet, 135, 136; Marmaduke, 136; 
Oswald, 142; Ralph, 83; Robert, 
64; Roger, 83; Thomas, 105. 

Nichol (Nichols, Nicholas), Martin,. 
137; Thomas, 52; William, 34. 

Nicholas, Martin, 137. 


Nicholson (Nycholson), Christopher, 
140, 160; Cuthbert, 53, 139, 159, 
160; Edward, 140; Eleanor, 148; 
Gabriel, 159; George, 107; 
Gilbert, 98 n., 131; James, 148; 
Jane, 139 ; John, 159 ; Margaret, 
160; Robert, 112; Thomas, 159; 
William, 19. 

Nobel, Archibald, 107; Rowland, 

Norman, Christopher, 36; Peter, 
149; Richard, 36. 

Norton, William, 5. 

Ogle, Agnes, 71 ; Anthony, 53 ; 
Beil 160- Christopher, 91, 160, 
161; Clement, 37, 46, 47, 48; 
Cuthbert, 32, 160??., 161; 
Dorothy, 160 n.; Elizabeth, 
160 n. ; Gawen, 155; Gregory, 
32 n. ; Henry, 5; Isabel, 160, 165; 
James, 70, 71 ; John, 70, 71, 138?;.; 
Julia (Julian), 71, 160 n., 161; 
Leonard, 161; Lewis, 71, 161; 
Lyonel, 32; Luke, 160, 161, 165; 
Margaret (Margery), 32, 71 ; 
Mark, 161; Martin, 70, 161; 
Matthew, 70, 71; Murial, 160; 
Oswald (Oswin, Uswaye), 58, 101 ; 
Robert (Robt., Lord), 32, 161; 
Thomas, 32, 70. 160 n., 161, 162, 
182; Thomazine, 1607!.; Tris- 
tram, 160 n., 161; Lord, 71; Mrs., 
18, 46, 119. 

Oliver, Eleanor, 20; John, 11, 16, 
20; Mr., 175. 

Ord, Agnes, 60; Bertram, 119; 
Gawen, 6; Henry, 66 n., 119. 

Orpwood, Thomas, 122. 

Page, Bartholomew, 2 ; Elizabeth, 

3; James, 3; Martin, 3; Richard, 


Pallaser, Hugh, 89. 
Palmes, Brian, 30, 35, 38, 39 
Pape (Pope), John, 130, 131; 

Thomas, 135; William, 130. 
Papedy (Peapedye), Robert, 119. 
Parker, Agnes. 15; Humphrey, 15; 

John, 108; Robert, 73. 
Parkin (Perkyn, etc.), Bertram, 119; 

John, 81, 143; Miles, 143; Peter, 

143; Robert, 127, 150 
Parkinson (Perkinson, etc.), Alice, 

67 /!., 68; Anne, 38, 39, 68, 168; 

Barbara, 67 n., 68; Cuthbert, 38, 

39; Dorothy, 67; Edmund, 44, 

67, 68; Edward, 17, 37; Eleanor, 

38; Francis, 17, 37 n., 39, 86; 

Henry, 38, 39 ; Isabel, 38 ; James, 

39, 67; Jane, 67 n., 68, 173; John, 

67, 68; Philip, 30, 168; Richard, 


Pasinor, John, 131. 
Patterson (Pattison), Alice, 116; 

Edward, 58; Elizabeth, 115 n., 

150; John, 115; Margaret, 135; 

Richard, 132; Robert, 115 n.; 

Thomas, 172. 
Pawlin, George, 85. 
Pawson (Pawston), Percival, 11 ; 

Robert, 52. 
Peacock (Pacoke, Payekock, etc.), 

Alice, 30; Henry, 34; John, 51, 


Peares, Richard, 167, 168. 
Pearson (Pierson), John, 157, 167; 

George, 46; Roland, 167; 

Thomas, 107, 129; Mr., 177. 
Peareth (Pereth), Margaret, 66 n. 
Peart, , 185. 

Peel, Ambrose, 21 ; Christopher, 21. 
Penmore, Rowland, 134. 
Pentland, Thomas, 72. 
Pepper, Cuthbert, 157. 
Percival, Elizabeth, 81. 
Percy, Henry, 11; Sir Thomas, 

158 n . 

Phillips (Phillope), James, 29. 
Pickering, Lancelot, 51; Mrs., 137. 
Pigg (Pyg^), Agnes, 64; Ralph, 64; 

William, 69. 
Pilkington, Dr., 145. 
Pine, W T illiam, 44. 
Place, Robert, 65. 
Porrett, Richard, 55. 
Porter, Nicholas, 49. 
Potter, Robert, 85. 
Potts, Anthony, 121 ; Margaret, 

112; Mary, 184 n.; Ralph, 112; 

Thomas, 30; William, 184 n. 
Preston (Priston), Agnes, 117 ; An- 
thony, 90, 167 ; Dorothy, 90, 117 ; 

Francis, 90; John, 128, 132; 

Mary, 90; Ralph, 117. 142; 

Thomas, 90 ; William, 66, 85, 117. 
Prestwick (Pressick, Prestwigg), 

John, 45; Stephen, 114. 
Prierman, Cicely, 65; Isabel, 65; 

Jane, 64, 65. 

Proctor, Margery, 78 ; Thomas, 78. 
Pudsey, George, 40 ?;. 
Punchon (Ponchon), John, 119. 
Pye, Cuthbert, 87. 


TJackett, Addelia, 140, 141 ; Anthony, 
21 ; Catherine, 140 ; Cuthbert, 21, 
140, 141; Elizabeth, 21, 140; 
George, 21, 140; John, 21, 140; 
Margaret, 140; Eobert, 21, 
William, 21. 

Eadcliffe (Batcliffe, etc.), Anthony, 
62; Charles, 184; Cuthbert, 62; 
Frances, 102; George (Sir George), 
.102, 106; Mr., 114. 

Eaisley, Stephen, 107. 

Eamshaw (Bampshawe), Hugh, 54. 

Band. Elizabeth, 112 n. ; Fortune, 
112; James, 112; John, 112: Mar- 
garet (Margery), 112; Ealph, 

112, 130; Bichard, 30, 36, 112; 
Eobert, 130; Thomas, 130; 
William, 112; Mr., 175. 

Eashell, , 167. 

Eaw, Christopher, 124; Elizabeth, 

4, 124; John, 4; Eobert, 124; 

Boger, 4, 46, 124; William, 124, 

125 ; Mr., 124 ; Mrs., 20. See Eea. 
Baymes, George, 113, 114. 
Eaynton, Cuthbert, 109. 
Eea (Eey, etc.), James, 37, 106; 

Thomas. 36, 85, 105; William, 36. 
Bead (Eeed, Eeid, Eede), Anne, 6, 

113, 127, 128; Clement, 167; 
Elizabeth, 128; Gawen, 119; 
George, 6; Gerard, 167, 168; 
Isabel, 126; Janet, 6; Joan, 6; 
John, 6, 125, 127, 128 ; Margaret, 
6 ; Bichard, 6, 63 ; Eowland, 128 ; 
Thomas, 11??., 81, 125; Walter, 
6 ; William, 6, 118. 

Eeadman, George, 23, 24; Mr., 58. 
Bedhead (Beadhead), Janet (Jane), 

45, 114; John, 45, 91; Thomas, 

Bedshaw (Beadshaw), Eobert, 30 ; 

Thomas, 62. 
Eennoldson (Eanoldson, Eeynard- 

son), Alison, 99; Anthony, 135; 

Janet, 99 ; John, 99. 
Beveley, Clement, 88 ; Custance, 

104; Eleanor, 88; Fortune, 88; 

Isabel, 88; Janet, 88; John, 96; 

Michael, 88; Thomas, 83, 88; 

William, 88. 

Bichardson (Bicheson, etc.), Eliza- 
beth, 184 n.; John, 28, 129, 143, 

184 n.; Margaret, 184 n. ; Ealph, 

177; Bichard, 135; Eobert, 39, 

160; Thomas, 60; William, 74. 
Eiddell (Eidell), Alice, 177; Ann, 

177; Barbara, 167 n., 177; 

Catherine, 15 : Edmund, 51 ; 

Eleanor, 15, 177; Elizabeth, 15, 

177 ; George, 177 ; Henry, 167, 
168; John, 177; Mary, 15, 177; 
Michael, 177; Peter, 15, 16, 177; 
Bobert, 177; Thomas, 15, 16 177; 
William, 15, 16, 167?;., 168 n., 

Eidley, Alexander, 96, 108, 109; 
Clement, 108; Cuthbert, 108; 
Christobel, 109; Christopher, 175; 
Dorothy, 108; Edward, 108; 
Elizabeth, 134, 135 ; Frances, 
108; Gilbert, 108; Jane, 108; 
John, 108, 109, 119, 141; 
Nicholas, 96, 97, 108; Thomas, 
96; William, 96, 108. 146. 

Eipley (Eypley), Leonard, 51. 

Bippe's, John, 162, 163; Thomazine, 
162, 163. 

Eippon, John, 106; Bobert, 106; 
William, 106. 

Robinson, (Bobeson, etc.), Agnes, 
99; Anne, 121; Barbara, 14; 
Cicely, 14; Christopher, 28, 48, 
131; Edward, 64; Elizabeth 

. (Besse), 121; George, 14, 121; 
Henry, 54; Janet, 64; John, 52, 
60, 102, 128, 131; Margaret 
(Margery), 65, 121, 165; Peter, 
55; Bobert, 94, 99; Susan, 102; 
Thomas, 43, 51, 52, 62, 65, 73; 
William, 14, 35, 105, 142. 

Eobson, Agnes (Annes), 108, 158 ; 
Bobert, 57; William, 146. 

Bochester, Agnes, 152 ; George, 151, 
152; Henry, 152; Isabel, 96; 
James, 152 ; Janet (Jane), 96, 
152; Eobert, 96; Thomas, 152; 
William, 152. 

Bogerly (Eogerlie), Cuthbert, 5 ; 
George, 5. 

Eokeby (Eokesbye, Euksbee), Cuth- 
bert, 10; Elizabeth, 10; James, 
10; John, 10, 110; Lawrence, 10, 
46; Bobert, 10; Mrs., 46. 

Eomaine, Bichard, 182. 

Bose, Mr., 175. 

Botheropp, Henry, 153. 

Eothwell, Bichard, 175. 

Bounsenforth, Anthony, 157. 

Eoutledge (Eutless, etc.), Andrew, 
71; John, 161. 

Rowlandson (Rolandson), Thomas, 29. 

Bowth, John, 142. 

Bumforth, Anthony, 137. 

Russell, John, 96 ; Ursula, 96. 

Rutherford (Euddesforth, etc.), Bar- 
bara, 158; Gawen, 95; Grace, 95; 
John, 95 ; Margaret, 95 ; Thomas, 
83, 95. 

Rutter, Anthony, 28; Christopher, 
28; Mrs.. 129. 


Sadler, Sir Ealph, 33. 

Salkeld, Ann, 122; Catherine, 182; 
Elizabeth, 122; Francis, 122; 
Jane, 122; John, 182; Lancelot, 
121, 122; Nicholas, 121, 122; 
Thomas, 68; William, 4, 26 27; 
Mrs., 122. 

Sallesbury, Thomas, 89. 

Salvin, Anthony, 57 n., 58; Gerard, 
39, 57., 58, 78; Isaliell, 57 n. ; 
Mrs., 39. 

Sandefurthe, Thomas, 13. 

Sanderson, Eleanor, 8; Henry, 7, 26; 
Isabel, 7, 8; Jane, 7; Peter, 7. 

Sanders, Leonard, 67. 

Sands, Allison, 36; Leonard, 36. 

Savage, Thomas, 96. 

Sayer (Saier. Sayr, Sawer), Eliza- 
beth, 89 ; Francis, 81 ; Isabel, 81 ; 
John, 21, 34, 35, 125; Ralph, 81; 
Thomas, 21, 63, 89; William, 114; 
Mr., 18. 

Scott, John, 74; Richard, 67, 141; 
Robert, 9 ; Thomas, 25, 114. 

Scriviner, Mrs., 46. 

Scroggs, Elizabeth, 115 ; Nicholas, 

Scurfield, Margaret, 77. 

Sedgwick (Sighwick, Sigswick, etc.), 
Agnes, 142; Christopher, 176, 
177 ; George, 142 ; James, 142, 
143; Jane, 142, 173; John, 52, 
142; Ralph, 54, 142: Richard, 
142; Thomas, 142; William, 142, 

Selby, Allison, 168 n . ; Catherine, 6 ; 
Christopher, 79; Elizabeth, 109; 
Eleanor, 79; Fortune, 6; George, 
7; Gerard, 6; John, 6, 32, 96; 
Leonard, 6; Margaret, 6; Odnell, 
111; Ralph, 113; Robert, 6, 7; 
Thomas, 167; William, 6, 46, 47, 
79, 92, 109, 119, 167, 168; Mr., 
47; Mrs.. 46, 66 ?)., 79 

Seton, George, 123. 

Seymour (Semer), John, 3 ; Rowland, 

Shadforth (Shawdfurthe, Shalde- 
forthe), Allison, 78 ; Christopher, 
11; Edmund, 78; John, 100; 
Robert, 3; Thomas, 3, 11; 
William, 100. 

Shafto, Arthur, 82; Barbara, 19 n., 
150 n.; Edward, 16; George, 113; 
Janet, 11; John, 11, 33, 93, 103; 
Lancelot, 16?!.; Margaret, 105; 
Mark, 121, 151 ; Roger, 105 ; Row- 
land, 30, 82 ; Rynion, 79 ; Thomas, 
105; W T illiam, 82; Mrs., 15, 33. 

Shalwell, George, 123. 

Sharp, Isaac, 167, 163; Janet, 19,-- 

Robert, 100. 
Shaw, Thomas, 44. 
Shawter Roger, 66. See Shorter. 
Sheat ( ), 160. 
Shell, Agnes, 103; Alice, 104; Bur- 

linson, 80 ?).; Christian, 104; 

Isabel, 104; Henry, 103?!., 104; 

John, 103 ?)., 104; Martin, 104; 

Nicholas, 103?;.; Ralph, 104; 

Roland, 104; Thomas, 104 n.; 

William, 103. 
Shepperson, George, 84. 
Sherwood (Sherewood), Elizabeth,. 

167 ?!.; William, 25, 26, 27, 167 n. 
Shevyll, John, 80. 
Shields (Sheills), Edward, 55; Mar- 
garet, 92. 
Shipside, Jane, 98; Michael, 139; 

Robert, 98. 
Shipson, John, 141. 
Short, Matthew, 135. 
Shorter (Shawter), Roger, 66. 
Shotton, John, 184. 
Silvertop, Allison, 76?).; Thomas, 

76 n.; William, 76 n. 
Simpson, Agnes (Annes), 65, 71, 117 ; 

Anthony, 81; Cicely, 56; Ed- 
ward, 81; Elizabeth, 65, 71; 

George, 58, 65, 80; Grace, 81; 

Helen, 133; Henry, 65, 81; 

Janet, 65; John, 65, 66, 74, 81,. 

132, 137; Margaret, 57, 65, 137; 

Marmaduke, 81; Roger, 65, 66, 

136, 137; Rowland, 65, 66, 137; 

Thomas, 56; William, 136, 137; 

Mrs., 143. 
Singleton, Anne, 126, 174; Henry, 

126 127, 173 ; Margaret, 126, 127, 

173 ; Ralph, 126, 127, 173. 
Skaythlock, William, 44. 
Skepper, Robert, 102. 
Slater (Sklater, etc.), Janet, 109; 

John, 20. 
Smith (Smyth), Agnes, 87; Anne, 2; 

Alice (Allison), 100; Cuthbert, 

2, 76, 87, 129; George, 2, 76, 100, 

135 ; Henry, 163, 164 ; Isabel, 87 ; 

James, 87, 153; John, 62, 87, 100, 

146; Margaret, 76, 87; Percival, 

182; Ralph, 87; Richard, 36, 87; 

Robert, 70, 170; Roger, 87; 

Simon, 135; Sir David. 66 n. ; 

Thomas 43, 87, 91, 120; William, 

17, 39, 76, 102, 184. 
Smithson, John, 143. 
Smithwaite (Smathwait, Smayth- 

wait), John, 172; Mr., 167. 
'Smorquet', Jane, 11. 
Snowball, Thomas, 72. 


'Snowdon, Thomas, 161. 

Sober, John, 131. 

Softley, Anthony, 162. 

Somersyde, ( ), 14. 

Soppet, Reynold, 45. 

Sotheran, Agnes, 94 n.; Christopher, 

76; Cuthbert, 94; Florence, 94; 

Isabel, 76; John (Sir John), 39, 

94 ; Nicholas, 94 ; Rowland, 94 ; 

Robert, 94; Roger, 94; Thomas, 

94; William, 76, 94. 
Sowerby, William, 160. 
Spark, Thomas, 88. 
Sparrow, Robert, 77 ; William, 77. 
Spence, Barbara, 30; Cicely, 30; 

George, 30; Isabel, 30; Jane, 30; 

John, 30; Lawrence, 29; Michael, 

29; Ralph, 30; Rowland, 29, 30; 

William, 30. 
Spencer, Anne, 177 ; Catherine, 177 ; 

Cnthbert, 176; Elizabeth, 176 n., 

181; Henry, 177; John, 174, 176; 

Margaret, 176; Percival, 176; 

Robert, 126, 127. 
Spoor, James, 151. 
Stainsby, Agnes, 57 ; Christopher, 56. 
Stamp, Allison, 20; Gawen, 118; 

George, 118; Janet, 118; Robert, 


Stampfurthe, Janet, IS. 
Stanley, Robert, 32. 
Stanton, Anne, 140; Jane, .140; 

Margery, 140; Matthew, 147; 

Richard, 140; Thomas, 5. 
Stapleton, Edmund, 64; John 98. 
Steel (Stele), Richard, 123. 
Stelling (Stellin), distance, 76; 

Thomas, 44; William, 76. 
Sterrete, Robert, 160. 
Stevenson (Stephenson), Anthony, 

171; Elizabeth, 171; John, 23., 

171; Robert, 163; William, 170, 


Stewart, Thomas 49. 
Stiles (Still), George, 110, 111, 152. 
Stobs (Stobbes), Edward, 75; John, 

104; Elizabeth, 75; Robert, 104; 

Mary, 75; William, 104. 
Stoddart, Cuthbert, 177. 
Stoker, Thomas, 75 ?<. 
Stokoe (Stoco, etc.), Jasper, 148 ; 

Margaret, 75 148; Matthew, 

161 ; Nicholas, 148. 
Stones, John, 153. 
Storrer, John, 160; Matthew, 160. 
Story, Bartholomew, 118; Cuthbert, 

52 134, 140; Edward, 118; Eliza- 
beth, 118; George, 118; John, 

45; James, 118; Roger, 108, 118; 

William, 117, 118. 

Stote (Stott), Robert, 119; Sanders, 

Stout (Stowt), John, 61. 

Strangways (Strangwishe) George, 
91 ; William, 39. 

Stringer, Quinton, 153. 

Strother, Arthur, 113; Barbara, 113- 
Brian, 151; Cuthbert, 13; Ed- 
mund, 119; George, 111; Henry, 
111; Janet, 111; Lionel, 113; 
Richard, 113; Thomas, 113; 
William, 113. 

Surtees (Surtecs, etc.), Agnes 
(Annas), 5, 52, 79,; Alice, 52; 
Andrew, 1, 10, 52; Ann, 52; 
Catherine, 83 ; Christopher, 14, 
15, 83; Dorothy, 83; Edward, 1, 
52; Eleanor, 52; Elizabeth, 14, 
S3; Grace, 83; Isabel, 1; James, 
52; Jane (Geayne, Genat), 1, 14, 
15, 52, 154; John, 5, 14, 52, 83; 
Margaret (Margery), 52 ; Maryon, 
52; Miles, 15; Oswald, 52; 
Phillis, 14; Ralph, 5, 14, 52; 
Richard, 83; Robert, 52; Row- 
land, 83 ; Thomas, 5 52 83, 154 ; 
William, 5, 14 83. 

Swadell, , 25. 

Swain, Janet, 45. 

Swainston, John, 123. 

Swahvell, Janet, 109; John, 30; 
Ralph, 67 ; Robert, 109 ; William, 

Swan, Henry, 107; Richard, 148; 
Robert, 147; Thomas, 16 n., 88, 

'Swarmaye,' Mrs., 119. 

Swift, Ann, 174 n., 175; Robert, 174; 
Mr., 90, 176; Mrs., 176. 

Swinburne (Swynbon), Alexander, 
105; Gawen, 105, 119; George, 
4, 11, 66 n., 84; Henry, 134; Jane 
(Janet), 15; John, 4, 61, 76; 
Patrick, 4; Robert, 4; Thomas, 
33; William, 33 n., 114. 

Swinhoe (Swynnho), Gilbert, 7 ; 
Henry, 66, 161 ; Thomas, 73. 

Tadcastle (Teddcastell), George, 

146; Hugh, 21; John, 146. 
Tailboys, Anthony, 70; Ralph, 70. 
Tallentyre, Hugh, 124; Thomas, 


Tate, Ralph, 116. 
Taylor(Tayllor), Annes, 64 ; Anthony, 

63, 102; Alice, 102; David, 102; 

Dorothy, 170; Edward, 97; 


George, 10, 72, 81; Henry, 64; 
Humphrey, 60, 64 ; Ingram, 44, 
163; Isabel, 4; Jane, 161; John, 
10, 21, 177; Margaret, 102; Ralph, 
91; Robert, 14; Roger, 165; 
Thomas, 82, 170; William, 64, 

Teasdale (Tesle, Tesdal), Alice, 62; 
Anthony, 132; Bridget, 132; 
Henry, 62 ; Janet, 62 ; John, 132 ; 
Margaret, 158; Percival, 51; 
Robert, 132 ; Richard, 62 ; Symon, 
62; Thomas, 169; William, 112. 

Telford(Taylffer), John, 21. 

Tempest, Catherine, 150 n.; Michael, 
37; Nicholas, 18, 48, 150 n., 177; 
Robert, 17 18, 37, 39, 48; 
Thomas, 18, 37, 48, 106; Mr., 18. 

Temple, James, 71 ; William, 43. 

Tennant (Tennand, Tennat), Eliza- 
beth. 92; Henry, 111. 

Thew, Edmond, 23, 68 ; Thomas, 23 ; 
W T illiam, 22. 

Thirkeld (Thirkelt), John, 24; 
Thomas, 24. 

Thomlinson (Thtomlynson, etc.), 
Anthony, 60; Barbara, 59, 60; 
Edward, 39; Thomas, 50, 79; 
Mr., 39; Mrs., 39. 

Thompson (Tomson, Tompson, etc.), 
Agnes (Annes), 51, 64; Ann, 
98 n. ; Anthony, 60, 127, 166, 174; 
Daniel, 121; Edward, 14; Eliza- 
beth, 50; George, 134; Jenkin, 
56 ; John, 23 n., 44, 50, 71, 72, 140, 
141, 166, 171, 174; Margaret, 50, 
51; Nicholas, 11; Ralph, 98 n. ; 
Richard, 50, 51, 101; Robert, 
10; Thomas, 37, 70; William, 
44, 65, 66, 69, 70, 99, 105, 107, 

Thornton, James, 57. 

Thorp, Adelin, 157; Elizabeth, 85; 
George, 86 ., 150; Isabel, 100; 
Margaret, 85; Peter, 100; 
Robert, 39. 

Throckmorton, John, 162 n. ; Robert, 
120, 162, 163. 

Thursby, Cuthbert, 70; Gabriel, 
70; Margery, 70; Robert, 70; 
Thomas, 70, 82, 163. 

Tobie, George, 116; Robert, 116; 
Thomas, 116. 

Tocketts, George, 23 n. 

Todd (Tod, Tood), Eleanor, 130; 
Janet, 50; John, 131; Nicholas, 
169 ; Percival, 129 ; Thomas, 134 ; 
William, 87, 100, 131; ( ), 44. 

Todderick, John, 151. 

Toller, Isabel, 22. 

Tong (Tounge), Cuthbert, 157; 
Elizabeth, 157; George, 69, 70, 
157; Helen, 157; Henry, 157. 

Toore, Symon, 159. 

Topclif (Topliffe), Annas, 116. 

Topias, Frances, 101 ; George, 100 ; 
Jane, 101 ; Thomas, 101 ; William, 

Towler, John, 167. 

Towns, Edward, 71. 

Travys, Margaret, 121. 

Trewhitt, Richard, 135. 

Trollop, Andrew, 37; Anthony, 37; 
Ann, 37 ; Eleanor, 37 ; Elizabeth, 
37; Francis, 36, 46; George, 37; 
John, 37, 44; Margaret, 37, 87; 
Michael, 37; Roger, 37; Thomas, 

Trotter, Anne, 115; Cecily, 43; 
Brian, 44; Helen, 43; Isabel, 
184; Jeffrey, 39; John, 43; Mar- 
gery, 43; Martin, 102; Ralph, 43, 
184; Walter, 43. 

Tuerde (Tued?), Alexander, 56, 69. 

Tulby, Thomas, 39. 

Tunstal, Thomas, 51 ; Bishop, 23 n. ; 
Mrs., 23 n. 

Turner, Eleanor, 121 ; George, 71 ; 
Thomas, 54, 68, 151; William, 
116 n. 

Turpin, Agnes, 11 ; Elizabeth, 11 ; 
George, 11 ; John, 11 ; Margaret, 
11 ; Martin, 11 ; Thomas, 11. 

Tweddel, Jeffrey, 81; John, 81. 

Twissilton, Mrs., 51. 

Twizel (Twissel), George, 25. 

Tynemouth (Tynmoth), Edward, 11. 

Ubancke Thomas, 30. See Ewbank. 
Ullocke, John, 132. 
Undrell, Walter, 34. 
Unthank, John, 75. 
Usher, Thomas, 119. 

Vane (Vayne), Sir George, 39. 
Vasey (Vacye), Percival, 134; 

Richard, 67. 169. 
Vaux, William, 97. 
Vavasour, Mrs., 86. \ 

Vernon, Robert, 89. 
Vicars (Vycars), Ann, 122; Charles,. 


Vincent Bernard, 89, 91. 
Volenby, Jane 163. 



Waddley, John, 134. 

Wadeson, Margaret, 121. 

Waister, Edward, 167. 

Waitt, Ralph, 71; Simon, 71. 

Walgrave, Edward, 38 ; Jane, 38. 

Walker, Michael, 132; Thomas, 184. 

Wall, Ag-nes, 31; Catherine, 31; 
Dorothy, 31, 141; Edward, 31; 
Elizabeth, 31 ; Eleanor, 31 ; Janet, 
31; John, 31, 32; Ralph, 37; 
Robert, 31, 32; Thomas, 37; 
William, 31, 141. 

Wallace (Wallis, etc.), Alice, 97; 
George, 36; Henry, 73; John, 
107; Ralph, 10; Richard, 36. 

Walter (Watter), Mary, 67. 

Walton, Besse, 175; Richard, 75; 
William, 102. 

Waudisford, Michael, 30. 

Wanless, Edward, 164. 

W T ard, Edward, 73; James, 43; 
Margaret, 43 ; Laurence, 131 ; 
Richard, 43; Thomas, 22. 

Warden, the Lord, 33. 

Wardhaugh, Barbara, 94; Eleanor, 
94; Janet, 94; Thomas, 94; Mr., 

Wardle (Wardaill, etc.), Agnes, 90; 
Alice, 90 n. ; Hugh, 90 ; Jane, 79 ; 
f John, 89, 90; Richard, 89, 90?;., 
168; Thomas, 90. 

Warrener, Agnes, 114 ; Elizabeth. 

Warter, William, 119. 

Waters (Watter), Mary, 67. 

Watson, Agnes, 5, 85 ; Ambrose, 80, 
81 ; Anthony, 85 ; Christopher, 
85; Cuthbert, 32, 85; Elizabeth, 
84; Gawen, 50 , Jane, 85 ; John, 5, 
61, 62, 81, 84, 85, 86 n., 94, 120, 
147, 150 ; Margaret, 85 ; Marion, 
114; Pe-ter, 131, 136; Ralph, 5; 
Robert, 5, 85, 86?;., 150; Roger, 
85; Thomas, 5, 86, 113, 160; 
William, 63, 75, 85, 123; Doctor, 

Wealand, Ralph, 57. 

Wedeston, Thomas, 36. 

Welch, Robert, 10. 

Welden, Christopher, 48; Henry, 

Welfoot (Wilfoot), Edward, 65 ; Isa- 
bella, 65; Margery, 64 ; Nicholas, 
65; Percival, 65; Ralph, 65; 
Robert, 134; Thomas, 58. 

Wellbury, Anthony, 87, 88; Bar- 
bara, 87; Dorothy, 87 n.; 
Eleanor, 87; Elizabeth, 87; 

Isabel, 87 ; John, 87, 88 ; Mar- 
gery, 87 ; Philip, 87, 88 ; Robert, 
87, 88; Simon, 67, 87; Timothy, 
87 n. 

Westmorland, Earl of, 18, 31. 

Westwick, Sieth, 13G. 

Wetheral (Wetherelde), George, 97; 
Margaret, 97; Richard, 70. 

Wharton (Warton, Whorton), Chris- 
topher, 89; Thomas, 132; 
William, 81, 119. 

Wheatley (Whetley), Alice, 64; 
George, 131. 

Wheler, William, 36. 

Whelpden, Thomas, 67. 

White, Christopher, 34; Jane, 153; 
Leonard, 9; Matthew, 75; Miles, 
85, 102; Nicholas, 162; Richard, 
62; Thomas, 161. 

Whitfield (Whytfeld, etc.), Anthony, 
75;;.; Catherine, 75?*.; Christo- 
pher, 37; Dorothy, 82; Edward, 
75 n.; Emma, 74 n. ; George, 
74 n., 75 ?;.; Henry, 75; Hugh, 
55, 74; Janet (Jane), 75 n. ; 
John, 16, 75, 178; Ralph, 158; 
Reynold, 75 >i.; Richard, 62; 
Robert, 75 n.; Roger, 75 n. ; 
Thomas, 37, 74 n., 75; William, 
68, 75. 

Whitehead, Mr., 114. 

Whithall, James, 175. 

Whitston, Isabel, 4. 

WicliFe (Wyclyffe), Frances, 23; 
Henry, 25, 60; John, 181; 
Thomas, 168; William, 39. 

Widdriugton (Wytherington, etc.), 
Anne, 162; Annes, 162; Gerard, 
68 ; James, 161 ; John, 10, 161 n., 
162; Henry, 162; Mary, 162; 
Oswald, 119 ; Robert, 10, 71, 162 ; 
Roger, 162; William, 162 n.; 
Lady, 113. 

Wilberforce (Wilberforth), Isabella, 
22; Robert, 22. 

Wild (Wylde), John, 142; Lancelot, 
142; Robert, 107; Thomas, 142. 

Wilkinson (Wylkynson, etc.), Agnes, 
144; Allison, 130; Andrew, 19; 
Christopher, 3, 18 ; Dorothy, 144 ; 
Edward, 72; Elizabeth, 92; 
George, 119, 144; Isabel, 18; 
Janet, 46; John, 19, 20, 63, 114; 
119, 172 ; Margaret (Margery), 
20, 72, 140 ; Matthew, 92 ; Maud, 
46; Ralph, 107; Robert, 3, 92, 
134, 144; Thomas, 63 n., 144; 
William, 11, 18, 30, 144; Mrs.,. 

Willie, Edward, 54. 


Williamson, William, 87 n. 

Willis, John, 173. 

Wilson(Wylleson), Alice, 183; Beelle, 
52; Edmund, 179; Elizabeth, 
75/i., 183; Isabel, 144; James, 
165; John, 69, 70, 141, 183; Mar- 
garet, 179; Peter, 183; Rebecca, 
179; Richard, 135; Robert, 68; 
Thomas, 37, 54, 75 n., 134. 

Witham, John, 69, 70. 

Woddifield, Catherine, 40 n.; Chris- 
topher, 40 Ji.; Elizabeth, 40; 
Isabel, 40; Richard, 40; Robert, 
40??.; Rowland, 40; Thomas, 40; 
William, 40. 

Woldhave (Woddhave), Alice, 36; 
Ann, 107; Bertram, 36, 107; 
Christopher, 35, 36, 107; Edward, 
35, 36; Elizabeth, 36; George, 
36; Henry, 36, 107; James, 36; 
Janet, 36, 107 ; John, 35, 36, 107 ; 
Richard, 36; William, 36, 107. 

Wood, Robert, 1. 

Woodfall, John, 111, 112. 

Woodson, Edward, 68. 

Wooler, Rowland, 37. 

Woolveredge, Mr., 175. 

Woormell, Agnes, 79. 

Woorneer, John, 129. 

Wordye, George, 131. 

Wormeley, William, 69. 

Woumphrey (Wympray), Cuthbert, 

152; John, 115; Margaret, 115; 

Robert, 115; Thomas, 115; 

William, 115. 
Wray, Nicholas, 79; Ralph, 79; 

Richard, 79; Thomas, 79, 82. 
Wren, Edward, 39; Ralph, 52; 

William, 39, 51. 
Wright, Beal, 102; Frances, 102; 

Ralph, 70; William, 102, 144. 
Wyllie (Wylle), Anne, 18 ; Catherine, 

18; Dorothy, 18; Elizabeth, 18; 

John, 18; Margery, 18; Ralph, 

18; Thomas, 65; William, 18. 
Wyvill, Christopher, 40, 41, 42; 

Faith, 40 n., 41, 42; Frances, 43; 

Margaret, 41, 42 ; Marmaduke, 

40 n., 42; Sampson, 40; Thomas, 

40, 41, 42. 

Yley. John, 128; William, 128. 

Young (Yong), Catherine, 149; 
Nicholas, 17, 23, 39; Robert, 39, 
52; Roger, 149; Thomas, 100; 
William, 148. 

Younger (Yonger), Edward, 5 ; Mar- 
garet, 55; Matthew, 134; 
Richard, 104. 

Youughusband, Oswald, 147. 



Abberwick, 111. 

Acklington, 32, 33, 115. 

Adderston (Edderstone, etc.), 33, 66. 

Aislaby (Aislebie), 2. 

Aldergill, 83. 

Aldernage, 23 n. 

Allandale (Allandell), 55. 

Allerwash (Allerwcshe), 33. 

Alnhain (Ayhiame), 161. 

Alnwick, 13, 14, 32 33, 94, 95, 103, 
104 n., Ill, 119, 161, 171; Bailif- 
gate, 13, 161; Bondgate, 13; 
Fenkle Street, 111; Hulne Park, 
32; Market Place, 13; St. 
Michael's, 13, 94, 95 n. 

Alston Moor (Awston Moore), 55, 169. 

Alwent, 180. 

Amble, 115 n. 

Aucrum Moor, 156 n. 

Angerton, 87. 

Anick (Anewyck, etc.), 33, 146. 

Archdeacon Newton, 56. 

Ascoyn, 13. 

Auckland, Bishop, 17, 21, 23, 43, 50, 
51, 66, 87 71. ; North Auckland, 50, 
51; St. Andrew's, 23??., 50; St. 
Helen's, 23, 87 n . ; West Auck- 
land, 23. 

'Aughton,' 34. 

Aycliffe, 38, 76, 120, 123, 162, 163. 

Aydon Shield, 119. 

Ayton in Pickering', 34. 


Backworth, 172 n. 

Baggeraw (Baggery), 146. 

Bamburgh, 66, 147. 

Barbary, 175. 

Barnard Castle, 12, 28, 29, 54, 70, 

80, 81, 101, 126, 132, 143, 147; 

Byrketre chantry, 29; church, 

28, 70; Newgate, 29. 
Barrow (Barra), 161. 

Bassington, 161. 

Baudersdale, 81. 

Bavington, 11, 19 n., 33, 150?;. 

Beamish (Bemishe), 82, 158. 

Beamont Hill (Bemont, etc.), 17, 

37, 38, 39. 
Beanly, 32. 

Bedale (Bedell, etc.), 30, 119. 
Bedlington, 32, 50, 51, 118. 
' Bekley,' 49. 
Belford (Belforthe), 9. 
Bellasis, 105, 106. 
Bellingham, 105. 
Belsay (Belsawe), 4, 119. 
Belstede, 175. 
Benridge (Benrighe), 71. 
Benton, 20, 158 n., 159, 170. 
Benwell, 103, 170. 
Berwick-in-Elmet, 55. 
Berwick-on-the-Hill, 138. 
Berwick-on-Tweed (Barwyke, etc.), 

7 7i., 31, 79, 83, 84, 85, 89, 91, 95, 

96, 98, 1037!., 104, 108, 118, 

125, 153, 183; Briggate, 108; 

church, 91; Greens, 79; [? Gili- 

gate, 84 ; ] Heugh-shiele, 91 ; 

Marygate, 91; Rotton Raw, 89; 

South Yarrow, 91. 
Beuckley, 95. 
Beverley, 91. 
Bewick, 149.' 
Biddick, 237?. 

Billingham, 24, 86, 98 n., 150, 184. 
Billy Raw, 149. 

Birtley (Burtley, etc.), 25, 1027;. 
Bishop Auckland see Auckland. 
Bishop Middleham, 156 n. 
Bishopwearmouth, 100, 101. 
Bishopton, 35. 
Bitchburn, 133, 134. 
Blackwall (Blackwell, etc.), 38, 57, 

130, 131. 
Blagdon (Blakden, etc.), 16, 151, 

158 n., 159. 
Blanchland, 30 n. 
Blyth (Blythesnooke), 8. 



Bolam, 96, 101 n., 104, 143. 
Bolton, 149. 
Bowsden, 97 n . 
Bradford, 66 n., 96. 
Bradlay Hall, 97 n. 
'Braikley,' 119. 
Brancepeth, 7 n., 58, 145 n. 
'Brandley/ 135. 
Brandon West, 57, 58. 
' Brekhouse,' 86. 
Brenkley, 158 n., 159. 
Brinkburn, 11, 32. 
Brontoft, 90. 
Broomley, 119. 
Broomehatigh, 119. 
Broomshield, 119. 
Brough, 119. 
Brougliton, 157. 
Brimton, 9, 132. 
Buckton (Bukton), 91. 
Burnhall, 168 n. 
Burradon, 119. 

Burton, 33, 147, 161; Burton Con- 
stable, 40?)., 42. 
Buston, 143. 
Buttorley, 19. 
Byero-green 64. 
Bywell, 61, 88, 119. 


Callcrton, 6. 

Cambridge, 24, 112, 174 n., 175. 

Capheaton (Coptheton), 33. 

Carleton, 34. 

Carlisle, 8, 119. 

Castle-Eden, 87, 88. 

'Caughton,' 96. 

Causey (Calsy, Kawsey), 18, 158. 

Causey Park, 70 n. 

Charlton, 111. 

Chatton, 88, 96, 113. 

Chester-le-Street, 17 n., 25, 26, 36, 67, 

76 n., 102 n., 119. 
Childerditch, 175. 
Chillingham, 32, 113, 161 ; Newtown, 


Chilton, 134. 

Chipcliase (Chypcliase), 33. 
Chollerton, 33. 
Choppington, 32 n., 80. 
Clennel, 161. 
Clesby, 86. 

Close-house, 9 n., 11 n. 
Cockerton, 143. 
Cockfield, 71, 141, 173. 
Cocklaw, 119. 
Colby, 173. 
Coldmartin, 113. 
Coldpighall (Cowpighell), 115. 
Colpitts (Colpotts), 62. 

Colwell, 33. 

Conniscliffe, 54, 121, 122. 
Consett (Consyde), 62. 
Corbridge (Corbryge), 7, 117. 
Cotham (Cotam, etc.), 35, 39. 
Coundon-Grange, 156. 
Coupland (Copland, etc.), 23, 24. 
Cowpen, 10 n. 
Coxhoe, 49 n. 
Craster, 161, 165. 
Crathorne, 37 n. 
Cremplesham, 162 n. 
Cresswell, 19 n. 
Cronkley, 73. 

Crossmoor (Crosemor), 26. 
Crowhall (Crawhall), 96, 97 ? . 
Croxdale, 57, 58, 168. 
Cumberland, 12. 
Cundall (Cundell), 90. 
'Cunsley,' 131. 


Dalton, 99, 100. 

Danzig (Danske), 160. 

Darlington (Darneton, etc.), 14, 17, 
22, 29, 38, 52, 56, 57, 81, 85, 86, 
92, 111, 130, 131, 138, 139, 174; 
Skerne-bridge, 111. 

Dent, 41. 

Deiiton, 19, 36, 42, 55, 65, 68, 86, 
116, 117, 136, 137, 150, 157. 

Derwent (Darwen), 60. 

Derwentside, 1 n. 

Dinsdale (Dinsdell), 34, 64. 

Dissington, 169n,. 

Dobbes Gren, 158. 

Dringfield, 38. 

Druridge (Dreridge), 115. 

Dunstanborough, 165. 

Durham 1, 2 ., 14, 18, 21, 23 n., 
25 26, 31, 38, 43, 55, 59, 61, 62, 
63 n., 68, 72, 74, 75 n., 77, 
79, 84, 93, 102, 120, 124, 127, 
129, 134, 135, 140, 144, 145 n., 
153, 163, 164, 168, 174 n., 175, 176, 
178, 180, 181, 184; Cathedral, 62, 
74 n., 102; St. Giles', 72, 93, 120, 
134, 163 ; St. Mary's in the North 
Bailey, 75, 93 ; St. Margaret's, 1, 
2 7i. 93, 124, 127, 164, 168; St. 
Nicholas', 31, 74, 93, 120,144,163; 
St. Oswald's, 21, 72, 84, 93, 140, 
144, 168; Chapel on the bridge, 
14; Grammar School, 77 n.; 
Elvet, 21, 79, 168; Fleshergate, 
14 31 75, 124; Framwellgate, 
21; Giligate, 14, 31, 72, 120, 135, 
163; Mills, 14; Silver Street, 31, 
75 ; Clayport, 120 ; Crossgate, 128. 

Durham, Old, 61, 62, 



Eachwick, 82. 

Earsdon (Earsddenn), 181. 

Easington, 30, 74. 

Edinburgh, 147. 

Edmondsley, 18. 

Edmundbyers, 62, 73. 

Egglescliffe, 2, 3. 

Eggleston, 81. 

Eglingham, 160, 161. 

Elbing, 167, 168. 

Elrington, 72, 146. 

Elswick, 35, 36, 146. 

Elton, 38. 

Embleton, 6, 68, 165. 

'Eracowe,' 34. 

Esh, 2 n., 17, 18, 39, 76, 148. 

Eslington, 149 n. 

Espershields (Hespershealls), 61, 72. 

Ewart (Eworth), 32. 

Fallown'eld (Fallofeelde), 33. 

Farneton-hall, 169. 

Fawlcy, 92. 

Felkington, 32. 

Felton, 8, 16 n . 

Fenham, 9. 

Ferry-on-the-Hill,40/i., 128, 129, 133, 

Fishburu (Fysheburn, etc.), 40, 89. 


Flanders, 79. 
Flass, 148 n. 
Flatworth, 158 n., 159. 
Ford, 169. 

Fourstones (Fowrestones), 33. 
Framlington, 161. 
'Fugfild,' 26. 


Gainford (Gaynfourthc, etc.), 27, 48, 
54, 69, 97, 98 n., 101, 122, 126, 
166?(., 173, 176, 181. 

Gallow Hill, 121. 

' Gambleston,' 161. 

'Garsdayle,' 41. 

Gateshead, 19 20, 30, 36, 45, 57 n., 
59, 60, 75, 79, 94, 110, 112, 145 n., 
161, 162, 170, 172, 177, 178; 
church, 57 n., 75; St. Edmund's 
chapel, 19, 79 ; Trinity chantry, 

Gibside (Gybsyde), 49. 

Girsby, 34. 

' Gordym/ 23. 

Gosforth, 10. 

Gresham College, 175. 

Grindon, 25. 

Guildford, 175. 

Gunnerton, 33. 

' Gyll-feilde ' (' Gildfelde'), 81, 115. 


Hackforth, 40 n., 42. 

Haggerston, 88. 

Halifax, 145. 

Hallington (Halleden), 162. 

Hallywell, 181, 182. 

Halton, 34. 

Haltwhistle, 97 n. 

Hamburgh (Hambrowgh), 60. 

Hardwick, 44. 

'Hareham,' 30. 

Harperley, 34, 35. 

Harraton (Harradon), 37 n., 71, 

75 n . 

Hart (Herte), 19, 55, 87, 131. 
Hartburn, 162. 
Hartlepool, 98, 131. 
Haswell, 30, 59. 

Haughton, 14. (See Houghton.) 
Hawkwell, 4. 
'Hawletrasse,' 122. 
Hawthorn, 74, 99. 
Haydou (Uaydon Bridge), 11, 73, 

118, 146. 

Hcadlam, 27, 28, 97, 127, 166, 167. 
Healey (Temple Healey), 161 n. 
Hearonhill, 96. 
Heaton (Heghton), 8, 101. 
Hebburn, 148, 153. 
Heddon (Hcddon-on-the-Wall, East 

Heddon, West Heddon), 10 n., 16, 

70 ?i., 82, 113. 
Hedleyhope, 7 n., 18, 75. 
Heighington, 16, 17, 38, 40, 64, 69, 

129, 142, 157 n. 
Hesleysfde (Hesslesyd), 105. 
Hesledon (Hessledone), 68, 87, 09. 


Hetherycleugh (Hedrycloughe), 55. 
Hetton in the Hole, 25, 131. 
Hexham, 16, 33, 146. 
Hilton, 37 n., 77, 137, 169 n., 178. 
Hindon (Hyendon), 173. 
Holliwell (Hallywell), 181, 182. 
Hollingside, 157 n. 
Holm, 24. 

Holmeside (Holmesyde, etc.), 17, 39. 
Holy Island, 5. 
Hoppen, 66. 
Horden, 74. 
Hornby, 34. 

Horsley in Weardale, 55. 
Horton, 158 n., 159. 


Horton Grange, 36, 105, 106, 107. 

Horton in Glendale, 113. 

Houghton (Houghton-le-Spring, 

Houghton in Heddon, Houghton- 
in-the-Side, etc.), 11, 37, 38, 65, 
89, 92, 117, 131, 135, 136. 

Housesteads, 97 n. 

Howshell Ford, 103. 

Hulam, 67 n. 

Hull, 114. 

Hulne Park, 32. 

Hunstanworth, 17. 

Hunwick (Hunwyk, etc.), 17, 23 n. 

'Hurdishouse,' 38. 

Hurworth, 22. 

Hutton Bonville, 135, 136. 

Hutton Bushel (Hooton Busshell), 34. 

Ingleby (Ingleby Greenhow), 156, 

Ingram (Angram), 161, 171. 

Jarrow (Jerrowo, etc.), 75 n., 97, 

153, 157. 
Jolby, 86. 


Keepwick (Keopyck), 33. 

Kelloe (Kiolaws, etc.), 43, 48. 

Kendal, 50, 51, 121. 

Kenton (Kynton), 9, 10. 

Kcpier (Kepyer, etc.), 13, 120, 162, 


Ketton, 76. 

Kibblesworth (Kybblesworth), 31. 
Kilham (Kellom), 161. 
Killerby (Kellerbie). 69. 
Killingworth, 63. 
Kirkby Irelaith, 50. 
Kirkharle, 16, 158 ., 159. 
Kirkland (Kyrkland), 12. 
Kirkley (Kyrkley), 6. 
Knaresdale, 73. 
Kneuckton, (Knewkton), 30. 
Kyo, 119. See Kelloe. 

Lambton, 58 n., 75 n., 156 n., 157 i>. 

Lamesley, 25. 

Lancaster, 121. 

Lanchester, 18, 48, 75, 106; All 

Hallows' Church, 106. 
Langford (Lanfurth), Notts., 40, 41. 
Langley (Langlie), 11, 33, 113. 

Langton, 126, 127, 166, 167, 173, 176. 

Lartington, 81. 

Learchild, 13. 

Lilburn (Lylburn), 32, 161. 

Lincoln's Inn, 174, 175. 

Linuels, 170, 171. 

Lintzford, 119. 

London, 10, 58, 81 108, 154 160 

174, 175 n. 
'Lodworth,' 172. 
Loning-head (Loinenge Head) in 

Teasdale, 179, 183. 
Long-Newton, 35. 
Long-Witton, 113. 
Lough-borough, Co. Leicester, 78. 
Lowick (Lowyk), 5. 
Lumley, 25, 135. 
' Lymesyke,' 23. 


Mainsforth (Mansforth), 23 n. 

' Maltbie,' 131. 

Malton, 34, 58. 

Marley-Hill, 49, 119. 

Marton, 181. 

Matfen, 112, 159. 

Medomsley, 18. 

Meldou, 119. 

Melsonby (Mesinbie), 90. 

Merriiigton, 40 n., 137. 

Merton College, 6. 

Milburn (Milburn Grange), 101, 128. 

Middleburgh., 110. 

Middleham (Myddleham), 31. 

Middleton-in-Teasdale, 179, 183. 

Monkton, 2 ;;. 

Monkheseldon, 87. 

Monkwearmouth, 101, 169. 

Morpeth, 11, 59, 82, 113, 116 n.; 

Abbey mill, 87. 
Morton sen Murton. 
Mousin (Mosseii), 66. 
Murtou, 34, 38, 39, 88, 90 99, 100, 



Nesbit, 32, 38. 

Neshain, 67 n. 

Newbiggin (Newbygyn, etc.), 18, 35. 

Newbottle, 89. 

Newbridge, 89. 

Newbrough, 35. 

Newburn, 19, 105, 150, 154. 

Newcastle, 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 
11, 15, 16 n., 18, 19, 20, 23 n., 
24, 25, 27, 31, 35, 36, 37, 45, 46, 
47, 48, 49, 50/i., 52, 57, 58, 59, 61, 
63, 6671., 6771., 68, 74, 78, 81, 83, 


84, 85, 88, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 101, 
103, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 
114, 115, 116, 118, 120, 124, 125, 
126, 130, 132, 133?(., 138 n., 145, 
146, 148, ISO/!., 151, 154, 159, 
165, 167, 168, 170, 171, 172, 173, 
177, 178, 182; All Saints' (All 
Hallows'), 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 18, 45, 
46, 49, 57, 78, 90, 92, 106, 108, 
125, 130, 151, 154, 170, 172; Broad 
Chare, 52, 78; Broad Garth, 15, 
Castle, 15, 52; Castlefield, 25; 
Close, 1, 52 ,58; Cloth Market, 

7, 8, 15; Grey Friars, 25; 
Hornsby's Chare, 110; Maison 
Dieu, 4; Meal Market, 8, 154; 
Neat Market, 101 ; Newgate, 15, 
108; Overdene-bridge, 25; Pan- 
don, 25, 78 ; Pilgrim Street, 3, 25, 
110, 125; Plummer Chare, 26; 
Quayside, 3, 50 n., 110; Saudgate, 
45, 120, 152 ; Sandhill, 172 ; Sick- 
man's House, 114; Side, 1, 3, 4, .7, 
45; Sidgate, 4, 8; St. Andrew's, 
4, 20, 84, 132; St. John's, 4, 35, 
74, 101, 103, 107; St. John's 
Chare, 36; St. Mary Magdalene 
Hospital, 27; St. Nicholas', 1, 6, 

8, 15, 52, 58, 63, 88, 92, 94, 107, 
108, 110, 148, 177; Three Indian 
Kings, 50 /(. ; Trinity-house, 3 n., 
45, 46 ; Tyne-bridge, 1 n. ; West- 
gate, 35; White Cross, 101; 
Whitef liars, 25. 

Newham, 95, 101, 119, 147. 

Newhaven, 60. 

Newlands, 161. 

Newsham, (Newisham), 8. 

Newton (Newton Hansworthe), 85. 

Norham, 6, 7, 83. 

Norton, 112, 184. 

Nubbuck (Nobbock), 146. 

Nuustanton (Nonstaynton), 2. 


Ofterton, 89. 
Old Park, 168. 
Ord, 91. 

Osmondcroft, 180. 
Osmotherley, 121. 
Ovingham, 5, 83, 95. 
Oxford, 6, 133 n. 

Panierhaugh, 156 n. 
Pawston, 6. 
Pelton, 25. 
Pickering, 34. 

Pittington, 30, 61, 75 n., 84, 85, 100, 


Plawsworth, 76 n . 
Ponteland, 6, 101, 138, 151, 154. 
Prendwick, 161. 
Preston, 123. 
Prestwick, 71, 158 n., 159. 


Quarrington, 21. 


Raby (Rabie), 94. 

Ravensworth (Ravinsworth), 25, 26. 

Redesdale, 119. ' 

Redheugh, 75. 

'Redpeth,' 182. 

Redworth, 64, 65, 137. 

Reveley, 32, 161. 

'Reyseat,' 182. 

Richmond, 30, 82, 85. ' 

Riding (Ryddinge), 85. 

Riplington, 119. 

Rock, 33, 161. 

Rothbury, 91, 160. ' 

Rothbury Newtown, 160. 

Rudchester (Rochester), 95. 

' Ruisewigge,' 114. 

'Rumbey,' 71. 

Ryhopo (Ryop), 99, 184. 

Ryle, Little, 161. 


Saint Helens, 175. 

'Sawton,' 156, 157. 

'Saltmas,' 23. 

Scrivelsby, 156 n. 

Seaham (Sehame), 99, 100, 149, 150. 

Seaton (North Seaton, Seaton Dela- 

val, etc.), 61, 105, 149 n., 182. 
Sedgefield (Shedfeld), 40, 44, 175 n., 

Sedberg (Sadburye, etc.), 38, 41 42, 

43, 168. 
Seghill, 119. 
Sellaby, 180, 181. 
Sessay, 34 n., 156 n. 
Silksworth (Sylksworth), 25, 95. 
Silverwood, 60. 
Simonburn (Symoborne), 10. 
Shafto, 119. 
Sherburne (Sherburne Hospital), 

57 ?i., 58, 100, 174. 
Shields (North and South), 5, 81, 97, 

114, 122, 177. 
Shincliffe (Synclyffe), 85. 


Shilbottle, 89, 90 n. 

Shilvington, 101. 

Sliipley, 13, 95 n. 

Shoreston (Shoston), 147. 

Shotton, 44, 45, 71, 87, 99, 135. 

Skeythby, 78. 

Slaterfield (Sclattesfelde), 108. 

Sleekburn (Slikeborne, etc.), 8, 50, 


Smelthouse, 135 n. 
Smithfield, 175. 
Sockburn, 34 n., 35. 
Spital, 83. 
Stainton, 35, 132. 
Staindrop, 101. 
Stain fordham (Stannersdell, etc.), 4, 

11, 82 n., 112. 

Stanhope, 37, 47, 48, 83, 103. 
Stannington, 105. 
Stanley, 48. 
Stapleton, 40 n. 

Startforth (Strateforth), 80, 82. 
Sticklaw (Stickley), 159. 
Stobswood, 82. 
Stockton, 125. 
Stokesley, 156. 
Stranton, 109. 
Stretlam, 156 ., 169 n. 
Strother-House (Stroder-House), 168. 
Stubblcwood, 60. 
Studley, 156 //. 
Summerhouse, 42. 
Snndcrland, 184. 
Sunniside, 133, 134. 
Sutton, 34. 
Swaneston, 44. 
Swarland, 24 . 
Swinburn, 16 n., 177 /(. 


Tanfield, 25, 82, 158. 

Teasdalo, 179. 

Titlington, 13. 

Thickley, 157 n. 

Thornley, 44, 150 n. 

Thorngraf ton . 97 n . 

Thorpe (Thorpe Buhner, Thorpe 

Theules, etc.), 49, 68, 74, 142 n. 
Thrislington, 58. 
Thropton, 160. 
Tocketts, 23 n. 
Togstou, 165. 
Trewick, 95, 95 n., 104. 
Trewhit, 161, 182. 
Trimdon, 135. 
Tritlington, 70, 71. 
Tudbury, 149 n. 
Tuggal-Hall, 147. 
Tunstal (Tunstail), 25, 178, 184. 

Tweedmouth, 83, 89; Mill, 83; 

Spital, 83. 
Twizel, 7, 138 n. 
Tyndale (Tendaill), 92. 
Tyne, 61. 
Tynemouth, 101. 


Ulgham, 82. 

Unthank, 62, 73, 83. 

Urpeth, 25, 119. 

Usworth (Osworth), 76, 77, 178. 


Walbottle, 105. 

Wallington, 182. 

Walker, 36. 

Wallsend, 158, 159. 

Walton, 162 n. 

Walwick, 16. 

Walworth, 16, 40, 43, 106 ., 142. 

Warden, 16. 

Warenford, 161. 

Warenton (Wardane), 161. 

Wark-on-Tweed, 33, 83. 

Wark-in-Tynedale, 92, 93. 

Warkworth, 66 n., 115, 143, 155 n., 


Warwick Bridge, 119. 
Washington (Wesshyngton), 33, 76, 


Waterhouse, 168. 
Weardale, 55, 83. 
Wearshead, 55. 
Wearmouth, 64, 100, 135. See Bishop 

and Monk Wearmouth. 
Weetslade (Weteslond), 20, 119. 
'Wellom,' 34. 
Werrington, 162 n. 
Westlopshouse, 181. 
Westoe, 5. 
Wheat-ley Hill, 44. 
Whelpington, 96, 157 11. 
Whessoe, 38, 86. 
Whickham, 120, 158, 172, 177. 
Whitchester, 11. 
Whitehall, 23 n. 
Whitehill, 102 n. 

Whitesidelaw (Whitsydelaw), 162. 
Whittingham, 32. 
Whittington, 7. 
Whitworth, 98 n . 
Whorleton, 81, 147. 
Widdrington, 115. 
Willimontswick, 98. 
Wingatfe (Wyngat), 37, 43, 135. 
Winlaton (Winlington), 46, 47. 


Winston, 53, 54. 

Wintringham, 35. 

Winyard (Wynyerde), 16, 168. 

Witton (Witton-le-Wear, etc.), 34 n., 

133 n., 134, 156. 
Wollye, 106. 
Wolsingham, 75, 134. 
Wolviston, 86, 150. 
Woodhorn, 80, 145. 

Worsall, 34, 35. 
Wycliffe, 39. 
Wylam, 61. 

Yarm (Yearm, etc.), 22, 66. 
York, 36, 90, 168. 
Youlethorp, 90. 


DA Surtees Society, Durham, Eng, 
20 Publications. 

S9 v.112